Around The World In 80 Babes: Chapter 37 – Aftermath

Around the World in 80 Babes

2005 CSSA Award Winner for Best M/F Series

by: TRL

Chapter 37: Aftermath

Warning: The following is a complete work of fiction.
None of it ever, ever, ever, EVER happened. Please do
not go around telling your friends that this really
happened because you read it online. Everything you
read online is fake, anyway. You should really know
that by now. The celebrity portrayed within, Diane
Mizota, never did any of the things I have her doing
in here, so please don’t go asking her to recreate the
scene with you – unless you happen to have a video
and wish to send me a copy afterwards. Anyway,
unless you’re under eighteen, enjoy the story!

July 23rd, 2005

The Remains of The Mansion of Richard Stall

London, England

Inspector Agnes Stone brushed a stray strand of her red hair away from her face as she crouched down next to what had once been a rather elaborate desk but was now little more than crispy wood.

“Carefull, there, Inspector,” one of the firefighters crossing the scene behind her said. “Half this place is still smoldering. You really should let the place cool down first.”

“Thanks for the warning,” Stone replied automatically.

“He’s right, Agnes,” Stewart Hardwell said, coming up behind Stone. The Director of Scotland Yard sniffed around a little. “So this is the estate of Richard Stall. A bit run down, don’t you think?”

“Funny how a fire will do that to a place,” Stone said, standing up.

“I suppose so,” Hardwell said. “You wanted to see me?”

“That’s right,” Stone said.

“I believe you know where my office is,” Hardwell replied.

“I do, but I needed you to see this,” Stone said.

Hardwell held up a hand. “Stone, since those subway bombings, I haven’t seen the blotter on my desk, I’ve got so much paperwork. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? You want the case.”

“I want the case,” Stone agreed.

“You can’t have it,” Hardwell said. “You aren’t an arson investigator.”

“I’m not interested in arson,” Stone said, standing her ground. “I want Richard Stall. He’s behind this. All of this.”

“Then that’s insurance fraud, Inspector Stone,” Hardwell said. “That’s not your bag, either.”

“What about murder?” Stone asked. “Am I allowed to do murder cases.”

Hardwell frowned at her. “This isn’t your case.”

“There were six bodies in this house, Director,” Stone went on. “Five shot, one stabbed-”

“And no proof that one of them wasn’t Stall himself,” Hardwell cut her off. “If he’s dead, there’s no case left for you to have.”

“He’s not dead,” a new voice said. Both Stone and Hardwell turned to see Daniel Coach approaching slowly through the rubble. “At least, he didn’t die here.”

“You got the DNA results already?” Hardwell asked, shocked.

“Hardly. DNA takes days, at best. No, we were able to eliminate Richard Stall as a victim after the process of elimination. Of the six bodies we found in the house, two were women. One was a man easily half again as tall as Stall was. Two more were easily confirmed as Stall’s bodyguards. The final one was actually a little smaller than Stall, and his face was pretty well burned off from the fire, but he did have two different fingers that were pretty intact. Fingerprints came back identifying him as Pierre DeLaCourt. He was Stall’s personal assistant here in London.”

“Then Stall IS alive,” Stone said, twisting back towards Hardwell. “This is my case, Director.”

“Bloody hell,” Hardwell muttered. “Fine, you’ve got the case. Find Stall, get him into custody. I want to know why his mansion burnt down, and why the bloody hell he wasn’t here when his house went up in flames.”

“I’ll gather a team,” Stone said.

“No,” Hardwell said. “No team, Stone. Take Coach here, but he’s all you get. I can’t spare any more people right now – unless you forgot, we had some bombings here a few days ago. I need every man, woman and dog I can get on that particular case.”

Stone started to protest, but Hardwell held up a hand to stop her. “But I know you, Stone, and I know you won’t just drop this. You get the case, you get Coach and that’s it. And unless you find a real crime, stay the bloody hell out of my face, Stone. I don’t need your attitude right now. Find Stall, and if he’s done something wrong, bring him in. Otherwise, I don’t want to see you.”

