Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 27: Cat And Mouse, Part 3

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 27: Cat & Mouse, Part 3

M/F, FF, Voyeur

Kate Hudson, Thora Birch

Disclaimer: The following is fiction. For those of you
with only a fourth grade education, that means “made
up” or “not real.” It never happened. Sure, it would
be super cool if it DID happen, but it didn’t. Someone
would have noticed if it did, trust me. Anyway, don’t
read if you’re too young or don’t like sex for some
reason. Otherwise, enjoy, and remember our word for
the day – Fiction.

May 30th, 2005

Isla Fortuna,

Off the Coast of Miami, Florida,

“Your timing could be better, Lambert.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Stall, but I thought you’d like to know that I’m getting a feed right now.”

Richard Stall frowned. “Now? On who?”

“Kate Hudson. She’s actually back here in New York. We had her apartment tapped all month, but she’s been out of town most of that time. Now she’s back.”

“But how long before she has sex?” Stall asked. “Is her husband even there with her?”

“No, but she’s not alone, and the two of them seem to be very close.”

“Who else is there?” Stall asked.

“Get this – it’s Thora Birch.”

“Are you certain?” Stall asked.

“With those tits? Yeah, I’m certain. I can send you a feed.”

“Do it,” Stall said. “I’ll rally the troops.”

* * *

Several minutes later Stall was joined in the kitchen of the rental house by Michael Burke and Marissa Call. The two young American’s watched and listened as Lambert gave them a run down on what was going on with the new video feeds.

“I didn’t know Thora Birch and Kate Hudson knew each other,” Burke said. “Let alone were lesbian lovers.” On the screen, it was clear that Kate and Thora were just that – lesbian lovers. They were squeezed into the shower in Kate’s New York apartment, kissing and rubbing each other’s naked bodies.

“They were both in that ‘Almost Famous’ movie,” Marissa pointed out. “They were both ‘Band Aides.’”

“Huh?” Burke asked.

“Haven’t you ever seen the movie?”

“Nope,” Burke said. “But if they lap pussy in it, I’ll rent it ASAP.”

On the screen, Thora had lowered herself down onto her knees, and as the water washed over Kate’s bug-bite tits, Thora shoved her tongue into the blonde’s folds.

“They played groupies,” Marissa said. “You’d like it.”

“I’ll have to give it a try,” Burke admitted.

“Back on topic,” Stall said. “Lambert, I know this is in New York, and that leaves out the chance of people using this signal to find me, but what about hacking in to see what we’re doing? You said that was a threat.”

“It is,” Lambert’s voice came through the speakers, seemingly at odds with the image of Thora Birch sucking on Kate Hudson’s clit. “The problem is two-fold. Anyone can track the signals, that’s not hard. Any time you broadcast anything, it can be triangulated rather easily. It wouldn’t surprise me if every broadcast we made was tracked by someone somewhere. The thing is that our broadcasts are so encrypted that it makes finding out what’s on them difficult.”

“We know this,” Marissa said. “Can we go back to watching the porn now?”

“My point,” Lambert went on, “Is that someone was hacking into our signals, which means they were looking for them. Now, I made sure we were in some real rare frequency areas – channels no one has ever or will ever use. So it’s not like we’re bothering others with our signals. No, someone had to go looking for us. And that means they’re looking for Mr. Stall.”

“Maybe they just like watching porn,” Burke suggested. On the screen, Kate was shoving Thora’s head deeper into her crotch, her face a mask of pleasure.

“How could they know what’s on it if they haven’t hacked it yet?” Stall asked.

“They don’t know what’s on it,” Lambert said, “But they know who. At least, they know it’s Mr. Stall. There’s no way this could be anyone other than the people who tried to kill you at the New York Hilton, Boss. When they hacked into the same security cameras I was already hacked into, they became aware of our broadcasts.”

“Can we change the broadcasts so they can’t hack them?”

