Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 15: Sex And The City’s Finest

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 15: Sex and the City’s Finest

May 3rd, 2005

The New York Hilton

New York, NY, USA

“Nice dildo,” Marissa Call muttered as she left the hotel bathroom and walked into the main room of the deluxe suite she, Richard Stall, and Michael Burke were all in.

“No one’s that big,” Burke muttered. “That thing’s got to be twelve inches long and four wide, easily.”

“Scientists say that the average woman’s vagina’s only five inches deep,” Stall said, as if that added anything to the conversation.

“Mine’s at least nine,” Marissa said
with a smile.

“How on earth do you know that?” Burke asked.

“I measured it once – well, had it measured for me.”

“That’s a story I’ve got to hear some day,” Stall muttered.

“So, who’s the babe with the giant rubber cock?”

“Sarah Jessica Parker,” Stall said. “You’re looking at a relatively live feed from her bedroom.”

“Relatively?” Marissa asked.

“Lambert says there’s about a three minute delay in what gets to us.”

“Where the hell’d she get a dildo like that?”

“I recognize that now!” Marissa said. “That dildo comes from an episode of Sex and The City. Samantha dated a guy who was a dildo model – supposedly his dick was that big in real life.”

“Bullshit,” Burke said.

“Well, that was the story. I do know they mold those things on real people, though.”

“How can she take that much in her?” Stall asked.

“Maybe she’s nine inches deep, like I am,” Marissa said, sitting down next to Burke to watch.

On the screen the view was pretty unchanged. Sarah Jessica Parker’s lay on her back, legs spread wide, working a huge dildo slowly into her pussy. The thing was coated in lube – so much that every inch of skin in her crotch glistened in the light. Lambert and his people had done a great job placing the cameras again, because there was no missing Sarah’s hotbox. As Marissa watched, the camera view switched to an overhead shot – confirming to Marissa anyway that it was indeed Sarah Jessica Parker – and showing off a beautiful fully body image. In fact, the shot was so good, if it hadn’t been for the obscenely large dildo Sarah was working on fucking, Marissa would’ve encouraged Stall to sell that image as a piece of art.

“Oh, god, yes!” Sarah’s voice moaned over the TV set.

“Whoa, she’s really getting into it,” Burke said, looking closer at the screen.

“People don’t usually masturbate unless they get into it,” Stall pointed out.

“I thought they didn’t masturbate unless they got off on it?” Marissa joked.

“She’s clearly getting off on it,” Stall said. “Look at her face – she looks like she’s having an orgasm right now.”

“I probably would, sliding that thing inside me,” Marissa said. “Sometimes, something that big just sliding into you is enough to get you off.”

Sure enough, on the screen, Sarah was going into some rather sexy convulsions. Her head thrashed about on her bed, her fingers on her free hand digging into the sheets. The orgasm was clear.

“See,” Marissa smiled. “Told you.”

“She’s not stopping,” Stall said. Sure enough, even as Sarah recovered on the screen, she continued to push the huge phallus into her hungry snatch.

“Ooh,” Marissa said in appreciation. “Multiples.”

“I still can’t believe she’s taking that whole thing,” Burke muttered.

“You complaining?” Stall said, smiling.

“Not a bit. Damn, you know, I’ve never thought her face was all that hot, but her body is smoking!”

“Oh, please, like you care?” Marissa said, swatting Burke on the arm. “You’d take a blowjob from her if she was wearing a nun’s outfit and all you could see is that face.”

“Maybe I’ve got a thing for Nun’s outfits,” Burke countered.

“I think you’ve just got a thing for blowjobs,” Stall said.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Burke replied, feigning insult.

“Hardly,” Stall said.

On the screen, Sarah had managed to cram as much of the fake cock as she could inside herself – and there was still quite a bit left outside her pussylips. Enough, in fact, so that she could grab the cock just above the fake plastic balls and use that area to pull the thing in and out of herself. And she pulled!

