Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 20: Death, Lies, And Video Cameras – Part 2

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 20: Death, Lies, and Video Cameras – Part 2

May 10th, 2005

The New York Hilton

New York, NY, USA

It turned out that Richard Stall didn’t have to be the one to press the stop button in the elevator he was riding in. His latest conquest, Hilary Swank, had been more than happy to hit the button just before Stall pushed down the jogging shorts she was wearing, exposing her bare ass to him.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Hilary said. She’d been heading out for a quick jog, planning on being back before too long so she could
call her husband back in L.A. Now, here she was, in a stuck elevator with a man she’d never met before, getting ready to fuck her brains out. And Hilary had been the one who wanted the fucking!

“Life’s full of surprises,” Stall said, lowering his own pants and placing his manhood at the entrance to her pussy.

“Give it to me, Richard,” Hilary said, hoping she remembered his name correctly. He’d introduced himself very briefly when he’d entered the elevator. They’d shaken hands, and before they’d gotten six floors down, Hilary had gotten more turned on than she’d been in a long time.

Stall slid into her with ease, her natural juices making the way slick. Hilary gasped as he bottomed out on the first thrust, grabbing her hips as he did so. Bracing herself against the wall. Stall was quickly thrusting in and out like a seasoned pro, and Hilary felt the familiar pleasurable sensations that always accompanied sex wash over her body.

Stall started pounding her faster, hitting spots inside her that hadn’t been hit in a few years. Having a husband was nice, but damn if fucking someone new wasn’t refreshing in the dirtiest of ways.

Suddenly, Hilary remembered something. Something she’d spotted on her way up to her penthouse suite earlier. Glancing up, she spotted it. The elevator’s security camera. For a long second, Hilary cursed her forgetfulness. Right now, some fat, lazy security guard was probably wacking off to the sight of Stall pounding her pussy from behind. Well, too late now. At least with the closed-circuit camera feed, no one outside of the security office would ever see it. The last thing Hilary needed was to become the next Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton!

* * *

May 10th, 2005

The American Pit,

Long Island, NY, USA

Normally, Tom Lambert would be close to either doing cartwheels in his office or blowing a load in his jeans right about now. On one set of screens before him, the computer expert/chemist had the video feed of his boss, Richard Stall, fucking Oscar-winner Hilary Swank in an elevator. That alone would have made getting up in the morning worth the effort for Lambert, but he had a second set of screens that, in his mind, was showing something even more wonderful.

Stall’s employee, Marissa Call, was naked on a couch with Oscar-Nominee Natalie Portman. The two girls had just finished having some fantastic lesbian sex, and from the looks of things, they might not be done yet. Considering the mad crush Lambert had on Natalie, this video would become one of his personal favorites for years to come.

Normally, Lambert would’ve been just about ready to die of happiness right about now.

But he wasn’t. In fact, it seemed like everything around him was going wrong.

For on his third set of screens – the ones that almost never showed hot celebs having sex – Lambert watched the inevitable progress of the computer hacker trying to break into the video cameras recording Stall’s current activities. And there was nothing Lambert could do to stop them at this point – not while he was pulling the videos from both sex sessions. Perhaps if he had another three or four hard drives and an extra set of hands to help out in the coding, but he had none of that right now, and no way to get it before it was too late.

“Who are you?” Lambert asked, staring at the steady progress the hacker was making eating through the encrypt Lambert himself had installed in the Hilton’s security camera feeds. “And what do you want?”

That, of course, was the question. Why would someone try and hack into a Hotel’s closed-circuit camera feeds. Well, Lambert had done it in order to spy on Stall should he get lucky and get to do what he was doing to Hilary Swank right now. However, Lambert was sure he was on the outside rim of possibilities there – how many OTHER people could be taping their boss fucking famous women in order to win a 25 Million Pound bet?

Perhaps Lambert was being too specific here. Perhaps whoever was hacking into the camera system wasn’t looking for someone specific, but rather just to see if they could? Many hackers did their hacking simply to see if they were up to the challenge.

But, no, that wasn’t it either. To get at the closed circuit, you’d have to connect that closed-circuit to the internet or at least a laptop nearby. In fact, considering the speed at which the hacker was working through his encrypt, Lambert was sure that they had to have a full-blown hard drive or three working on the problem. And the very fact that they’d penetrated the encrypt so far before he even noticed it meant that whoever this was, they’d been at it a while, and knew what they were doing.

