Around The World In 80 Babes: Chapter 38 – Accidents Happen

Around the World in 80 Babes

2005 CSSA Award Winner for Best M/F Series

by: TRL

Chapter 38: Accidents Happen

Disclaimer: This Story is fiction. Please take it as
such. None of this ever EVER happened. Is you’re
opposed to lesbian sex, you need to get your bigoted
rear end fucked by a chick with a strap-on. Trust me,
it’ll feel better than the stick you’ve got shoved up
your ass right now. If you’re under the legal age
limit for such stories, please stop reading now – come
back when you’ve reached said legal age and won’t get
in trouble for such thoughts. Everyone else, enjoy

August 7th, 2005

Tokyo Radison Hotel,

Tokyo, Japan

Marissa Call let her robe drop to the floor, exposing her perky little nude body. Her nipples were rock hard, and there was just a touch of moisture at the bottom of the tiny little fluff of blonde hair she had grown between her legs.

“A natural blonde,” Marissa’s newest lover said as she reached out a small hand, running it gently down Marissa’s left breast. “I love that,” she said quietly. “There are no natural blondes in Hong Kong – or Tokyo, for that matter.”

“Feel free to inspect closer,” Marissa smiled demurely as her lover’s hand ran lower, gently brushing across Marissa’s pubic hairs. One finger nicked the tip of Marissa’s enlarged clit, sending a pleasant shiver through her body and causing her to close her eyes in delight.

“This isn’t your first time with a woman, is it?”

“No,” Marissa admitted. “Does that upset you?”

“No,” her new lover said slowly. “I like an experienced partner. Do you go down on other women?”

“Yes,” Marissa said, smiling slightly.

“Would you go down on me if I asked you to?”


“I don’t go down on women. I prefer to let my fingers do the work.”

“I enjoy having fingers inside me, too,” Marissa said.

“If you go down on me, I will put my fingers inside you.”

“I would like that, Michelle.”

Michelle Yeoh smiled as she took Marissa by the hand and lead the young American to the bed. Marissa gently pressed Michelle down until she was sitting on the edge of the mattress, and then kneeled down before the actress. Michelle was still dressed, clad in a short black skirt and a grey wrap-around top that clasped on Michelle’s side. Marissa ran her hands up and down Michelle’s legs briefly before moving up to undo the clasp holding Michelle’s top together. Michelle nodded her approval as Marissa slowly unwrapped the fabric, revealing Michelle’s porcelain skin and her erect nipples.

Michelle certainly wasn’t a busty woman, but she had an impressive chest for an Asian woman, with ruby red nipples that acted like beacons against her fair skin, and Marissa couldn’t resist the call. She leaned forward and took one nipple in her mouth, kissing it gently. The actress went stiff as Marissa’s tongue made contact with the tip of her nipple, but the gently lick that followed it seemed to melt her icy persona just a bit. Michelle let loose the tiniest of gasps and at that moment, Marissa knew she’d won the other woman over.

Without waiting for instructions, Marissa hiked up Michelle’s skirt, exposing a silky pair of black panties underneath. With a look, Marissa encouraged the other woman to lift her rear end. As Michelle’s ass cleared the edge of the bed, Marissa removed the panties, exposing Michelle’s bald pussy to the room.

“I’m going to lick you now,” Marissa said simply, right before lowering her head to Michelle’s crotch and worming her tongue into Michelle’s hot box. This time there was no holding back Michelle’s gasp, and the Asian actress let loose with a moan of passion as Marissa began working her clit and slit over with her tongue. Every thrust, every lick, every kiss brought more cries of delight from Michelle.

“More,” Michelle moaned when Marissa’s tongue flicked her clit extra hard. Marissa followed up with another powerful lick, and Michelle responded by wrapping her legs around Marissa’s head.

For long moments, Marissa couldn’t move outside of licking her new lover, but at that moment, she didn’t care. All that mattered now was getting Michelle off, one way or another. Michelle switched to Chinese at some point, and was practically raving in lust when Marissa took a chance and gently inserted a pair of fingers into the other woman’s snatch. Marissa had no idea what it was that Michelle screamed out mere seconds later, but whatever it was, it was clearly good, because Michelle was swooning on the bed afterwards in post orgasmic bliss.

