Arnold Schwarzeneger Is The Governator!

Arnold Schwarzeneger is the Governator!


This is an adult story. Do not reed if you are underage or offended by explicit language.

I don’t own any of those characters.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sat on his governor office and smokes his big cigar.

He was so horny. He had arranged a meeting to realize his most secret dream. His status as Californian governor had made it possible.

He pressed a button in his intercom and told to his secretary to let his guests in and that she could leave for the rest of the day.

The door of his office opened and two young women entered the room.

The one was Eliza Dushku and the other Alyssa Milano. Arnold had always dream to fuck those two cuties. Since the time they played the role of his daughters in two of his movies.

Well at the time they were both underage and he didn’t risk to touch them but now.

Now they were two hot women and he the governor. This gave him some serious influence on Hollywood and he makes good use of it.

Eliza and Alyssa stand there looking at him he stood up and took a good look at them. Eliza warring black leather pants and a white top with a black twin head eagle insignia on it. He smiled at her swelled cleavage. Alyssa warred a white shirt that was almost transparent and clearly showing that she didn’t ware any bra plus she had left it unbuttoned leaving her cleavage in open view. She also hats a mini skirt that sat tight at her round ass.

At a corner of his office two bags. As he had told them they brought some extra clothing with them.

Her reached out and ripped off Eliza’s top. Eliza smiled sexy on him as Arnie removed the rest of her top. He sniffled on it and then he dropped away. Then he ripped her bra. Her breasts shakes free from it and from the force he pulled it.

Arnie walked to Alyssa and ripped her shirt of. Then he makes a step back and admired their breasts.

Eliza had beautiful natural full breasts while Alyssa had obviously had a boob job, not that she was less sexy.

Arnie lifted Alyssa’s skirt and ripped her cotton panties. He sniffled on them and then placed them on a drawer of his desk. Meanwhile Eliza had took off her leather pants. She didn’t want him to destroy them. Arnie smiled at her and used her thong to rub her pussy before ripping it of.

Then he used his big hands to push the two girls at their knees. He pulled his cock out and while he was feeding Alyssa with it Eliza removed the rest of his pants. Arnie him self removed his shirt and stand now completely naked in frond of the girls.

Eliza forced Alyssa to let Arnie’s cock and shoved in her own mouth.

Then Arnie pulled it out and slapped both girls with it before shoving it back to Eliza’s mouth.

Alyssa reached under his legs and sucked at his balls causing a groan to escape from him.

They sucked and licked his cock and his balls for many minutes. Suddenly he grasped her heads and pushed them tightly together. Alyssa kept stroking him and he came. He started to spurt thick strains of hot sperm all over their faces. When he stopped spurting their faces were covered with so much cum that it was hard to recognize who is who.

The two girls started to kiss each other and licking their faces clean.

When they finished, Arni pulled Alyssa from her hair and pushed her, face first, on his desk. He kicked her legs left and right spreading them and then he shoved his cock in her soaking wet pussy. He placed his hands in her waist and started to fuck her with hard long thrusts.

Eliza, still seating on the floor, slid underneath his legs and sucked his balls and Alyssa’s clit.

Alyssa moaned from pleasure.

Arni reached out and grabbed Eliza’s hair pulling her up. He cupped her big breast and lowered his head to suck at her nipple!

Eliza moaned. She slapped Alyssa’s ass and shoved a finger in her ass!

Alyssa came wildly with her pussy muscles milking armies shaft! He came too filling her womb with his sticky sperm!

He pulled out of her pussy and immediately Eliza dived and licks him clean before turning her attention at Alyssa’s dripping pussy.

Arnie watched as Eliza parted Alyssa’s ass chicks and buried her face between them licking and sucking her well fucked pussy.

That sight made Arnie’s limp cock to spring back to life. He kneeled behind Eliza and fucked her doggy style while she was giving Alyssa another orgasm.

Alyssa slid away living Eliza to lie on the desk. Arni pulled out of Eliza’s pussy and placed his cock at her back entrance. He pushed forward opening her sphincter with his huge cock.

Eliza felt her ass ripped apart and wanted to scream but Alyssa was faster and stuffed her mouth with a piece of their ripped clothes.

Arnie grabbed Alyssa by the hairs and kissed her deeply. Then he shoved the whole of his cock in Eliza’s ass! He started to fuck her faster and harder. Eliza took a tight hold on the edges of the desk taking the wild beating of the governator.

Alyssa kneeled beneath Eliza and started to suck her clit and fingering her pussy with one hand while using the free one to finger her self.

Arnie slapped Eliza’s ass and came! He filled her bowls with his hot sperm moaning and groaning from pleasure.

He pulled out of her and falls breathless to his chair. He reached in a drawer and pulled out a bug cigar.

He started smocking it.

Alyssa kneeled between his legs and licked his cock clean. He padded her head when she finished. Alyssa moved over to the sweat covered Eliza and licked her shore ass.

When she cleaned her Eliza stood up and with trebling legs moved over to their bags.

The two girls got dressed with their reserve clothes and gathered the pieces of the clothes they carried as they came in.

Except their panties, they were kept by Arnold in a special drawer of his desk.

They kissed Arni goodbye and leaved.

Arni took his planer in the hand and checked his plans for the next day.

It was the turn of Tia Carrera and Jamie Lee Curtis!

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