Around The World In 80 Babes: Chapter 42 – Piece By Piece

Around the World in 80 Babes: Chapter 42 – Piece by Piece

by: TRL

Celebs: Isabel Lucas, Melissa George

Codes: MF, FF, Oral

Disclaimer: Warning. The following story contains
mature themes not suitable for children or those who
are prudish. Don’t read if you won’t like/are too
young/don’t care one way or another. Insert your own
funny Disclaimer joke here, I’ve got a few more of
these to do tonight and need to get moving.

Around the World in 80 Babes

2005 CSSA Award Winner for Best M/F Series

by: TRL

Chapter 42: Piece By Piece

September 5th, 2005
Segway Club,
Perth, Australia

“So you’re on a Soap Opera?” Richard Stall asked over the din of the music. It was some dance remix of Natasha Beddingfield, which Stall found amusing, as the last time he’d seen her, he’d been taking her virginity.

“Yep. ‘Home And Away.’”

“You’ll have to excuse me – I’m afraid I don’t watch much TV these days,” Stall said. He was telling the truth there.

“What keeps you so busy?” the girl asked.

“Business and traveling, mostly,” Stall said, again honestly. He left off his quest to film famous women having sex. Generally speaking, that line didn’t exactly instil a lot of good faith from women.

“What kind of business?” she asked.

“Little bits of everything, honestly,” Stall said. “I own factories and shipping companies, as well as several aggressive research companies. A lot of stock trading. Like I said, a little bit of everything.”

“That sounds stressful.”

“It can be.”

“What do you do for fun?”

Stall smiled. “Honestly? Try and chat up pretty girls in clubs.”

“Oh, so you’re just chatting me up because I’m pretty?”

“Is that so wrong?”

“Let me think about it for a moment,” the girl said.

“Can we keep chatting while you think?” Stall asked.

“Absolutely,” she smiled in response, putting her hand on his arm.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
“The Australian Pit,”
Sydney, Australia

“That’s a hit alright, Boss,” Tom Lambert said into the microphone next to his computer. “Isabel Lucas – she plays Tasha Andrews on ‘Home and Away,’ just like she said. Apparently, they created the role for her.”

“I don’t think the boss needs a running commentary, Tom,” Michael Burke said as he sat across the room, watching the video feeds. “Another little blonde. Seem to be an awful lot of them in Australia.”

“Hard to believe a few years back, people thought the natural blonde species would go extinct in a hundred years,” Lambert said. “Good thing they proved that one wrong, huh?”

“Are there any odd, useless facts you don’t know?” Burke asked.

“Sure. What’s the meaning of life? Is time travel possible? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?”

“You’re insane, you realize that, right?”

“Oh, absolutely. Why else would I be here?”

“You got a point there,” Burke muttered.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
The Streets of Sydney,
Sydney, Australia

“All right,” Dan Coach’s voice came over Agnes Stone’s cell phone. “We’re in business. There’s a broadcast in progress.”

“All right, where are you right now, Coach?” Abigail Slider asked. Conference calls were a wonder these days – despite the fact that Coach and Stone were roaming around the streets of Sydney, and cell coverage was spotty at best in areas, Slider still sounded clear as a bell.

“North end of town,” Coach replied. “Heading west.”

“Head east instead, if you can,” Slider replied. “Agnes, you’re already in the west half of town, right?”

Stone checked the map on her directional assistant. “Uh, I think so. Southwest, actually.”

“All right, head north a couple of miles if you can. Not all the way north, but at least three or four miles. I’m in the south east corner. If we can create a better triangle before this broadcast ends, we’ll be in good shape.”

“On my way,” Stone said, pulling her rental car out into the busy streets and heading north.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
Segway Club,
Perth, Australia

“So, do you think they’ll renew ‘Alias’ for another season?” Marissa Call asked, taking a sip of her cosmopolitan.

“No idea,” Melissa George replied. “As it is, doesn’t sound like we’ll get even a full season this year.”

“That sucks,” Marissa replied. “What will you do if they don’t?”

“Worse come to worse, I can keep modeling down her in ‘Ralia for another couple of years. And, to be honest, it’s nice working at home for a change.”

Marissa smiled at Melissa. The Australian actress was proving a slow melt. She was receptive to Marissa – the fact that they were still talking despite the crowd of others who would’ve gladly stolen either one away happily proved that. But Marissa had been talking to the other woman for more than an hour now, and there still wasn’t the slightest hint of sexual interest in Melissa’s eyes. It was entirely possible that Melissa wasn’t attracted to girls – which would be a major set back to Marissa’s plans on seducing her tonight.