Marissa crawled up the bed and came to a rest directly above Michelle’s body. As the other woman opened her eyes, Marissa kissed her lips slowly, drawing the contact out for several long moments. When she finally broke, Michelle looked pleased.

“Your turn,” Michelle whispered, pushing Marissa off of her and onto the bed. But before Michelle could get up, Marissa held her down with an arm.

“It’s your turn, too,” Michelle said, reaching down and reinserting her fingers into Michelle’s dripping wet pussy.

Michelle’s eyes went wide, clearly not expecting this. But Marissa smiled seductively at her, and nodded.

“Go ahead,” Marissa whispered as she slowly finger-fucked the starlet. “You were going to finger me. I’m available now.”

Michelle’s mouth dropped, and a moan of delight escaped her lips. Marissa took the opportunity to shove her tongue down Michelle’s throat. The blonde reached up, grabbed Michelle’s hand, and as they made out, guided it to her pussy. As soon as Michelle’s fingers hit Marissa’s wet folds, the actress got to work, worming three fingers inside and pounding away like an expert. Marissa quickly got back to work on Michelle, and soon they were both grunting and moaning, sweat streaming off their bodies as they mindlessly fucked away.

And the whole time, the cameras hidden in Marissa’s jewelry captured every lusty detail.

* * *

August 9th, 2005

Kiromoshi Hotel,

Tokyo, Japan

“No, Marissa’s still trying to work her way close to Gong Li as we speak.”

“I thought it was Li Gong,” Richard Stall said as he flipped through the London Times as he sipped his tea.

“It’s both. Something about Chinese naming – last name first when at home, first name first in other countries. Or something like that,” Tomas Lambert’s voice said in Stall’s ear, coming through on his tiny earpiece.

“So which is the last name,” Stall asked. “Li or Gong?”

“Honestly, I have no idea. I think when in China, she’s listed as Li Gong, so I’d guess Li is the last name.”

“Well, not like it matters to anyone but Marissa,” Stall said. “Any word on the investigation into the Mansion Fire?”

“If you were going to have a minor criminal incident without any fanfare in London, doing it last month was the time,” Lambert replied. “With the subway bombings and all that, it’s a wonder anything else has made the papers. Near as I can tell, the investigation has been dropped. Scotland Yard is more concerned with terrorists than runaway millionaires.”

“As it should be,” Stall said. “What about our assassins?”

“Sorry, Boss,” Lambert replied. “Just like all the other times, there isn’t a hint about them. There’s a chance they all died in the attack, but…” he trailed off, unsure of what to say next.

“But our luck’s not that good,” Stall said, grimacing. “Keep at it, Tom. By the way, how did the Michelle Yeoh video turn out?”

“Fantastic – been a while since Marissa appeared on camera, but she looks just as good as ever. We’re lucky to have her on board.”

“Indeed. Oh, by the way, we could use another shipment of your chemical aphrodisiac soon. We’re running a bit low here.”

“You should actually be getting some today,” Lambert replied. “Both the regular, and the super doses.”

Stall frowned. “I thought we’d agreed not to use the extra-strength chemical.”

“Boss, you’ve got all the Memoirs of a Geisha babes in the same hotel, but only for a couple more days – if it comes down to it, turning them into raving sexual maniacs may be the only way to get them on tape.”

Stall sighed. “All right, we’ll keep it as a last resort. But I really don’t trust the stuff.”

“Well, let’s hope you don’t have to use it,” Lambert said.

* * *

August 9th, 2005

Tokyo Radison Hotel,

Tokyo, Japan

Marissa Call just managed to slide into the closing elevator, nearly getting her leg caught in the process.

“Are you okay?” a petite Japanese woman asked in barely accented English.

“Oh, yes, I just had to catch this elevator,” Marissa said. “I need to grab some paperwork from my room.”

The two other women in the room looked Marissa up and down and seemingly accepted her at her word. At the moment, Marissa was clad in a smart looking canary-yellow business suit that was cut just a touch too low at the collar and a touch too high at the leg – you could dress Marissa Call up, but she always had to have some skin showing.

“You are in Tokyo for business?” the woman asked.

