Around The World In 80 Babes: Chapter 12 – Wind

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 12: Wind

March 6th, 2005

Equality Park,

Capetown, South Africa

The irony was that this was supposed to be a Freedom concert.

Michael Burke adjusted the tie around his neck, wishing the whole time that he’d worn something cooler as he made his way around backstage. Suit and tie in hot South African sunlight was a bad combo.

The Mandela Freedom Concert was a celebration of the end of apartheid, and had drawn some pretty big names. However, as the concert started up, things had been interrupted by a video of Angelina Jolie. And
what she had to say had been more than a bit disturbing.

“My name is Angelina Jolie, and I’m here to tell you about the Tswana Rebellion…” The words still echoed in Burke’s head. His employer, Richard Stall, was one of three captives held by the Tswana Rebellion. Angelina aside, the other was Stall’s newest employee, Marissa Call. Burke was worried sick about all three, but had a job to do, and was hell bent on doing it. After all, it wasn’t like he could find his friends, so he might as well do what they came to South Africa for.

Or would that be do WHO they came to South Africa for? Burke supposed it worked either way.

“This situation sucks,” Burke muttered as he walked down a dirt path. Just the day before, he’d been in this same area, having sex with the gorgeous Thandie Newton. Today, he was here to get laid again, though Thandie wouldn’t be there.

“Stall knows there’s nothing we can do right now,” Tom Lambert replied in Burke’s head. The tiny microphone and earpiece Burke wore kept him in touch with Lambert at all times, as were the two different micro cameras Burke wore on his body.

“But with Angelina Jolie making statements that these men are demanding the South African government surrender half the country to them, I’m a little worried.”

“Don’t be,” Lambert said. “My contacts have something.”

“What?” Burke demanded.

“Well, these Tswana guys needed a camera yesterday, and they needed it fast. The guys who usually give them weapons contact my people who provided them with a camera.”

“Then you know where they are?”

“Not exactly,” Lambert said. “But I was able to get a general idea. The South African army’s out there looking for them now.”

“Good work,” Burke said. “Let’s hope they find them fast.”

“Let’s hope you can get your mind off this long enough to get your job done,” Lambert said. “You’ve got the Viagra, right?”

“I’ve never needed help getting it up in my life,” Burke muttered.

“That’s not what I’m worried about, you idiot,” Lambert said. “You’ve got three babes to bang at once, and your head is nowhere near your dick right now. Take the Viagra, and wait for them in their dressing room – the pass I gave you will get you in. Now go!”

“Right, right…” Burke muttered, heading off.

* * *

March 6th, 2005

Location Unknown

South Africa

“They could have at least given us some pants back,” Angelina Jolie muttered.

Richard Stall was hard pressed to disagree. Considering that both Angelina and his assistant, Marissa Call, were both naked from the waist down, the ride in the back of this delivery truck was anything but pleasant for them. The floor of the truck was cold and dirty, and the two guards continually eyes the women’s bodies.

And the fact that they were being moved didn’t bode well, either. They’d been taken in a specific area, and most likely, that was where any rescuers would be looking. This trip had already gone on for more than an hour. The longer they were in the car, the further they were from help.

“I wish they’d stop looking at me like I’m a piece of meat,” Marissa muttered.

“They already used you like a piece of meat, sweetie,” Angelina muttered. “I recognize these two from our little adventure yesterday.”

“How can you be so calm?” Marissa muttered. “Even when I was gang raped before, it wasn’t as bad as this.”

“Sweetie, I’ve been fucked, molested, raped, DP’d, sodomized and almost killed by more men that I can count,” Angelina said. “I like my sex rough – at least, when it’s with men. Women I tend to prefer soft, naked, and coated in honey.”

“I’ve done that,” Marissa sighed. “Had to wash my crotch out pretty good afterwards, but it was worth it.”

“Tell you what,” Angelina said. “We get out of this, I’ll take you to a girl I know who just loved having honey licked off her tits. You can try it from the other side.”