Sighing to herself, Marissa decided to stop wasting time, and while Melissa was still going on about how nice it would be to wake up at home before going to work, she triggered the small supply of Lambert’s chemical aphrodisiac located in her watch and sprayed her hand unnoticed.

Already, Marissa could feel the stuff working on her – this early version worked on almost all women, turning them into highly aroused states. She had maybe five seconds to get some onto Melissa or there was going to be trouble.

“I’m sorry,” Marissa said, reaching out to touch Melissa’s hair. “Your hair is just so lovely.” As she stroked Melissa’s hair, she allowed two of her finger tips to brush across the back of the other woman’s ear. Marissa hoped there was enough of the chemical left on her hand by that point to juice Melissa into being receptive to lesbian sex.

“Thank you,” Melissa said. “I love your hair color. Is it natural?”

* * *

Across the room, Richard Stall was having a little more luck with his target, Isabel Lucas. The lithe little blonde was already pressed up against him, running her hand up and down his arm and practically spilling her drink into Stall’s lap.

“So, what was India like?” Isabel asked, her voice slightly slurred – this had to be her third or fourth drink in the last hour, and at least two of those were margaritas. Considering the fact that her nipples were already poking through her camisole top, Stall was fairly confident that he wouldn’t be needing Lambert’s chemical tonight. Good old alcohol was going to be more than enough.

“I didn’t get to see much of India,” Stall said. “Wasn’t there long, and spent most of my time working. Though I understand there are some fantastic massage parlors there.”

“Not too seedy, I hope,” Isabel replied.

“I’m not sure,” Stall said, looking her in the eyes. “I didn’t get to visit any.”

“That’s a shame,” Isabel said, staring back at him.

“Indeed,” Stall replied. “I never got a massage.”

“I could give you one,” Isabel replied. “My hotel isn’t far from here.”

“I’d hate to be an inconvenience,” Stall said.

“You wouldn’t be.”

“No, I wouldn’t,” Stall said. He reached forward and kissed Isabel full on the lips. The Aussie babe seemed to melt into his kiss, all but collapsing in his arms.

“So,” Stall said a moment or two later, “Can I still get that massage?”

“Only if we hurry up and get out of here,” Isabel said, standing up and grabbing Stall’s hand.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
The Streets of Sydney,
Sydney, Australia

“We’re on!” Dan Coach’s voice came over the phone. “I’ve got a broadcast!”

“Are we all in position?” Agnus Stone asked as she sat up in her car seat. She’d parked her rental car in a building parking lot and practically fallen asleep waiting for the call. It was getting late – at least 11:30 pm local time, if not later. Stone couldn’t see her watch in the dark.

“Coach, you’re in a good position,” Abigal Slider’s voice cut in over the line. “Stone, you need to move North and quickly. The further you get, the better triangulation I’m going to have.”

“On it,” Stone said, starting up the car and pulling out towards the exit of the parking lot. She quickly merged with traffic heading north and then found herself moving slower than she’d like – apparently their was more traffic on the streets of Sydney at 11:30 at night than Stone had anticipated.

“How much further do you need me to go?” Stone asked.

“As far as you can get,” Slider’s voice came back.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
Segway Club,
Perth, Australia

Marissa Call pushed Melissa George up against the bathroom wall and smothered her lips with a powerful kiss. Lambert’s chemical was working all right – both women were horny as hell, and no amount of non-lesbianic feelings. Melissa had certainly gotten over her hesitation, as she now gripped Marissa’s tits through her top like she had been loving women all her life. Marissa’s crotch was dripping wet through her thong, and she was willing to bet the Aussie actress was in a similar situation. Reaching down, she pressed a hand up under Melissa’s skirt and felt the wetness between the other woman’s legs.

“I-I’ve never done this before, w-with a woman, I mean,” Melissa whispered as Marissa pressed her hand against the actress’ wet mound. The actress gasped, but didn’t pull away. Not that she had much room – Marissa had her pressed directly against the wall of the bathroom stall.

“That’s okay,” Marissa said, pressing her fingers against the other woman’s crotch. “Let me do everything,” she whispered into Melissa’s ear, licking the lobe slightly as she did.

“Oh, god,” Melissa moaned as Marissa maneuvered her fingers underneath the fabric of her panties and pressed her fingers against the bare clit before them. Melissa practically melted at the touch, her knees going weak and dropping the two of them slowly to the floor.