“Yes. Stall Shipping Inc – we’re looking to export some Columbia Coffee to export to Japan, so if you know anyone…”

The woman smiled apologetically. “I’m just a translator,” she said.

Marissa blinked, and seemingly noticed the other woman in the elevator for the first time.

“This is Li Gong, the famous Chinese actress,” the translator said. “She’s here on a press tour.”

“Oh my goodness,” Marissa blushed, gently tapping the tiny watch on her wrist before extending her hand towards the actress. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Marissa gushed.

“Nice to meet you,” Li replied in considerably more accented English than her translator. She took Marissa’s hand and shook it gently.

“If I may say so, your English is quite impressive – how is it that you need a translator?” Marissa asked.

“My English is good,” Marissa said. “But my Japanese is still… unacceptable.”

“Right, right,” Marissa said, acting embarrassed. “I almost forgot which country we were in for a minute.

“Do you travel a lot?” Li asked.

“This year, yes,” Marissa admitted, truthfully. “I feel like I haven’t been home at all this year.”

“The coffee exporting business must keep you very busy then,” the translator said.

“Yes, it does,” Marissa said.

“Is it good coffee?” Li asked.

“Quite. I have some samples in my room, if you’d like to try a cup.”

Li turned to her translator and quickly spoke in Chinese. The other woman gave the actress a long look, glanced at Marissa, then replied in Chinese.

“My translator needs some time to herself,” Li said, stepping closer to Marissa. Suddenly, Marissa noticed that Li’s nipples were poking through her blouse top rather forcefully. “But I would love to try your coffee.”

Marissa smiled. “Let’s go to my room.”

* * *

August 9th, 2005

Kiromoshi Hotel,

Tokyo, Japan

“Mr Stall?” Chelsea Smythe said, coming into Stall’s private room in the large suite he’d acquired for his traveling crew. “A package has arrived for you.”

“Oh, wonderful,” Stall said. “Bring it in. Mr. Lambert works fast,” Stall said.

“You were expecting it?” Smythe said. “Who knows you are in Japan?”

“Mr. Lambert, one of my research scientists – I can’t be completely cut off from my companies, Miss Smythe. Money waits for no man – even those with assassins after them.”

Smythe handed him the package slowly. “That package could’ve been tracked.”

“I hope so,” Stall said, holding up the box. “It’s got a tracking number right on it.”

“This isn’t funny, Mr. Stall,” Smythe said. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to be here when you open that.”

“It’s not a bomb, Miss Smythe,” Stall said. “It’s from one of my people. I trust him implicitly.”

“But I do not,” Smythe said. “Either open it in front of me, or I’ll take it from you and open it somewhere very far away from you.”

Stall looked at her for a long moment. “We you anyone else, I’d laugh at that. But you, Miss Smythe? You I believe would do just that. You and Miss Appleberg. Very well, I’ll open it here.”

Stall put the box down on the table and grabbed a letter opener Smythe offered him – how’d she gotten it, Stall wasn’t sure he wanted to know. He quickly slit the tape holding the box together and opened it up –

– to reveal two cans of hairspray, both labeled Extra Strength.

“See, Miss Call is quite insistent about her hair spray,” Stall said, holding up one of the cans towards Smythe. “Absolutely harmless.” Stall was lying flat out. The cans contained Lambert’s chemical, and the extra-strength ones were just that – the extra strength chemical. Any woman who sprayed this stuff on her head would’ve gotten enough of the chemical to drive her into a complete erotic frenzy, ravaging anyone and everyone in sight until she collapsed.

“I’ve never seen this brand before,” Smythe said, looking at the can. “Is it any good?”

“I don’t know,” Stall said. “You’d have to ask Marissa – I do know that it stinks pretty bad.”

“Really?” Smythe asked. Before Stall could stop her, she let loose a quick spray of the chemical into the air, and took a deep breath.

“Oh, bollux,” Stall whispered as he caught the slight aerosol smell that came when the chemical was just released into the air from the cans. The amount Marissa and Stall used to seduce women as much, much smaller than the amount Smythe just expelled into the air.

And it was also less potent.

And it worked on both women and men.

