Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 35: Before The Storm

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 35: Before The Storm

Warning: The Following is Fiction. Please take it as such. No celeb mentioned within was harmed during the
writing of this story, and probably wouldn’t do anything she’s shown doing within. Don’t Like? Don’t Read. See, that was easy.

July 9th, 2005

The Mansion of Richard Stall

London, England

“You’re assistant was very kind to schedule me a meeting with you, Mr. Stall. You’ve been very hard to reach since you

returned to England.”

“I’ve been busy,” Richard
Stall replied smoothly, gently sipping his tea. He was having a late breakfast – nearly ten in the

morning – but he felt it appropriate for this meeting. After all, it wasn’t every day one hosted an investigator from Scotland Yard.

Inspector Agnes Stone didn’t look much like a Scotland Yard inspector at the moment. Clad in a robin’s egg blue business

suit with a skirt that ended well above the knee, the red-headed police officer seemed far more appropriate for a business

meeting on the southern lawn of Stall’s mansion. Were it not for the insistent look in her eyes – and the fact that he questions

were no doubt going to bother Stall – he might have considered the breakfast a date.

“You’ve been busy all year, Mr. Stall. And every time I’ve run into you, you’ve been neck deep in trouble. So you’ll excuse

me if I take this opportunity to ask you some serious questions.”

“Had I thought you were going to do anything else, I would’ve canceled our breakfast,” Stall said.

“Of that, I’m sure,” Stone replied. “So, who is it that’s trying to kill you?”

Stall sighed. For the last several months, someone had been trying to kill him as he traveled across the globe, in search of

celebrity sex videos. So far, Stall was still alive, but he’d come very close to NOT being alive several times. With the last

attack, his bodyguard Michael Burke, had suffered a debilitating injury that left him in a wheelchair, possibly for life. Stall had

hired new, more experienced security, but he suspected that whoever was after him wasn’t going to give up.

This normally would’ve been a private matter that Stall would’ve handled himself – letting his security people deal with the

killers as they came. But in one of the more recent attacks, Inspector Stone had been with Stall when things had gone down,

and now Scotland Yard was aware that something was going on. And, as Stall had learned, once Agnes Stone determined to

investigate something, she didn’t stop until she had all the answers.

“If I knew, believe me, I would tell you,” Stall said. “But so far, other than the fact that the same two killers seem to be

behind these attacks, you know as much as I do.”

“Somehow, I doubt that,” Stone muttered. “Tell me, Mr. Stall, do you have any enemies?”

“Several,” Stall admitted. “Mostly business competitors who don’t care for my success. The occasional former employee

who didn’t care for how they were let go. Oh, and perhaps one or two jilted husbands.”

“Jilted husbands?” Stone asked.

“I’m popular with women,” Stall responded.

“So I understand. You’ve been seen with many women over the last few years, but in the past couple of months, your

social schedule has fallen dramatically, while the stature of your… ‘dates’ has risen.”

“Has it?” Stall asked, sipping more tea. “I hadn’t noticed.”

“When we first met, you had just gotten done sleeping with Heidi Klum, who went on to marry another man.”

“Heidi and I are old friends,” Stall pointed out.

“With the occasional sexual benefit on the side?”

“With the occasional sexual benefit on the side,” Stall confirmed.

“Shortly after you left Germany and your little rendezvous with Miss Klum, you got caught up in that incident in South

America with Angelina Jolie – who seems well set to me married soon, too.”

“I assume you have a point to make, Inspector Stone,” Stall said calmly.

“I do. That’s two famous women. Let me add a few more to the list – Christina Aguilera, who you had a less-than-private

encounter with in New York City a couple of months after you escaped South Africa. Then a short time later there was

American actress Vanessa Ferlito, who you had a very public date with prior to her leaving New York and her very lucrative TV

show for Los Angeles. And then there’s Hilary Swank – who was married at the time – who you were seen with in an elevator

just prior to another attack on one of your people. Do you see the same trend here I do, Mr. Stall?”

“I’m partial to shorter women?” Stall asked.

