Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 3: it’s Miller Time

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 3: It’s Miller Time

January 16th, 2005

The Pit

London, England

Thomas Lambert sat in his chair doing his job. And it was a job most men would enjoy having. After all, Lambert’s sole duty these days was to video tape famous women engaging in various acts of sex. His employer, one Richard Stall, owner and president of Stall Industries, was singularly obsessed with the subject, having been a member of the rather secretive Timekeeper’s Club for a number of years. All of these Timekeepers seemed to be obsessed with celebs having sex,
going to great lengths to catch them in the act. There was even a rumor that, long ago, several Timekeeper’s had actually HIRED Marilyn Monroe to come into their retreat and participate in a gang bang. Lambert had no idea if that story was true or not, but if it was, it was quite a feat.

Right now, Lambert was helping Stall move the Timekeepers into the 21st century. Digital Video was to replace plain old photography, and Lambert’s digital cameras were going to lead the way.

Lambert controlled all the cameras from his command center he lovingly nicknamed The Pit, an apartment – or Flat, as the Brits liked to call it – on the outskirts of London. Aside from the couple million dollars worth of computer technology crammed into the place, it wasn’t much to speak of. But it was home, and right now, the best kind of entertainment was on.

Richard Stall was at it again, bedding one of London’s most eligible celebrities. This time, Stall had made it into the bedroom of one Michelle Ryan. A dark haired babe who’d apparently been on one English soap or another, was quite a dish. She had an impressive rack, one that even now, Stall was exposing to the camera in his watch.

Stall was good with women – a skill Lambert had never had in his life. As he watched, Stall started kissing Michelle on the neck, while fondling her bare breasts in his hands. She still had the outrageously short skirt on, and he was still fully dressed, but that didn’t really matter. What mattered was that they’d be going at it soon, and Stall had been smart enough to put the watch with his camera in it in exactly the right spot to catch all the action on the bed. Stall also wore a camera in a small pendant around his neck, which had already proven perfect for getting close-ups of said babes in action.

Stall’s hands moved down Michelle’s taunt stomach, reaching the skirt and diving underneath. She seemed to gasp – Lambert still didn’t have small enough microphones; maybe something working on the same system as the earpiece Stall wore to communicate with Lambert would work. Michelle tensed as Stall’s hand found her crotch, but seemed to enjoy whatever it was Stall was doing to her. Her amble tits swayed as she moved, and her eyes were screwed tight with pleasure.

Lambert wished he could have some action like that.

With a deft hand, Stall suddenly removed Michelle’s skirt, exposing a lacey white thong that barely hid the hot, wet pussy underneath.

Stall instantly sunk his fingers into those steaming wet panties and made a b-line for Michelle’s cunt. She seemed to curl up in his arms as his fingers found her slit, and it was rapidly evident that he’d found a particularly sweet spot.

Suddenly, she spun around and pushed Stall down onto the bed. She shed her panties and quickly removed his pants and boxers. Lambert switched to the pendant camera just in time to get a close up of Michelle Ryan take Richard Stall’s entire dick in her mouth with one quick swallow.

Lambert watched through the camera as the sexy young Soap Star made quick work of Stall with a blow job. Her lips ran up and down his shaft quickly, wasting no time in getting him both slick and stiff. Lambert knew he wouldn’t have lasted half this long, but, then again, Richard Stall had a lot more sex than Lambert ever did.

Michelle’s work on a man’s cock was excellent. She used her lips and her hands to scrape every pleasurable sensation out of Stall’s manhood. Her right hand gripped his cock with the perfect amount of pressure to keep him hard, while her lips whetted his penis with a constant supply of lubrication. Stall repeatedly gasped in ecstacy, the lovely young Miss Ryan driving him to the very edge of orgasm…

Only to back off, smiling as she turned climbed up on Stall’s body and engulfed his cock with her snatch.

Lambert watched with eyes wide open as Michelle ran herself ragged as she bounced up and down atop Stall’s dick, her hands pinning his to her breasts, unwilling to have him let go of her impressive rack. For his part, Stall seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself, though how he could last so long, Lambert had no idea.

