Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 16: Dirrty Deeds

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 16: Dirrty Deeds

May 6th, 2005

Stackpole’s Cafe

New York, NY, USA

“You’re sure about this?”

Raven smiled up at her partner. “Absolutely. We know where Stall is now. We just need to kill him, and we’ll be on another mission before you can say cherry pie.”

“Haven’t we tried killing him before,” Crow pointed out.

Raven shrugged her shoulders. “Man’s lucky, no doubting that. He got away from us once, and then somehow survived the debacle down in South Africa. Man leads a charmed life.”

“Too charmed,” Crow muttered.
“So, you plan on just slipping into his bed and doing him while you’re fucking him?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Raven said. “Remember that Spanish doctor? Or the Greek shipping magnate? Or that coke dealer in Cuba?”

“All right, you can slit a man’s throat while he’s fucking you,” Crow muttered. “How do you know you can get close to Stall?”

Raven frowned. “That’s a little harder. He seems to have a taste for celebrity pussy. NYC crawling with famous pussy. I can just latch on to one of them, but the question is which one?”

“We need to find out what he’s up to,” Crow muttered. “We need some intel.”

“The bellhop again?” Raven asked.

“No, too tapped out. And expensive. That little bastard switched from domestic to imported beer the instant I told him I was picking up his tab.”

“Funny how people will do that,” Raven said, smiling. “Should’ve let me handle him.”

“Just like you handled that Spanish doctor? Or the Greek shipping magnate? Or that coke dealer in Cuba?” Crow asked with a smirk.

“Oh, you’re funny,” Raven said sarcastically.

“Seriously, how’re we going to handle this?”

“Let’s follow his car for a while,” Raven suggested. “Once we know where he’s going, we just might be able to figure out who he’s trying to get into the pants of next.”

Crow sighed. “Well, it’s better than anything I’ve got – unless you want to go back to the possibility of just using a missile launcher to blow up his entire hotel suite.”

“Tell you what,” Raven said, smiling, “If my idea doesn’t work, we’ll try that next.”

“Oh, now YOU’RE the funny one,” Crow muttered as the two stood up and turned to leave.

* * *

May 7th, 2005

Streets of New York City

New York, NY, USA

“You think that limo of his is armored?”

“Why would it be?” Raven replied as she drove three cars back of Stall’s ride, making slow progress through the city.

“Well, it looks similar to the one we shot up in Germany,” Crow pointed out. His voice filtered through the tiny earpiece she wore, which she’d rigged up to look like a cell phone headset. This was turning out to be the easiest way to disguise a radio Raven had ever encountered – everyone used cell phones these days, and the headset pieces were rapidly becoming more and more popular – especially for drivers. No one looking at her talking to herself would think anything other than at least she was using her headset instead of holding the phone up to one ear, waiting for an accident.

Crow was currently scooting about on a bicycle, posing as a bike messenger. Traffic was bad enough that he’d been able to actually get ahead of Stall more than once. Raven was stuck following him in a rental car. This gave Crow more than enough time to ask stupid questions while she had to concentrate on following Stall without being noticed. “And,” he went on, “considering how he must have known we were gunning for him by the way he fled the country as soon as he could, I doubt he wouldn’t have added some special features to that limo.”

“I don’t know,” Raven replied as she edged forward a little bit more, glad her sunglasses hid her eyes. She made a point of acting like she was looking for a specific street, while keeping her eyes peeled on the back of Stall’s limo. Hopefully, Stall’s driver wouldn’t even notice her. “Could be he just likes one brand of limo.”

“His blinker’s on,” Crow reported. “Turning left at the next light.”

“Right,” Raven replied, making sure she could make the same turn when she got to it. “Any idea what’s down that way?”

“That Stall would be interested in? Either FR Realty, or RCA Records,” Crow replied. Raven could hear the smile in his voice.

“Why do I get the feeling it’s RCA?” Raven asked, doing her best not to smile herself.