“I can change the encrypt pretty easily,” Lambert said. On the screen, Thora was standing up down, and Kate was turning her around. The smaller breasted woman quickly started sticking her fingers inside Thora from behind. “But it won’t be long before they hack those, either. Now, I’m working on a system where the encrypt changes every time we broadcast, but it’ll take me a month or so to work it up. I’ll have the new watches and whatnot ready when we all get back to England in July.”

“That’s wonderful, Lambert, but this is our only chance to be in South America,” Stall said. “I need at least one South American celeb, and she needs to be doing it on the continent.”

“You can still use the cameras you’ve got now,” Lambert said. “And I’ll keep an eye on the signals, making sure if it starts to get hacked that I throw some extra encrypt on top and warn you to hurry up.”

“It may not be enough,” Stall said as he watched Kate Hudson drop down to her knees and start eating out Thora Birch from behind as the water flowed over both of them. “If we can be triangulated at any time-”

“Think about it, Boss,” Lambert said. “If they were going to triangulate you, they would’ve done so by now. And, honestly, unless they knew within a few city blocks where you were to begin with, by the time they got to where you were screwing the babe of the day, you’d be long gone. And more importantly, they know that. If you stick to your schedule of not staying more than a week in any one place in South America, you should be fine.”

“But what about when we go back to England?” Burke asked as he watched Thora Birch orgasm all over Kate Hudson’s face. “I mean, your residence isn’t exactly secret, Boss.”

“When we get back to England, I’ll have to hire some real security, Michael. I’m sorry, but I need more than just you to protect me.”

“Hey, no skin off my nose,” Burke said. “The fewer people shooting at me, the better. I’ll be more than happy to go back to being just your limo driver.”

“I guess it’s settled then,” Stall said. “We’ll keep on the move for the next month, and when we get home we’ll fortify the castle. Maybe then things can get back to normal.”

“I guess we better get back to packing then,” Marissa sighed.

“Huh?” Burke said.

“Plane doesn’t leave until tomorrow at noon, Marissa,” Stall said.

“Which means I only have that long to pack up all my sexy swimsuits and short-shorts. We’re going to South America, home of the Brazilian Thong and the Brazilian Wax. I damn well better be looking sexy if I’m going to compete down there.”

* * *

May 30th, 2005

Miami Radison Hotel,

Miami, Florida, USA

“Look at this,” Agnes Stone said, pointing towards the records she had in front of her on the bed. “Stall was in England around the time the broadcasts started, then traveled to Europe just before the broadcasts started there. His visa record puts him in almost every city where a broadcast was made. Then he goes to South Africa, where he’s only there for a week or so, but during that time he gets caught up with Zico Nures and Nures ends up dead around the same time the broadcasts stop. Then nothing for almost two full months, during which time Stall was trying to disentangle himself from the legal repercussions that came out of the Nures affair. He then travels to New York City earlier this month where the broadcasts spike dramatically until they shift down here to Miami, where we just happen to find Stall. It’s got to be him.”

“No game, Agnes,” Daniel Coach muttered, entering from the adjoining room. “I just checked the computer. There was another broadcast.”

“Where?” she asked.

“Back up in New York City.”

“Stall?” Stone asked.

“Still on that Island here in Miami.”

Stone frowned. “So it’s not just him. He’s got to be involved somehow.”

“I don’t know, Agnes,” Coach said. “There’s a good chance that he isn’t.”

“He owns three or four different communications companies!” Stone said.

“And maybe he’s just testing out some kind of new cellphone,” Coach came back. “I mean, these broadcasts aren’t even hurting anyone.”

“The Americans seem to think so,” Stone muttered, remembering how the CIA had shown up at Scotland Yard, demanding all their information on the broadcasts.

“The Americans just want a victory or two in their War on Terror,” Coach muttered. “They’ve been jumping on anything and everything lately.”

Stone shook her head. “I still think he’s got something to do with this.”

