Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 13: Fire

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 13: Fire

March 7th, 2005

Location Unknown,

Capetown, South Africa

The furor in Zico Nures’ eyes was evident as he approached the now empty room that used to hold his three important prisoners.

“Find them,” the rebel leader snarled to his men. “Now!”

“You seem to have a problem, Zico,” the tall white man standing next to him replied quietly as Nures’ men scrambled to find the missing prisoners.

“You aren’t helping things, Ashford,” Nures muttered. “Why are you hear, anyway?”

“Just delivering the camera equipment
you requested. I haven’t sold this much video gear since that terrorist cell in Iraq captured those three Americans.”

“I need it to ransom off Miss Jolie and her companions.”

“Looks more like you needed it, but now you don’t,” Ashford said. “Would you care to cancel the sale?”

“No!” Nures shot back. “We will find them. Then the man dies, and Jolie watches as her female companion suffers my wrath.”

“According to my people, the man was the one with all the money.”

“He is,” Nures said. “But I don’t care about his money any more. I only need the women to get the world to listen.”

“Listen to what, Zico?” Ashford asked, picking at a fingernail. “You aren’t after any social or political change. You don’t even want power. Why are you doing all this?”

Nures glared at Ashford for a long moment. “You are lucky I need your weapons and equipment, Ashford. I’ve killed men for less than what you just asked.”

“I guess it’s lucky then that I sell you your weapons.”

“You test my patience, Ashford,” Nures said.

“Don’t you have prisoners to find?” Ashford asked.

* * *

March 7th, 2005

Location Unknown,

Capetown, South Africa

Midnight had come and gone, and Michael Burke was still sitting in the rental car, fingering the small, 9mm pistol he’d brought with him. This was insane. It had to be. There was just now way things like this happened. They didn’t even happen this stupidly in the movies!

Two days ago, Richard Stall and Marissa Call, Burke’s employer and fellow employee respectively, had been taken captive along with movie star Angelina Jolie while on a United Nations sponsored tour of Africa. Held prisoner by Zico Nures and his Tswana rebels, the three captives were to be ransomed off for money and the dissolution of the South African Government.

However, Nures and his cronies hadn’t counted on Tom Lambert and his less-than-legal connections to the global underworld. Burke didn’t understand those connections, and quite frankly, didn’t want to. Prior to this whole mess, Burke had never thought of Lambert as anything other than a computer nerd with a penchant for celebrity porn. Now, Burke couldn’t help but wonder how dangerous Lambert was…

Right now, Burke sat just down the street from a rather nondescript house in Capetown, South Africa. A single story ranch that seemed to sprawl quite a bit, the place looked about as threatening as the house Burke’s Grandmother owned in Plattsburgh, New York. Burke would never have guessed that it was a hotbed of rebel activity.

Of course, now Burke was sitting down the street, with nothing but a single 9mm pistol to protect him. What was he to do? He could just knock on the door and ask them to release his friends. Nor could he go in shooting. He needed a plan, and he needed it fast.

* * *

March 7th, 2005

Location Unknown,

Capetown, South Africa

“We need a plan and we need it now,” Richard Stall hissed through clenched teeth. He currently stood in a small utility closet not thirty feet away from where he and the girls had been held captive. Angelina Jolie was pressed into his back, her erect nipples poking through the flimsy shirt she wore into his back. Marissa Call was on her knees at his crotch, her head literally pressed against his package as she peered out the tiny keyhole to see what was going on outside.

“We had a plan,” Angelina hissed back. “Shoot our way out and call for help.”

“We wouldn’t make it ten feet,” Stall replied.

“We made it thirty feet easily,” Angelina shot back.

“Because we never fired a shot!”

“Quiet, both of you!” Marissa said. “They’re going to find us.”

“We can’t stay here,” Angelina insisted.

“Marissa, is there anyone in sight?” Stall whispered.

“Not right now.”

“What about a door?” Angelina asked.

“What we need is a distraction,” Marissa muttered.

“What about a fire?” Angelina asked.

“A fire?” Stall replied.

“There’s an aerosol can back here,” Angelina muttered. “It’s cramming itself up my ass rather well.”

“Really?” Stall said.

“If we can get even a spark or two in front of the spray, we can start a fire.”

“Now we need a spark or two,” Marissa muttered.