“You’d better go up another street and cross back. I’ll watch the doors,” Crow replied.

“Good. I’ll be by as soon as possible,” she said, watching as the light ahead turned green. Sure enough, Stall’s limo turned left, heading towards either the Real Estate business or RCA Records. Raven drove past the turn, and headed for the next light a block down. She’d find a place to stash the car, then come across and meet up with Crow.

This took longer than she thought it would – for one, NYC traffic was a bitch. Despite the fact that she had just a block to go, it took her eight minutes just to reach the next turn. Then, upon going down that street, she discovered the only parking place for three blocks was a guarded lot for a bank. Normally, she’d just act like a customer and use the parking lot, but the guards might give her and Crow trouble if they had to get to the car fast, so she had to settle for the parking place of a Chinese food restaurant four blocks down, and one over. This added a good fifteen minutes to her journey, and she had the awful feeling there’d be a menu or two on her car when she got back.

Crossing the street, the assassin contacted her partner over the radio. “Which building did he enter?”

“RCA, just like we figured. You want to cover the inside on this op, or do you want me to?”

“This sounds like it could use a woman’s touch,” she said. “Better let me handle the inside. You can either set up out here, or go get the car incase I need you for quick evac.”

“In this traffic, there’ll be no quick evac,” Crow replied. “Better if I just sit outside and wait for you. I can run ahead and start the car if you get into actual trouble.”

“If I’m lucky, I just might need it. I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve, just in case I get the shot.”

“You get the shot, take it,” Crow replied. “The sooner we’re done with this idiot, the better.”

“Amen to that,” Raven replied as she crossed the street and headed towards the FR Realty offices next to RCA. If she was going to get into RCA, she’d need a change of clothes, and she thought she knew just the outfit to use.

Had she just walked in and tried to go about finding Stall, she’d have been stopped within fifteen minutes. However, certain people could walk in and out of a building in a city as big as New York without ever being noticed.

The realty office was sparsely occupied on the bottom floor, but it did have the two things Raven needed to get her job done. The first was an elevator without any cameras in it. The building was an older one, and to be honest, there was nothing really worth stealing in a place like this. Oh, sure, there’d be security around some safes and computers, but Raven wasn’t looking for any of those things.

She entered an elevator alone, and punched a button for the seventh floor – high enough to not make it look like a quick in and out, but not so far up that she’d be too likely to end up having to share the elevator.

As the elevator hit the seventh floor, Raven found the second thing she needed from the Realty office – public restrooms. She made her way to the ladies room and quickly changed into her new outfit.

She took the stairs down, making a point to avoid eye contact with the eight or nine people she passed. She then left by way of the back exit, ending up in a back alley between the Realty office and the RCA offices. Here, she found the last piece of her disguise resting comfortably atop a garbage can. Smiling, she grabbed it, slid her silenced pistol into it to provide some weight, and headed towards the RCA entrance.

Clad now in a rather bland button-up shirt with the name tag “Kayla”on it and khaki pants, with a Mets baseball cap on top, she carried the used Pizza box from the restaurant down the street and headed towards the elevators. Security took one look at her, saw what she was carrying, also saw her glance at both the board listing where everyone’s offices were located and her own watch, and paid her no mind at all. As far as security was concerned, she was just another delivery girl desperately trying to get her delivery where it needed to go on time. They never even spoke to her.

The disguise got her in the door and in the elevator, and even got her up to the 23rd floor (the same floor she’d chosen by the least-official sounding office she could find in her quick scan earlier). Here was her first chance to run into trouble – no one on the 23rd floor had, to her knowledge, ordered a pizza. However, she got lucky, as the very first office was empty when she got there. Ducking inside, she dumped the pizza box, reacquired her pistol, and shut the door behind her.

Now she quickly shed her khaki pants and her button up shirt, now revealing the same business-appropriate skirt and blouse she’d worn in the car. She quickly changed her sunglasses for some plastic glasses that didn’t change her eyesight at all, but changed the look of her face dramatically. To compliment this, she swung her long, black hair up and quickly secured it into a tight, business-appropriate bun.