Marissa wasted no time, reaching up with her free hand to pull Melissa’s top up over her breasts, exposing them to both the hidden cameras and Marissa’s lips. It took no time at all for Marissa to latch on to one of Melissa’s nipples and start sucking, all while continuing to massage her clit with her fingers.

“Oh, god, yes!” Melissa called out.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
Embassy Hotel,
Perth, Australia

“Oh, god, yes,” Isabel Lucas moaned as Richard Stall kissed her neck, pulling the strings to her top off her shoulder as he did so. Her perky tits came into view, and Stall’s hands immediately went to them, cupping them gently, continuing to kiss her neck from behind.

“You smell wonderful,” Stall said.

“Flatterer,” Isabel cooed. She pulled away from him, turned around, and pushed him back onto the bed. He dropped down into a sitting position while she dropped the skirt she’d been wearing to the floor, revealing a white thong with a visible white spot in the front.

“Beautiful,” Stall said, undoing his pants as best he could while sitting down.

“Thank you,” Isabel said, coming over and placing a hand on each of Stall’s thighs. Slowly, she pulled his pants down his legs, leaving them around his ankles as his boxers came into view, horribly tented. Without saying a word, Isabel reached up and opened up the flap on Stall’s boxers, allowing his cock to spring free. She stared at it, smiling. “When was the last time you had a good hand job?” she asked.

Stall blinked at that. “Can’t say I remember,” Stall admitted.

Isabel reached over into the nightside stand beside the bed and pulled out a tube of KY-Jelly.

“I think it’s time you had one, then,” she said, popping the top on the lube. “There’s nothing that gets me going more than stroking a man’s cock,” she said, smiling wolfishly.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
The Streets of Sydney,
Sydney, Australia

“Got it!” Sliders’ voice came over the phone. “The signal’s coming from almost due west – probably Perth or there abouts, judging by the strength. But the receiving end is in the north end of town, in the industrial area.”

“Who’s closest?” Agnes Stone asked.

“You are – you’re only five or six streets away,” Slider replied.

“I’m on my way, Agnes,” Coach’s voice came over the phone now. “It’ll take me longer – I’m about as far east into town as I can get.”

“No time to waste, Dan,” Stone replied. “Abigail, can you tell me when I’m on top of the signal?”

“No problem,” Slider replied. “But don’t you want to wait for your partner?”

“There’s no telling how long the broadcast will last, or if it’ll be in the same location later. We need to shut this down and shut it down now. I’m going in as soon as I get there.”

“Be careful,” Coach replied.


* * *

September 5th, 2005
Segway Club,
Perth, Australia

Judging from the fact that at least three women had come into the bathroom and left again after finishing their business, Marissa Call came to think that lesbian sex was a common occurrence in the Segway club. No one had bothered her as she’d stripped Melissa George all but naked and finger fucked her to an earth-shattering orgasm.

Now she pressed the actress flat to the floor and smothered her lips with Marissa’s own pussy. The two were locked in a cramped 69 position, sucking and fucking each other for all they were worth.

And for someone who’d never done a girl before, Melissa was proving a very adept cunt licker.

“Ooooh,” Marissa moaned as Melissa shoved two fingers into the American’s snatch and started stroking away. As soon as she could respond, Marissa took one of her lubed up fingers and gently started to probe at Melissa’s ass with it. As she broke through into the actress’ rear end, Melissa screamed in pleasure, climaxing again.

“Care to go for a third?” Marissa asked, pressing her finger deeper into Melissa’s as while licking at Melissa’s clit.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
Embassy Hotel,
Perth, Australia

Up and down, twisting back and forth, Isabel Lucas stroked Richard Stall’s cock like an expert, her hands mimicking the central pistol in an old-fashion washing machine. And the action was driving Stall nuts. It was all he could do to keep from blowing his load all over the place.

“I’m close,” Stall whispered.

Suddenly, Isabel dropped her hands and left Stall hanging. Before he could ask what she was doing, she’d stood up and dropped her panties to the floor. With a big smile, she climbed on top of him and lowered herself down on top of his dick, the KY helping her to engulf him in one quick swoop. Stall groaned as she pushed all the way down until he could go no deeper, and then started pulling herself back up.