The conversation in the room stopped as Sarah Jessica Parker started practically raped herself with the giant dildo, slamming it in and out of herself like a piston in an engine. Burke’s jaw actually hung open as she continually fucked herself with the plastic penis, her surprisingly perky tits bouncing up and down on her chest.

The image switched again, this time to a moderate close-up of Sarah’s pussy. Now Stall and Marissa’s jaws joined Burke’s in the open position. The picture was so perfect, and was at just the right size on their TV screen, it was as if Sarah was actually in the room, putting on the show for them. And it was an impressive show indeed. Sarah’s own juices had joined with her lube, and was now soaking into the sheets beneath her ass. Using two hands to control the dildo, Sarah was cramming as much of the cock into her body as she could, as fast as she could. In and out, in and out, in and out.

“How on earth can she keep that up?” Stall asked, breaking the silence.

“She can’t – look!” Burke replied. The screen switched again, showing the full-body image once more, and it became instantly clear that Sarah was exploding in orgasm again. This time, she clearly almost blacked out, and her juices came flowing out of her cut, caking her lower legs and ass.

She lay there, clearly overcome with post-orgasmic bliss, and ever so slowly withdrew the dildo from her crotch.

“I have got to get me one of those,” Marissa said when the image finally died away.

* * *

“Are you sure you don’t want a local driver, Mr. Stall?” The bellhop – a boy with the initials C.J. asked as Stall and Marissa left the hotel later that night.

“My own driver will be more than adequate,” Stall said, tipping the boy handsomely. “He grew up around here.”

“So did I, sir,” C.J. said, “And let me tell you, they’ve changed enough in just my lifetime that I find it hard to get around. One of our guys could drive you better.”

“We’ll be fine, C.J.,” Stall said, leaving the bellhop behind as he walked towards the street, Marissa on his arm. They were dressed in their very best – Stall in an immaculately tailored suit that was perfectly fitted to him. Marissa wore a shimmering white dress that clung to get ass and breasts like a second skin. The spaghetti straps showed off her freshly tanned skin, as did the scoop neckline and the back that plunged almost to the crack of her ass-cheeks. With her hair done up perfectly, she looked a bit like a sluty angel, which was exactly how she was supposed to look.

“Remind me again why we’re going to this event?” Marissa asked as Burke opened the limo door.

“To score some pussy,” Burke said. “What else?”

“He’s right,” Stall said. “We’re going to a NYC society party. Fancy dresses, fancy dancing, fancy drinks. A lot of habitual New Yorkers will be there, and we all know there are a number of female celebs who think they’re the cream of the crop here on the island.”

“Anyone in particular we’re looking for?” Marissa asked as she sat down.

“Not really,” Stall admitted. “But if you can get yourself into anyone’s panties, you’ve got the proper jewels on.”

“I’m all wired up, thanks to Lambert,” Marissa smiled.

“Good. So am I, and Michael is, as well.”

“Michael?” Marissa asked. “He’s coming to the party?”

“Well, he’s driving us. Really, he’ll be out with the car, but in the last couple of weeks he’s scored all three members of Destiny’s Child, Thandie Newton, and Paris Hilton-”

“I could get Paris Hilton. Hell, that bellboy could get Paris Hilton. She’s a total slut. She’ll fuck anything with a pulse. I heard that while she was on one of those farms for the Simple Life, she actually fucked a-”

“All I’m saying,” Stall said, cutting her off, “Is that Burke’s been getting lucky lately, and I don’t want to miss out on a possible video.”

“Well, still…” Marissa said, a bit put out. “You know I could get Paris Hilton, though, right?”

“Of that, I have no doubt,” Stall said. With that, Burke started the limo, and they were off.

* * *

May 3rd, 2005

The Palisades Ballroom

New York, NY, USA

Marissa Call didn’t quite understand what the party was for, but it was certainly loaded with people. Rich, wealthy people, loaded with jewels, watches, wallets, and any number of expensive earrings and bracelets. Wealth surrounded her.

