Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 31: Party Crashers

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 31: Party Crashers

M/F, anal

Paulina Rubio

Disclaimer: The Following Story contains sexual acts
between more-or-less consenting adults, as well as
some violence towards the end, and a great number of
large words that the Author really hopes he used
propperly. If you’re opposed to sex, violence, or
possible vocab/spelling mistakes, don’t read any
further. If you aren’t old enough to spot the possible
vocab/spelling errors, you shouldn’t be reading,
either. Everyone else, enjoy!

June 23rd, 2005


Mexico City, Mexico

As Mexican pop singer Paulina Rubio ground her pussy down on to his dick, Michael Burke marveled at just how good his life was. Ignoring the fact that he was – once again – fucking a famous international babe, Burke had a great job, a girlfriend who let him sleep with other women, and traveled the world at the behest of a wealthy Englishman whose sole purpose in life was to videotape famous women having sex. Burke frequently got to be the one to have sex with these women, and he enjoyed every moment of it.

“Oh, yes,” Paulina hissed as she rocked back and forth atop Burke, using his hard black cock to hit her G-spot repeatedly. “You’re so big!” she moaned.

Burke responded by thrusting his hips up as hard as he could, nearly bouncing the tiny girl off him. She shrieked, then moaned again as the pleasure of her body sliding back down atop Burke’s manhood shot through her brain. Soon she was happily bouncing up and down on Burke’s shaft. For his part, Burke put his large hands over Paulina’s impressive breasts and squeezed happily.

He wasn’t entirely sure how he’d ended up having sex with one of Mexico’s top pop stars, but he wasn’t complaining a bit about it. Earlier that evening, he’d been down at the Radison’s bar, having a few drinks with his girlfriend, Marissa Call. Suddenly, Marissa smiled at him, promised to be right back, and vanished. When she returned, she was tugging Paulina along. Burke assumed Marissa’s first inclination had been to have a threesome with Paulina, but the singer only had eyes for Burke – and more specifically, his penis. She had started fondling Burke’s crotch right there, completely ignoring Marissa as the young blonde fondled the singer’s ass.

Somehow, Paulina had gotten Burke to her hotel room, and had all but started to rape the young American; Burke suspected that the Mexican beauty was going to have his cock inside her wether he wanted to put it there or not.

Since then, Marissa had vanished. Burke hoped she was doing all right – he would’ve rather had her in the bed with him and Paulina, too, but it was more important that they got the footage of Paulina rocking his world.


The voice inside Burke’s head belonged to Tomas Lambert, the computer/chemical/camera expert Richard Stall employed to get the footage of celebs having sex. Burke was wired with two different cameras as he fucked Paulina – one in a tiny cross around his neck, the other in his watch he’d carefully placed on the bedside stand, facing the action to come. Burke also wore an ear piece that let Lambert speak to him in case of an emergency. Or if Lambert just felt talkative, which seemed far more frequent.

Burke grunted in response to Lambert, hoping not to disturb Paulina’s efforts.

“I got a message here for you from Marissa,” Lambert said. “She wants you to have fun and not to worry about her. She’ll meet you down in the bar when you’re done.”

Burke smiled at that. He really was a lucky man.

Suddenly, with a surge of energy, Burke flipped Paulina over onto her back and mounted her.

“My turn to be on top,” he said, as he started fucking the little starlet hard.

Paulina moaned approvingly.

* * *

Down in the Radison’s bar, Marissa Call was on her third vodka tonic in the last forty minutes. She had been hoping to get in on the action with Paulina – Marissa was actually a fan of her music, having loved her English-language album – but understood that some women just wanted some hard cock. And Michael Burke certainly had a hard cock.

Marissa was smiling about the thought of Michael’s rock hard penis when she received a tap on her shoulder. Turning around, Marissa found herself face-to-face with a large man in a suit and sunglasses in the middle of the night.

“Marissa Call?” he asked.

“Yes?” she said slowly.

“I have someone who wants to meet you.”

“Who?” Marissa asked carefully.

“A friend of a friend of yours,” the man said, taking Marissa by the arm and dragging her through the bar.

* * *

Paulina Rubio’s bubble-shaped butt slammed back into Burke’s crotch as he fucked her ass. He wasn’t even sure how long they’d been going at it now, having lost track of time after his first orgasm. That was two orgasms ago for him, four for Paulina. Now, as he plunged himself deep into her rear entrance, Burke wondered how much longer this would go on. He hated thinking of poor Marissa sitting down at the bar alone.