Marissa smiled up at Angelina. “I’d like that.”

Stall kept quite, but he had a feeling he’d enjoy it, too.

If they got out of this alive.

* * *

March 6th, 2005

Equality Park,

Capetown, South Africa

The pass worked just fine, and according to Lambert, the cameras were ready to roll, too. Now all Burke had to do was hang in there until the concert was over.

The Viagra, unfortunately, wasn’t waiting for the encore to take effect.

Burke’s pants were tenting as “Loose My Breath” gave way to “Survivor,” and by the time “Independent Women” ended to a roaring crowd, Burke was all but dying to rip his pants off and take care of things himself.

“Show’s over,” Lambert’s voice rang in Burke’s head. “How’s the dick?”

“Hard as a brick. I really didn’t need that Viagra.”

“Sure you didn’t. Just remember to thank me later when you’re blowing your third load of the night inside some famous ass.”

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” Burke said.

“Shut up,” Lambert said. “Here they come.”

Burke turned towards the door and watched as it swung open.

The sight that greeted him confirmed his suspicion that he wouldn’t have needed viagra. Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Beyonce Knowles all entered the room, none of them wearing very much. Clad in small skirts and clingy tops filled with traditional African colors, the three women were glistening with sweat. Their long hair clung to their foreheads and necks, adding a post-coital look to their already sultry image.

“Oh, hello!” Michelle said as the girls noticed him for the first time. “You must be the fan with the backstage pass, right?”

“That’s me,” Burke said, glad he was wearing loose fitting slacks – his rock-hard member wasn’t quite visible as he was standing up. “Michael Burke,” he said.

“It’s so nice to meet you!” Michelle said, flashing him a genuinely warm smile. She opened her arms wide and approached him, as if to give him a hug.

“Now!” Lambert’s voice shot through Burke’s ear. “Use the watch. And be quick, you’ve got only two shots to get all three!”

Casually hitting the button on his watch, Burke accepted the hug from Michelle Williams, pressing his right hand firmly against her dark shoulder skin. Michelle squeezed him tight, as if he was a friend she hadn’t seen in years.

“Hurry up, Mike,” Lambert’s voice said in his ear. “That chemical doesn’t last long, and you’ve got two more babes to snag.”

Burke let Michelle go and turned towards Kelly.

“Oh, no hugs from me,” Kelly said, shaking her head. “I’m nothing but sweat. I reek!”

“Can I at least shake your hand?” Burke asked.

“Time’s up!” Lambert said. “That first dose is gone!”

“Oh, go on, Kelly,” Michelle said, hanging off Burke’s shoulder. “Be nice to our guest! You, too, Bey!”

Burke had just enough time to press the button on the watch again before Kelly shook his hand.

“Michelle’s right, I’m being rude,” Kelly said. She looked at him for a long second. “I’m sorry, what’s your name again?”

“Michael, Michael Burke.”

“Well, Michael, Michael Burke, it’s very nice to meet you,” Kelly said.

“Kel, that Joke is so old, it was old when we were in diapers,” Beyonce said.

“Hurry up, man,” Lambert said. “You’re running out of time, and Michelle’s hormones are going to start to react any second now!”

Burke walked over towards Beyonce. “I’m a big fan,” he said, offering her his hand.”

“None of that,” Beyonce said. “If you can smell Michelle, you can smell me.” With that, the lighter-haired member of Destiny’s Child drew Burke into a big hug.

“Time’s up!” Lambert hissed in his ear. “Both chemical shots have worn off by now! Hope you got all three.”

Burke swallowed hard, glad his back was to Kelly and Michelle. He had one finger on Beyonce’s skin, just above the neckline of her top – but he had no idea if he’d gotten it there in time or not.

“So, Michael,” Michelle said, pulling him away from Beyonce. “Tell us about yourself.”

“Well,” Burke started as he glanced down at Michelle’s form-fitting top. Sure enough, her nipples were struggling to shred their way out from underneath. A glance over at Kelly showed her chest reacting similarly.

