Around The World In 80 Babes: Chapter 11 – Earth

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 11: Earth

March 5th, 2005

Dock 94, Capetown Port,

Capetown, South Africa

“You’re absolutely certain of this?”

Michael Burke was having another one of those days. Bad enough, he figured, being shot at and chased out of Europe a few weeks ago, but now, stuck in Africa, his worst fear was coming true.

“I’m certain,” Tom Lambert said through the earpiece in Burke’s ear. “As of last night, Stall, Marissa, and Angelina were all alive.”

New had broken early this morning. The UN Safari Richard Stall and Marissa Call had snuck
onto had been ambushed by Tswana rebels, and all but three of the traveler’s bodies had been found. If Lambert’s information was correct, then Stall, Marissa, and Angelina Jolie were the last three survivors. But what if he was wrong…

The news was all over this – already, both the Botswana and South African armies were scouring the country-side for any and all signs of the missing rebels, but so far no luck. Quite frankly, if they’d been hiding out there for months or even years, the chances of finding them were slim.

“What are you getting on the cameras?” Burke asked.

“Not much. I think most of them are in a safe, save Mr. Stall’s watch. Apparently, one of them rebel’s is wearing it right now.”

“Any chance of finding out where they are from what you see on it?”

“Not unless Baywatch reruns on TV helps,” Lambert grumbled.

“We can’t just sit here!” Burke shouted.

“Calm down,” Lambert said. “I’ve got some of my people looking into things. These Tswana guys are hard to find, but they can’t arm themselves without leaving some kind of trail.”

“You have contacts with weapons dealers?” Burke asked, surprised.

“Nope. Weapons manufacturers. You’d be surprised how much camera lenses and rifle scopes are similar.”

“Forget I asked.” Burke paced the room for a second or two. “What the fuck am I supposed to do while you’re doing all this?”

“Exactly what Richard told you to – go to the concert site and scope it out. We’ve still got targets to hit there.”

“If Richard doesn’t come back, we won’t need any more videos, we’ll need new jobs,” Burke pointed out.

“Humor me. Take the back up cameras and watch with you, too. Just in case.”

“You think I’m going to score anyone worthy of banging?”

“Why not,” Lambert said. “My chemicals aren’t tailored to Mr. Stall alone.”

Burke thought about it for a long second. “I don’t like this.”

“You don’t have a choice,” Lambert pointed out.

“Guess not,” Burke muttered.

* * *

March 5th, 2005

Location Unknown

Southern Africa

“You don’t have a choice.”

The voice made Richard Stall want to vomit. And, considering the type of day he was having, throwing up would be just a minor inconvenience.

He had been stripped of everything but his boxers and tied, arms spread behind him, to a wall, and was now hanging at an almost 45 degree angle facing the floor. The room was mostly dark, save for two very bright lights highlighting two table in the room before him. The air was hot and moist, and the place reeked of sweat and piss, some of both belonging to Stall himself.

He couldn’t see the man speaking to him, but he knew who he was. Zico Nures was a self-proclaimed freedom fighter fighting for a cause that barely existed. Supposedly, he championed the Tswana rebels that had been causing some trouble for the South Africa government lately, but the Tswana, semi-nomadic by nature, barely paid any attention to the government anyway. Which meant Nures was doing this of his own accord, and playing at his own game.

“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not the English ambassador,” Stall muttered through cracked and bleeding lips. “I’m just a business man.”

“I don’t believe you,” Nures said.

“Check my identification,” Stall said. “My name is Richard Stall. I own a-”

“STOP LYING TO ME!” Nures hollered.

“I’M NOT LYING!” Stall screamed back, trying to look up at his captor. The chains kept him stuck where he was, though, with nothing to look at but the two tables.

And the two women tied to them.

Stall knew both women, one better than the other. The first was a young blonde girl named Marissa Call. He’d met her mere weeks ago in France, and had since hired her on to help fuel his goal of collecting videos of 80 different famous women having sex. So far, she’d been a godsend. But now it looked like he had all but ended her life for her.

The other woman was actress Angelina Jolie. Famous for multiple roles, as well as her rather uninhibited sex life, she’d been the whole reason Stall and Marissa had been in Africa to begin with. All Stall had wanted was the chance to add the openly bisexual Angelina to his collection of celebrity sex videos. Now, though, it looked like all he was going to get was a rather painful death.