Suddenly, Lambert’s voice came back in his ear. “Burke, you aren’t going to believe this, but your girlfriend just scored herself another celebrity date.”

“What?” Burke said aloud.

“I said fuck my ass!” Paulina demanded, gripping the headboard of the bed for dear life.

Burke redoubled his efforts, knowing that he wouldn’t last much longer at this rate.

“Seems that another of her old whore contacts came through,” Lambert said casually. Marissa had been a high-price call girl before Burke and Stall had met her. Burke tried not to think about it too much, but Marissa did have a few hot female celebrity clients, and Stall loved it when she could get him a tape high might have missed otherwise.

“HARDER!” Paulina screamed. Burke reached around and grabbed a breast with one hand as he continued to pound the singer’s ass.

“Yep, your girlfriend has a date set with Salma Hayek for the night of the de la Graza party. Seems Salma’s quite fond of Marissa, having fucked her in France last year. Who knew, right?”

The mental image of his girlfriend sucking of Salma Hayek’s breasts was more than enough to send Burke over the edge. Fortunately for him, as he shot his load into Paulina’s ass, the young pop singer came as well, collapsing onto the bed beneath him.

Exhausted, the two sex partners lay there panting for several minutes. Paulina seemed to be quite happy, but all Burke could think about was how lucky he was – after all, when his girlfriend went to have her lesbian play date with Salma Hayek, he’d get to watch the whole thing on tape later.

* * *

June 25th, 2005

The de la Graza Hacienda

Just North of Saltillo, Mexico

“I appreciate your hospitality,” Richard Stall muttered as the two armed men frisked him thoroughly. “But, really, I can take care of myself.”

Garcia de la Graza smiled at that. “From what I’ve heard of your adventures in Africa and Miami, I have no doubt that’s true, Mr. Stall,” the drug lord replied casually as he sipped his morning coffee. “But I have many enemies, and you have a bad habit of being followed by trouble, Mr. Stall. Trouble I don’t need.”

“I can be off your property in half an hour,” Stall reminded him, sitting down to a rather large breakfast spread.

“As your companions have proven several times since you arrived on my helicopter four days ago,” de la Graza said. “They seem quite fond of Mexico City, even though it’s several hours away.”

“Blame my driver, Mr. Burke,” Stall said, helping himself to some fresh toast. “He loves to drive, and the car you lent them to get about is a bit flashy.”

“Bah, a mere Subaru Imprezza,” de la Graza said, waiving his hand dismissively.

“That you had modified for racing standards,” Stall pointed out. “You could run that car in NASCAR, yet you lend it out to reluctant guests.”

“It belonged to my cousin,” de la Graza said casually. “He was quite fond of American racing – until he was killed by my rivals. The car is meaningless to me.”

“I’m sorry if I brought up some bad memories,” Stall said.

Again, de la Graza waved his hand. “It’s nothing. Now, my daughter’s birthday is on Tuesday. Once the party is over, I will get you, your companions, and my daughter to the airport. I assume you can get her safely to England then.”

“I can,” Stall said. “And then you’ll leave Mr. Alomar and his coffee business alone?”

“I will do more than that,” de la Graza replied. “I have all my stocks in his company – forty-three percent of the company’s total stock options – in a sealed briefcase that my daughter will carry with her. When she arrives in London, she will give the briefcase to you, and you will be the largest owner of Alomar’s business. A large chunk of his Sanchez Brand gourmet coffee business will be yours to do with as you wish.”

“And if I choose to give those stocks back to Pedro Alomar?” Stall asked.

“I could not care less what you do with those stocks,” de la Graza said, sipping some more coffee. “My relatives will be waiting at the airport for my daughter. Once I know she’s with them, I have no business at all with Alomar Coffee Exports.”

“And no business with me, either,” Stall said.

“Indeed,” de la Graza replied.

Somehow, Stall had the feeling that wasn’t quite the truth.

* * *

June 28th, 2005

Radison Hotel

Mexico City, Mexico

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?” Michael Burke asked as Marissa Call kissed him on the cheek.

“No, Salma wants me alone,” Marissa smiled down at him. “But tell you what – when I get back, and we’ve got a moment alone, we’ll watch the tape together.”