“Then maybe you should go ask him,” Coach muttered. “He’s got tickets to Brazil tomorrow. Maybe if you flat out ask him, he’ll tell you.”

Stone thought about that for a long moment. “Maybe I’ll do just that.”

* * *

May 30th, 2005

Isla Fortuna,

Off the Coast of Miami, Florida, USA

“You have got to be kidding me!” Marissa call giggled as Michael Burke slowly pulled her panties down from under her skirt.

“C’mon, baby, let me have you,” Burke said, smiling himself.

“You know Stall’s still awake.”

“Who cares?” Burke asked, lowering his pants and exposing massive erection. “I’ve gotta have you.”

“You had me last night,” Marissa said as Burke lowered her to the bed in her room.

“So. I want more,” he said, smiling as he slid himself into Marissa’s already wet crotch. “And it seems like you want me, too.”

“Just be quiet – I don’t want Stall to know we’re dating yet.”

“Why not?” Burke asked as he started slowly thrusting in and out of her pussy.

“I just don’t,” she answered. “Now shut up and fuck me – quietly.”

“You’re the boss,” Burke replied.

* * *

Downstairs, Stall was going over the stock market reports from London, and enjoying a quiet cup of tea, having no idea that sex was going on upstairs. Outside of the little Kate Hudson/Thora Birch show earlier, he hadn’t thought much about sex since his encounter with Kate Bosworth got interrupted by Lambert’s warning. He now had 40 of the 80 women he needed, and three out of the six continents. He was, essentially, halfway through his quest for 80 babes from around the world and winning that bet. And he had 7 months to get the same number he’d gotten in 5. Off hand, it shouldn’t have been a problem.

But there were people trying to find him, kill him, and do who knows what else. Apparently Scotland Yard was picking up on Lambert’s broadcasts, and that Inspector Stone had almost pinned the whole thing on Stall already. And his businesses were faltering. Considering the expenses he’d accrued over the last five months, and the extra security he’d have to hire upon his return to England, Stall HAD to win the Timekeeper’s bet. Without that extra 25 Million Pounds added to his income, there was a good chance he wouldn’t even be eligible to be a member of the Club next year.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Puzzled, Stall got up and went to answer it. Since they’d arrived on the island, no one had bothered them at all – the maids had come only when Stall and the others were out of the house. And considering how late it was, it was odd that someone would come calling – it was almost 10 p.m.!

Stall opened the door to find the weather had changed – rain now poured down from the skies, and lightning lit the horizon that usually showed Miami proper. But that wasn’t what surprised Stall. No, it was the presence of a rather drenched International Inspector Agnes Stone standing on his doorstep that surprised Stall.

“Inspector! Come in, come in. Do you need a towel?” Stall asked, shocked to see her.

“Yes, that would be wonderful,” Stone muttered. Her pink cami-top and blue jeans were drenched, and her red hair was plastered to her face. “At least the rain here in Miami isn’t a cold rain.”

“What on earth are you doing here?” Stall asked, grabbing a couple of towels from the kitchen and handing them to Stone. “Come to take me up on my dessert offer?”

“Hardly,” Stone said. “I need some information, Mr. Stall. I need to know what you’re doing here in America. And Europe. And Africa.”

“I don’t follow,” Stall said, pouring Stone a cup of tea as the inspector dried off her face as best she could.

“I think you do, Mr. Stall. And I need answers. I followed a trail here to Miami, and here you are. I need to know what you’re up to, or I’m going to start to think you’re up to no good.”

“A trail?” Stall asked.

That was as far as he got. Stone had a strange look come over her face as she looked up at Stall, and then, as he was about to hand her the tea he’d poured, she jumped on him, pushing him to the floor.

And that was when with window exploded in a hail of bullets, cutting across the spot Stall had just been standing.

* * *

The worst part of it all, Michael Burke would decide later, was that he was probably no more than five or six strokes shy of getting off inside Marissa Call when the attack began. The sound of glass shattering and bullets blasting into the house was more than enough to break the mood.

