Around The World In 80 Babes: Chapter 24 – Steam

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 24: Steam

MF, MFF, oral, anal, voy

Maria Menounos, Jennifer Lopez

Disclaimer: The Following is a complete work of
fiction. Literally. None of this ever happened before
– at least, as far as the author is concerned.
However, if anyone knows if any of this really DID
happen, please, let him know, because it means he’s
freakin’ Psychic and it’s time he made some money off
such powers – mostly by resorting to evil. Also, don’t
read if you are considered too young to know how sex
works, or if you’re opposed for various legal,
religious, or basic
stupidity of the human race…

May 21st, 2005

Isla Fortuna,

Off the Coast of Miami, Florida, USA

“Profits are down across the board, Mr. Stall, for the entire First Quarter. The six different Video Equipment companies are all down in sales, your advertizing firm hasn’t had a new client all year, and even that little recycling center you own has seen an three percent decrease in customers.”

Richard Stall sighed as he clutched his cell phone to his ear. “Any bright spots?” he asked.

“Well, your Video/Computer Research and Development company, Pit International, has come through with some very nice new innovations, which should boost sales for you video companies in the fourth quarter when we can finally get them out to the general populace.”

Stall smiled at that. No one at Stall HQ knew that “Pit International” was a front for one man, and one man alone – Tomas Lambert, the computer genius/chemical engineer who was helping Stall in his quest to get 80 videos of famous women having sex before the year was out. Everything Lambert had forwarded to Stall HQ had come about from his work in making smaller and smaller spy cameras, as well as fast digital connections. The stuff would sell like hot cakes as soon as it actually saw production.

“Listen, Pierre,” Stall said to his financial advisor back in London, “I know things are slow right now, but they can’t be THAT bad.”

“Sir, you haven’t been back here in a while.”

“What do you mean?” Stall asked. “I was back in London in April.”

“Sir, that was for a mere week, and you only hit the office once during that time. You spent the rest of that week dealing with that fiasco you were involved in down in Africa, and before that, it was January since we saw you in the office. We need you back here, sir.”

Stall frowned. “Listen, Pierre, I’ve got this meeting in South America-”

“Yes, please, sir, don’t miss the Sanchez deal – we need that deal to go through if we’re going to so much as break even here in the Second Quarter. But the company needs it’s head back here ASAP.”

“Just hang in there, Pierre. I’ll be back as soon as I’m done in South America-”

“May I ask when that will be?” Pierre asked.

Stall sighed. “The first of July, Pierre. I promise you that you will see me in the office on the first of July, come hell or high water.”

“I’d prefer it if it was sooner, sir, but you’re the one signing my checks, so I guess I’ll see you in a month.”

“Don’t worry, Pierre,” Stall said. “Everything’s working out according to plan. Just hang in there another month, and I’ll be home for the entire month of July.”

“You’d better be, sir,” was all Pierre said before he hung up. Stall frowned at that, but decided against reprimanding Pierre – the man was one of the best accountants Stall had ever had.

“We’re here, boss,” Michael Burke said from the front of the limo. They had just pulled in to the exclusive fitness club on Isla Fortuna, the Body Sweat. Arguably one of the most clandestine celebrity hang-outs in all of Miami, the Body Sweat was for paying island residents only – most of them rich and famous. Stall was just barely rich enough for afford the two weeks on the Island he’d paid for, but with that had come membership in the Body Sweat, and Stall had every intent to use it. Besides, who knew what celebs were working up a sweat inside right that very moment?

“So, where are you two off to this morning?” Stall asked as he stepped out of the limo.

“Marissa and I are hitting the beach,” Burke replied, smiling.

“Can I assume you worked out your differences last night?” Stall asked. The last he’d seen of Burke and Marissa Call, his two employees had been arguing left and right. This morning, they’d seemed almost… bubbly in each other’s presence. Definitely a change there.

“Yes, you can definitely assume that,” Burke said. “I gotta go, Marissa’s already waiting. You sure you don’t want me to pick you up in an hour or two?”

“No need,” Stall said. “I’m hoping that if I hang out here long enough, I can score another video or two, even.”

“Well, good luck, boss,” Burke said. “Call me when you need me.”