Both women were tied, spread eagle, to the two tables. Considering that both were naked, it was rather obvious what was going to happen.

Nures walked around the other side of Stall and delivered a nasty slap to the side of his face.

“You’re forcing me to do this,” he said quietly. “Give me what I want, and the two women will go free.”

“I can’t give you what I don’t have,” Stall said.

“Too bad.” Nures snapped his fingers once, and the ordeal began.

Four African men entered the lighted area – apparently, they’d been there for a while. They weren’t the healthiest of specimens. Indeed, two of them looked borderline malnourished. But all four sported large, erect penis’, and the apparent will to use them.

“Please don’t do this,” Stall pleaded.

“Then prepare to talk to your government.”

“I’m not the ambassador!” Stall said.

Nures snapped his finger again. Two men stepped forward, one towards Marissa, and one towards Angelina.

“Mmmm,” Angelina said, smiling up at the large man hanging above her. “You going to show me a good time?”

“Bravado is a trait I admire,” Nures muttered.

The two men aligned themselves with the two women, and the rapes began.

* * *

March 5th, 2005

Equality Park,

Capetown, South Africa

“You’re cleared,” the guard said.

Michael Burke entered the backstage area when crews were setting up for the following day’s Mandela Freedom Concert. People were everywhere, all of them wearing passes of one sort or another. Burke quickly blended in with the crowd, trying hard to look like he knew what he was doing.

“Keep your eyes peeled. There’s an off hand chance the target might be here today,” Lambert’s voice echoed in his ear.

“What am I supposed to do if I see ’em?” Burke asked.

“Use the watch, and get busy. Remember, you’ve got two shots. You’ll probably need both to get the job done, so be sneaky about shaking hands.”

“This all assumes that the target’ll be here today. They’re not supposed to be here until tomorrow.”

“That’s right, but you never know. Besides, the might be someone else around.”

“Like who?” Burke muttered. “Bono?”

“Hey, if that’s who you want to fuck, go right ahead,” Lambert said.

“I just wish Richard was here,” Burke muttered.

“Hang on, Two o’clock.”

“What happens at two?” Burke said, checking his watch. It was 11am local time,

“No, you idiot, two o’clock. Just ahead of you! Is that who I think it is?”

Burke looked forward and saw a gorgeous figure walking roughly in his direction. Short, but with perky tits clinging to the inside of a white tank top, the woman had skin the color of warm coffee with sugar and cream. Her eyes sparkled in the light of day, and her hair seemed to wrap around her head like a dreamy halo.

“She’s beautiful,” Burke said.

“You idiot! She’s Thandie Newton!”


“Thandie Newton. She was in Mission: Impossible 2!”

“Never saw it,” Burke said.

“Hey, numbnuts, she’s a babe. You’ve got all the cameras I can put on you, go fuck her!”

“Are you sure it’s her?”

“Check her name tag,” Lambert replied, sounding stressed. “And don’t forget to hit her with the chemicals in the watch. Mr. Stall didn’t even know she’d be here. This is a huge find.”

“What about-” Burke started, but Lambert cut him of.

“Go. Fuck. Her.”

“Right, right,” Burke said. Taking a deep breath, he approached Thandie Newton, hoping he was hitting the right button on the watch.

* * *

March 5th, 2005

Location Unknown

Southern Africa

“You can stop this,” Nures’ voice said as the second man in as many minutes penetrated Angelina Jolie’s pussy and started savagely fucking away. Angelina was taking things rather in stride – Stall suspected she’d been involved in more than one gang bang in her life.

Marissa, on the other hand, was weeping silently as the third man to rape her shot his load deep into her cunt. Stall had never been able to piece together too many facts about Marissa’s past, but he thought he’d heard her comment once or twice about being raped before.

And, of course, Marissa had worked as a prostitute in France, so she was no stranger to rough sex. But this wasn’t going well for her, and Stall could see on her face that she was suffering.

“I’m not the ambassador!” Stall screamed. “I can’t give you what you want!”

Nures was silent for a moment, looking the girls over as his men – there were at least seven of them within the lighted area now, and most likely more waiting a turn in the darkness.

