Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 19: Death, Lies, And Video Cameras – Part 1

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 19: Death, Lies, and Video Cameras – Part 1

May 10th, 2005

The New York Hilton

New York, NY, USA

“Just once, I wish we could just check into a hotel instead of sneaking in the back way.”

The assassin Crow snorted as his partner, the seductive Raven, climbed off the last rung of stairs on the fire escape and hit the roof of the New York Hilton. He followed her quietly, carrying his sawed-off shotgun at the ready. The Hilton wasn’t exactly an armed camp, but there were enough high-priced individuals staying there with their
own bodyguards that it was worth being armed and dangerous yourself.

Of course, if all went well, Crow and Raven wouldn’t fire more than two shots between the two of them – one for Richard Stall, and one for his singular bodyguard. There was the off-hand chance that Stall’s live-in whore, Marissa Call might be in the room at the time, and if that was the case, then the bullet count would climb to three. Some people might be concerned with the number of kills needed to be made, but Crow and Raven had tackled larger numbers and escape easily before. In fact, there was a drug dealer down in Columbia who’d lost sixteen bodyguards and three house-servants in less than thirty seconds who could attest to the speed and accuracy of the two assassins.

“No trouble so far,” Raven muttered as the two assassins made their way over to the roof door. “Door’s wired, though.”

“Expected that,” Crow said. “I’ll deal with that, you look for the video hub.”

“Right,” Raven said, moving off.

The real problem with hitting a place as ritzy as the NYC Hilton was that they paid good money to offer some of the more basic security features to their guests. Had Raven and Crow had time, they might have posed as guests and bumped off Stall and his bodyguard in an elevator first chance they got. The problem was that the Hilton had security cameras in all of it’s elevators, and along all their hallways. They were lucky that they didn’t have cameras in each room.

But they had to get past those cameras, even if only for the (hopefully) quick in-and-out the two killers had in mind. And to get past those cameras meant they needed a hacker of top quality.

There was, really, only one choice in the matter.

The hacker the two usually used went by the name Slide. He or she had been around for a good ten or fifteen years now – there were rumors that Slide was one of the first hackers to tap into video feeds through the internet and pioneered the trick the two assassins were going to use to sneak past the Hilton’s security. Neither Crow or Raven knew if this was true, but Crow at least suspected it might be the case.

“Found the hub,” Raven said quietly. Sure enough, right next to some industrial power lines running along the top of the room was the smaller cable line that served to connect the hotel’s cameras together throughout the building.

Had the security company running the Hilton’s cameras been linked to the ‘Net, Slide would have already bashed through their firewalls and gotten what the assassins needed. But the Hilton wasn’t that foolish, and all their cameras were held in-house. It made for a bit more work for Slide, but it certainly wasn’t a challenge.

Crow tapped his headset radio. “Slide, you there?”

“Aren’t I always?” Slide’s slightly mechanical voice came back – it was that mechanical masking that made figuring out Slide’s gender difficult.

“We’ve found a hub,” Crow said. “Raven’s attaching the link-up now.”

“Excellent. Tell Hotcheeks to hurry up,” Slide said. “The sooner you’re into their closed-circuit, the sooner I can get moving on this.”

“We’ve done this before, Slide,” Crow said, testily. Hackers were always snippy. All the ones Crow had ever worked with were so caught up in their computers that it was a wonder they even knew how to speak to a real person. Slide, Nickers, Haddok, all of them – nothing but a bunch of self-important geeks who’d probably never been fucked in their lives.

“I’m hooked in,” Raven said suddenly, breaking into Crow’s train of thought. Sure enough, she had the Satellite connector box latched on to the cable wire. Slide should be getting the feed now.

“I’m receiving. Give me… three hours, and I should be hacked through.”

“Three hours?” Crow asked. “Why so long?”

“Well, they ARE running an encrypt on this, even though it’s a closed-circuit, and I’m working on something else at the moment. Can’t give you more than forty percent of my processing right now.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Crow muttered.

“Oh, please, your target isn’t even in the room right now. What do you have to do that’s so important it can’t wait three hours?”

“Just get to work, Slide,” Crow muttered, shutting down the radio link.