With that, the Scotland Yard Director marched off, leaving Stone and Coach alone.

“Well, Inspector,” Coach said a minute or two later. “Where do you want to start looking?”

Stone sighed slightly. “The airport. If I know Richard Stall, he’s out of the country right now.”

* * *

August 1st, 2005

Kiromoshi Hotel,

Tokyo, Japan

Diane Mizota fell face down onto the bed, Richard Stall landing on top of her lithe, naked body. Lining himself up behind her rear end, Stall quickly shoved his dick up the young woman’s ass, eliciting a shriek of surprise from her.

“Oh, yeah,” Diane moaned as Stall slowly started to fuck her ass. “Fuck that ass, Richard. Fuck it like you really want it!” Stall replied by shoving in a little extra hard.

They’d been at this for a while now, since Stall had spotted her in the lobby of the Kiromoshi Hotel earlier that day checking in. He hadn’t recognized her face, but her name had sounded familiar, and sure enough, Tom Lambert had pegged her right away as an actress, though his computer systems in Sydney, Australia still weren’t quite up 100%, so her complete records were unavailable to him. Stall had decided not to wait, approached Diane in the Lobby, and offered to buy her a drink. She’d accepted, and two hours later, Stall had charmed his way into her room.

Twenty minutes after that, he’d gotten her naked. And he hadn’t even needed to use Lambert’s chemical aphrodisiac.

Now he was buried to the hilt inside her ass, happily banging away. For her part, Diane was moaning in delight, fingering one of her nipples as she gripped the bed with her other hand. Stall smiled slightly as he saw his watch resting on the side counter, the hidden camera inside catching every bit of the action. Along with the small medallion he wore around his neck were currently beaming everything out across the ocean towards Sydney, Australia, where Stall’s employee, Tom Lambert, was recording everything in high digital quality for later presentation to the Timekeepers Club back in London.

Stall turned his attention back towards Diane, and found himself more than enjoying her ass. The young Asian woman hadn’t claimed she was an anal virgin – and the way she eagerly accepted him inside her rear entrance seemed to confirm that – but her ass was tight, and gripped Stall in the most pleasing of ways.

Suddenly, Stall seemed to hit Diane just right, for she moaned aloud, her arm stretching out and smacking the bedside table as a shot of pleasure burst through her nerves.

And as her hand came back to the bed, Stall’s watch fell on the floor.

“Boss?” Lambert’s voice came through the tiny ear piece Stall wore. “What’s going on? One of the cameras has moved.”

“Bloody hell,” Stall whispered.

“What was that?” Diane asked.

“Bloody hell, you’re tight,” Stall said ramming into Diane ass just a bit harder, trying to cover for a moment.

“You aren’t complaining, are you?” Diane giggled.

“Does it feel like I’m complaining?” Stall asked, ramming in even deeper into her.

“Boss,” Lambert’s voice came through again, though Stall barely heard it over a particularly loud moan of pleasure from Diane. “All I’m getting on the watch camera is a shot of the bottom of the bed or the bed stand – all I’m getting on your medallion camera is her naked back.”

“Fuck,” Stall muttered.

“Oh, yes, FUCK me! Fuck me HARD!” Diane called out as Stall continued to plow into her. Stall ignored her for a moment and tried to lean over the side of the bed, hoping to spot the watch. Sure enough, there it was, the edge of the band was sticking out from underneath the bed stand, clearly unable to pick up a damn thing he was doing to his newest conquest.

Stall leaned down as far as he could, pressing his chest to Diane’s back and reach out, trying to snag the watch. “What are you doing?” She asked.

“Whatever you’re doing, Boss, it’s not helping. Your medallion’s pressed right against her now – I have NO shot whatsoever!” Lambert exclaimed.

“Sorry, my leg was cramping a bit,” Stall lied to Diane, trying hard to keep pumping into her while still reaching for the watch.

“Still nothing, Boss,” Lambert’s voice said, sounding impatient.