“Doesn’t smell like anything to me,” Smythe said, looking up at Stall. For half a second, Stall thought perhaps something had gone wrong – that Lambert’s chemical might have failed. But as he opened his mouth to reply, two things happened. The first was that he felt his penis go rock hard in his slacks, tenting them almost instantly.

And the second thing was Chelsea Smythe jumping into his arms, kissing him ferociously.

* * *

August 9th, 2005

Tokyo Radison Hotel,

Tokyo, Japan

Marissa made it as far as the complimentary coffee maker before Li Gong wrapped her arms around the blonde’s waist, pulling her tight. “Mmm,” she moaned as Li started kissing her neck. “That feels nice.”

“You have been with women before?” Li asked, a hand wandering up to cup one of Marissa’s breasts through her jacket and blouse.

“Yes,” Marissa whispered as Li nibbled on her ear.

“Do you want to be with me?” Li asked, unbuttoning Marissa’s jacket while still holding her tight.

“Yes,” Marissa hissed. “I want to be with you, Li.”

Suddenly, Li turned her around and kissed her gently on the mouth. As the kiss broke, the actress stepped back and unbuttoned her pants, allowing the thin fabric to fall to the floor and exposing her glorious legs and a tiny pair of pink panties. Marissa smiled as she dropped her suit jacket to the floor and slowly started to unbutton her blouse.

Slowly, the two women stripped, Li taking off her top, Marissa sliding out of her skirt. Li’s silky bra went next, followed by Marissa’s blouse. Finally, Li pulled off her panties, while Marissa dropped her bra to the floor, where it was quickly joined by the thong she’d worn.

Marissa openly admired Li’s gorgeous body. It was typically Asian – lithe, athletic, and colored and exotic shade of olive. Her breasts were small, B-cup at best, but they were tipped with the most delicious looking nipples that made Marissa’s mouth water as they poked out towards her. Li had no hair down below, though Marissa couldn’t be entirely sure she shaved or just had never grown any. Finally, Li had an almost irresistible bubble-butt that just screamed out for spanking.

Marissa intended to do all of that and more.

“Come,” Li whispered as she laid down on the bed, looking up at Marissa with a lustful gaze in her eyes. Marissa happily joined her new lover on the bed, kissing the actress as she climbed on top. Marissa’s mouth attacked Li’s nipples, and soon her fingers found Li’s sopping wet snatch down below.

As they slowly began to fuck each other, Marissa was quite glad she’d taken the time to hide some of Lambert’s cameras around the room.

* * *

August 9th, 2005

Kiromoshi Hotel,

Tokyo, Japan

In the back of Richard Stall’s mind, he remembered what Tomas Lambert told him about this new, more potent chemical he’d released. The new airborne version of the chemical, if inhaled, worked a great deal like alcohol. By going in through the lungs, it cut to the bloodstream almost as fast as blood can pump. The problem was that AFTER the sex, it continued to work very much like alcohol. In fact, orgasm seemed to completely drain the body of it’s resistance. Once a person had climaxed, they fell asleep nearly instantly. And, just as if they’d passed out from drinking, they were pretty much dead to the world. And when they did wake up, they had the worst hangover they’d ever had in their lives.

But that wasn’t the worst part. Where the earlier version of the chemical worked only on women, this new chemical worked on men, too. And it was worse for men then it was for women. The new chemical worked like instant Viagra, and once a man’s dick got hard it stayed that way. Men dropped off into unconsciousness almost the instant they ejaculated. And they stay knocked out longer, up to seventeen hours of complete inability to relate to the world. Women experienced a mere 12 hours, so the five hour difference was a major issue.

All of this passed through Richard Stall’s mind as he literally ripped off Chelsea Smythe’s panties, throwing the ruined fabric behind him as he rammed his engorged manhood into her sopping wet pussy. Whatever the side effects of the new chemical were, it was far too late for the two of them.

“Bloody fucking hell, Richard! FUCK ME!!” Chelsea screamed as Stall literally threw her up against a wall – they hadn’t made it anywhere near a bed yet. As her back hit the wall, Chelsea wrapped her legs around Stall’s waist, squeezing as hard as she could. Her hands reached up to grab any kind of support she could find as Stall rammed in and out of her like a jackhammer. She managed to get a hand on the side of a set of shelves, but they weren’t up to holding both her weight and Stall’s thrusting. It collapsed, spilling books, trinkets, and a vase or two, all over the floor as Stall and Chelsea fell with it.