Beyonce’s top was loose enough to leave it ambiguous at best.

“Well, I’m the head of security for Richard Stall, a business man from England…”

* * *

March 6th, 2005

Location Unknown

South Africa

Angelina had just finished giving the second guard his third blowjob of the trip – a safety guage to keep them away from raping either her or Marissa. Angelina might have been willing to go for another round – the first guard had a good eight inches on him, and Angelina’s pussy had an ich, but Marissa was clearly not as into rough sex as her new Movie Star friend was.

As she licked the last little dribbles of cum off her lips – boys could never cum much more than once a day, everything after that was just dregs – when the van stopped, and the door swung open. Two more guards stood there, and soon Angelina, Marissa, and Stall were all forced out the back. They found themselves in a garage, large enough to hold just two cars.

They were lead through a door and into a small, barely furnished house. The windows were all covered, and Stall was willing to bet that the doors were all locked. Four or five guards stood around them as they were moved deeper into the house, until finally all three were chucked into a room with no windows or doors. A single mattress lay on the floor, and a single lightbulb hung above them. The instant all three were in the room, the door was closed behind them, and they were left alone.

“Well,” Stall muttered. “This is fun.”

* * *

March 6th, 2005

Equality Park,

Capetown, South Africa

Burke sat on the couch, Michelle on one side of him, Kelly on the other. Both girls were all but pawing him, their aroused state clear and evident. The only thing holding them back was each other.

“So, how does an attractive man like yourself end up backstage at a concert like this,” Kelly asked, running her finger along the backside of Burke’s ear.

“I get around,” Burke replied, wishing for all the world that something would happen soon. His dick was as rock hard as ever, and even if it meant only getting one or two members of Destiny’s Child on tape, he needed to have sex soon.

“Mmm, I bet you do,” Michelle said, her hand pressed against his chest, her fingers gently playing with the buttons on his shirt.

“So,” Beyonce said, from where she was sitting across from the couch, “Michael, do you have a girlfriend?”

Burke didn’t know what to do about Beyonce. It certainly didn’t seem like she’d been infected by Lambert’s aphrodisiac. But she also didn’t seem unfazed by the actions of Michelle and Kelly. Considering she was staring right at her two friends all over a man they’d just met, she seemed rather calm and collected.

“No, no girlfriend,” Burke said.

“You poor thing,” Kelly said, grabbing Burke’s arm. “You don’t have anyone to show you any… female companionship?”

“Female companionship?” Lambert’s voice said in Burke’s ear. “Can you be shown that?”

“I do alright,” Burke said. Actually, prior to the day before when he’d fucked Thandie Newton, it’d been a long time since he’d had sex, but he wasn’t going to mention that.

“Still,” Michelle said. “A man like you shouldn’t have to suffer without a woman’s attention.” She slowly started to undo the buttons on his shirt.

“No,” Kelly agreed, kissing his earlobe gently. “In fact, you shouldn’t have to wait another moment.”

“Girls,” Beyonce said. “Remember where we are.”

Burke looked up at Beyonce. She had stood up, and was approaching the trio on the couch with a stern look on her face. Suddenly, Burke had the feeling the gig was up.

“Oh, come on, Bey,” Michelle said, her hand running up and down Burke’s chest now, his shirt no longer between her fingers and his skin. “Let us have some fun.”

“You can have your fun,” Beyonce said, hovering over Burke’s body now, leaning down so that they were eye to eye. Burke had to struggle not to glance down at her tempting cleavage.

“When I’ve had mine.”

Burke felt his eyes go wide as Beyonce Knowles kneeled down in front of him and placed her hands in his lap.

“Oh, my!” Beyonce giggled as her fingers came into contact with Burke’s engorged cock. “Someone’s happy to see me.”

“Enough chat, Bey,” Kelly said, reaching down and pulling her top up over her head. “I’m horny as all hell, and this boy’s going to get me off one way or another!”