* * *

May 10th, 2005


New York, NY, USA

Marissa Call was nervous when she knocked on the Apartment door. She hoped she looked all right. She’d gone for a spaghetti-string cami top with no bra, and capri shorts. Not overtly sexual, but seductive enough that most men would do a double-take at her. Especially as the summer was just now starting to warm up here in NYC.

Of course, it wasn’t men Marissa was looking to snare today. It was one particular woman.

The door to Natalie Portman’s Soho apartment swung open, and there stood Natalie, shaved head and all, smiling at Marissa like an old friend from school or something.

“Marissa!” Natalie said, smiling. “Come on in. I’m glad you made it.”

“I wasn’t sure I would,” Marissa said, tugging on one of her earrings absentmindedly.

“Well, I’m glad you did, because I’m leaving tomorrow morning, and I won’t be back in the City for a while.”

“Oh?” Marissa asked. “Where are you going?”

“Where am I not going might be a better question,” Natalie sighed. “Promo time for Episode III. I’ll be spending the better part of the next month or so hanging around reporters and Star Wars fanatics.”

“You don’t sound like you’re looking forward to it,” Marissa said.

“I am and I’m not,” Natalie admitted. “Don’t get me wrong – there are some wonderful Star Wars fans out there. I knew one in college who…” she trailed off, clearly lost in memories both good and bad. “Anyway, those aren’t the ones who show up to these things. It’s not even the ones who dress up as Darth Vader or Jabba the Hutt. It’s the freaks who want to know which button I pushed on my starship to switch to hypderdrive, or how many tamps were built into the dress I wore for one scene in the first movie. THAT gets tiring.”

“Plus, I bet a lot of them will be complaining about your hair.”

Natalie laughed. “I’m sure they will. Tough luck. I did it for a role, and I’m not going back now.”

“I like it. Peachfuzz is your look.”

“Maybe I’ll grow a mowhawk or something,” Natalie mused. “Just to drive people even more nuts.”

“Do what you have to, but don’t rule out growing your long hair back,” Marissa said. “You look so beautiful with it.”

“Thank you,” Natalie said, smiling at Marissa. “And, if I might say so, you look stunning dressed as you are.”

“Charmer,” Marissa said, swatting Natalie on the arm playfully.

“Where are my manners? Would you like something to drink?”

“What have you got?”

“Uh, water and wine coolers, I’m afraid. I’ve been letting the fridge get low since I’ll be gone so long.”

“Wine coolers it is.”

“I’ll join you then,” Natalie said, walking off towards the kitchen.

Marissa sighed as she watched Natalie’s denim covered ass walk away from her. She wanted Natalie so bad – more than any of the other celebs she’d fucked for Stall all year long. But she knew she was going to hate having sex with Natalie because it would mean admitted to Stall that she, Marissa, was indeed, just a whore, doing his bidding for money and sex.

“Why don’t you come and sit down with me?” Natalie called out from the other room. Sighing once more, Marissa put a smile on her face and went looking for Natalie Portman.

* * *

May 10th, 2005

Streets of New York

New York, NY, USA

“Marissa’s in Portman’s apartment,” Tom Lambert’s voice came into Richard Stall’s ear through the earpiece he almost always wore these days.

“Nice work talking to Marissa, Michael,” Stall said to his driver. “I didn’t think she’d go through with this.”

“She’s still not happy about it, Boss,” Michael Burke replied. “In fact, she’s spitting fire whenever the subject of you comes up. I wouldn’t expect a birthday card from her this year.”

“Thanks,” Stall muttered. “What else is going on, Lambert?”

“Not much on any of the cameras we’ve put up around the City, but I do have some news for you – guess who just checked into your hotel?”

“Who?” Stall asked.

“Hilary Swank just got the suite across the hall from you,” Lambert said, his voice filled with poorly hidden glee.

“The suite across from me,” Stall said carefully. “You mean the one your men bugged along with mine, in case I got put in there, too?”

“That very one. I’ll keep my eyes open for when the lovely Miss Swank takes her first shower.”

“Damn, Boss. Sounds lucky to me. Is her husband with her?” Burke asked.

“Nope,” Lambert replied. “She’s riding up in the elevator now, all alone expect for the bellboy carrying her bags.”