“You always know the right thing to say to a guy,” Burke smiled at her.

She leaned in and kissed him. “You know something?” she asked suddenly.

“What’s that?”

“I think I just might be falling in love with you, Michael Burke.”

“Oh really?” Burke asked, smiling.

“Really,” Marissa responded.

“I’ll have to keep that in mind,” Burke smiled.

“You’d better,” Marissa said sternly.

“I will.”

“Good.” She kissed him again. “I’ll call you later when I need to be picked up.”

“You’d better,” Burke replied.

“I will,”

With that, Burke drove off, heading back towards the de la Graza Hacienda.

* * *

June 28th, 2005

The de la Graza Hacienda

Just North of Saltillo, Mexico

“I don’t suppose I’m invited to this party tonight,” Richard Stall said as he and Garcia de la Graza walked up the stairs in the center of the Hacienda.

“Actually, you’re to be one of the guests of honor,” de la Graza said. “After all, you will be escorting my daughter to England, you should be there when she spends her last night with her family.”

“I’m afraid that my traveling companions may not be able to attend, then,” Stall said.

“Yes, they left earlier this afternoon,” de la Graza said. “I understand Miss Call has business in Mexico City?”

“Business for me, really,” Stall said, “but she enjoys her work.”

“I’m sure,” de la Graza said. “I understand Mr. Burke is on his way back.”

“He’ll need to be ready to depart whenever Miss Call requires pick-up. I assume that it’ll be okay for him to take one of your cars once more.”

“It will be,” de la Graza said as the two men rounded the corner and headed down the hall.

Had they remained in the stairwell, or even headed down the other direction of the hallway, they would have passed a young woman, clad in classic French Maid style, with a short black dress, lined in white, and showing off plenty of impressive cleavage and legs. This same women, with jet black hair, would certainly have noticed them.

Because she was there to kill one of them.

Raven and her partner Crow had slipped past de la Graza’s defenses early in the morning, and had been moving about slowly all day. Raven’s assignment was to draw up a series of distractions for de la Graza’s guards while Crow killed Richard Stall and any of his companions who got in the way. From the sound of what she’d just overheard, the Call woman, at least, would not be an issue. Burke, on the other hand, might be.

Still, that wasn’t Raven’s concern. She still had several “distractions” to plant.

Raven had hoped that killing Stall would be as easy as a sniper shot taken from range, but more than once the man had escape their efforts to kill him. They had until the end of the year to complete the contract of the Englishman, but the longer this mission went on, the fewer new missions Raven and Crow were given. Their boss, the enigmatic Blackbird, was already far from pleased that it had taken them this long to get Stall.

The two assassins had slipped in through a less-than-well-guarded sluice pipe that led off de la Graza’s property. Avoiding the more than 100 guards the Drug Lord employed wasn’t easy, so the two hired killers had to move quietly. Crow was very slowly making his way to Stall’s room, while Raven traveled about, laying the distractions. To do so, she decided to hide in plain sight. De la Graza, like many men with large amounts of money, preferred to employ as many scantily clad females as he could for any legitimate reason. Finding one of de la Graza’s maids was easy – finding one who’s outfit would fit Raven was a bit harder, but not impossible.

Hiding that maid’s body in the hacienda’s compost pile nearly halfway across the property without being seen had been considerably more difficult.

But now Raven had her disguise, and it worked like a charm. She had walked past several dozen of de la Graza’s guards now, and the only thing they had paid any attention to at all was her tits and ass. And the best part was that de la Graza had a hands-off policy for the help – no fucking when you should be working – and none of the guards dare do more than look at her.

Raven and Crow had one problem with hitting Stall while he was a guest of de la Graza. Getting in wasn’t a problem, but getting out again was. After all, even if they killed Stall with complete silence, sneaking out the way they came would take just a little too long. De la Graza didn’t hire fools – as soon as Stall’s body was found, the entire complex would be searched. And while Crow and Raven had fought off worse numbers before, they certainly didn’t WANT to battle that many armed men. Especially while running away.

So in order to pull off their escape, Raven was setting up some distractions. The biggest one was the half pound of explosives on the old Anti-Aircraft cannon de la Graza kept on the property. De la Graza certainly had enough enemies, and when his secret piece of artillery went up in a huge blast, his first thought would be that he was under attack. When the smaller bombs she set under some of his jeeps start going off, things would get more confusing.