“Hang on,” Stall hissed.

“You keep that up, you’re going to fall off the bed,” Diane said as Stall’s finger brushed against the wrist band. He stretched a little bit further –

– and managed to nick the watch even further under the bed stand.

“Damn it!” Stall swore, nearly slipping off of both Diane and the bed.

“What is it?” Diane asked, sounding very concerned as she tried to look back over her shoulder to see what he was doing.

“Leg cramp still,” Stall lied, trying desperately to think of another way to reach the watch.

“You want to switch positions?” Diane asked.

“Yes!” Stall said, almost too eagerly. He rolled off Diane until he was lying on his back. He had intended to swing his legs off the bed and find some excuse to reach under the bed stand and grab the watch, but Diane had other ideas.

Before Stall could get his legs off the bed, she had rolled over on top of him, smiling down at him seductively. “I love it when I’ve got a man on his back,” she said as she reached down and guided his dick into her wet cunt. Stall gasped reflexively, but didn’t stop her.

“Well, now I’ve got the medallion shot back, at least,” Lambert said as Diane started to slowly ride Stall. “And while I’m getting a great shot of her head and tits, I’m still missing most of the good action down below. We need that watch camera back.”

Stall managed to hold his tongue this time, not wanting to swear at Lambert and cause more confusion for Diane. The young actress was slowly getting into her new position, her hands pressing down on Stall’s chest as she slid up and down on his dick. For half a second, Stall thought he might be able to just let his arm fall off the bed and grab the watch casually, but he’d rolled too far to the other side of the bed – the only part of his arm not on the bed when he stretched out was his hand and wrist.

“Boss-” Lambert started again, but Stall cut him off.

“I’m working on it!” He snapped.

“Working on what?” Diane asked, slowing down slightly as she spoke. Stall was thankful for that, because now he had another problem. He was getting close to climax.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world if he came right now – they had a pretty good shot of Diane’s head, shoulders, and her perky little tits. But Stall was all about quality for his videos, and compared to almost all his other tapes, this one would be missing something.

But if he didn’t get that watch soon, it was going to be a rather moot point – he wasn’t going to last more than another minute or two unless he could get Diane off of him.

“I’m getting close,” Stall admitted to her as she continued to stare at him questioningly.

“Mmmm,” Diane moaned, leaning down to whisper in his ear, pressing her sweaty tits to his chest. “Try and hold out a bit longer – I’m not far off myself.”

“I’ll try,” Stall said truthfully. Diane started riding up and down on him again, her wet, warm folds gripping his erection almost perfectly. This was going to be more difficult than Stall had thought.

“Boss, we really need that watch camera back!” Lambert cried out. “When she leaned down on you last time, she smudged the camera with her sweat!”

Stall groaned in disgust, but managed to catch it and turn it into a moan of delight before Diane got the wrong idea.

“Oh, yeah, baby, groan for me!” Diane said, bouncing up and down on him faster. “Tell me how much I’m turning you on!”

“Hang on a second, baby,” Stall said, suddenly getting an idea. “I want to cum in your ass.”

“Oh, you naughty boy,” Diane giggled as she got off him. “What about your leg?”

Stall rolled off the bed and stood up. He could feel his orgasm practically exploding in him even as Diane rolled over to present her ass to him. “I’ve got an idea for that,” Stall said. He reached down and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her over until her legs came off the bed.

Diane gasped as her feet hit the floor, but Stall pressed her back down until her chest was flat against the bed. Now she hung half on, half off the bed, her ass presented towards Stall to have. He made a show of getting down on his knees to kiss each of her ass cheeks once –

– and grabbed the errant watch on the way back up. Quickly repositioning the disguised camera, Richard Stall returned to stand between Diane Mizota’s spread legs, and quickly shoved his aching dick back insider her ass.

“Good work, boss – we even got a great shot of her open pussy when you stood back up,” Lambert said inside Stall’s ear.”