“I will,” Stall promised as he stepped back and watched Burke pull the limo out and away. Lifting his gym bag, Stall went up the steps and entered The Body Sweat.

* * *

May 21st, 2005

Scotland Yard

London, England

“Stone, the director wants to see you.”

Agnes Stone, International Inspector for Scotland Yard, looked up from her latest case – a nasty little gang rape down by the River Thames, and scowled. “Now?” She asked. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Says it’s important, Stone,” the Inspector in the doorway to her office said. “Better get moving.”

“This had better be good,” Stone muttered as she headed towards the elevator. She rode it up three levels to the Director’s office, and quickly entered. She found she wasn’t the only one called in.

The first person she noticed in the room was Daniel Coach, the Yard’s resident computer expert. He smiled weakly at Stone as she entered. Across the desk from Coach sat Director Hardwell. An elderly black man with a perpetual frown on his face, Stewart Hardwell had been with the Yard almost his entire life, and it showed.

The third person in the room was a young man, maybe in his early thirties, with red hair and a frown almost as deep as Hardwell’s. Stone didn’t recognize him at all. And that wasn’t good.

“Stone,” Hardwell said before she even sat down in the free chair. “Coach here tells me you and he were tracking some anomalous digital signals earlier this year.”

Stone frowned at that. It was something she hadn’t thought about in months. “That’s right. We first picked them up here in England – actually had them targeted to a specific store. Then they moved to the mainland, mostly in France and Germany. Then they appeared very briefly in South Africa, and vanished shortly after Zico Nures died after the Angelina Jolie affair.”

Hardwell snorted. “Your conclusions?”

“Nothing specific,” Stone said. “I figured Nures had some new com gear, and had been using it while purchasing weapons and gathering funds in Europe. With him dead, we haven’t seen anything like them in two months.”

Hardwell’s frown got impossibly deeper. “This is Agent Cartwheel, CIA. The Americans have found your signal. In New York City.”

“Really?” Dan Coach asked. “Have you been able to pinpoint it?”

“Not a chance. The encryption’s nasty,” Cartwheel muttered. “The CIA, the FBI, and Homeland Security are all going nuts over it.”

“I thought you were all one happy family now?” Coach asked.

“Sure, just like you and the rest of the European Union,” Cartwheel said. “We all want this cracked. The Agency was just the first to relate it to your little investigation here in London.”

“You mean you didn’t know about Europe and South Africa?” Stone asked, shifting her legs slightly.

“No,” Cartwheel admitted. “We’d appreciate any information you have on it.”

“You’ve already got it,” Hardwell snapped quickly. “You Americans want to turf war over something like this in the states, be my guest, but you’re not tying up my agents on this. And if we spot it in any other country, you can bet your ass we’re going to be all over it.”

“We are?” Dan Coach asked. Stone jabbed him with her elbow.

“Good day, Agent Cartwheel,” Hardwell said. The American, clearly surprised at the sudden change in the Director’s mood, nodded briefly, glanced at Stone and Coach, and then left the room.

“I want you two back on this,” Hardwell said. “Find those transmissions, and find them fast.”

“That’s going to be hard if they’re all in America,” Coach said.

“Then get them out of America,” Hardwell said. “Stone, take the lead on this. Fly over to the states if you have to. Just find those transmissions. The Yard desperately needs a budget increase, and beating the Americans at their own game will show Parliament that we’re still the best in the world.”

“Sir,” Stone said, “I’ve got an investigation well underway already on another case. I can’t just-”

“Too late, Stone,” Hardwell said. “Get moving. Both of you. Consider this your primary case until it’s solved.”

“Yes, sir,” Stone and Coach muttered as they stood up and left the room. Neither one was particularly happy about it.

* * *

May 21st, 2005

Isla Fortuna,

Off the Coast of Miami, Florida, USA

Hand in hand, Marissa Call and Michael Burke strolled the beaches of Isla Fortuna, enjoying the bright sunlight and warm waters as they chatted with each other about everything and nothing. The night before, the two had made love for the first time, after months of flirting and skirting around each other. Now, though, they were both happily together.

Except for one small problem.