And so did temptation.

She spent the first hour or so of the party dutifully attached to Stall’s arm, happily smiling at everyone, acting like the arm decoration she was supposed to be. Nothing more than a pretty strumpet, displayed by the foreign investor with delusions of his own manhood – except, Stall was far from lacking in the manhood department, and Marissa was anything but a strumpet.

She had been arm candy before, had been a slut, a tramp, and even a whore.

And she’d been a thief. And right now, standing around more money than she’d seen in her entire life, her thief instincts were starting to come back to her. She had to do something in one of her other personas, and soon, or she’d get herself in trouble.

She had plenty of opportunities once she’d split from Stall – he was actually talking business with a few individuals by the bar while she trolled about. Not two minutes after she’d left Stall, an aging man who claimed to be a city official propositioned her. After she turned him down, she hadn’t made it thirty feet before she’d bumped into the owner of a major chain of car dealerships who offered to show her his personal hood ornament.

It was becoming increasingly hard to ignore her old survival instincts – the kind that told her to lift a watch, or a bracelet, or even the occasional purse she spotted. When she’d been stuck in France, she’d made half her living through pickpocketing and the other half through prostitution. And while she could still consider herself a prostitute – Stall was paying her to have sex with other people – she had hoped she was past the thieving stage.

She was just about to run to the bathroom, in order to get away from all of the glitter and temptation, when she bumped into someone. Looking up into a beautiful pair of eyes, Marissa knew she’d found her distraction.

* * *

Stall spotted her from across the room and knew he had to have her. And, knowing that he had two shots of Lambert’s chemical loaded in his watch, he decided to take his shot.

After all, it wasn’t every day one got to fuck Halle Berry.

He moved through the crowd towards her, making polite noises when he’d bump into someone, smiling at any hot babes along the way – after all, he might see them again sometime. It took a good five minutes to traverse the floor, but soon he was standing just a few feet away from Halle. She looked at him as he approached, smiling, and Stall smiled back, thinking things just might work out better than he expected.

He hit the button on his watch, coating his hand with Lambert’s chemical, fully intent on shaking Halle’s hand-

-When he was pulled back.

“Dick?” A man said with a thick Texas accent. “Dick Stall? By god, boy, It must’ve been three years since we last met!” He grabbed Stall’s hand and shook it hard. Stall cringed, realizing the chemical load he’d just launched was now ruined!

“I’m sorry,” he said, trying to be polite. “Have we met?”

“Have we met?!” The man laughed. “Boy, you English sure do have a funny sense of humor. Have we met! Boy, you remember your old oil buddy Sam Teterwille!”

Stall searched his brain for a long moment, trying to remember if he’d actually met the man or not. Teterwille was certainly an unusual enough name…

“We met three years ago at that business meeting your buddy William Neal held in Hong Kong!”

“Ah, yes, Mr. Teterwille,” Stall said, feigning memory. Anyone who claimed to know William Neal without snarling wasn’t someone Stall particularly wanted to talk to anyway. Glancing over his shoulder, he noticed that Halle was long gone.

As Teterwille went into great detail over life in Texas, Stall was both thankful that Lambert’s chemical didn’t work on men, and upset that he’d wasted one of his two shots on one of the most boorish and annoying men he’d met in a long time.

* * *

“What are you doing at a party like this, anyway?” Marissa asked as she and her new friend moved out of the main party and into a side hallway that lead to the bathrooms.

“Making the scene, I guess,” Jennifer Esposito said, waving her hand dismissively. “Honestly, I kinda like getting dressed up all fancy like, and I know some of these people.”

“Like who?” Marissa asked.

“People,” Jennifer smiled. “I’d like to get to know you.”