Burke’s eyes locked on to Kelly’s tits. They were perky little things, not massive boulders, but they looked like they would fit perfectly within a wing glass. Burke was just about ready to lean over and suck one of those nipples into his mouth when Michelle leaned over his body and kissed Kelly!

“That’s it, girls,” Beyonce said, fiddling with Burke’s pants while her two bandmates made out. “You know the rules. It’s my turn to go first, so you two get each other off while I enjoy some cock.”

“You guys do this a lot?” Burke asked.

“After every concert,” Beyonce smiled as she managed to lift his viagra-enhanced member out of his pants and into her hands.

Kelly and Michelle hadn’t moved, Kelly wrapping her hands up in Michelle’s hair and holding her friend to her breast.

“Mr. Stall is going to HATE you,” Lambert said in Burke’s ear. “I got the whole room wired, and all I’m seeing is a pile of hot celebrity flesh. You’re on lucky SOB, Mike.”

Burke ignored him as Beyonce slowly started to stroke his cock underneath Michelle’s body. The positioning was awkward, and Beyonce wasn’t going to have any of it.

“‘Chelle, move would ya’? I need me a taste of cock,” Beyonce said.

“Ah, come on, Bey!” Kelly said. “I’m enjoying myself here!”

“Whichever one of you moves first gets cock second,” Beyonce muttered.

That got the girls going, and they practically fell of the bed, clearing Beyonce’s look at Burke’s cock. She smiled, leaned down, and slowly licked up the entire shaft, sending chills down his spine. As she continued to treat his cock like a lollipop, Beyonce reached up and undid his pants, peeling them down his legs to get more of his skin exposed. She pulled off her top next, exposing her ample chest to Burke before returning to her actions on his prick.

Time seemed to warp into nothing for Burke, as his eyes folded back into her brain, and the sensations on his manhood took over. He had no idea how long Beyonce tended to his dick, frequently bringing him close before retreating for a bit before he could climax. She did this three, four, fifteen, a thousand times or something in-between before anything changed.

“Oh!” Beyonce shrieked suddenly, Burke’s eyes flew open to see Kelly shoving her face between Beyonce’s ass cheeks. Whatever she was doing between them, Beyonce was enjoying it, because she started moaning loudly.

“Don’t mind them,” Michelle said, climbing up on Burke’s chest. “Bey will get back to your cock in a moment. Here, have one of these.” The beauty shoved a nipples between Burke’s lips, and he happily started sucking away.

“My god, man, this is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!” Lambert’s voice shot through Burke’s ear. “Mr. Stall is going to love it!”

Beyonce suddenly moved forward and straddled Burke’s hips. With Kelly holding his cock straight up, Beyonce lowered herself down, engulfing him inside her pussy with ease.

“Oh. My. God.” Burke moaned.

Michelle slapped him on the head gently. “Keep sucking!” She ordered as Beyonce reached around, grabbing Michelle’s free breast with one hand and playing with her slit with the other. Kelly, meanwhile, had lowered herself down and was licking at Burke’s balls while he slid in and out of Beyonce.

All this stimulation could only be taken for so long, and before her knew it, Burke was blasting his load deep inside Beyonce’s slit.

“Oh, my,” Kelly said, giggling with glee. She held Burke’s dick as Beyonce pulled off him. Thanks to the Viagra, he was still hard. “I have got to have that in me!”

“No time like the present,” Burke joked as he lifted Michelle off his chest. She whimpered, but remained quiet as Beyonce moved in to kiss her. While they made out, Burke moved behind Kelly and ran his dick along the entrance to her pussy.

“Oh, yeah, baby! Fuck me doggy style!”

Burke wasted no time sliding into Kelly’s wet hole, and before long, he was yanking on her hair and ramming himself into her at full speed. The orgasm he’d had with Beyonce had just wet his appetite, and now he wanted more.

“Oh, fuck her good!” Michelle moaned as she watched Burke and Kelly go at it. Beyonce was on her knees in front of Michelle now, licking her clit as if her life depended on it. Seeing that, and feeling Kelly’s walls cling to his cock, Burke shot his second load, coinciding with Kelly’s own orgasm.