“Perhaps we need to take this to the next level,” Nures said. He barked out a command or two in a tongue Stall didn’t know, and suddenly two more men arrived in the lighted area. Both sported large cocks, eight or nine inches long easily. Stall had always assumed any man that large worked in the porn industry, but he supposed Vivid Video didn’t get out into the African Badlands that often when recruiting.

The two men moved quickly to stand right next to the women, right by their heads. With a sinking feeling, Stall guessed what was to come next.

“You stick that monster down my throat,” Angelina said, “And I’ll bite it off and eat it for breakfast.”

“You bite it off, and we murder your blonde companion,” Nures said. “And after that, the Ambassador here will start to loose fingers.”

“You motherfucker,” Angelina spat. “He’s telling the truth! He’s not an ambassador!”

The two men grabbed Angelina and Marissa by their heads, and slowly started forcing their monster cocks down the women’s throats. Stall watched as the two girls accepted the force oral sex without putting up a fight. They were still getting raped in their pussies, more and more or Nures’ men lining up to get at them.

Oddly, in the back of his head, Stall wished he had even one of his hidden cameras, if for no other reason than to grab shots of Angelina Jolie getting gang-banged.

The man fucking Angelina’s pussy pulled out and shot a load over her naked body, coating her stomach with cum before stepping back and being replaced by yet another rapist.

“You must enjoy seeing women treated this way,” Nures said from off to Stall’s left. “I admit, it is how women should be treated. Nothing but objects to be used. Perhaps, if there’s anything left of them when my men are done, I’ll use them myself. They are – or at least were – fine specimens.”

“You bloody asshole,” Stall muttered.

“Now there’s an idea,” Nures replied. He barked again, and suddenly Marissa and Angelina were flipped over, their rear ends now sticking up towards their attackers.

“No!” Marissa called out. “Not there! Please, not there!”

* * *

March 5th, 2005

Equality Park,

Capetown, South Africa

“Right there. Oh, god yes, right there!”

Michael Burke’s ass was cold. Seated on a small metal chair, his naked rear end was pressed down firmly onto the cool metal as Thandie Newton grinded her cunt down on his cock. Her dressing room hadn’t included a bed – she had a hotel for that, but it had been too far away when Lambert’s chemical had taken over the starlet’s mind and libido. With little more than the ground or the chair to fuck on, the chair had seemed rather appealing. Especially considering that the floor was more or less just flat dirt. Apparently, they could hand out walls, but flooring was another issue.

Not that Burke was complaining. Indeed, it was hard to argue with the lithe body on his lap. Thandie’s bug-bite breasts and nipples stared him in the face, and he frequently sucked them into his mouth, kissing and fondling them like the treasures they were. His hands, for the most part, were wrapped around Thandie’s ass, holding the woman tight to him as she grinded herself down atop his rock hard shaft.

So this was what it was like to be Richard Stall.

“Oh, god, yes! Right there. That’s the spot,” Thandie moaned again as her G-spot pressed against Michael’s dick. Thandie was beautiful. Naked she was stunningly beautiful. Riding your cock like a champion cowgirl, she was a flat out goddess. Michael was ready to convert any second now.

Suddenly, Thandie shifted just wrong, and the two new lovers fell to the ground. A slight cloud of dust blew up around them, but Thandie wouldn’t stop thrusting. Dirt and grime clung to the sweat on their bodies, but Burke didn’t mind.

Suddenly, she pulled off him. He stared up at her, dumbfounded.

“My ass,” she whispered, getting down on all fours. “Fuck my ass.”

“Are you sure?” Burke asked, moving around behind her.

“Yes,” Thandie hissed.

Burke positioned his already lubricated cock at the tiny puckering of Thandie’s ass and slowly started to push his manhood into her. Thandie gasped at first, pain creasing her face. But she pushed her rear end back towards Burke, encouraging him to continue his efforts. Slowly, surely, he managed to get his entire shaft up her rear end.

“You’re so big,” Thandie moaned as Michael slowly started to withdraw his cock. As he reached the head of his dick, he changed direction and slid back into her, a little faster this time.

“You’re taking too long,” she said. “Fuck me. Now!”

Burke blinked at that, but decided to follow the woman’s wishes. Quickly, he thrust his entire length deep into her ass, and was rewarded with a passionate moan.

“That’s it! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!” Thandie cried aloud.