Raven was fortunate that she had one of those faces that changing her hairstyle made her look quite a bit different. In fact, even Crow sometimes didn’t recognize her when she had her hair done-up like it currently was.

Whatever the office she ducked into was, it was graced with a rather nice, detailed map of the entire building. Raven took a few minutes to look it over before making her next move.

Checking outside the office, and making sure her pistol was safely hidden in the holster at the small of her back, she slipped back outside and began her hunt for Stall.

Honestly, she had no idea where, exactly, she’d find him, but she had a few good guesses. Stall was, apparently, addicted to female celebs. RCA had several hot female acts, though Raven had no idea one way or another if any of them were here. If they were, Stall would be near them.

The RCA offices were mostly business-keeping facilities. Accounting, Human Resources, Management, stuff like that. However, there was were a couple of places where actual singers could be found. The first was the Representation Offices – where singers and musicians and their agents could meet with RCA officials and discuss their next albums or whatnot. The other location was the 19th floor – which was entirely dedicated to four active recording studios.

The Representation offices were up, while the recording studios were down. Raven decided to head up – Crow was watching the door, so if Stall left, he’d let her know. Better to work her way down from the top.

She did the simplest of runs through the Representation offices – she got off the elevator, took a right, and followed the long loop through the offices, making a point of keeping a look on her face that said “I belong here, I’m pissed, leave me alone.” It worked perfectly, because no one gave her so much as a second glance. Upon looking around, Raven realized why. Half the staff on this level were young women dressed much as she was – she was clad in perfect camouflage for the place.

Alas, that one run around the loop was all she needed, because Stall was nowhere on the floor. She saw several suits, but no famous celebs. She punched the button for the 20th floor.

Raven’s business suit might have been the perfect for the Representation offices, but she’d stand out like a sore thumb in the relatively secluded areas of the recording studios. She needed something different for that.

Reaching the 20th floor, she exited and headed for the bathrooms. Unfortunately, she was out of disguises. She gave half a minute’s thought to chucking her blouse and going onto the floor wearing just her bra and skirt, acting like she was some star’s “girlfriend” for the night, but ignoring the fact that she had no idea what stars were there, she doubted they’d appreciate the gun she had on the small of her back.

The problem was that recording studios were, by their nature, closed areas. You couldn’t walk in on someone singing because you’d ruin the track. That cost money, and people got upset when you cost them money.

Raven had to think. The entire floor was more-or-less sealed off. But there had to be rooms for the celebs to wait until the studios were ready. According to the map she’d spotted earlier, there were only six studios. RCA certainly didn’t do all their recording here, but they also had some clients who were really prima donnas. They would need a room or two to rest in, to relax, and to sometimes even sleep between takes

Prima donnas don’t like walking far – but since there were no such rooms on the recording studio level, that meant they had to be somewhere else in the building. Probably either the floor above, or the floor below.

Raven risked leaving the bathroom and heading around again. This time she hit pay dirt.

There, sitting on a bench outside a closed door, was Stall’s driver. Raven didn’t even look at him as she passed him. He wouldn’t be able to recognize her, seeing as how he’d never seen her face, but it was best not to take chances.

Looping around, Raven got a quick rundown of the floor. Sure enough, there were six rooms listed as “artist rooms.” Raven was able to slip into an empty “artist room” down the hall from the one Burke was sitting outside of. It had everything a pampered celeb could want. A queen sized bed, a large dressing mirror, a full blown refrigerator, two couches, a plasma TV, and even a designated desk for a laptop computer with full internet hook-up.

For a long moment, Raven figured her plan would be to simply wait until Burke got up and left. He’d almost certainly head downstairs to get the car ready before Stall was going to leave whatever little piece of ass he was hanging out with at that moment. Stall would probably wait until he was done doing whatever – or whoever – he was doing, tell Burke to run downstairs and start the car, then come down himself.