“How do you know she’s riding the elevator?” Stall asked.

“Oh, I had my boys set up a tap on the Hotel’s closed-circuit cameras, just in case the Boss or Marissa got busy in the elevator. It was easier than putting my own cameras up there. I added an encrypt though, just in case they started looking too closely at their system.”

“Makes sense,” Stall said. “Keep an eye on Miss Swank. Let me know if it looks like she’s leaving. I want to intercept her at first chance.”

“Planning on having a little Swank for dinner, boss?” Burke said.

“If I can,” Stall replied. “If I can.”

* * *

May 10th, 2005

The New York Hilton

New York, NY, USA

“Crow? Raven?”

Slide’s voice cutting in over the radio brought Raven awake in an instant. She hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep under the tiny overhang providing the only shade on the roof, but apparently she had. The last few days tracking Stall had been a lot harder than she’d thought they’d be.

“What is it, Slide?” Crow asked. “You get patched in faster than you thought?”

“Not quite. I just thought you should know I’m not the only one hacking into this camera system.”

“You aren’t?” Raven said, suddenly worried.

“That encrypt I’m fighting through – it’s an outside encrypt. The security guys here probably don’t even know it’s there. It’s not even so much to keep people out of the system as it is to make sure they can’t figure out who’s been in it.”

“Who’d do that?” Crow asked.

“You mean other than a hacker trying to get two assassins into the place to whack someone?” Slide asked casually.

“Haven’t the foggiest clue. But it’s familiar, that’s for sure.”

“You’ve seen it before?” Raven asked.

“Not this specifically, but all hackers leave their own little calling cards – tricks they always use that are as individual as fingerprints. I don’t know who this is, but I’ve dealt with them before.”

“Any chance of finding out who it is?”

“Sure. I can ask around, make a few inquires,” Slide said casually.

“And how much will that cost us?” Crow muttered, rolling his eyes.

“Another thousand.”

“WHAT?” Raven said, shocked.

“Hey, it’s expensive to get hackers to rat on each other. A thousand’s pretty cheap for that kind of request.”

“You’re a fuckin’ crook, Slide,” Crow said.

“But you’ll credit my account anyway,” Slide said. It wasn’t a question.

“Just tell us as soon as you have anything,” Raven sighed, signing off.

* * *

May 10th, 2005


New York, NY, USA

“I haven’t done this since college,” Natalie Portman said breathlessly as Marissa Call gently pushed the Harvard grad down onto the couch, unbuttoning Natalie’s blouse as she went.

“It’ll come back to you,” Marissa said, smiling as she undid the tiny white bra covering Natalie’s chest.

“Just like riding a bicycle,” Natalie giggled, squeezing Marissa’s breasts through her cami top.

Marissa wasn’t quite sure how she’d managed to get to this point with Natalie. At one point, the two were chatting amicably on the couch as something droned on the TV, and then suddenly, Marissa was kissing the movie star. Natalie hadn’t resisted, and after the second kiss, she had kissed back happily. When Natalie’s hands had found their way to Marissa’s ass, she’d known that they were going to go all the way.

Marissa had been ready. Throughout the last hour, she’d dropped both of her earrings and her watch in different spots around the room, facing the couch where she was now pulling Natalie’s khaki’s off. As the starlet’s baby-blue panties came into view, Marissa wondered which camera Lambert was using to film the action on. In case it was the pendant around her neck, Marissa quickly shucked off her cami-top before Natalie could unclasp her bra, unknowingly exposing her tiny tits to cameras hidden through the room.

The only part of her usual camera supplies Marissa had left behind was the earpiece that connected her to Lambert – she didn’t want to hear his voice while making love to Natalie. He was distracting enough when the fucking was a job. This Marissa had every intention of enjoying personally.

When Marissa dropped her own bra, Natalie grabbed her breasts like a starving woman. “This,” Natalie said, licking Marissa’s right nipple. “This is what I’ve missed about being with a woman. Breasts. Men don’t have breasts. I love playing with breasts.”

“Feel free to play with mine all you want,” Marissa giggled. As Natalie continued to lick, Marissa shimmied out of her capri shorts, leaving just her black thong covering her snatch. Suddenly, Natalie switched breasts, moving from right to left, causing Marissa to coo appreciatively.