“So, how are you going to take it when I need to fuck some hot babe for Mr. Stall?” Marissa asked quietly as she and Burke walked along the beach.

“Where’s the problem?” Burke asked. “You know I love those videos, and you’re certainly too hot to take out of Stall’s video lineup.”

“It is, more or less, my job,” Marissa admitted, adjusting the spaghetti strap on her bikini.

“This is true,” Burke admitted. “As long as you’re comfortable doing it, be my guest.” He looked out over the water towards Miami, just visible as a skyline from Isla Fortuna. “Now, what about me?”

“You?” Marissa asked.

“What about when I get the chance to bag some hot celeb pussy?”

Marissa frowned for a moment. “I suppose if I’m allowed to sleep with other women for Stall’s work, you probably should be able to, as well.”

“If you aren’t comfortable with it…” Burke trailed off.

“No, it’s all right. As long as its celebs and not just some woman you picked up off the street. Or someone you dated before.”

Burke kissed her forehead. “Trust me – now that you’re my girl, I’ll never need anyone else. But we’ve both helped Stall with his little quest around the world, and we might as well finish it.”

Suddenly, Marissa stopped. “What about threesomes?” she asked.

“I’m all for them,” Burke said. “Why?”

“‘Cause if you’ve got Lambert’s chemical, we just might be able to have one. Look.” She pointed across the beach towards an extremely attractive woman with long, curly hair and a tight, bright red bikini coming towards them.

“Someone I should know?” Burke asked.

“Maria Menounos,” Marissa said. “She’s one of those reporters for those ET or Access Hollywood shows.”

“Never watch them,” Burke admitted. “She’s hot, though.”

“Care to see how hot she is while she’s eating me out?” Marissa said, smiling wolfishly.

“If you can get that to work, then I’m all for it,” Burke smiled.

Marissa hefted her arm with the tiny, chemical loaded watch Lambert had made for her. “Give me ten minutes with her, and she’ll be dying to feel your cock inside her.”

“And you wonder why I want to date you,” Burke said, shaking his head as Marissa ran over to greet Maria Menounos.

* * *

May 21st, 2005

The Body Sweat, Isla Fortuna,

Off the Coast of Miami, Florida, USA

“Today must be your lucky day, Mr. Stall.”

Richard Stall was hard pressed to disagree. Here he was, sitting in the sauna of the Body Sweat gym, wearing little more than a towel, with only one other person in the room. Normally, this would’ve meant that Stall could catch up on one of his secret joys in life – falling asleep in a sauna. For some reason – the heat, perhaps – he always slept wonderfully in a sauna. He’d purposely left one out of his home back in London because he knew that sooner or later, he’d end up sleeping in the sauna every night.

But today, he had other activities planed for the sauna, and they involved no sleeping what-so-ever.

“I would say so,” Stall said as he sat down across from the sauna’s only other occupant. “It’s not every day I get to sauna with Jennifer Lopez.”

“Actually, I was referring to the fact that this place is so deserted – usually, whenever I come here, I have to share this place with ten or fifteen other singers or actors or athletes,” Jennifer said casually.

“Personally, I think that sounds like fun,” Stall said. He didn’t add that it would be more fun still if all those people were hot female celebs.

“Well, I see these people all the time, and some of them, I don’t particularly want around me when I’m laying down sweating.”

“I can understand that,” Stall said, trying to figure out a way to get Lambert’s chemical onto Jennifer’s skin. The room was steamy, but he could already see large portions of her caramel skin. In fact, if he didn’t know any better, he would’ve sworn he could see a nipple poking out over the edge of the towel she had wrapped around her body.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Jennifer said. “I love this island – the perfect place to get away from normally Hollywood crap. I mean, if I went naked in a sauna back in New York, or L.A., it would be all over the tabloids in fifteen minutes. Here, I can relax without worrying about camera lenses or prying eyes.

‘Not quite,’ Stall thought. “Am I keeping you from dropping your towel?” Stall asked, trying to sound casual.

Jennifer looked at him for a second. “All right, Mr. Stall, I’ll tell you what – you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

“Are you serious?”

In response, Jennifer tugged at her towel, teasing him slightly. “All right,” he said, opening up his towel, exposing his naked body to the sauna.