* * *

March 5th, 2005

Location Unknown

Southern Africa

“That’s it! Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!”

For once, Nures was silent. So was Stall. Even the men currently raping Marissa had stopped their work, and were staring at Angelina Jolie, and the young African man raping her ass.

Or, rather, just fucking it. Angelina was clearly getting off on the deal.

“Seems that little plan backfired on you,” Stall said finally, watching as the young man finally shot his load deep into Angelina’s rear.

“Shut up,” Nures said. “The blonde doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much.”

“You don’t seem to get it,” Stall said, trying hard to get back some of his usual bluster. Nures was nothing more than a businessman looking for a product and unwilling to pay for it. Stall didn’t have whatever it was Nures wanted, but perhaps there was something else he could give the man.

“Give me what I want,” Nures said, his voice loud in Stall’s right ear.

“I don’t have what you want,” Stall said, watching as the men shoved each other out of the way to become the next to rape/fuck Angelina’s ass. The tattooed brunette seemed willing to welcome just about anyone as long as she got off while doing it.

“You are the Ambassador!” Nures screamed.

“No, I’m not!” Stall shot back. “I can give you millions of pounds if that’s what you want, but I’ve got no standing with the English government!”

“I don’t believe you!” Nures shouted.

“It’s the truth,” Stall said, sighing. “You have to believe me.”

Suddenly, there was a sharp, cool touch at Stall’s throat. Nures was holding a knife to him.

“If you aren’t the Ambassador, you’re no use to me.”

“Aren’t I? Just because I’m not politically connected doesn’t mean there aren’t people looking for me. Or that I can’t help you.”

“I don’t need your money,” Nures muttered.

“But I bet you could use my fifteen minutes of fame,” Stall said.

The blade left his throat.

“Go on,” Nures said.

* * *

March 5th, 2005

Equality Park,

Capetown, South Africa

“The next time you’re in New York,” Thandie said, “Look me up. I could always use a good fuck like that.”

Considering that Thandie was naked and hiding her body behind the barely opened door to her “Dressing room,” Burke was in no condition to refuse.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he said. She smiled at him, turn around to give one last look at her shapely ass, and then closed the door almost in his face.

“Well,” Burke replied. “That was fun.”

“Sure looked like it,” Lambert’s voice echoed in Burke’s ear. “I got some quality shots of the whole thing.”

“Were the cameras set up in good spots? There wasn’t many places to put stuff.”

“Well, when you were fucking her ass in the dirt, one camera had nothing by the top of YOUR ass. But the other one got all the good stuff, so it’ll go over well. Mr. Stall will be happy to see it.”

“Any word on Mr. Stall and the others yet?” Burke asked, trying hard not to let his hopes up yet.”

“Officially, no,” Lambert replied.

“What about unofficially?” Burke asked.

“That’s another story,” Lambert said. And from his voice, Burke could tell he had news.

* * *

March 5th, 2005

Location Unknown

Southern Africa

“I can’t believe you’re doing this,” Marissa Call muttered as she rubbed her wrists.

“Would you rather go back to your table?” Stall asked.

“I’d rather be wearing clothes,” Marissa muttered. “Some of these guys look like they haven’t finished with me yet.”

Stall nodded, and looked over towards the wall of the small cabin they were now in. Angelina Jolie stood there, clothed in a rather simple white T-shirt and a pair of pants that were two sizes too big for her. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she’d been allowed to wash off the cum that had gathered on her face.

She didn’t look ready to go to the Oscars, but she looked ready to make a passionate plea for understanding to a large TV audience. Which, whenever this tape aired, would be right where the starlet would be headed.

“Remember,” Nures told Angelina. “Say only what we told you to say, or your two friends die. To emphasize the point, the guards watching Stall and Marissa leveled their pistols at them. “Of course, my men will get their fill of the girl first, but she won’t get off that table alive.”

“Don’t hurt them,” Angelina said. “I’ll do what you ask. Just don’t hurt them.”

“Then talk,” Nures said, motioning towards the camera man.

“And let’s hope this works,” Stall muttered to Marissa.

“My name is Angelina Jolie,” the starlet started. She looked directly into the camera and kept reading, as if from a script. “And I’m here to tell you about the Tswana Rebellion…”

To Be Continued…

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