Suddenly, Michelle’s bouncing slowed. Her head dropped on her neck, and her whole body seemed to shiver. Stall’s mouth hung open, and a fresh sheen of sweat suddenly seemed to cover both of them.

It was over. Climax had claimed both participants, and left them simply naked and sweaty.

Well, it was a good show, Lambert thought, double checking that the computers had stored the whole event. Sure enough, there were plenty of good shots of Michelle Ryan both giving the blowjob and getting fucked. The Timekeeper’s Club would enjoy it.

“Michael, looks like the boss is heading your way,” Lambert said into his microphone.

“Thanks for the heads up,” Michael Burke, Stall’s driver, replied. “I was falling asleep in here.”

“I figured,” Lambert replied. “Missed a good show.”

“Bah, girl’s no one I’ve ever heard off. Mr. Stall needs to find himself some nice sista pussy in my book.”

“Well, it’s gotta be famous pussy, Mike,” Lambert replied. “You and I may never have heard of this Michelle Ryan girl, but she’s hot, and the Brits all know her. That’s all that matters, I guess.”

“Whatever,” Burke said. “Any idea on who the boss wants to bag next?”

“Nope,” Lambert replied. “He’ll probably just find the next hot celeb babe he meets in a club and bang her.”

“Well, it’s getting the job done,” Burke replied, “But we aren’t getting any A-list pussy, are we?”

“Nope. None of the big celebs seem to be in town of late.”

“Here comes the boss now,” Burke said. “We’ll see you soon.”

“Right,” Lambert replied, shutting down the radio. Lambert pulled up the recent footage of Michelle Ryan and started editing it. The girl had some awfully nice tits. Really, one couldn’t complain about the job much at all.

“I wonder,” Lambert said to himself as he called up a particularly good shot of Michelle going down on Stall’s cock, “Just who we are going to get next.”

* * *

January 17th, 2005

The Pit

London, England

“I want Sienna Miller,” Richard Stall said, as he paced around The Pit the next day.”

“Sienna Miller?” Lambert asked in surprise. There, at least, was a name he’d heard of. Unfortunately, not in the best of ways.

“Ain’t she engaged to Jude Law?” Burke asked, idly playing with Lambert’s GameBoy as the three men stood around The Pit, waiting for something to happen.

“Yes, she is,” Stall said. “That’s why I want her.”

“Well, bugging her Flat shouldn’t be too hard,” Lambert said. “Give me a day or two to get my boys to her place and-”

“You misunderstand,” Stall replied. “I want her myself. I want to have sex with Sienna Miller. I want to feel her skin against mine.”

“Why the sudden interest, Boss?” Burke asked. “Not like you to develop a crush.”

“It’s because she’s engage to Jude Law,” Stall said. “When I went to the bathroom in Miss Ryan’s Flat, I saw half a dozen papers with the two of them on the cover. She’ll be impossible to get soon. Now, though, she’s still attainable.”

“How’s being engaged available?” Lambert asked.

“With your chemicals, anyone’s available,” Burke pointed out.

“Ah, but once she’s married, she’ll be with him for a while,” Stall pointed out. “And as such, unavailable.”

“What if they get married soon?” Lambert asked.

“That, they won’t be doing,” Stall said, pulling out a ripped piece of paper. “Look here.”

Stall put down the papper, clearly torn out of a magazine. There was a picture of Jude and Sienna, and Lambert immediately saw why Stall wanted to have sex with her – the actress was absolutely stunning!

“Movie hunk Jude Law has dashed his fiancee Sienna Miller’s hopes of marrying this year – by announcing they ‘could be engaged for years’.” Burke read off the paper. “The Alfie star proposed to the stunning actress on Christmas Day and Miller, 23, is so impatient to marry 32-year-old Law, she has been visiting London’s most exclusive jewelers searching for a finger band to equal her diamond engagement ring. But Law has refused to wed the blonde beauty until the media attention has worn off, and he fears that could take years. He explains, ‘We could be engaged for years. If we do wed, it will be well away from the press.'”