“I love your breasts,” Natalie whispered a moment or two later. Marissa bent down and kissed Natalie briefly on the lips, before pushing the star down onto her back on the couch.

“Time for me to love your breasts,” Marissa said as she lowered herself down and began slowly licking Natalie’s erect nipples. Natalie might not have been huge in the chest department, but she had wonderful nipples, and judging from the way Natalie was reacting, she rarely had them licked or kissed. It was high time someone changed that, and Marissa Call was just the person to do so.

* * *

May 10th, 2005

The New York Hilton

New York, NY, USA

Richard Stall and Michael Burke had returned to Stall’s suite just in time to get the feed from Marissa’s cameras as she started to make love to Natalie Portman. Now, as they watched, they saw Marissa move from licking Natalie’s nipples to pressing her hand under Natalie’s panties and start to finger her new friend.

“I’m glad she came through for us,” Stall said. “Any idea how I can make this up to her?”

“Well, off hand, I’d say maybe take her out to dinner, show her a good time, and then don’t ask her to sleep with anyone for a good week or so,” Burke said. “My god, that Portman girl’s hot! Those nipples look like they’d cut diamonds.”

“Hey, boss?” Lambert’s voice cut in before Stall could comment.

“What’s up Lambert?”

“Couple of things. First of all, you wanted to know when Hilary Swank moved to leave her room? She’s getting ready now.”

“Now?” Stall said, bitting back a curse. “Can you run both the Portman and the Swank feeds at the same time?”

“Here I can. I’m afraid that if you go and fuck Swank, Burke will have to chose who he’d rather watch there.”

“As long as you get them both on camera,” Stall said, making sure he had his watch and it’s hidden camera. “Any way you can stop the elevator?”

“Not from here, Boss,” Lambert said. “But you could always hit the stop button yourself if you want to screw Hilary in the elevator. I do have a camera feed in each elevator.”

“Wonderful,” Stall said, looking out the peep hole, making sure Hilary didn’t sneak past him.

“There’s something else, boss.”

“What’s that?” Stall said. “Jennifer Lopez screwing Marc Anthony right now, too?”

“Nothing so clear,” Lambert said, taking a deep breath. “I think someone’s trying to hack the camera feed.”

“What?” Stall said. “You mean someone can do that while YOU’RE hacking the feeds?”

“Yep. Someone’s trying to fight their way past my encrypt right now. I knew putting that thing on was a good idea.”

“Do they know we’re on the feeds?”

“Not yet, and they probably won’t for another hour at least,” Lambert said. “If we weren’t running two digital group-feeds for recording right now, I could put on a few more levels of encrypt on, keep them out but good.”

“But they won’t be able to break through for another hour, right?” Stall asked. An hour was more than enough time to fuck Hilary Swank in the elevator. Maybe he’d even be able to have her twice…

“Boss, I don’t know who this hacker is, but I know he’s not hotel security.”

“He’s not?” Stall asked.

“No,” Lambert replied. “He’s an outside guy, and he’s good. He’s been at this at least an hour, probably more, and he just now tripped one of my silent alarms.”

Stall thought for a moment. “If you didn’t have to do two feeds, could you keep him out?”

“Not forever. Not this guy. He’s good, and he’ll get through sooner or later.”

“Then don’t bother unless the Portman feed suddenly ends,” Stall said. “I’ll be done in an hour.” Sure enough, as he spoke, he saw out the peep-hole that Hilary Swank was leaving. “I can’t talk anymore, Lambert, but if you get any new info, let me know.”

“Right, boss. I’ll even let you know the instant Marissa’s done with Natalie.”

“Good,” Stall said, opening the door and heading out. Hilary was already heading into the elevator. Putting on a hurried look, Stall called out. “Hold the door!”

And like the good little girl she was, Hilary Swank held the elevator door.

* * *

“I think Stall’s on the move.”

Crow looked up at Raven, who was looking at the small laptop they’d brought with them. They’d set up a pair of infrared cameras on roofs on either side of the Hilton, and the laptop could read off either camera.

“You sure it’s him?”