“You’re partial to celebrities,” Stone said flatly. “Frankly, I’m not too surprised. Many men who have your kind of wealth

develop a need for rich and famous women to spend time with.”

Stall smiled. “What’s the purpose in gathering great wealth if you can’t get greatly attractive women?”

Stone shook her head. “If you really believe that, Mr. Stall, than you’re a bigger pig than I thought you were.”

“And if I do really believe that?”

“Then I’m surprised you aren’t out in public with your celebrity of the week on your arm. Why have these famous women if

you can’t show them off to others?”

“You have a point there,” Stall admitted.

“But I don’t think you’re like that. I don’t see you out too often. You’re on the road too much to make having a celebrity

girlfriend worth the effort.”

“Well, there’s a great deal of truth to that,” Stall said. “But perhaps I’m just shopping around, looking for the right woman to

have on my arm.”

“No, you’re up to something, Mr. Stall,” Stone said, looking him directly in the eyes. “I know it, you know I know it, and

now it’s a game to see how long you can keep the secret from me.”

“Is that a threat?” Stall asked.

“It’s a promise, Mr. Stall,” Stone said, standing up. “My compliments to the cook. A wonderful breakfast.”

“I’m certain you have more questions,” Stall said, standing up.

“And I’m certain you aren’t going to answer them, Mr. Stall. You haven’t answered one yet.”

“Yes I have,” Stall retorted.

“Which one?”

“I told you that I have enemies.”

“And you don’t want to add me to that list, do you?” Stone shot back.

“No, I don’t,” Stall said honestly. “Despite how things seem, Inspector, I do appreciate the help you gave me in Miami. And

I’d prefer it if we were friends.”

“Friends?” Stone asked, looking Stall up and down. “The same way you’re friends with Heidi Klum?”

“Uh-” Stall said, suddenly unsure what to say.

“Don’t try and seduce me, Mister Stall. I don’t fall that easily.”

“But you do fall,” Stall replied, almost without thinking.

Stone looked at him one more time. “Not in a long time, Mr. Stall. Not in a long time.”

“Perhaps it’s time you fell again.”

Stone stopped for a moment. “You may be right there, Mr. Stall, but I assure you, I won’t be falling for you.”

“No one asked you to.”

Stone sighed heavily. “Good day, Mr. Stall.” With that, she left, heading around the corner towards the front of the house.

“She’s dangerous.”

The voice, coming from right behind Stall, made him jump. Turning to his left, he found Tchelet Appleberg standing next to

him. The young Israeli woman didn’t seem surprised at all that Stall hadn’t spotted her.

“How long have you been here?” he asked, trying to recover.

“By your side? About five seconds – I didn’t want the Inspector to spot me. But I heard most of the conversation.”

“You were spying on me?” Stall asked.

“Not you – her. I’m here to protect you, Mr. Stall. Meeting with a member of Scotland Yard is never completely safe – even

if the Inspector in question is as fetching as Inspector Stone is.”

“You needn’t fear Inspector Stone – she saved my life in Miami. I trust her.”

“Then why didn’t you tell her everything you know about the people trying to kill you?”

“If I knew anything to tell her, I would,” Stall muttered. “Besides, Scotland Yard’s not going to stop these people.”

“No, they aren’t,” Appleberg commented. “I am.”

* * *

July 14th, 2005

The Mansion of Richard Stall

London, England

“Is it really wise to be going out on a date with a celebrity so soon after Inspector Stone called you on it?” Marissa Call

asked as Richard Stall fussed with his tie.

“I still have thirty-one more celebrities to get before the end of the year. This is an opportunity I can’t afford to pass up.”

“I think you just want to get laid,” Michael Burke commented from his wheelchair, which currently sat before a small

laptop. “You’ve been a little out-of-sorts ever since the lovely Inspector Stone left.”

“She’s a cutie alright,” Marissa said. “You two would be good together, Richard.”

“Shut your mouth, Marissa,” Stall muttered. “Far too much of my work could be considered illegal under the wrong

circumstances – I can’t afford to date anyone in law enforcement.”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t be attracted to them,” Marissa replied, standing up. She moved over in front of Stall and took

his tie in her hands and adjusted it. “There, much better.”