Marissa screamed as she heard the noise, and somehow, that attracted the attention of whoever was shooting, because the next thing Burke knew, shots were flying in her window, following a laser pointer dancing on the ceiling. Doing the only thing he could think of, he grabbed Marissa and rolled the two of them off the bed, hitting the floor on his back with a thud and pulling her close to him.

“Stay down!” he yelled as the incoming fire shifted downstairs again. “I need to get to my room.”

“What?” Marissa cried. “What for?”

“My gun,” Burke answered flatly. “I already packed it.”

* * *

“How the hell is it that you don’t have a gun on you?” Stall asked as he scurried around the corner right behind Agnes Stone.

“I work for Scotland Yard – we don’t usually pack firepower – especially in other countries,” Stone snapped. “Don’t you have a bodyguard by now?”

“He’s upstairs,” Stall muttered. “I hope.”

“Wonderful,” Stone muttered. Suddenly, there was another crash of glass, followed by yet another one upstairs.

“Sounds like they’re coming inside,” Stone said.

* * *

Burke made it as far as the hallway before the window at the end of it came crashing in. This time, instead of just a rain of bullets, a large man dressed all in black came flying in on a rope. And as soon as he landed, Burke knew he was in trouble.

“You!” Crow roared. “Wonderful! I’m so going to fuck you up, little man, that you’ll think what I did back to you in New York was a walk in the park!”

Burke got to his feet, wishing he’d bothered to put pants on first.

Crow saw the state of dress his opponent was in and laughed aloud. “Oh, this is too good! You’re already half naked for me! This is going to be fun.”

* * *

Stall crouched low behind the couch in the living room, hoping that both Burke and Marissa were still alive and well upstairs. Stone had shoved him back here and quickly vanished, telling him to stay put. Thanks to a rather conveniently placed mirror he could see into the hallway beyond the living room. Stall could now see a masked gunman slowly heading towards him. Clad all in black, the gunman wore night-vision goggles and held his assault riffle ready to spray anyone who got in his way. So far, he hadn’t spotted Stall’s hiding spot, but that wasn’t likely to last. For a long, dreadful moment, Stall figured his life was over.

And then, as the gunman stepped into the living room, a fist came flying out, smashing into his head, and sending the gun clattering to the floor. Suddenly, Agnes Stone was wrestling with the attacker!

Stall had never been so glad to see Scotland Yard in his life!

* * *

The first large, meaty fist slammed into Burke’s stomach just as he was running towards the large invader. As Burke doubled over, another large fist slammed into his back, dropping him to the floor like he was a rag doll.

“You’re making this too easy,” Crow said as he hefted Burke off the floor by the scruff of his neck. “You put up more of a fight in New York.”

“I’m just getting warmed up,” Burke said, throwing a kick into Crow’s kneecap. The large man grunted slightly, then laughed.

“You have got some balls on you boy.” With that, Crow looked down between Burke’s legs. “Though they seem to have pulled up inside right now. I kinda thought you would be bigger, boy.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Burke said, trying to kick his attacker in the groin. He missed by about two inches, eliciting another laugh and another sucker punch to the gut.

* * *

“Who the hell are you?” Raven asked as Agnes Stone ripped the night-vision goggles off her face as the two rolled about on the floor. When Raven had tried to blow Stall’s head off from outside earlier, she’d assumed the woman he’d been talking to was the Call girl. Now, though, it was clearly not, and that was trouble.

“Stone,” the other woman said as she rolled over on top of Raven. “Scotland Yard.”

“You have GOT to be kidding me,” Raven snarled.

“It’s a girl?” Stall’s voice came from behind the couch. Stone looked over, not only giving away Stall’s position, but giving Raven the opening she needed. Quickly, she shoved her foot up under the Stone woman’s stomach and kicked hard, flipping her off and onto the floor. Raven got to her feet, and pulled her pistol out of it’s holster. She aimed it at the couch Stall was hiding behind-

-And yelped in pain as a lamp crashed into her gun hand, flinging the pistol away. And then the Stone woman was on her again, and the wrestling began anew.