Marissa smiled seductively. It hadn’t been hard to slip her chemical covered hand onto Jennifer’s arm. Lambert had already been on her earpiece, confirming that it was Jennifer Esposito staring her in the face, and that he personally was looking forward to seeing her naked.

Marissa didn’t care. She needed to get laid, and fast – before she broke down and stole something.

Jennifer kissed her again, and pulled Marissa into the women’s bathroom. There was only one other person in there – a stodgy-looking old lady who was just leaving. Watching her go while looking at themselves in the mirror, the two girls giggled as soon as the door swung shut, leaving them alone.

“I don’t do this often, but every now and then, I need to taste a woman,” Jennifer said, gently pushing Marissa back into the furthest stall from the entrance. Marissa let her, undoing the top of her dress as she went. As soon as they made it into the stall, she let the dress fall, exposing her completely naked body. She’d gone commando because the dress came down so low on her rear end, even a thong would’ve shown through. Now, as she gently stepped out of the dress, Jennifer latched on to her breasts, squeezing them playfully.

“You are gorgeous! You must have done women before!”

“Oh, yeah,” Marissa said, making a “come here,” motion with her fingers. Jennifer giggled again and took Marissa in her arms. The two kissed, and during that kiss, Jennifer’s hands were everywhere. Marissa moaned as fingers grazed her nipples, squeezed her ass, and generally fondled every square inch of skin she had. Before Marissa could pull away, Jennifer had her fingers at the entrance to Marissa’s snatch, probing away.

Marissa moaned, and fumbled with Jennifer’s top, struggling to get her new lover as naked as she was.

“Uh-uh,” Jennifer said, pushing Marissa’s hands away. “Right now, I’m all about you.”


“No buts,” Jennifer giggled, then swatted Marissa’s ass. “Except this one. You’re mine, and I’m going to do what I want to you.” With that, she slid three fingers deep into Marissa’s snatch. Suddenly, Marissa had no reason at all to complain.

* * *

It had taken Stall another twenty minutes to find Halle Berry again. This time, she was dancing with a handsome young man in the middle of the dance floor. Stall looked around briefly for Marissa, but not seeing her, decided he only had one real choice of action.

Threading across the dance floor, Stall did his best to get as close to Halle as he could. It was difficult because he literally was the only one without a dancing partner. This was why he needed Marissa – she’d at least provide some cover.

“Remember, boss, you’ve only got one last shot with the chemical,” Lambert’s voice filtered through Stall’s ear. “I’d suggest waiting until you know you’re actually going to dance with her this time.”

“You’re such a help,” Stall muttered as he weaved just a bit closer to Halle.

“I do what I can,” Lambert replied. “FYI, Marissa’s getting it on with Jennifer Esposito in the ladies room as we speak.”

“Thank god,” Stall muttered under his breath, pressing ever closer to Halle.

“Though, really, Jennifer’s doing all the work. Got some great shots of her licking Marissa’s tits. Wonderful stuff.”

Stall didn’t bother replying. He was all of three steps away from Halle now, and the music had just ended. While the band prepared for another song, Stall figured this was going to be his best shot. He took two steps closer to Halle, hit the spray button on his watch and made his move.

“Excuse me?” A voice said from just behind Stall. He tried to ignore it when a hand landed on his shoulder and spun him around.

“Richard? Richard Stall?”

The speaker was a beautiful blonde woman with a thin British accent that seemed to be getting thicker by the second. She wore a stunning strapless silver dress that complimented her rather ample chest perfectly. Diamond earrings and a diamond choker finished her formal, but sexy look.

“I’m sorry?” He said, hoping to forestall another interruption.

“It’s Hannah. Hannah Speilman. We went to college together!”

And as she spoke, Hannah reached out and pulled Stall into a hug, forcing him to place his hands on her back – and spreading the chemical to her.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” Hannah said as she pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Well, I’ll have to make sure you remember me this time,” Hannah said, taking him by the arm and dragging him deeper into the dance floor. “I had the biggest crush on you in college, but you never noticed me.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Stall said, glancing down at her ample breasts. Sure enough, her nipples were getting hard. The chemical had taken effect on her, and from the way she was focusing on Stall, there was no way she was giving up.