“Besides,” Stall said. “This isn’t really a date.”

“Of course not,” Burke said. “You’re just taking an attractive young woman out to dinner in order to sleep with her later


“On the surface, it’s business. Miss Byrne is interested in investing, and when she contacted one of my investment firms,

the information was passed up to me. I took it upon myself to deal with her initial investment strategy personally.”

“How long have you owned an investment firm?” Marissa asked.

“I own three, two here in England, one in Australia. Miss Byrne happens to be Australian, and she’s actually heard of

Stallwart Investments over there.”

“‘Stallwart’?” Burke said. “Cute.”

“My mother thought so, God rest her soul,” Stall said. “I’ve got to get going, or I’m going to be late.”

“I’d wish you good luck, but I know you’ve got Lambert’s chemical to back you up,” Burke said.

“What are you two doing tonight?” Stall asked as he put on his suit coat.

“Watch a couple of Rose Byrne movies, of course,” Marissa smiled. “I think we’ll start with “Wicker Park’ before moving on

to ‘Troy.’”

“And then, of course, the new hit Rose Byrne fucks Richard Stall,” Burke added, with a wink towards his boss.”

“Hopefully it won’t take me two whole movies to get into her pants,” Stall smiled, heading out the door. His two bodyguards

– large men assigned by Chelsea Smythe – followed him at a not-too-discreet distance.

* * *

July 14th, 2005

The London Excalibur Hotel

London, England

Rose Byrne had been prim and proper all night long. She had been polite, laughing at all of Stall’s jokes along the way.

She’d been courteous, treating the waitstaff like valued friends instead of servants. She’d been demure, barely blushing when

Stall asked about her relationship status – seeing someone, but nothing too serious.

As such, it was with great delight that Stall watched the dark-haired beauty shove him down onto the bed and rip open her

own blouse, exposing her white-lace enclosed breasts. Lambert’s chemical was working once again.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said as she started unbuckling his pants. “Have a one-night-stand, I mean.”

“That’s okay,” Stall said, raising his hip to allow her to pull his slacks off. She left his boxers on for the moment, and lay

down on top of him, kissing him feverishly. Stall could feel her nipples through both her bra and his shirt – the girl was turned

on, that much was for certain.

“I just need it so bad,” she said, undoing the buttons on his shirt. She followed each button with a kiss to his chest, all the

way down to the last button. As she finished, she ran her tongue back up his body until she could kiss his lips again.

“That’s okay,” Stall said again, reaching for her breasts. She swatted his hands away and pulled his arms up, throwing his

shirt off his shoulders. Now Stall only wore his boxers, but Rose still had the remains of her blouse, her bra, her skirt, and any

underwear she was wearing. But Rose ignored her own mostly-clothed state, and instead pulled down Stall’s boxers, exposing

his cock to the room.

“Oh, now that’s lovely,” Rose said, gently taking it in her hand. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said, laying down next to his

waist. “But I’m not very good at giving head.” Before he could respond, Rose lowered her mouth down over his cock and took

as much of it in as she could. He could feel her tongue skirting around his shaft, sending pulses of pleasure straight to his


“Could’ve fooled me,” he muttered as she slowly pulled off, having coated his dick with her saliva.

“Trust me,” she smiled seductively at her. “But I’ve been told I give world-class handjobs. Would you like one?”

Stall took all of half a second to answer. “Sure,” he smiled at her.

Rose started at once, gripping his now slick cock gently between two fingers and a thumb. Slowly, she started stroking

Stall up and down. As she wore off the saliva, she’d lower her mouth down and over him again, lubricating his cock again. This

went on for several long, wonderful minutes as Stall just leaned back and let this beautiful woman jack him off. For one long

moment, he was able to forget all his problems and just enjoy the physical sensations.

Rose increased her speed over time, getting to the point where she was really moving her hand up and down Stall’s cock.

She frequently dropped her mouth over it, wetting it down repeatedly while working him over feverishly. Soon, Stall couldn’t hold

back much longer.