Except, ever since the incident in Africa, Burke seemed to be functioning more as a bodyguard than a chauffeur. And Stall certainly had put up with worse than opening his own car door before. Perhaps he was smarter than Raven was given him credit for. Perhaps he’d finish screwing his new plaything, then leave, Burke hanging on him the entire time.

Raven knew she could deal with Burke – sure, he was a big black man and she was a tiny little white girl, but as Crow would attest, she could kick the ass of any man she came across – no matter their size, race, or level of armament. But Burke would add one more target to her list. Sure, she could try and squeeze off three or four silenced shots from where she now stood, taking out both Stall and Burke when they left, but she’d never make it out of the RCA building without raising an alarm.

No, one way or another, she had to get into the room Stall was in. Preferably BEFORE Stall finished whoever his newest lover was. When he was done, he most likely was out the door not long after. If he was smart enough to keep his bodyguard outside, he was smart enough to leave an area so unknown like this as soon as possible.

Raven had to find another way inside that room, and quick. She could, of course, just walk up to Burke, plug him with two or three silenced shots, burst into the room, do the same with Stall, and then fight her way out. Problem was that she’d never make it off this floor before RCA security was on the phone to the NYPD. And most likely, there was no way she’d be outside before at least one SWAT team arrived. Raven knew that she could handle a single police SWAT team – she’d taken out three in Bangkok two years ago. With Crow outside acting as a Wild Card, she’d probably even be able to handle three NYPD SWAT.

But that was a whole lot of collateral damage, and even more wasted time. And then, the news coverage would be horrendous. There were enough security cameras around the RCA building that sooner or later, her face would hit the airwaves, and that would leave her out of any American operation for a long time. She couldn’t afford that, even for what Blackbird was paying her for this Stall gig.

So the frontal assault was out. What she needed was a back door.

She searched the back of the “Artist Room” she was in, and found that while it did have a second door, it was bolt-locked from the inside. If Stall was screwing some up-and-coming little songbird, they’d certainly have locked THAT before they started. Raven had accomplished more than one hit through dumb luck, but she doubted this would be one of them.

The she saw the closet. She opened it up, and discovered the perfect thing. Sometimes, dumb luck paid off better than she thought it would.

At the back of the closet was an air vent. Nothing special, just a grate that connected to the central air system. Raven had no desire to go climbing around the air system in RCA – unlike what one sees in the movies, most air vents can’t hold much more than fifty pounds of weight before they collapsed. And while Raven prided herself on being small, she wasn’t THAT small.

No, the good thing about this air vent was that, directly across from her grate was another one, leading into the “Artist Room” next door. Smiling, she closed the closet and left the room. She walked right past Burke again, and entered the (fortunately) empty “Artist Room” next to Stall’s. She closed and locked the door behind her, then went right for the vent in the closet.

Sure enough, there was the same break between her closet and the one in Stall’s room.

She grabbed her pocket-knife – a special one that was made of ceramics, no metal to be picted up by metal detectors – and unscrewed the grate on her side. Quietly placing it aside, Raven gave a quick listen. Sure enough, she heard the sounds of fucking coming from across the grate.

She dropped down onto her belly and slid across into the vent as far as she dared, trying hard not to drop inside. Her breasts made this difficult, because as soon as they hit the opening, they tried to drag her down the 21 floors to the basement. Cool air hit her stomach, sending goose bumps across her skin. Bracing herself, she managed to keep from falling, and pressed herself right up to the second grate. She got lucky again here – the screws she’d used to open the first grate, of course, were reversed on the other side. This meant she couldn’t reach them from inside the vent. But what she could reach was the frame the grate was screwed into on this side. It took some doing, but she was able to get all six screws that held the frame in. Then, with a gentle push, she managed to quietly dislodge the frame and silently slide it into the closet she was trying to get into.