Stall took one last look around, and spotted Halle heading towards the door with the same young man she’d just been chatting with. With a mental sigh, Stall turned back to Hannah, realizing that, even though he might not get any Halle Berry that night, he certainly was going to get lucky before very long.

* * *

“Oh, god, yes! Yes! YES!!”

Marissa smiled as she pressed her tongue hard against Jennifer’s clit – a difficult task, considering the fact that Jennifer was straddling a toilet seat and desperately clinging to a handlebar, trying to keep from flying off. Meanwhile, Marissa’s naked ass hovered just below the stall door, her own juices leaking down her leg from Jennifer’s earlier efforts. Her head was buried in Jennifer’s crotch as she struggled to bring the actress to climax.

“Harder! HARDER!” Jennifer screamed, her free hand clamping to Marissa’s head and shoving her deeper into her pot. Marissa’s chin bounced off the closed lid of the toilet, making her almost bite her tongue.

“Watch it,” she muttered.

“Don’t stop,” Jennifer hissed.

With that, Marissa shrugged, reached up, and slammed four fingers into Jennifer’s cunt. In a flash, the actress came, her eyes bulging out like bubbles for a moment.

“AAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!” Jennifer screamed, her voice echoing through the bathroom for several long seconds as her orgasm racked her body like a tidal wave. She wavered for a long second before falling off the toilet seat and nearly collapsed on top of Marissa.

Marissa watched the actress for a long moment, wondering if any of her other female encounters had ever been quite like this.

“Wow,” Jennifer said moments later. “That was great.”

“Thanks,” Marissa said, reaching down and kissing the star on the lips. “Next time,” she whispered, “treat me a little better, and I’ll make sure it lasts a little longer.”

Jennifer blinked up at her as Marissa opened the stall door, grabbed her dress, and walked out.

* * *

“Burke, tell me Stall’s in the car, ’cause I’m ready to get out of here,” Marissa said as she approached the limo. Burke was sitting on the hood, looking like he’d just been kicked out of his favorite bar.

Burke shook his head. “Oh, he’s in the car alright,” the driver said, jerking his thumb back towards the rear. “But he ain’t alone. We’re stuck out here until her can get his new lady off.”

“He’s fucking someone in the limo?” Marissa asked, surprised.

“Yep,” Burke muttered.


“No one famous. Some girl he knew in college. Hot, busty blonde. That’s all I know.”

“And we gotta wait for him.”

“‘fraid so.”

“Peachy,” Marissa muttered, sitting down on the hood of the car next to Burke.

“Have fun tonight?” Burke asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Marissa said. “Could use something to eat, though. Their appetizers sucked.”

“There’s a Micky-D’s around the corner,” Burke replied. “Wanna go grab a burger or something?”

“You buying?”


“Then it’s a date. Hell, Stall probably won’t have even finished by the time we get back.”

“And if he is,” Burke said with a smile, “He can wait for us.”

* * *

“That guy? Yeah, I know him. Good tipper, lousy listener.”

“You know where he is?”

“Yeah,” the kid named C.J. muttered as he put down his beer and looked at his new “friend.” The bar was crowded with the local second shufters, working stiffs mostly. C.J. enjoyed the place because none of the stuck-up snobs he usually had to open doors for ever came anywhere near it.


“How much is it worth to you?”

“How much will it cost me?”

C.J. looked around. “Five hundred, and another beer will get you where he’s at. Another five hundred and another beer after that’ll give you where he’s staying. Throw in another hundred and cover the rest of my tab for the night, and I’ll give you the floor and room number.”

Crow smiled and took out his wallet. “Run up all the tab you’d like,” he said. “I just need to know where to find Richard Stall.”

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