“I’m close,” he whispered aloud, the first words either of them had said in quite some time. Stall expected her to stop,

making him wait until they were actually engaging in sex before allowing him to climax. But she surprised him by lowering her

fingers down towards the base of his cock, and then dropping her mouth over the head. She gave the tip of his penis a quick

lick with her tongue, and Stall went off like a rocket. To his utter shock, Rose happily sucked down every drop of his load, all

while still stroking the bottom half of his shaft.

When he finally finished, he glanced down at her in time to see her throwing off her blouse.

“Did you enjoy that,” she asked, climbing up his body, kissing his chest as she went.

“Oh, yes,” Stall said as she snuggled up close to him, kissing his neck.

“I still need you,” she moaned softly in his ear. “I thought that if you got off first, I might not feel this way. But I still do. Can

you keep going?”

“Oh, I can keep going,” Stall said, reaching around and undoing the snap on her white bra. As it went loose around her.

She pushed her body up with her arms, and let the bra fall down off her shoulders, exposing her perky tits to Stall for the first

time. He reached up with his right hand to gently squeeze one of her breasts, feeling the warm flesh between his fingers. This

time, Rose did nothing to stop him.

“You are so beautiful,” Stall whispered in Rose’s ear as he rolled her over on her back. Now it was his turn to kiss up and

down her chest, and he made sure to pay special attention to her breasts. With each kiss, Rose moaned, and when Stall

kissed her nipples, she moaned louder. Stall was getting hard again, and judging from the way Rose’s legs were squirming,

she was getting hot as well.

“Can I take your skirt off?” He asked as he gently ran a finger around one nipple.

“Oh, god, yes!” Rose moaned, practically thrusting her hips up into the air. Stall reached down and slowly unzipped the

skirt. Rose rubbed her legs together as Stall moved to get a grip on the offending garment. As soon as he could, he slid it

down and off the young Australian actress, exposing the white lace thong she’d worn underneath. A big wet spot on the front of

the panties marked just how turned on Rose was.

“I need you inside me,” Rose said, reaching down and ripping off her own panties, kicking them off as Stall pulled back to

avoid getting a foot in the mouth. As her legs came down, Stall moved in between them, ready to drive inside her.

“Hurry,” Rose moaned, spreading her legs wider. “I need it so bad.”

“You’ll get it, trust me,” Stall said, positioning his cock to push into Rose’s wet folds. Slowly, he worked his way inside,

causing the young brunette to gasp and moan. It took just one stroke to bottom out, she was so wet. But she was also warm

and tight. Stall found himself hoping Rose was already close to climax, because he knew he wasn’t going to last too long

inside this little slice of heaven.

“Fuck me, Richard,” Rose whispered, thrusting her hips up at him. “Fuck me NOW!”

Stall, of course, complied with her request at once.

It didn’t take Stall long at all to get pumping away, and sure enough, Rose met every thrust with one of her own. Soon,

they were both working in a rhythm that flooded them with pleasure. Stall tried to hold out as long as he could, knowing that

this was making a fantastic video. But he was only human, and having already climaxed once that night, he wasn’t going to

last forever.

Fortunately for him, Rose didn’t last any longer. Just as Stall went rigid in orgasm, Rose moaned aloud, her legs clamping

around Stall’s back and her eyes rolling into the back of her head. Stall blasted his second load of his night deep inside Rose

as the actress thrashed slightly on the bed, her own orgasm blinding her to anything going on around her. Stall practically

collapsed atop the petite little actress, but managed to catch himself on his shoulders before he smacked the girl with his


“Wow,” she moaned as he pulled out, rolling over on to the other side of the bed.

“Wow is right,” Stall said, gasping for breath.

“I’m going to have to do this one-night stand thing more often,” she said.

* * *

July 15th, 2005

The Warehouse District,

London, England

“We can handle this ourselves.”

“I’m certain you can – in fact, I’m rather surprised you haven’t by now. But this has gone on long enough. The man needs

to die, and die now.”

The man known almost exclusively as Mr. Blackbird stood before six of his best assassins, a collection of killers he

referred to as his flock. Between the six of them, they had killed almost 500 people of varying import, from minor bodyguards

and hired thugs to a pair of presidential candidates in Africa and a trio US military officials that no one realized had been

murdered. To date, every contract they had taken on had been completed, usually ahead of schedule.