So that left out random hacking. Someone wanted access to those cameras for a reason. Why? What was in a hotel? People. Guests staying at the hotel while they were in town for business or pleasure – Stall somehow managed to always make it both. So, someone wanted to see someone in the hotel. Who did they want to see? Lambert’s first instinct was to say Hilary Swank – she was the most famous person staying there at the moment. But that didn’t seem right. Stall was certainly the richest person in the building at the moment, but Lambert was pretty sure this didn’t have anything to do with money. Besides, why would anyone want to spy on Stall –

– Unless spying wasn’t what they were after.

Right now, the security office was seeing an empty elevator while Stall and Swank were fucking. Lambert had looped in some footage from earlier. It was childsplay to do so to anyone who knew their way around computers and video – especially digital video. The hacker, breaking into a secure camera feed, almost certainly knew both computers and video. And, with that in mind, perhaps this hacker wanted to do what Lambert was doing right now – showing the security office something other than what was going on in the hotel.

For a terrifying heartbeat, Lambert remembered back to the abortive trip to Germany, when someone had come gunning for Stall while he was fucking Heidi Klum. If the hacker was trying to loop in some footage for the security office, they’d be able to safely take another shot at killing Stall and there would be no video record of the event to pull clues off of.

Lambert reached for his microphone that connected him with the earpieces Stall and his fellow on-camera employees wore. He had to warn them. Even was he wheeled over to it in his chair, Lambert caught sight of Stall blasting his load all over Hilary Swank’s bare tits.

“Stall! Burke!” Lambert said into their earpieces. “We’ve got trouble!”

* * *

May 10th, 2005


New York, NY, USA

Marissa Call felt as if her head was spinning.

“What did you say?” She asked again, stalling for time to think.

Natalie Portman – beautiful, wonderful, and currently bald Natalie Portman – smiled at her new friend/lover. “I want you to come with me while I’m on my promotional tour for Star Wars. Think about it – we could see the world together, going to all sorts of places, doing all sorts of stuff we’ve never done before. And when we get back to the hotel each night, we can fuck each other senseless,” Natalie said, giggling slightly.

“That’s what I thought you said,” Marissa said. Marissa was younger than Natalie – but a good number of years, too. Natalie was in her mid-twenties, while Marissa was only 19. But the two women had struck up a friendship in the last two or three days – Marissa had lost track – and that friendship had burst forth into a sexual relationship when Marissa had come to visit Natalie in her apartment in Soho.

Unfortunately, for Natalie, Marissa had a bit of a hidden agenda in coming today – she’d hoped to get into Natalie’s pants, and thought she would. But when she did get her chance to make love to Natalie, she’d hidden several of Lambert’s disguised cameras around the room, and let him tape the whole thing. Even now, as the two women sat naked on the couch, Natalie absent-mindedly rubbing the heel of her foot against the inside of Marissa’s bare thigh, Lambert was no doubt recording, hoping that Marissa would take Natalie down on the couch and make her squirm for the cameras.

“I don’t know what to say,” Marissa admitted. She had to admit that, for the most part, there wasn’t much appeal in Natalie’s offer. Marissa was, indeed, on a world tour right now, of a sorts, and she was getting fucked pretty regularly by hot celebrities. And, even more so, Marissa was currently getting paid to do so.

But in the last few days, Marissa had grown rather fond of Natalie – perhaps it was the fact that she was sporting the shaved head that made her look dramatically different that the famous face most people thought of her as. Or maybe it was just the chance to hang out with another girl for a change – the only people Marissa saw regularly were Stall and his bodyguard, Michael Burke. Occasionally she got to actually see Lambert, but that was rare, and even then, Lambert was the walking definition of nerd…

But Burke was something else. Marissa had grown closer to the bodyguard/driver in the last few months, and found herself liking him. Liking him as much as she liked Natalie. More, even.

“Marissa?” Natalie asked, suddenly serious.

“I’m sorry, Natalie,” Marissa said quickly. “Just sorta off in my own world for a second there.”

“I need your answer. I can get you on a plane tonight, but I need to call on it now.”

“I don’t have any time to think about it?” Marissa asked, feeling very rushed.

“Not really,” Natalie admitted, frowning. “You don’t want to go, do you?”