“Why Mr. Stall, I do believe you must be rather popular with the ladies,” Jennifer said, staring at his crotch.

“I do all right,” he said. “Your turn.”

Jennifer smiled at him, and slowly undid her towel, exposing her naked body to Stall.

“Wow,” Stall said, unable to think of anything else to say. Jennifer Lopez’s body was a vision – lithe, yet perfectly sculpted. The one word that ran through Stall’s head as he gazed at her bronzed, sweaty form, was limber.

And he had every intention of finding out just how limber Jennifer Lopez was before he left this sauna.

* * *

May 21st, 2005

Isla Fortuna,

Off the Coast of Miami, Florida, USA

Burke stood outside one of the public restrooms that dotted the beaches of Isla Fortuna, waiting for any kind of sign from Marissa. More than an hour had passed since she had gone off to seduce Maria Menounos, and so far, all he’d gotten from her was a quick text message on his cellphone telling him to wait outside the bathrooms while she got Maria ready.

Burke was about to give up, figuring that Marissa had gotten carried away, taking Maria all for herself, when the back door to the restroom creaked open an inch or two.

“Michael?” Marissa’s voice called out.

“What’s up?” He asked, moving over towards the door casually.

“Get your cock in here, now, I can’t hold her off much longer.”

Burke slipped in the door and quickly followed Marissa into a small hallway that ran along the back of the two large restrooms – men and women. Checking carefully, Marissa slid in the door, and pulled Burke in after her.

Burke was greeted by a very naked Maria Menounos.

And Marissa was greeted by a lusty kiss from said naked Maria Menounos.

“I missed you,” Maria whispered as she started feeling up Marissa’s ass. Marissa gently pushed Maria’s gorgeous body off her for a second.

“You said you wanted some cock – this is Michael. He’s got more than enough for us to share.”

“Let’s see, big boy,” Maria said, giving Burke a lusty stare. Shrugging, Burke lowered his trunks to the floor of the bathroom. Maria gasped aloud.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” the reporter said, grasping Marissa’s hand. “I’ve never had a black man before. Can I taste him?”

“Be my guest,” Marissa said. The next thing Burke knew, Maria was on her hands and knees in front of him, one hand wrapped around his dick, the other cupping his balls. Before he could so much as draw a breath, Maria had wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, and started stroking him with her hand.

As Burke moaned, Marissa removed her bikini, allowing the tiny fabric to hit the floor. She smiled at him when he looked at her, then moved around behind Maria’s kneeling form.

“Ass up, Maria,” Marissa said, patting the other woman’s ass. “While you’re tasting my boyfriend, I’m going to taste you.” With that, Marissa stuck two fingers right up Maria’s crotch, and started to match Maria’s head movements. When Maria would slide down Burke’s cock, Marissa would shove her fingers deep into the reporter. When Maria would pull off him, Marissa would slide those fingers out. And when Maria stopped to take a breath, Marissa would take those two fingers and lick them seductively with her lips.

At this rate, Burke knew he wouldn’t last long.

* * *

May 21st, 2005

The Body Sweat, Isla Fortuna,

Off the Coast of Miami, Florida, USA

“Keep this up, Richard, and I won’t last long,” Jennifer Lopez moaned as Stall rammed his tongue deep into the singer/actress’ pussy.

It had turned out to be incredibly easy to get Lambert’s chemical onto Jennifer – Stall had offered her a foot rub. With that excuse to touch her skin, it had been child’s play to press his chemical-covered hand onto Jennifer’s feet and legs. After twenty minutes of mannipulating her toes and heels, Jennifer had been all but pleading for him to get her off.

Stall, being a normal, red-blooded man, had asked if he could fuck Jennifer in the ass – after all, what else was a man to do with a naked Jennifer Lopez? Anal sex seemed like a requisite. Jennifer had offered a deal at that. If he could eat her out and get her off, he could fuck her ass. If he didn’t get her off in twenty minutes, she got to ride him into the ground, and his dick would never see the inside of her back door.