The plan, such as it was, was to have Crow signal her as soon as Stall was dead. Then she’d set off the bombs, leading the guards in the wrong direction, and then the assassins would escape in the other direction.

That, of course, assumed that nothing went wrong. Raven had learned in her career that something almost always went wrong. And when dealing with Richard Stall, things didn’t just go wrong, they went disastrously.

Raven slipped down the stairs and out of the main hacienda once more. She did her best to avoid any of the other women on the property, for while her breasts would make the men ignore her, they wouldn’t work on most of the women. Raven made her way to the barn. De la Graza kept a healthy drug factory under the hacienda, but the loading elevator to the level two stories underground was actually in the barn. Ten guards were always on station in the drug level, along with any number of workers.

The large cargo elevator ran on a massive hydraulic lift. This served to be able to life the heavy transport trucks de la Graza used the bring in and ship out his drugs, but it also presented a unique problem for Raven – if she wanted to keep the ten guards down there from coming up, she’d have to find a way to disable that elevator. She’d already rigged the two personal elevators in the hacienda itself, so that left the hydraulic one. With any luck, some other guards would be trapped in other below-ground level, too.

To take out the hydraulic lift, Raven would normally have to get down underneath, where the giant arms that pushed the large slab of steel up to the top were. Normally, Raven would set off an explosive where the two arms met, and take them both out. However, she didn’t have nearly the time to sneak underground and set up that kind of explosive. Instead, she had to find a way to lock the elevator at the top.

The first thing she did was set an ounce of plastique on the underside of the elevator control panel. When the signal that set off the other explosives went off, this one ounce would trash the upper controls. That wouldn’t prevent anyone from below from using the elevator at all. She hit one piece of luck when she found the giant hydraulic lift already at the top. From underneath her maid’s outfit, she took a long strip of wire that looked like an almost clay-like string. She’d stashed it along with many of the other explosives she’d been setting up all day, underneath her outfit – not many maids carried backpacks filled with bombs.

Raven quickly cut the wire into four equal-length segments. This wire was made of concentrated thermite. When ignited, it burned hot – very hot. Hot enough to melt through just about anything. Laying the thermite strips along the edges of the steel elevator, Raven planned to use them to actually fuse the elevator in place. No matter what floor the elevator was on, the thermite would weld it in place almost instantly. In all the other explosions and chaos, no one would notice the bright flare that would last no more than ten seconds. The only problem would be if the elevator was actually in use – which would be unlikely during the massive party de la Graza was throwing.

With all the elevators running to the bottom floor set to be out of commission, Raven had one last job to be take care of. She had to find Richard Stall, and make sure Crow knew when he was coming.

* * *

Burke arrived back on the Hacienda just as the massive party for Elana de la Graza got started. Sliding the car past the main gate, he drove it into the parking garage on the first level of the mansion, and got out. He gave half a thought to just going up stairs and catching a quick nap, but decided he’d best check in with Stall first.

The guards, who were all dressed in their very finest with weapons concealed, were happy to lead him to where Stall and de la Graza watched the young Elana dance around happily with some of her friends. Elana was lovely, though she looked older than 19 – Burke would’ve put her in her twenties easily. However, that might just be the life she lead – according to de la Graza, his daughter had nearly been killed by rivals on seven different occasions, three in the last four months alone.

Burke didn’t like the idea of dealing with this woman or her father, but that was Stall’s call to make, and he’d made it. Besides, in three days, they’d never see her again.

“Boss,” Burke said, sliding up next to Stall.

“How’d it go?”

“She’s there and ready to work,” Burke said – they’d all agreed that de la Graza had no need to know who Marissa was meeting and what she’d be doing.

“Good,” Stall said.

“Listen, if it’s no big deal, I’d like to go grab a nap before I’ve gotta run out again,” Burke said.

“You won’t stay for the party?” de la Graza asked.

“I need some sleep before I run out again, or I’m going to crash that car you keep lending me.”

“Suit yourself,” de la Graza. “I can have some food sent up later, if you’d like.”

“I can bring you something when I come,” Stall offered.

“Thanks, boss. Wish your daughter a happy Birthday for me, Senor de la Graza.”

“I will, Mr. Burke, I will,” de la Graza said, already looking back at his daughter and all but ignoring Burke and Stall.