“This might work,” Stall said, reaching above him. “Why start with a spark when we can use a propane torch?”

“Who leaves a propane torch in the same closet as a bunch of aerosol cans?” Marissa asked.

“Someone begging to have their building burnt down,” Angelina said. “Anyone around?”

“Nope,” Marissa said.

“Open the door,” Stall said. “Angelina, you start the fire. I’ll take the gun.”

“This is insane,” Marissa muttered.

“You want to stay here instead?” Angelina asked.

“No,” Marissa said.

“Let’s go,” Stall said.

* * *

Outside the building, the search was not going well.

“They haven’t been gone fifteen minutes!” Nures screamed. “How the hell did they get off the property?”

“Have you considered that they never got off the property in the first place?” Ashford asked calmly as he followed in Nures’ wake.

The rebel leader spun towards him. “We’ve searched the building.”

“Everywhere?” Ashford asked. “The closets? Under the beds? The storage shed?”

“They couldn’t fit in the storage shed, it’s filled with ammunition,” Nures muttered.

“But they could hide under the beds,” Ashford pointed out.

Suddenly, a new cry went out.

“Fire! There’s a fire in the building!”

Nures and Ashford spun about, and sure enough, flames were starting to lick through the roof towards the back of the house.

“Fuck!” Nures swore, taking off towards the building, screaming orders at his men.

“What do you know?” Ashford muttered. “They WERE in the house.”

* * *

Burke spotted the fire as the flames started to light up the early morning sky. He’d almost worked up the nerve to call the police and leave an anonymous tip with them when he saw them.

“I think Mr. Stall’s looking out for himself,” Burke muttered aloud. Gripping his pistol in hand, he started the car and took off down the street.

* * *

To their credit, Stall, Angelina, and Marissa made it out the garage door before they ran into any of Nures’ men. They caught the poor kid – for he couldn’t have been more than eighteen by the looks of him – by surprise, and he got no further than to lift his shotgun to his shoulder before Stall shot him twice in the chest.

Marissa screamed at the blood, but Angelina covered her mouth with her hand. “Now’s not the time for that,” Angelina hissed. Stall look around, seeing no one coming towards them, and motioned for the girls to head out.

“We’re in the middle of a neighborhood,” Marissa said, shocked.

“Good,” Stall said. “It’ll be easier to find help.”


The voice spun all three around, and sure enough, standing behind them, pistol aimed at Stall’s head, was Zico Nures.

“You will not escape me that easily,” Nures said, keeping his gun leveled at Stall. “You’re a tougher foe than I expected, Mr. Stall.”

“So you know I’m not the English Ambassador,” Stall said.

“I’ve known for a while now,” Nures said, approaching even closer. “It doesn’t matter. Not any more. I know who she is now. A famous American movie star. Just what I need to promote the cause. During the day, she can film videos exposing my views, and at night, she can entertain my men. We’ll keep the other woman to keep Miss Jolie in line. You, I don’t need. Not anymore.”

Nures lifted his pistol, aiming it directly at Stall’s head.

Suddenly, the entire area lit up, blinding Nures, Stall dove towards the ground as the rebel leader fired off a quick shot, well high of where his target had been standing.

“Look out!” Marissa screamed as a car came bounding up over the curb, almost hitting them. The door swung open, and Michael Burke stepped out, pistol in hand.

“Michael?!” Stall said, shocked.

“No!” Nures screamed, shielding his eyes from the headlights on Burke’s car. Stall wasted no time pulling up his gun and firing a couple of rounds directly into Nures’ chest. The rebel flopped backwards on to the ground, and lay still.

“I can’t leave you alone for a second, can I?” Burke said, reaching over to lift Stall off the ground.

“Nice timing, Michael. How the hell did you find us?” Stall asked.

“Lambert found you. I just drove here. I was about to come bust you out, but you saved me a lot of time and trouble getting out on your own.”

“We try not to be a problem,” Angelina said, coming up to the two men.

“What happened to your pants?” Burke asked.

“Long story. We need to get out of here,” Stall said, looking back at the house. Sooner or later, some of Nures’ people were going to notice their leader missing.

“I know a place we can go,” Angelina said. “We can call the cops in the morning, right now I need some clean clothes.”