“Your turn,” Burke said to Michelle as he gasped for breath. His hard-on was still raging, and Michelle was the only one left he hadn’t fucked.

Michelle squealed in delight as Burke came over and pressed her down on the couch. Beyonce and Kelly helped hold open Michelle’s legs, allowing Burke to slide into her with one solid thrust.

“Oh, yes!!!” Michelle moaned. Burke meant to take his time, to go slow, but he was burning up – almost literally. He felt hot and covered in sweat. He’d been fucking for who knew how long now. Indeed, the sun had gone down outside.

But there was no holding back, now. He fucked Michelle with a fevered pace, while Kelly and Beyonce helped by sucking on her nipples. Michelle practically melted in pleasure, climaxing not once, but three times before Burke blew his load a final time.

“Holy crap,” Lambert’s voice said in Burke’s ear.

“That was fantastic,” Burke replied, half in response to Lambert, half for the girls benefit.

“Mmmm, you were perfect, Michael,” Kelly cooed.

“Not you!” Lambert hollered. “I’ve got a lead on Mr. Stall!”

Burke blinked hard, then shot up, practically knocking a naked Beyonce over in the process. “I’m sorry, laddies,” he said as he searched for his pants, “But I’ve gotta go.”

“Why?” Michelle asked.

“I need to find some friends,” Burke replied, pulling one leg back into his trousers.

* * *

March 6th, 2005

Location Unknown

South Africa

Zico Nures required many things to run his little rebellion. Money, guns, people. These things topped the list, obviously. One couldn’t fight a government alone. However, it took a lot of other things to keep those three most important things running. Money had to keep coming in. Guns required ammunition. People needed food.

And Nures needed a source for all these items that he could trust. A source that wasn’t bothered by laws and regulations, treaties and blockades, restrictions and demands. A source that was willing to take blood money without complaint.

Finding that source wasn’t a problem. In fact, the one Nures used also supplied all sorts of equipment to all sorts of people. And, while that source made most of it’s money on providing illegal weapons to people like Nures, it also made a substantial fee through the buying and selling of information.

And, for the right fee, the location of one of Zico Nures’ safe houses in South Africa was certainly available to interested parties. Indeed, on the 6th of March, two inquires as to what Nures was up to in South Africa were made, and Nures’ primary source sold him out for a couple hundred thousand pounds English.

One of those interested parties happened to be Tomas Lambert

None of this was known to Richard Stall, Marissa Call, or Angelina Jolie as they waited in their make sift prison room. Nor was it known to the two guards sent to bring the prisoners their evening meal.

The guards followed a pretty standard doctrine for getting bringing the prisoners food. One would open the door while the other covered it with a gun – usually a simple pistol. They’d done this once already, with an earlier meal, and then again once to allow all three prisoners to use the bathroom – Nures didn’t want them stinking up the place too much.

As such, they expected to find the man standing in front of the two women, who both previous times had huddled in a corner, trying to cover their modesty – which was a moot point, since both guards had participated in the gang rape of both women the night before, and felt the two whores had nothing left to hide.

As such, they were surprised to see just the blonde woman sitting in the far corner, her legs spread wide, smiling invitingly at the two men. Being men, their eyes locked at her pussy as they entered, even if they had literally just been thinking how they already knew everything about said genitalia.

And as such, the two men were caught completely off guard when Stall and Jolie sucker punched them both an instant later. Angelina took her man out at once, slamming his head into the wall and watching him fall. Stall took three quick punches to drop his guard, but judging from the blood seeping out of his mouth, he wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

“Nice moves,” Stall said to Angelina as he helped Marissa to her feet.

“You, too,” Angelina shot back as she checked the pistol she’d lifted from her guard. “What say we get the hell out of here.”

“I’m all for that,” Stall said.

“Too bad we couldn’t find pants before we left,” Marissa muttered as the three former prisoners slunk out of the room.

To Be Continued…

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