They landed with a thud, but couldn’t stop fucking. They were in too deep now, clawing and licking at each other as Stall hammered away as hard as he could. Intense pleasure seemed to be taunting them, just out of reach. But the two would keep pressing on, trying harder and harder to get off, unable to do anything else.

* * *

August 9th, 2005

Tokyo Radison Hotel,

Tokyo, Japan

Across town, the lovemaking was a completely different story. There Marissa Call lovingly and tenderly fingered Li Gong’s pussy while gently kissing her lips. Marissa had slowly worked three fingers into the other woman, deftly manipulating the actress’ folds for maximum effect. It was working, as Li continued to gasp and swoon whenever Marissa’s mouth left hers.

Li did more than just lay there – she tried her best to participate as well. However, because of the way Marissa was lying atop her, her free hand could do little more that reach under the young blonde and flick at her clit. It was more than enough to keep Marissa turned on and happily fucking away.

Suddenly, Li’s eyes went wide and her mouth went wide. She gripped the sheets so hard that she pulled them from beneath the edges of the bed. And as Marissa continued to slide her fingers in and out of her slit, Li Gong had one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Marissa let the actress calm down a bit as her climax crested and subsided, lightly stroking the Asian’s hair and playing a bit with her clit.

“That was amazing,” Li whispered a moment or two later.

“Thank you,” Marissa said, smiling down at the other woman. Suddenly, Li reached up and pushed Marissa off of her. Marissa gasped as the actress rolled over onto her, now staring down at the young American with a sly smile.

“Now it’s your turn,” Li said, kissing each of Marissa’s breasts before diving down into Marissa’s sopping wet cunt. Marissa’s eyes went wide as Li’s tongue dug deep into her folds, penetrating down into some of her most sensitive areas. At the same time, Li reach over with one hand and rapidly stroked Marissa’s clit. Li’s other hand shot up and grasped one of Marissa’s impressive breasts and started kneading the nipple flesh like dough.

Marissa had been turned on since she’d gotten Li into the room. And as she’d finger fucked the actress, Li had been keeping her steadily buzzed by stimulating her clit. The sight of the Asian beauty having an orgasm beneath her had only turned Marissa on more. All this added up to one horny little blonde.

And the surest cure for a horny little blonde was a rapid tongue fucking by a hot Asian actress. Had she been looking at a clock, Marissa would’ve seen that the time that elapsed between when Li’s tongue first shoved it’s way into her pussy and the moment her orgasm shattered her brain was a mere four minutes and fifteen seconds. Her orgasm lasted easily a full minute, perhaps a few seconds more. And the first thing she saw as she finally lifted her head from the bed was the sight of Li Gong between her legs, her face covered in Marissa’s girl cum.

* * *

August 9th, 2005

Kiromoshi Hotel,

Tokyo, Japan

Back in the Kiromoshi Hotel, neither Richard Stall or Chelsea Smythe were seeing anything but their uncontrollable lust for each other. Smythe pressed her feet flat against the wall, trying to push her waist harder into Stall’s crotch. At the same time, Stall clasped her breasts, one in each hand, hard enough to leave long red finger marks in her pale flesh as her hard nipples pressed up into his palms. Sweat covered both of them, pouring into the eyes and down their bodies, doing nothing but making the two of them slide against each other better.

They had no idea how long they’d been fucking, nor did they care. Only their rapidly approaching orgasms matter now, and they weren’t going to stop until they got there. The chemical had blinded them to anything else at all.

And then it started. Chelsea started first, her red-rimmed eyes rolling back into her head as her body convulsed and shook, the most powerful orgasm she would ever experience reverberating through every cell of her body. Smythe’s climax drove Stall over the edge, and his cock exploded, flooding Smythe with his load.

As the two of them lost all control of their bodies at least, Smythe’s eyes seemed to clear, and for half a second she looked up at Richard Stall.

“What the bloody hell?” She said aloud. A half second later, they both fainted away, the chemical finally knocking them both out.

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