* * *

March 7th, 2005

M’Benga Suburb,

Outside Capetown, South Africa

“Here are your watches and Jewelry,” Burke said, handing a packet to both Stall and Marissa. “Lambert says they all check out and are ready to go.”

“Wonderful,” Marissa said. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go take a shower.” The young blonde didn’t even wait for an answer before she disappeared down the hallway.

“She going to be alright?” Burke asked.

“I think so,” Stall said. “She had it rough.”

“Gang rape ain’t pretty. Knew a girl in high school who suffered through one once. Was never the same again.”

“We’ll help her however we can,” Stall said. He turned towards Burke and smiled. “I understand you kept busy while we were… detained.”

Burke smiled back. “You could say that. I just followed the plan you set up.”

“Now you’re being modest,” Stall said. “Getting in bed with the members of Destiny’s Child was my plan. You did that AND scored with Thandie Newton.”

“Got lucky,” Burke said.

“I’d say so. You did better than we did. I saw Angelina Jolie do many a sexual act, but we got none of it on tape. Good thing you grabbed Thandie, that keeps us on track.”

“We haven’t left Angelina behind yet,” Burke said. “And our current host is worth a look.”

“Lambert’s supposed to have this place hooked up already, doesn’t he?” Stall asked.

“Supposedly. I haven’t spoken to him about it.”

“I’ll give him a call,” Stall said. “And then I’m going to take a shower. Never felt so dirty in my life.”

“Enjoy it. I’m going to take a nap,” Burke said. “Rescuing you all night long really takes it out of a guy.”

“Funny,” Stall shot back as he headed out of the room.

* * *

The hot water finally stopped cascading down Marissa Call’s skin, and for the first time in several days, she felt alive again. She’d been raped before – gang raped, even. She’d done worse things than had been done to her willingly. She’d even forced herself on a couple of people in her past. But that didn’t make dealing with things easier.

She stepped out of the shower and wrapped her naked body in one of the peach towels hanging on the wall. This was a lovely house. Of course, considering who lived here, she supposed that was to be expected. Marissa took the time to tie her hair back and run a towel over her face to dry off a bit. God, it felt good being clean again.

“Marissa?” Angelina called from the next room. “Are you done in there?”

“Yeah,” Marissa called back. “Just finishing up.”

“Could you come out here?”

Marissa blinked, and then realized that perhaps Angelina needed to use the facilities. Smiling, she opened the door-

– and was greeted by the sight of a completely naked Angelina Jolie, holding a jar of honey and a wooden spoon.

“I made you a promise,” Angelina said. “Come, lie down. We can both have a shot at her.”

“Her?” Marissa said, looking over at the large, king sized bed. Her eyes went wide, as she was greeted by the sight of yet another naked woman.

Charlize Theron.

“Charlize owes me an orgasm or two,” Angelina went on as she sat down on the bed. “So, when we showed up here, I told her I’d like to collect, but in your favor.”

“Oh my god,” Marissa said as Angelina took the cover off the honey jar.

“I feel so bad about what happened to you, Marissa,” Charlize said. “Angelina told me about everything you went through. If you aren’t ready-”

“Oh, I’m ready!” Marissa said, smiling. She could already feel her nipples getting hard. “I just never imagined you were…”

“A lesbian?” Charlize responded. “I’m not. But Angelina’s fucked me more than once, and she’s right, I owe her an orgasm or two. I think you’re very attractive, Marissa. And, if you’d be willing, I’d happily let you lick the honey off my tits.”

“All of a sudden,” Marissa said as she dropped the towel, “I’m very hungry.”

Angelina started drizzling the honey over Charlize’s chest. “Breakfast is served.”

* * *

“Glad to have you back, boss,” Lambert’s voice came through the other end of the phone. “I was worried we weren’t going to hear from you again.”

“Burke tells me you’re the one who found us,” Stall said. “Should I even ask how?”

“Probably not,” Lambert admitted. “Still, I think you should get out of Africa ASAP.”

“We’ll leave as soon as we’ve cleared everything with the police,” Stall said. “By the way, did you ever get Charlize Theron’s South African apartment linked up with cameras?”

“Just the main bedroom, why?”

“Well, we’re there now, and so’s she. Might want to turn those cameras on, just in case.”

“You got it,” Lambert said. Stall could hear a keyboard in the background and then a little gasp. “Uh, boss?”