Now came the tricky part. As quietly as she could, she reached across and pulled herself into the other closet. She managed to squeeze herself in without making any noise by going as slow as possible, hoping and praying that Stall and his new fucktoy wouldn’t finished before she got there. Finally, she had squeezed into the other closet, and managed to stand up without dislodging the fifteen or sixteen outfits hanging inside it, or kicking over the two large suitcases. This “Artist Room” was clearly occupied.

Every closet had folding doors and slits in them, allowing air to flow in and out. The slats were cut downwards, so that you couldn’t see right through them. Raven had to stand on her tip-toes to look out and see what was going on. She couldn’t see Stall directly, but she could see him in the large dressing mirror across the room.

And what she saw made her jaw drop.

Stall was naked, obviously, and happily laying on the bed, being rode like a bucking bronco. She couldn’t see his penis from this angle, but she could see his chest fairly well, and was impressed. He was fit – not muscular, but cut enough to be quite attractive. It had been a while since Raven had taken a lover she hadn’t had to kill afterwards, but had Stall not been a contract, she might have tried her luck with him.

However, his partner for the afternoon, was downright stunning. Christina Aguilera wasn’t a big girl by anyone’s standards, but she had a dancer’s body and used it perfectly. She writhed as she fucked Stall, twisting and bouncing atop him, driving him deeper and deeper into her like her life depended on it. Occasionally he’d reach up and fondle her smaller breasts, but mostly he just laid there, accepting everything she did.

And she did a lot. Ignoring the fact that they had to have been at this for a little bit, both Stall and Christina were coated in a sheen of sweat that practically drizzled off them it was so thick. Both couldn’t speak, as they were panting heavily. And yet, both seemed determined to get the other off. It was almost like a challenge – who would last longer.

As Raven watched, she felt her own arousal grow. It had been too long since she’d had a quality fuck. That was one problem working with Crow – him being gay prevented her from using him to deal with her frustrations. She had used vibrators in the past, but rarely could bring them with her on missions. She could use her fingers, but they rarely got her off as well as even a plastic dildo would – she needed a man, and the longer she watched this, the more frustrated she’d get.

She had to move, and move fast. Reaching behind herself, she undid the clasp on her holster, and quietly slid her pistol out. She needn’t have worried – Christina was moaning loud enough to cover any sound coming from the closet.

Her first instinct was to open the closet, take two steps out, and shoot both Christina and Stall. That would certainly be the best way to do it. With her silencer and the thickness of the walls, not even Burke right outside would hear. However, killing Christina Aguilera would, again, bring far too much media attention. A big name star like that being shot while having sex with an English businessman in the RCA offices? That story would lead every major news broadcast and headline every paper for a month. And, again, sooner or later, they’d find Raven’s picture in the security cameras.

So that left a quick and deadly shot that took out Stall, and then a quick exit back the way she came. Ideally, this would be easier if Stall was on top. Raven could ease out, wait for just the right moment – when he came would be the best for ironic reasons – and popped a single shot to the head. Christina would get some blood and brains on her naked body, but by the time they figured out HOW Stall had been shot, Raven would be halfway to Philadelphia and the next flight to Greece.

But Christina was on top – and pinching his nipples as she shoved her pussy as far down onto his cock as she could, moaning his name as she did so. Raven would have to wait – and watch – until either Stall and Christina rolled over, or they finished and Stall got up into a spot where Raven could make the shot.

Waiting didn’t sit well. Ignoring the fact that it was hot, cramped, and musty in the closet, but the longer she stood there, the greater the chances someone would come along into the other room and find what she did to the vent. If she were found now, there’d be no avoiding that SWAT shootout she hoped to avoid.

But Christina seemed to be the one in charge of positioning, leaving Stall to just lay there getting the stuffing fucked out of him. They were both clearly enjoying each other’s bodies, Christina moaning something about his long hard cock, and him just grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Raven watched them fuck for a good three more minutes, marveling both at his stamina and her nipple ring. She’d heard that Christina had pierced her clit, and idly wondered if she had that piece in now. Raven had given thought to getting that area pierced, but thought it a bit too distinctive. She did a lot of her killing in bed, and sooner or later the story of a female assassin with a pierced clit would get around.