“Oh, I want to go,” Marissa said, and was surprised to realize she meant it. She knew she wasn’t in love with Natalie, but she could see it coming about from what the two did on a romantic world-wind trip like that.

“The come with me!” Natalie said, jumping up. “I’ll call Lucasfilm – they’ll make sure my guest ticket is set up.”

“Natalie, I WANT to go, but I CAN’T,” Marissa sighed.

“Why not?”

“I have things to do here,” Marissa replied.

“Like what?”

‘Like filming myself fucking other famous women,’ Marissa thought, but bit back on that. “Things,” she said, knowing how lame that sounded.

“No, you don’t,” Natalie said, frowning again. “Marissa, we just made love – MADE LOVE,” Natalie said. “I haven’t had such a romance wash over me like this since college. Never in three days – NEVER! I don’t want to lose you while I’m gone.”

“Natalie, we aren’t in love,” Marissa said carefully. “We just had sex. I enjoyed it, you enjoyed it, and if I got the chance, I’d happily do it again. But we aren’t in love, and what’s more, you know we aren’t.”

“But we could be,” Natalie said.

“We could, and I know we’d be happy-”

“Then what’s the problem?”

Marissa sighed. “There’s someone else.”

“Oh,” Natalie said, dropping down to sit on the floor, still naked. “OH.”

“I’m sorry. I like you Natalie. I like you a lot. But there’s a guy I’ve been seeing lately, and if I leave with you, I won’t get the chance to ever see him again.”

“I see,” Natalie said, suddenly covering her breasts with an arm. She stood up and grabbed her shirt, quickly covering herself. “I see,” she repeated, walking away from the couch.

“I’m sorry, Natalie,” Marissa said.

“I think,” Natalie said, her voice strained, “That you’d better leave.”

“I’m sorry,” Marissa said, getting up and grabbing her clothes.

“I know you are,” Natalie said. “And for what it’s worth, so am I.”

Ten minutes later, Marissa was walking the streets of Soho, her clothes rumpled and barely on her, and a single tear rolling down her cheek.

* * *

May 10th, 2005

The New York Hilton

New York, NY, USA

Michael Burke was at that very moment, racing down to the first floor in an elevator, hoping that just as it had every other time Richard Stall had nearly gotten himself killed that the English businessman’s luck held out and Burke got to him in time.

Lambert’s warning had come, arguably, just in time. Stall had been finishing up with Hilary Swank in the elevator – had, in fact, been just about to get dressed again. But, with Lambert’s warning of what the hacking in the video system could mean, Stall had quickly switched gears and decided to go down on Hilary Swank instead. Hilary certainly didn’t seem to mind, but she’d only lasted a minute or two before she had her second orgasm. And sooner or later, maintenance was going to get their stuck elevator moving again.

With the knowledge that someone might just be waiting to attack Stall when he hit the bottom floor, Burke had gone racing out of the penthouse suite and hopped into a different elevator, slamming on the buttons to get it to drop to the lobby.

Of course, Stall was several floors ahead of him already, and unless Burke dropped down below his boss before the other elevator got moving, Stall would reach the bottom floor first.

And any time down there alone was time that someone could take a shot or two at him.

The problem was that the Hilton was a rather large building, and it took a good chunk of time for the elevator to make it down to the bottom floor. When it finally got there, Burke rushed through the doors before they were entirely open, and half-expected to walk into complete chaos.

But once more, Stall’s luck held. Burke had made it down there before him. Now, all he had to do was keep an eye open for trouble. As soon as Stall hit the bottom floor, Burke would escort him right back into the elevator, and the two would be back upstairs. Lambert was already arranging accommodations for them at the Radisson across town…

Trying to calm his breath, Burke scanned the small crowd in the lobby. None of them were familiar, and none of them were even paying a wink of attention to the elevators. Perhaps Lambert had been wrong. Either way, it was time for them to move on. Walking over to stand by a rather obvious fake plant and the emergency exit, Burke decided to wait for Stall.

He stood there, his adrenaline slowly wearing off, for a good five minutes before the elevator door finally opened. Sure enough, Hilary Swank exited, fully dressed in her running gear. She apparently hadn’t noticed the slight damp spot visible in the crotch of her running shorts, but Burke wasn’t going to point that out.