Stall had set to work at once. Ironically, Jennifer had taken the watch that held Lambert’s chemical in it in order to time him – which also gave Lambert’s camera a wonderful closeup of her face as the waves of pleasure shooting through her body made her gasp and moan. Now seven minutes in, and Jennifer was writhing about on the sauna bench. There was no way in hell she was going to last twenty minutes, which was a good thing, because Stall’s cock desperately needed some attention, and the sooner he got it, the better.

“Oh, god, oh, god, OH GOD YESSSSSSS!!!!” Jennifer’s voice came out as a sort of loud hiss as her climax shattered through her, making her body convulse and thrash happily. Stall leaned back on his haunches, wiping away some of Jennifer’s tangy, spicy juices off his face and waited for the superstar to calm down.

“That was amazing,” Jennifer said a few moments later.

“Roll over, it’s my turn,” Stall said, pointing towards his cock.

Jennifer sighed contentedly, then reached into the small towel bag she’d brought with her. She surprised Stall by pulling out a tube of K-Y lube. When she saw the surprised look on his face, she smiled. “I’m Jennifer Lopez,” she said. “If I don’t carry lube around with me, my ass gets mighty sore by the end of the day.

Stall shook his head, took the tube, and started coating his dick.

* * *

May 21st, 2005

Isla Fortuna,

Off the Coast of Miami, Florida, USA

If someone had asked Burke six months ago what he’d be doing insofar as a relationship this summer, he never in a million years would’ve bet that he and his new girlfriend would be fucking Maria Menounos in the bathroom of a private resort island. Heck, he would’ve been hard pressed to imagine he’d have a girlfriend.

Right now, though, Burke felt like a porno star. Both Marissa and Maria were on their knees before him, happily sucking away at his cock and balls. One second, he’d be stuffing Maria’s face with his dick, the next, his manhood would be deep inside Marissa’s throat. Back and forth they went, milking his cock like the pros they were.

“I’m in heaven,” he moaned as Maria sucked first one, the both of his balls into her mouth, gently swirling around them with her tongue. At the same time, Marissa was all but deep throating his cock. He wasn’t going to last very much longer at all now.

“I’m going to cum,” he moaned.

“Ooh, ooh, on me! On me!” Maria said, pulling back and opening her mouth in front of Burke. Taking the hint, Marissa reached up with her hand and started jerking Burke off rapidly. Before he could so much as say “thanks,” he hit his wall, and blew one of the largest loads he’d ever had all over Maria Menounos’s face and chest. She caught some of his cum in her open mouth, but most of it just splashed her tits and neck.

“That was freakin’ hot!” Burke said, collapsing onto a toilet that he hadn’t noticed behind him.

“Here,” Marissa said, taking Maria by the hand. “Let me clean you up.” With that, she started licking the reporter’s chest, lapping up Burke’s spilled cum.

At that very moment, Burke couldn’t think of a single thing that could improve his new girlfriend beyond how amazing she already was.

* * *

May 21st, 2005

The Body Sweat, Isla Fortuna,

Off the Coast of Miami, Florida, USA

“Harder! HARDER!” Jennifer Lopez screamed as Richard Stall fucked her ass. He was amazed at not only how easily he’d been able to slip into Jennifer’s ass, but also how perfect it felt fucking it – as if all other asses were merely pale imitations of this one, glorious ass. It was tight, and yet with the lube, was easy to fuck. Jennifer eased onto his cock perfectly, and she clearly was getting off on his fucking.

At that moment, Stall would’ve given just about anything to make this last forever. But even he, Richard Stall, world traveler and frequent fucker of celebrities, could only last so long. And considering how perfectly Jennifer’s ass was for fucking, it was a wonder he lasted as long as he did.

When he finally came, he shoved himself as deep in Jennifer’s ass as he could go, reached around her body and grabbed her tits, and then exploded within her, filling her backside with his cum.

“That was amazing,” Stall said as he slowly withdrew himself from Jennifer’s ass.

“I get that a lot,” she said, smiling at him. “How long are you on the island, Mr. Stall?”

“Until the end of the month,” Stall said.

“I’m throwing a little party in a few days. If you promise to do that to me again,” she said, motioning towards her crotch with her finger, “then I’ll not only let you fuck my ass again, but I’ll introduce you to a few people I think you might like.”

Stall smiled. “When should I be there?” he asked.

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