“Oh, yeah…” Stall moaned as the new set of pleasures came washing over him. He reached up, took one of Isabel’s breasts in each hand, and held on for dear life as she began to fuck him in earnest.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
Park Industries Warehouse 75,
Sydney, Australia

Agnes Stone had been in more than a few dangerous spots in her life, and the Park Industries Warehouse in Sydney certainly fit the general description of one of them. Dark, rusty, half abandoned by the world. Stone almost expected to see rats scurrying about her feet as she eased through an unlocked door – someone else had broken the glass on it, allowing her access. With his pistol in hand, she did her best to look around.

There wasn’t much to see – she was on what clearly had been a loading dock but was now empty. Aside from the three large truck doors and the small door she’d just come through, the only other exit was on the far side, a wooden door that had clearly seen better days. Stone made her way over to it quickly, then stopped to listen.

Then she heard it. A mild grunting, followed by a muffled voice. Peeking around the door frame, Stone saw nothing, but she could recognize the sound as she eased into the next room.

Someone was having sex in here.

For a long moment, Stone debated going further. But Slider had insisted that the signal was being broadcast to this place, and from the look of it, no one had been around much at all lately. If she caught whoever was behind this with their pants down – literally – she had to chance it. She took a deep breath, and headed towards the sounds.

* * *

September 5th, 2005
“The Australian Pit,”
Sydney, Australia

“We’ve got trouble here,” Chelsea Smythe spoke up.

Tom Lambert blinked. He’d been enjoying the sights of two different sex scenes going down before him – Marissa was currently licking Melissa George’s pussy, and Stall was getting rode like a stallion by Isabel Lucas. Two new celebs, two new videos, and all around a good night. Until now.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Some one just entered the door to the warehouse.”

“That didn’t take long,” Lambert sighed. He grabbed the microphone attached to his computer. “Boss, Marissa – wrap it up quick. We’ve got company and you might, too. Tchelet and Burke will pick you guys up ASAP.”

“You think that was enough warning?” Smythe asked.

“Well, we can’t exactly ask them to get up and run out with their pants off, can we?” Lambert replied.

“Why not?”

“I’d think they’d stick out a little bit.”

“Perhaps.” Smythe seemed to think for a moment. “And what about us? Should we be worried?”

* * *

September 5th, 2005
Park Industries Warehouse 75,
Sydney, Australia

“FREEZE! Scotland Yard!” Agnes Stone cried out as she swung around the corner, pistol in hand, and aimed it at the two people in the room.

“Bloody hell! We weren’t doing anything wrong!”

Stone blinked. There, on a dingy pile of rags and sheets, lay two teenagers, probably no more than fifteen or sixteen. The boy was completely naked, his penis rapidly shrinking as his eyes focused on Stone’s pistol. The girl merely had her shirt off, showing off a pair of less-than-developed breasts in a tiny pink bra. Her eyes were wide, and she made no move to cover herself. Other than that, she had a pair of ‘Hello Kitty’ panties around her ankles, and a tiny skirt that barely covered her more private areas. A half-smoked joint lay off to one side, and as she saw it, Stone could clearly detect the smell of pot in the air.

“You two are the only ones here?” Stone asked, looking around carefully.

“Y-yes,” the boy said. “We thought this place was abandoned.”

“Get out of here,” Stone said, suddenly noticing something. For an abandoned warehouse, there sure we’re enough large power cables running through the place.

* * *

September 6th, 2005
“The Australian Pit,”
Sydney, Australia

“Recognize anyone?” Lambert asked the next afternoon.

Richard Stall leaned down to watch the computer screen as video of two people poking around the roof of the Park Industries Warehouse was shown to him. They were more than a little interested in the receiving/rebroadcasting tower Lambert had set up a while ago. The man wasn’t anyone Stall thought he’d seen before, but the woman he recognized all too well.

“Inspector Stone,” he said, shaking his head. “I thought she’d given up by now.”

“Doesn’t seem like it,” Michael Burke muttered.

“So not only do you have hired killers after you, but bloody Scotland Yard,” Chelsea Smythe growled. “This deal just keeps getting better and better.”

“How close are they to finding us here?” Stall asked Lambert.

“Well, instead of six different towers, we’re down to five. We’ve still got plenty of coverage – we shouldn’t have to leave yet.”

“Yet being the operative word there,” Stall said. “Is there anything else we can do to protect ourselves?”

“Keeping you out of Sydney might not be a bad idea,” Lambert said. “Plus, we may want to go with some hidden camera tricks that don’t involve you or Marissa being there.”

“All right,” Stall said, looking back at the camera feed from the warehouse. Just at that moment, Agnes Stone looked up in the general direction of the camera. And Stall knew right then and there that his time in Australia was limited, to say the least.

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