Stall followed her out, giving her a friendly kiss on the cheek before letting her go, and then turned towards Burke with a questioning look on his face-

– That turned into a look of shock and surprise as the emergency exit suddenly flew open, and a large black man carrying a shotgun came through, aiming directly for Stall.

Burke had one chance to act, and he took it. For whatever reason, the gunman hadn’t spotted him behind the plant as he entered. With one quick step, Burke stepped up behind the man as he took aim, and kicked the back of his knee as hard as he could.

The man cried out and stumbled, blasting a rather large hole in the wall as Stall ducked back into the elevator.

Suddenly, Burke was on the floor as well as something pulled his legs out from underneath him. He hit the marble floor hard, seeing stars for a brief moment before something hauled him up again.

“You fucked up my shot, pretty-boy,” The large black man said. Burke hadn’t realized just how large he was until just this moment – the gunman was easily a full head taller than Burke, and half again as wide, all of it muscle.

In other words, Burke was in deep shit all of a sudden.

“Hey, man, you wouldn’t hurt a fellow brother, would you?” Burke asked as he shook his head, trying to clear the stars he was seeing.

“You fucked up my shot, ‘brother,’” the large man said, seemingly crushing Burke’s shoulders as he lifted him. “Now I’m going to fuck you up!”

Burke kicked out with both legs, hitting home with each on the larger man’s knees. The man grunted, but didn’t move. He barely blinked.

“Oh, shit,” Burke said aloud.

The man smiled and threw Burke across the room. For one brief terrifying second, Burke was flying through the air, until his flight was interrupted by the arrival of the far wall, which he slammed into thankfully with his back. Unfortunately, just because he hit the wall didn’t mean he was done moving. He still had to fall to the floor. This time, Burke managed to get his arms up to protect his head, but he still landed hard on the marble, and the wind got knocked out of him hard.

Only now did it occur to Burke that perhaps, in order to stop a gunman, it might have been wise to bring a gun of his own. ‘That,’ he thought as he struggled for breath, ‘is what I get for being new to this whole bodyguard thing.’

Suddenly Burke was being lifted off the ground again. This time, though, the gunman had him by the throat. And he was squeezing the life out of Burke for good measure.

“I know who you are,” the man said as Burke struggled to break free. His lungs were already straining, and that was just from the fall. If the man didn’t ease up quick, Burke was going to suffocate.

“You’re Stall’s bodyguard and driver,” the man said, squeezing. “I never thought you’d be that much trouble. You aren’t cut out for this line of work.”

‘No kidding,’ Burke said, seeing black spots forming in his eyes. He couldn’t breathe! He could barely think! This was it! He was going to die, murdered in the freaking lobby of the New York Hilton.

“You’re cute,” the man said, looking Burke up and down. “It’s too bad we had to meet in public like this. I would’ve fucked you before I killed you, had it been up to me.”

‘Oh, great,’ Burke thought. ‘The last thing I’m ever going to hear is my killer coming on to me!’ This was certainly not the way Burke had wanted to go out.

There were red and blue lights filling his vision now, alternating the color of the man’s face as Burke’s world shrunk. He’d never heard of that happening to someone suffocating before, but perhaps it only happened to those who actually died of suffocation.

And suddenly, Burke was falling again, dropped to the floor unceremoniously with a thud, his tail bone taking the brunt of the hit this time.

And as his lungs drew in deep, desperate breaths, Burke heard the man lean over him and snarl.

“Next time, Burke, you won’t be so lucky. Next time, I’m going to rape your ass before I kill you.”

And with that, the man was gone. Burke knew he should get up and go after the bastard, if for no other reason than he might be going after Stall again. Or perhaps he was going after Marissa. That would be worse – much worse! Marissa was just a girl! She wouldn’t stand a chance.

Still struggling to breathe, Burke fought his way up on one knee before he threw up all over the marble floor he’d hit so many times now.

“Just stay there, son,” a new voice said. Burke glanced up to see a pair of police officers standing over him, along with one of the hotel’s staff members. “Stay down until the EMT gets here.”

“Where’d he go?” Burke asked, though it came out more like “Whrdeoh?”

“The bastard got away,” the cop said. “Nearly took my head off with that shotgun of his.

The cop was saying more, but Burke gave up listening and instead opted for throwing up again.

* * *

May 15th, 2005

The New York Radisson Hotel

New York, NY, USA

Five days later, Richard Stall shook his head as he got off the phone with the police. Whoever it was who’d attacked him had vanished, leaving no traces behind.