“So they aren’t going to get married soon?” Lambert asked.

“Nope,” Stall said, “And no doubt Miss Miller’s feelings are more than a bit hurt by it.”

“Sounds like she’s been hitting the jewelry stores,” Burke said.

“Lambert, I want you to find out which ones. Then, figure out where she’ll be next.”

“Could take some time,” Lambert replied.

“Then get on it,” Stall replied.

* * *

January 19th, 2005

Harrods Department Store

London, England

“Can you hear me, Boss?” Lambert’s voice came into Stall’s ear.

“Yeah,” Stall muttered, thanking his lucky stars again that the earpiece he wore was the size of a small hearing aid. No one would ever notice it.

“We’re in luck, boss. I managed to hack into Harrods’ security cameras and put selected feeds into my computer banks. It meant cutting the feeds from the Beckinsale and Stevens bedrooms, but since they’ve already appeared on camera, I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“I don’t,” Stall whispered.

“Anyway, if you want, if she goes into a changing room, I can get her getting naked no problem. Harrods has every changing room filmed. ‘Course, if she’s just checking out rings, it might be hard to get her into the dressing rooms…”

“Leave that to me,” Stall whispered. He could see her now – beautiful, blonde, and oh so delicious.

“You know, she’s not really British,” Burke chimed in.

“Say what?” Lambert said.

“She was born in America and raised her in England,” Burke replied as Stall worked his way through the store towards the actress.

“She sure sounds English to me,” Lambert replied.

“New York, New York’s her home town.”

“But she was raised here. That makes her English.”

“Madonna lives here now, does that make her English?” Burke replied.

“Shut up, both of you,” Stall hissed as he approached Miller from the side. This was it. Perhaps his one chance to bed the lovely Sienna before she got married.

“Excuse me,” he said to the blonde, “I can’t help but notice you’re looking at rings.”

“Why, yes,” Sienna replied. “I just got engaged.”

“Congratulations,” Stall replied smoothly.

“Perhaps not,” Sienna said, a tough of bitterness in her voice. “My fiancee is already getting cold feet, and we only got engaged on Christmas.”

“How horrible,” Stall replied. “I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to marry a beautiful woman such as yourself.”

“You wouldn’t think so, would you?” Sienna muttered, picking up another ring. “Tell me, do you think this band goes with this ring?” She held her hand out, exposing her engagement ring towards Stall.

This was his chance. He subtly hit a button on his watch, coating his hand with the chemical aphrodisiac Lambert had created. Gently taking her hand in his, he pretended to compare the two rings carefully.

“It’s a lovely ring,” he said, “On a very lovely hand.”

“Thank you,” Sienna replied.

“No thanks necessary. I simply speak the truth.” With a quick peek, Stall saw that Sienna’s nipples were getting a bit hard under her blouse. It was cold outside, but Harrods kept it quite comfortable inside. That was simply the first sign of arousal from the chemical on Stall’s hand.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch your name,” Sienna said suddenly.

“Richard. Richard Stall,” Stall replied.

“Sienna Miller,” she replied, shaking his hand again. The chemical would have worn mostly off by then, but Stall didn’t mind giving her a bit of a redose.

“So, why are you so interested in women buying rings?” She asked him.

“Well, mostly it’s being interested in the women. The rings are just extra.”

“Why doesn’t that surprise me?” Sienna asked.

“I doubt much of anything would surprise me.”

She smiled slyly at him. “Care to try?” She asked.

“Try what?” He asked.

“To surprise me,” she said, sweetly.

Stall thought for a moment. “I’ll make you a wager,” he said. “Pick an outfit from this floor that you’d think would turn me on. If it does, I’ll buy it for you.”

She blinked at that. “And if it doesn’t?”

“Then I get to take it off you,” Stall smiled.