Except for the contract on the life of Richard Stall.

The two assassins who’d been on the case primarily, Raven and Crow, had worked together for quite some time now. And

despite their idiosyncracies – Crow was a homosexual rapist and Raven had a penchant for wearing next-to-nothing almost all

the time – they had racked up a huge kill count. However, Richard Stall had eluded them four times now, and had outlived

Blackbird’s expectations by months now.

The other members of the flock were also usually split into teams of two – one man and one woman each. Magpie and

Rook usually worked the African circuit, keeping things hostile on that continent for years. Magpie was a petite black woman

who was particularly nasty with a knife, while Rook was a hulking man of Samoan decent who could’ve been a linebacker in

the NFL had he not twisted a ankle during a fight with another player. That other player had ended up dead, three of his ribs

broken and shoved into his ribs. Rook had found killing particularly enjoyable, and once left out of professional football, decided

to make it his new profession of choice.

Chough and Jackdaw were the other pair, and they ran mostly in Europe and Asia. Chough was an Asian man of

undeterminable decent – he claimed Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and even a little Pakistani in his heritage, though no

records of his lineage could be found. He was a crack shot for any distance, and usually worked as a sniper. Jackdaw was a

blonde little woman who usually killed her targets in bed – though it depended on how she was feeling that day if they managed

to actually have sex with her or not before they died.

For any other target, Blackbird would’ve happily sent just one team. Sometimes, not even the full team was needed –

Chough and Jackdaw were well versed in solo killing, and both Crow and Rook had been known to snap a person’s neck for

fun. But Richard Stall was proving particularly lucky, and Blackbird wanted him dead. Now.

Needless to say, Crow and Raven were far from happy about the arrival of the other teams.

“We don’t need them,” Crow muttered, jerking an ebony thumb over his shoulder to indicate the other two teams.

“Is Stall dead?” Blackbird asked.

“He will be soon,” Raven muttered.

“That’s right,” Blackbird said. “He will. All six of you are going to make sure of that.”

“We don’t need them!” Crow insisted.

“If you didn’t, this assignment would’ve been done months ago. Richard Stall has gotten very lucky to escape you two for

this long. Now it’s time we stacked the deck against him. So you will all work together, and you’ll kill Stall, his security, and

anyone else in the house.”

“Do we really need to kill all those people?” Jackdaw asked, idly pulling at a strand of her blonde hair. “I mean, the more

bodies, the more likely the police will track us.”

“Don’t worry about the police – I’ll take care of them,” Blackbird muttered. “Turn that whole mansion into a bloodbath for all I

care. Just make sure Stall is dead, and there are no witnesses. I won’t tolerate this man still breathing much longer.”

“No problem,” Rook muttered. “Any chance we can have a little fun along the way? Maybe rip a few limbs off as we go?”

“Only after Stall is dead,” Blackbird said. “Then, as long as there are no witnesses, you can do what you want then.”

“Good,” Rook and Crow said at the same time.

“This is going to be fun,” Magpie said, sharpening one of her knives.

“Stall’s gotten out of worse before,” Raven reminded the group. “He escape that fiasco down in South Africa. He had a lot

more people gunning for him down there.”

“Yeah, but we’re better than any collection of rabble,” Chough said simply.

“Yeah, we thought that too,” Crow muttered.

“How long will you need to get this all done?” Blackbird asked.

“Well, we should keep an eye on Stall’s schedule for the next couple of days, make sure he’s home when we strike,”

Jackdaw said, ticking things off on her tiny fingers as she went. “Maybe get a full layout of Stall’s mansion. And if we can get

some special equipment, that would help, too.”

“You can have whatever you want,” Blackbird said. “Give me three, maybe four days to get it all together.”

Jackdaw shrugged her small shoulders. “Then maybe a week from today.”

“The 22nd?”

“As good a day as any,” Rook muttered.

“Then go for it,” Blackbird said. “Just make sure Richard Stall dies this time. This has gone on far too long already.”

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