* * *

Burke had lost track of the number of hits his head had taken by the time Crow threw him into the nearest room. Burke landed with a thud against the foot of his own bed, and saw stars spinning around him. He wasn’t in as bad a shape as he had been when he first ran into this guy in New York, but there he knew help was only seconds away. Now, this guy might have all night. And if he wasn’t alone, then both Marissa and Stall were in grave danger.

Burke tried to rise, but was knocked back down as one of Crow’s massive hands wrapped around his neck, forcing him back down. Looking up, Burke saw the big man hovering above him, smiling maniacally.

“I usually do this stuff for fun,” Crow said. “But the best part about what’s about to happen to you is that I’m getting paid for it.”

As Burke struggled for breath, Crow reached down towards his belt-

-when suddenly, something came flying up between his legs, connecting solidly with his crotch.

Crow’s eyes went wide, and for a long second, it looked like he was going to throw up. His hand lessened it’s grip on Burke’s throat just in time for another blow to hit his crotch.

This time, Crow dropped to the floor in pain, exposing Marissa Call standing behind him with one of the complimentary golf clubs that were left in the house.

“I brought your pants,” Marissa said as she helped Burke to his feet.

* * *

Stone took a nasty hit from the palm of Raven’s hand to the chin, forcing her to roll off the other woman. As she hit the floor, Stone stretched out her legs and scissored them, catching the other woman before she could really get going. Stone heard her opponent hit the floor, and then rushed to get to her feet-

-Just in time to get a boot to the chest, knocking her down again.

“You are a serious pain in the ass, Scotland Yard,” the woman said as she hovered over Stone.

“You’re no picnic either, bitch,” Stone swore, kicking the attacker in the gut. The other woman doubled over, but didn’t fall. It did give Stone just enough time to get to her feet. And then there was a fist filling Stone’s vision. She managed to turn so that it didn’t break her nose, but it sent her falling to her knees.

“What is it with Stall’s people?” The attacker said, slamming a kick to Stone’s gut. “I’ve never seen a bunch of people harder to kill.”

“I like to surround myself with the best.”

Raven spun around, just in time for Stall to slam a wooden chair down on her shoulders. She collapsed to the floor in a heap, followed by the pieces of the chair that had broken off in Stall’s hands.

“Your timing could be better, Stall,” Stone muttered as she got to her feet.

“Wouldn’t want you to think I was trying to rescue you when you could handle things on your own,” Stall muttered.

Suddenly, Burke and Marissa were running down the stairs.

“Time to go,” Burke said, still trying to buckle his pants. “Our upstairs company should be on his feet any second now, and he’s mean.”

Marissa, who’s bra was visible through her open blouse, pointed towards the garage. “The limo!”

“Forget the luggage, we’re headed for the airport,” Stall said, pushing the others towards the garage.

The four of them raced out, hearing a roar of rage from Crow upstairs just before they leapt into the car.

“Floor it, Michael!” Marissa screamed. The limo lurched and tore out before the garage door was even all the way up.

“There goes my security deposit,” Stall muttered.

“Who the hell were those people?” Stone demanded.

“That, Inspector, is a question I’d very much like to have answered.”

Stone gave Stall a long, hard look. “It wasn’t Heidi Klum they were after in Germany, was it, Stall?”

“We don’t know that for sure,” Stall said, sheepishly.

“It was you.”

Stall sighed. “Inspector, I desperately need to catch a plane. Is there somewhere I can drop you?”

“You owe me answers, Stall.”

“As soon as I have them, I’ll be sure to get them to you, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m not saying anything to anyone from any law agency without my lawyer present.”

“This isn’t over, Stall,” Stone said. “Not by a long shot.”

Stall sighed, looking out the back window towards the rental house that had nearly become his tomb. “No, it’s not, is it?”

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