Sienna clearly though long and hard about the deal. “Throw in a necklace if I win, and you’ve got a deal.”

“A bet, you mean,” Stall said, smiling as they shook hands once more.

* * *

“Boss, you’ve so lost this bet, it’s not even funny.”

Half an hour later, Lambert’s voice was once again flooding into Stall’s ears, this time in response to whatever it was he was seeing on the security cameras in the changing room Sienna was in.

“I can’t believe she took the bet,” Burke replied. “I mean, she’s engaged!”

“She’s under the influence of the chemical,” Lambert replied. “It’s clouding her judgement towards the sexy side.”

“Good,” Stall replied quietly as he waited just outside the women’s dressing rooms. “Hopefully, it won’t wear off until I’ve had my shot.”

“Well, Boss, even if you don’t score with her tonight, I’ve got some great sexy shots from the dressing room. This girl has an ass that won’t quit.”

“I’m ready,” Sienna’s voice called out, filled with a lusty new edge to it. Looking about, Stall saw no one looking, and ducked into the dressing room area.

Inside, he found Sienna dressed in such a way as to be all but impossible to deny. Clad only in a white tank top that barely ended below her breasts, and white lace panties that couldn’t hide the touch of wetness in the crotch. Nipples practically ripped open the tank top atop her chest, and her blonde hair was done up in a simple pony tail that kept her face clear of hair.

“Well?” she asked, doing a little pirouette, flashing her shapely behind in the lace panties as she swung around. “Do I turn you on?”

“That doesn’t look like a Harrods’ outfit,” Stall said.

“It isn’t,” she smiled. “It’s just my underwear.”

“Then you don’t win the bet,” Stall said, smiling as he approached her.

“Who said I wanted to win the bet?” she replied, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him on the lips.

“We’re in business!” Lambert called out. Stall ignored him.

“Before you get any ideas,” Sienna started, “I want you to know this is a one time event. I don’t normally do this sort of thing.”

“Not a problem,” Stall said.

“Good. I love my fiancĂ©. I really do. But he’s putting me off on the wedding, and this will serve him right,” Sienna said, reaching down and undoing Stall’s belt. “Besides, I know he fools around on me – he’s impossible to keep satisfied in the sack, and I’m not with him constantly.”

“Perhaps,” Stall said as Sienna undid his belt and allowed his pants to fall to the floor, “We should move into one of the changing rooms – just to be safe.”

“Good idea,” Sienna said, grabbing him by the tie and pulling him into the room.

“We got you on camera now, boss,” Lambert’s voice filled Stall’s ear. “Go ahead and fuck her brains out!”

“Shut up, dude,” Burke’s voice cut in. “No one wants to hear your voice when they’re fucking.”

“Sorry,” Lambert said.

Stall rolled his eyes as Sienna turned away from him, lifting her tank top over her head and exposing her breasts to the mirrored wall. Stall instantly remembered what he was here to do.

His watch had two special features. The first was a small canister of Lambert’s aphrodisiac chemical to coat his hand, allowing him to apply it to his targeted women. The other option was one of Lambert’s small digital cameras – of considerably better quality than the tapped-into security camera. It was because of this camera that Stall took the watch off and set it up to one side of the room, carefully pointing the small lense inside it towards the only area he and Sienna would be able to fuck in the small changing room.

Sienna had already removed her panties when Stall finished removing his clothes and looked back at her. She was gorgeous naked. Her tits perky and commanding. Her pussy coated with just the smallest patch of neatly-trimmed blonde hair.

Sienna didn’t say a word as she slowly dropped to her knees and took Stall’s impressive cock in her hands, gently stroking it until it achieved it’s full stature. Then, still silent, Sienna gently took his manhood into her mouth and slowly, ever so slowly, started to suck him off.

Knowing the camera in the pendant around his neck would be getting great shots of this, Stall stood back and enjoyed the wet sensations of Sienna’s mouth and tongue playing over his cock. Occasionally, she’d moan in delight, but other than that, the room was silent. Lust didn’t fill the room – need did. Stall’s need to get another celeb, and Sienna’s need to get revenge on Jude Law.