Finally, Christina shook her short, curly blonde hair (probably a wig, it look so horrible that Raven hoped it wasn’t her real hair) and screamed in pleasure. Stall grunted a half-second later – winning their little contest by the barest of margins, and the two collapsed to the bed in a tangle of sweaty, naked limbs.

If Raven hadn’t been on a mission, she would’ve plunged her fingers into her own pussy and gotten herself off right there. The scene she’d just witnessed had to have been the hottest thing she’d ever seen in her life.

And then, as if to frustrate Raven professionally as well as sexually, Stall rolled off the bed and out of view of the mirror. She heard him rustle with his clothes for a second before speaking.

“Burke? You can go get the car now. Miss Aguilera and I are done.”

“Oh, yeah, we are,” Christina cooed happily as she rolled on the bed.

So Burke WOULD go get the car. Raven had literally just wasted all that time and effort crawling through the vent for nothing. Now she’d have to risk a shot at Stall before he left. Christina wasn’t even getting dressed – she just lay naked on the bed, looking content and sexy as all hell. Raven hated her.

“Call me sometime,” Christina said. “Next time I’m in London, I’ll look you up for a good fuck.”

“Any time,” Stall said, and Raven heard the sounds of him pulling on his clothes. Raven could open the door and shoot him, but now Christina was more or less facing the closet from where she lay, and as soon as it swung open, she’d scream, alerting Stall.

Meaning that Raven had really only one real choice left. She had to get out of the closet the way she’d came, and kill Stall in the hallway or elevator. She took one last look at Stall in the mirror as he picked up his watch, which was all the way across the room – an odd place to put it, considering that he and Christina had just fucked right by the bedside table – and then made her move to escape.

Cursing her luck, she dropped back down and struggled to get across the open vent again. This time, though, she had more trouble. She couldn’t lay flat first because her feet would be hanging out the closet door. She had to squat and duck her head through, almost falling down the vent in the process. She struggled to reach across and pull herself over into the other closet. The problem wasn’t that she couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t do it both quietly or quickly. Having to choose between the two, she reluctantly chose quietly.

It took a good five minutes to get across without raising a huge ruckus – or falling 20 floors to the ground, and, unfortunately, Raven had really only had four. She managed to get through, get up on her feet, and get to the door of the “Artist Room” to see Stall get into an elevator and press the down button.

“Wait!” she called out, racing after him, trying to affect the air of a busy worker bee, looking to catch an elevator. He saw her, blinked in surprise, and looked over at the controls to the elevator. But the doors closed before he could hit the hold button, and he dropped down towards the first floor.

“Fuck,” Raven swore, running towards the stairs. Twenty stories in even the modest half-inch heels she wore was not going to be fun. She didn’t even have her headset anymore – she’d left it hidden in the bathroom over at FR Realty. There wasn’t even a good way to contact Crow now. Besides, no doubt Burke had the limo around again. She’d never even get to the car – parked so many blocks away – in time to catch up with Stall.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” She swore as she raced down the stairs. She flew as fast as she could, leaping around the turns as best she could, cursing her stupid luck and cursing the fact that her panties were now wet in front, thanks to the show Stall and Christina Aguilera had put on. This was not one of her better days.

She made it to the lobby just in time to see Stall get into his limo outside. She made it outside in time to see the limo slide directly into the considerably better moving traffic than she’d faced earlier.

She’d lost him.

She saw Crow across the street, shaking his head as he hopped on his bike, but knew he was going to loose Stall before she’d be able to catch up. Probably before she could even get to the rental car.

She’d just have to go back and follow him again from his hotel.

And the worst part about the whole day, by the time she got back to where she’d parked in the Chinese food restaurant parking lot, she had a good seven menus littering her car’s windshield.

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