“He’ll be back,” Burke muttered from where he sat on a recliner. For a man who’d had the snot beat out of him a few days earlier, Burke was recovering well. Though Stall thought Marissa’s nursing attentions might have had more to do with that than anything else. She’d barely left Burke’s side since she’d heard what happened. Idly, Stall wondered if there was more going on between those two than he knew about.

“If he comes back, you’d better stay the fuck away from him,” Marissa said. “He nearly killed you.”

“He nearly killed the boss here, too,” Burke pointed out. “If I hadn’t gotten in the way, you and I would be unemployed right now.”

“And don’t think I don’t appreciate it,” Stall said. “But you’re right, Burke. This man, whoever he was, will be back. Someone’s targeting me.”

“Who?” Marissa asked. “Why?”

“Those are two very good questions. Unfortunately, I don’t know either.”

“He’s going to try and kill you both again,” Marissa said, sounding very worried.

“A death mark’s not an easy thing to live with,” Stall said.

“So we’d better find a way to get rid of that mark before his luck gets better or ours runs out.”

“I agree,” Stall said. “The question is, how?”

No one seemed to have an answer for that.

* * *

May 15th, 2005

Blackbird Safehouse 476

New York, NY, USA

The videofeed from Blackbird wasn’t the best in quality, but it was more than detailed enough for Crow and Raven to see how upset their boss was. Of course, they could pick up how upset he was even if he were talking to them through a paper cup and string.

Blackbird was pissed.

“You two have been on this Stall case far too long,” Blackbird said. “I can’t believe one man could be so lucky to escape you twice. What the hell are you doing wrong?”

“Stall’s an enigma,” Raven said, frowning as she sat back in her chair. “We don’t know why we’re trying to kill him. Perhaps if we knew what he was doing -”

“You know I can’t tell you that,” Blackbird said. “I don’t even know.”

“We’ll get him next time,” Crow said. The large killer was still icing his knees where Burke had kicked them five days earlier.

“You’d better,” Blackbird said. “Or I’m going to-”

Suddenly, the image changed, and a new, more mechanical voice came over the line.

“Ah, Crow, Raven. Glad I caught you.”

The two killers frowned. It was Slide, the hacker they’d asked to break into the closed-circuit feed on the Hilton’s security cameras. “What do you want, Slide?” Raven asked.

“Got something for you,” Slide said, his or her mechanical voice still masking the real identity of the hacker. “You know how I said the person who’d gotten into the camera feeds ahead of me had some other carrier waves going on across town?”

“Vaguely,” Crow muttered.

“I’ve got one of those feeds. I think you should see it.”

With that, the image switched to an oddly angled shot of two women having sex on a couch.

“Wrong file, Slide,” Raven muttered.

“Oh, no,” Slide said. “This little scene was what one of those carrier waves was broadcasting. Recognize anyone?”

Both Crow and Raven leaned in closer, looking at the two women. Suddenly, Raven blinked. “It’s Call! Stall’s whore! And that’s the lesbian she was hitting on in the coffee shop the other day!”

“Huh?” Slide’s voice came back. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but the bald girl just happens to be Natalie Portman, star of stage, screen, and many a male fantasy. If this hit the internet, the man who sold it would be rich.”

“That’s Natalie Portman?” Raven asked. “What’d she do, have chemotherapy or something.”

“Shaved her head for a role,” Slide said. “You’re missing the point. Who was in the elevator with Stall just before you fucked up your attack.”

“Hilary Swank – Stall’s fond of famous women for sex partners.”

“He isn’t the only one,” Slide said.

“Oh my god,” Raven said suddenly. “This is it! This is what Stall’s doing! He’s TAPING himself having sex with all these women! And he’s sending his call girl out to fuck other ones!”

“Why?” Crow asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Raven said. “Blackmail. Once he’s got enough, he’ll hit up all these women for money, and get it, too. You think Natalie Portman wants her lesbian sex tape on the internet?”

“So, we know what he’s doing,” Crow said. “How does that help us?”

“It doesn’t,” Slide’s voice came back “But I can.”

“What do you mean?” Crow asked.

“The next time he uses one of these carrier waves of his, I can track it. You’ll know just when to catch him with his pants down. Literally.”

“And this time,” Raven said. “No one will stand in our way. Richard Stall is as good as dead.

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