“Here we go,” Stall said. He was sick of waiting now. He just needed to get off and get off fast – the hell with how long Diane was on camera – Richard Stall needed to cum, and he needed to cum NOW!

“Oh, fuck, YES!” Diane moaned as Stall began to jackhammer her ass. In and out, in and out, in and out. Stall wasted no time, and from the way Diane squirmed on the bed, she was more than happy with what he was doing.

And then, Diane cried out as orgasm rocked her body. The way she quivered underneath him was more than enough to set Stall off as well, and he flooded her insides with his cum.

Stall collapsed onto the bed moments later, completely spent. Diane was practically comatose next to him for several minutes, breathing hard with her eyes screwed shut.

“Great video, Boss” Lambert said. “Even with all that down time, this one’s going to be hot. Now I’m going to go get a look at Diane’s records – she’s not exactly a big name, so the Timekeepers may want some verification of sorts.”

Stall merely shook his head as Lambert signed off. Some things never changed.

“That was amazing,” Diane said suddenly as she looked over at Stall.

“Yes,” he smiled. “It was.”

“This has to be the best one-night stand I’ve ever had,” Diane said, still trying to catch her breath. “Where the hell have you been all my life?”

“Around,” Stall said, smiling as he glanced at his watch, once again resting on the bedside table.

* * *

“Where the hell have you been all evening?” Chelsea Smythe said as Richard Stall entered his hotel room some time later.

“In the hotel,” Stall said.

“You just barely survived an assassination attempt, and you’re wandering about a hotel unescorted?!” Smythe said in disgust. “Do you want to be killed?”


“Then don’t ever do that again!” Smythe said.

“Miss Smythe, I respect your opinion-” Stall started, but was cut off when the door opened, letting Tchelet Appleberg in.

“He was with a woman,” she said without preamble, closing the door behind her. “They had drinks in the hotel bar before having sex in her room.”

“WHAT?!” Stall sputtered. “You were spying on me?”

“No,” Appleberg said. “I was protecting you.”

“You had no right-” Stall started to complain, but Smythe cut him off.

“She had every right, she’s your bodyguard,” Smythe said. “You’re damn lucky that woman you slept with didn’t slit your throat.”

“She wouldn’t have,” Stall insisted.

“You’re right, there,” Appleberg said. “I was close enough to stop her the whole time.”

“You were?” Stall asked.

“Yes,” Appleberg said with a smile. “Even when you were taking her up the ass.”

Stall’s eyes went wide, then stone cold. “Can I have a minute alone with my people?”

“No,” Appleberg replied simply.

“Please wait outside,” Stall said firmly.

Smythe looked him up and down once before motioning for Appleberg to join her just outside the door. The Israeli gave Stall a long look before following her employer outside.

“She’s got to be kidding,” Stall said, collapsing onto the couch.

“I don’t know, boss,” Michael Burke said, rolling over in his new wheelchair. “After hearing how she dealt with those guys who came after us back in London, I think I’d believe she could sneak into a bedroom while you were fucking a babe.”

“Nice find, by the way,” Marissa Call said, sitting down next to Stall on the couch. “Diane whatshername is a total hottie.”

“Mizota,” Tom Lambert’s voice filtered into Stall’s ear. “And while she’s a celeb, and we’ve got a totally hot video, we’re missing one tiny little thing.

“What’s that, Lambert?” Burke asked.

“Miss Mizota, who’s totally hot in that cute little Asian way, was born in Southern California.”

“Christ,” Stall swore. “I thought she spoke English a little too well.”

“She’s still a celebrity, right?” Burke asked.

“Oh, yes, though no one huge. Biggest credit to date is hosting ‘Trading Spaces For Kids,’” Lambert replied.

“Never heard of it,” Marissa muttered.

“Neither had I, but while I was perusing her records, I did find something interesting.”

“What?” Stall asked.

“Miss Mizota has a very tiny role in the ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ movie they’ve been making lately.”

“So?” Marissa asked.