“Well, Burke’s a little bigger in the shoulders, and for some reason, Stall always runs a good two or three degrees cooler on these displays,” Raven said. “I’m pretty sure it’s Stall. Stall, and someone smaller than him – probably a woman – just got into the elevator.”

“The Call girl?” Crow asked.

“She hasn’t come back since she left this afternoon,” Raven said, shaking her head. “This is someone else.”

“Coming out of the other suite?”

“Looks that way.”

“It could be a celeb,” Crow said. “Can you track him in the elevator?”

“Yeah, until they reach about half-way down the building. The cameras won’t track down that far.”

“If I know Stall,” Crow muttered, “He’ll make a move on her IN the elevator. Expect the car to stop before it reaches the halfway point.” With that, Crow got up and headed towards the fire escape.

“Where the hell are you going?” Raven asked.

“If I get a shot on Stall, I’m taking it,” Crow said. “You stay put – if I miss my chance, I’ll come back. If something happens to me, you can still take a crack at him yourself.”

“And if you need a quick evac?”

“I’ll make my own evac, and meet you back at the safehouse in Queens the day after tomorrow.”

“Right,” Raven sighed. “Good luck.”

“Right,” Crow said. And after that, he was over the railing

* * *

May 10th, 2005


New York, NY, USA

“Oh, God, YES!” Natalie Portman moaned as Marissa’s tongue entered her slit. The young actress still wore her baby-blue panties – now roughly shoved aside by Marissa as the blonde dove deep into Natalie, desperate to taste her new friend.

And Natalie seemed more than happy to let her taste away.

Marissa’s tongue surfaced long enough to flick over Natalie’s clit before diving back in, making the movie star shake once more with pleasure. Natalie might not have had lesbian sex since college, but she certainly wasn’t shy about enjoying it now.

And suddenly, Natalie Portman hit her climax. Marissa gasped as Natalie’s crotch quivered in front of her, and a new sheen of liquid coated the actress’ crotch. Natalie hadn’t made a sound, had barely moved through the event. She was breathing heavily now, clearly excited despite her orgasm, and for a long moment, Natalie just hung her head off the edge of the sofa, unmoving.

“Natalie?” Marissa asked carefully.

“Mmmm,” Natalie moaned. “That was wonderful. I haven’t gotten off that fast in ages. Your tongue is magic.”

“Care for another tongue lashing, then?” Marissa asked, smiling.

“Mmmm,” Natalie cooed. “Yes, please. But first let me ask you a question.”

“Shoot,” Marissa said, giving Natalie a teasing lick on her clit.

“Would you come with me on my press tour?” Natalie asked. “I want to be able to fuck you every day. I don’t think I can stand to be away from you for so long.”

“What?” Marissa asked, shocked.

“Come with me, Marissa,” Natalie said, sitting up. “Come with me, and be my lover. I can bring a guest with me, and I want it to be you.”

* * *

May 10th, 2005

The New York Hilton

New York, NY, USA

“Crow? Raven?” Slide’s mechanical voice filtered into Raven’s ears.

“What’s up, Slide?” Raven asked. “Have you broken that encrypt yet?”

“Not yet, but I’ve got the OTHER carrier wave broadcasting the security feeds, the one that put up the encrypt code I’m breaking through. They’re concentrating on your target.”

“Stall?” Raven asked, suddenly feeling a chill come over her shoulders.

“And some woman he’s chatting with in the elevator. Look pretty cozy together.”

“Stall’s got someone watching him,” Raven said. “Can you block the carrier wave?”

“Nope, but I can tap into it, let you see everything he’s doing.”

“Crow could be walking into a trap,” Raven muttered. “Give me everything you’ve got.”

“Sure. I’ll warn you, this isn’t the only carrier wave running right now. Whoever’s watching Stall is interested in other people, too. There’s at least one other active carrier wave, and a good dozen more on similar frequencies across the spectrum. Ten will get you twenty that it’s the same person watching all of them.”

“Crow, you getting any of this?” Raven asked, panicking slightly.


“Forget subtlety,” Raven said. “You get a shot on Stall, blow his brains out. I’ll make sure YOU get out alive.”

“Consider Stall dead the instant those elevator doors open,” Crow said. Over the radio, Raven could hear the sound of Crow loading his gun.

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