Suddenly, Sienna pulled her mouth off Stall’s dick, and smiled up at him.

“There,” she said. “That should lube you up right. Now, fuck me!” She turned around, presenting her rear end to Stall and bent over the small bench in the dressing room. Stall quickly moved up behind her, and slid himself into her in one smooth motion. Stall didn’t know if it was Sienna’s natural horniness, or Lambert’s chemical, but the young actress was more than a little wet, and sliding in and out of her was more than a little wet.

“Oh, god,” Stall moaned, feeling the sensation on his cock. He started thrusting in and out of Sienna, feeling the urge to get off rising within him. Reaching forward, he grabbed her breasts from behind, massaging them as he continued to fuck her.

“Ooh, yeah, baby,” Sienna moaned. “Just like that. Keep it up. Keep it up.”

Stall pushed himself harder and deeper, luxuriating in the sensations shrieking down his cock. He’d been craving this particular pussy for the better part of the week, and now, finally, he was inside it, his cum boiling up within him, his hands gripping two very seductive breasts at the same time. If there was a heaven, it probably included sex with Sienna Miller.

“Harder, baby,” Sienna moaned.

“I’m close,” Stall replied, shoving harder into her snatch none the less.

“So am I,” she replied. “Just don’t stop.”

Stall pounded harder into her, ramming himself as deep as he could. He could feel his orgasm rushing towards him, and he pulled Sienna’s body tight to him, practically digging into her tits with his fingers as he shot his load deep inside her.

“Oh, god, YES!” Sienna cried out, hitting her own orgasm at almost the same instant, her body shaking in pleasure as Stall held her up. Sweat coated her body now, some of it hers, some of it his. All of it was hot.

“That was fantastic,” Stall said a moment or two later, allowing himself to catch his breath.

“Very nice,” Sienna said, turning around to kiss him once on the cheek. “If I weren’t engaged, I’d do you again.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Stall smiled.

“Don’t,” Sienna said, reaching for her panties. “I was so horny, I would’ve done the next person who walked into the dressing room. Don’t know why,” she said, stepping one slim leg into her panties, then the other. “I haven’t felt this hot in ages.”

“Something in the air, I guess,” Stall said, reaching for his own underwear.

“My ass!” Lambert’s voice cut in. “My chemical is still working wonders!”

“Dude, you’re so lame,” Burke’s voice shot back in reply. Stall rolled his eyes. That was five down, 75 to go.

* * *

Januray 20th, 2005

Scotland Yard

London, England

“Hey, boss, got a good one for you.”

Inspector Agnes Stone looked up from her desk to see Computer Wizard (his title, not hers) Daniel Coach poking his head in the doorway of her office.

“What now, Dan?” Stone asked, pushing aside a strand of her reddish-brown hair from her 29-year-old face. As one of the youngest International Inspectors at The Yard, she got more than her fair share of attention for her looks and her youth. Still, she made the big busts, and that was what mattered most.

“Get this, yesterday, someone hacked into the security cameras at Harrods Department store for six hours.”

“Really? Any idea who?”

“Not yet. Whoever did it really knew how to cover their tracks. I got a hint of some radio carrier waves in the area towards the end of that six-hour period, but other than that, nothing,” Coach replied.

“Well, keep an eye on it. Tell the local precinct to get a couple of boys over there to keep an eye on the place for a day or two. Someone may be taking some surveillance of the place before a heist.”

“Already alerted the locals and the store security,” Coach replied.

“Good work. Ever heard of anything like this before?” Stone asked.

“Nope. But I thought I’d let you know.”

“Thanks,” Stone said, waving Coach away and sitting back down at her desk. For a moment, she was able to put the matter out of her mind. But something about it seemed odd to her. Why the strange radio waves? And what was so important at Harrods to risk hacking in for six full hours?

Something was definitely up. And Agnes Stone was going to find out what.

To Be Continued…

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