Burke turned and headed back inside, feeling the strain of the day start to wear down on him. It had to be all the driving. De la Graza’s hacienda was far enough away from Mexico City to make the trip a serious haul, and Burke had been running back and forth for the better part of a week now. And while he certainly slept at night, usually it wasn’t until he and Marissa had finished making love, which took a good hour or two away from his sack time each day easily. Not that he was complaining, but the chance to just catch some sleep was too tempting to ignore.

He passed a maid with raven black hair and breasts that seemed to light up the hallway, and then turned to head up the stairs. Quickly climbing up, Burke felt his eyes go weary. Truth be told, even if Marissa had been there right now, he didn’t think even the opportunity for sex with her would keep him up for long. Maybe only half an hour.

Of course, when he saw her later, they’d make love again, and that would take away even more sleep time – especially if she brought the video she’d make of Salma Hayek – which was certainly a possibility…

Burke reached the suite he and Marissa and Stall had been given and entered with a mighty yawn. He wasn’t even going to get undressed. He was just going to kick his shoes off and collapse on the bed until the phone rang. It sounded wonderful.

“Well, well, well. Look who we have here.”

It took literally half a second for Burke to remember the voice that was coming out of the darkness around him. But by then, it was already too late. A huge, meaty fist slammed into the side of Burke’s temple, sending him reeling to the ground. As he hit, his head banged against the wall, shaking him up even more. Before he could think to cry out, a massive foot slammed into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him and doubling him over.

Burke’s world swam about him as he struggled for air and to even realize what direction up was. Another blow slammed into his back, smashing him into what he assumed was the floor, and then another hit smashed his head against what he assumed was a wall, though from the way the room was spinning, it was impossible to tell.

Suddenly, hands were on his shoulders and he was lifted up and tossed into the air. From the glimpses of furniture he could see as he flew, he suspected he had been thrown across the room. He landed hard on the floor, his leg catching something and twisting him about. Pain was shooting all through his body, and he knew he was in bad shape.

His eyes straightened out just long enough to see the giant lumbering figure stand above him. Then another meaty fist slammed down into his head, nearly blasting him unconscious. Burke certainly wouldn’t had fought against going unconscious at this point – he felt nearly dead anyway.

“I’m so glad you came here before Stall did,” the voice said as Burke was lifted up again and thrown onto the couch. He landed oddly, his head bouncing against the hard armrest.

“See, I’ve owed you this ever since New York,” the voice went on, growing closer. Burke tried to get up, but a nasty backhand sent him falling onto the couch again. “And then your damned little whore got the better of me in Miami. She kicked me in the crotch twice! If she’d come in first, I would’ve cut her crotch out. But instead I get you. And what a lovely little treat you’re going to make.”

Burke tried to call for help, but could barely manage a gurgle. Suddenly, there were hands on his shirt. He braced himself to be thrown again, but this time the hands merely ripped the shirt open. Another nasty slap to the face sent Burke reeling once more, and before he could think to fight back, those same giant hands were ripping his pants off.

“You’re going to die, Burke,” the voice said. “And I’m going to enjoy killing you. But first, you and I are going to have some fun.”

Burke tried to ask “What the hell are you doing,” but all he managed was “Whaughell” before the man slammed his head down on the edge of the couch. Before Burke could move, the man flipped him over and grabbed his hands. Pinning his arms behind his back, the man shoved Burke down into the couch hard before trying his hands behind him with what felt like electrical cord.

“I know you like girls, Burke, and I can understand that. They’re beautiful creatures – my partner is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. But see, I’m not like you,” the man said. Suddenly, he yanked back on Burke’s head and shoved a large cloth into Burke mouth.

“If you’re going to scream, scream into that rag,” the man said. “I like the screaming, but even a sound-proof room like this can only cover so much. Can’t have me missing the call that your employer is on his way up.”

Burke, his head still spinning like a top, almost gagged on the rag, but said nothing.

“Now, while you’ve been sticking your little dick in every hot female hole you can find, I intend to make you realize what you’ve been missing,” the man said. Behind him, Burke heard the rustle of clothes. What the hell was going on.

Suddenly, the large hands were on his ass, and his boxer shorts were ripped off him.

And just as suddenly, Burke got a sinking feeling about what was to come next.

“But look at it this way,” the voice said, suddenly right next to Burke’s ear. “At least before you die, you’ll know what having sex with a real man is like.”

And suddenly, Michael Burke’s life wasn’t so good anymore…

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