“While we’ve been running around the world, trying to stay alive while filming hot celebs fucking, the people of Japan have been in a mild uproar over this movie. Their big complaint is that most of the major roles went to Chinese actresses – Ziyi Zhang, Li Gong, Michelle Yeoh and so on.”

“I’m still missing the point here, Lambert,” Stall said.

“I’m getting to it,” the computer nerd said through the earpieces. “The producers of the film, apparently in an effort to appease the Japanese people, have launcher a sort of pre-release good will tour. Many of these actresses are doing the media rounds here in Japan right now, talking up the movie and trying the calm down the locals about the whole thing.”

“So what you’re saying is…” Burke said.

“That if you want to bag Li Gong, Michelle Yeoh, and Ziyi Zhang, they’re in town right now, and aren’t going anywhere for a while.”

“Lambert, you’re finally make some sense,” Marissa said, smiling.

“Yeah,” Burke said. “But how do we go about doing that without alerting our security escorts? I mean, Appleberg managed to get into the room while you were banging Diane Mizota earlier, and we never even caught her on camera.”

“Why don’t we just tell them?” Lambert asked. “I mean, they’re pretty good at keeping secrets.”

“We don’t know that for sure,” Stall said. “They may have saved our lives once, but they may have some moral objection to what we’re doing. If they walk out now, chances are the killers will get to me before I have time to even hire another security firm.”

“So let’s do an end-run around them?” Marissa said. “If Richard can’t go about fucking these babes, I’ll do it. I’m not the person these killers are after, so Smythe and Appleberg aren’t going to freak out if I go outside the room without an escort.”

“Or at least they won’t freak out as much as if you did it, boss,” Burke said. “Makes sense to me.”

“All right, Lambert,” Stall said, standing up. “Start hunting down our little ‘Geisha’ good will tour. I’ll tell Smythe that I’ll be sticking closer to my guards for the time being.”

* * *

August 2nd, 2005

The Mansion of William Neal,

London, England

“You’ve been avoiding me for more than a week now, Blackbird.”

“Has it been that long? It’s hard to keep track of time when your entire work force is eliminated by one pompous little playboy.”

William Neal snorted at the man sitting across the desk from him. “Make whatever excuses you want, Blackbird. I demand to know why Richard Stall isn’t dead.”

“He isn’t dead. And I am just about out of options to kill him,” Blackbird sighed.

“Excuse me?” Neal asked.

“You heard me,” Blackbird said. “My three best teams, gone. Just gone. Six of the deadliest, most-talented assassins in the world, wiped out in a matter of minutes. I am, essentially, out of business.”

“Bloody hell,” Neal snarled. “What about my money? If you can’t kill Stall, I’ll hire someone else who can.”

“Here,” Blackbird said, fishing out a small business card from a Swiss Bank, with a set of numbers written on the back. “Account number and access code. This clears us, Neal. Neither of us owes either one a thing.”

“Get out,” Neal sighed. “And don’t let me ever see you again, Blackbird. I don’t suppose you have any suggestions as to who to replace you with.”

“No, you’re on your own there, Neal. I’ll show myself out.”

William Neal lasted just long enough to allow Blackbird to get out the door before he smashed his whisky glass against the wall in frustration.

* * *

For his part, Blackbird lasted until he was off Neal’s property before he pulled out his cellphone and made a call.

“Richard Stall’s in Japan,” The Asexual voice of Slide, the computer hacker answered.

“That doesn’t matter anymore. The contract on Stall is closed,” Blackbird reported.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” Slide replied. “You need anything else from me?”

“Two things,” Blackbird said. “First, any and all information you have on William Neal – he may not be offering money for the death of Richard Stall anymore, but he may still end up paying my bills. Send me all your Stall information, too. Their animosity towards each other might be what I need.”

“Done. And the other thing?”

“Richard Stall has a passion for women. I need to name of every available female assassin on the planet. Sooner or later, William Neal is going to make another attempt on Stall’s life. I want to know who he’s hiring before he does. I have a business to rebuild, after all. Might as well work towards the guaranteed contracts.”

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