“We just hit pay dirt.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean right now, Angelina Jolie and Marissa are licking Charlize Theron’s tits while they all lounge about naked on a bed.”

Stall nearly dropped a phone. “Tell me you’re recording it.”

“Oh, I’m recording it. I’m recording it!”

* * *

There’s something inherently sexual about honey. The taste, the texture. When used properly, doled out in small doses, and treasured by the tastebuds, it can elicit responses in the brain purely sexual. One could theorize it has to do with pollination and the spreading of seeds, but perhaps it’s simply that while honey tastes good on it’s own, it tastes so much better when licked off the naked body of an Oscar Winner.

Charlize Theron moaned in delight as Marissa engulfed her tiny breast in her mouth, sucking away, devouring every drop of honey Angelina had spread on it. Charlize wasn’t a lesbian – in fact, she honestly preferred cock to pussy – but she had spent more than one night in Angelina Jolie’s bed, and never left unsatisfied. She honestly considered herself straight, with only the occasional turn.

And, besides, how many women wouldn’t be more than willing to give up their heterosexuality to be in bed with Angelina?

“That’s it,” Angelina encouraged Marissa as the young blonde licked down Charlize’s stomach, scooping the honey out of the bellybutton in front of her with her tongue. Charlize cooed in response – this was actually quite fun. Perhaps she’d let Angelina bring another woman along when they got together again in the future…

“Hold up a sec,” Angelina said, scooping out another generous dollop of honey and spreading it slowly over the tiny blonde tuft of fur between Charlize’s legs. She gasped as she felt the sticky liquid start to slide down over her clit and into her pussy. God, should couldn’t wait for THAT to be licked clean.

“Mmmm, best breakfast I ever had,” Marissa smiled down at Charlize.

“Please,” Charlize said, “Help yourself to seconds.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Marissa said before diving down right into Charlize’s crotch, lapping away. Angelina smiled as she watched a strand of Charlize’s dyed black hair drop into her face as her fellow oscar winner allowed her head to drop back in pleasure. Then Angelina could hold back no more, and dropped her own lips down onto Charlize’s nipple, sucking away.

“Oh, Angelina!” Charlize moaned. Now THIS was heavenly – two female mouths, pleasuring her most sensitive spots. “Oh, yes, yes, YES!” Charlize cried.

“Hey, don’t forget who’s doing most of the work here,” Marissa muttered from just above Charlize’s crotch.

“Get back to licking,” Angelina said, gently pushing Marissa’s head back down into Charlize’s twat.

“And you get back to sucking on my nipples,” Charlize demanded, unwilling to let the pleasure of the moment fade too far.

“Oh, no,” Angelina said, switching her body around and bringing her own bare crotch down on top of Charlize’s head. “I think it’s about time you did something to help out around here.”

“Ooh!” Charlize cooed as the looked up. She reached out with her tongue and started licking away at Angelina’s shaved cunt.

“Now that’s more like it,” Angelina giggled, drizzling a little honey down her own chest and onto Angelina’s body. Someone would get around to lapping it up sooner or later, either Marissa or Charlize. And, who knew, Angelina might even go after some of it herself. It didn’t really matter – she expected it to be a long and lustful day with these two women.

* * *

First Reality Airlines Flight 476,

Capetown to Miami Direct,

Over the Atlantic Ocean

“No, I’m certain all three of them got away. They’re probably dealing with the South African police as we speak,” Ashford said into his satellite phone from where he sat in First Class.

“A shame. I needed but twelve more hours to get my people there to deal with Mr. Stall.”

“That’s how the cookie crumbles, Blackbird,” Ashford said.

“I prefer my deserts a bit more… alcoholic,” Blackbird muttered back over the phone.

“Indeed,” Ashford said.

“Any idea where Mr. Stall is heading next?”

“Well, if I had just been held captive by terrorists threatening to kill me, I’d head home.”

“Stall’s not you.”

“Indeed,” Ashford said. “I’m afraid I’m not privy to Mr. Stall’s travel plans, but I would suggest looking for him anywhere BUT home.”

“You’re such a help, Ashford,” Blackbird muttered.


“Must you always say that?”

“Only to you, Blackbird, only to you.”


“Might I ask just why you’re so interested in Mr. Stall?”

“Best you don’t know,” Blackbird said. “Let’s just call it professional.”


To Be Continued…

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