Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 40: Slip And Slide

Around the World in 80 Babes

2005 CSSA Award Winner for Best M/F Series

by: TRL

Chapter 40: Slip and Slide

Celebs: Aishwarya Rai

Codes: MF, FF, Oral, Interracial

Warning: The following story is fictional. It never
happened, it never will happen, and it’s just make
believe. Please enjoy as such. Remember, hot celebrity
babes are even hotter when they’re having lesbian sex.
Also, if you’re under age, stop here. Because, really,
learning about such stuff shouldn’t be done unless you
reach that legal limit set
by others. Enjoy!!!

August 15th, 2005
Saaragatha Luxury Hotel,
Calcutta, India

Michael Burke lay flat on his back, stretching his legs as best he could – which, sadly, wasn’t nearly as well as he’d like. The wounds he’d sustained in Mexico almost two months back were still more than he could overcome easily. He kept hoping he’d wake up one morning and be able to walk on his own to the bathroom. So far, that wasn’t happening.

Fortunately, other parts of him had no problem getting up and moving on their own.

Her naked body pressed against his side, Marissa Call gently ran her fingers up and down Burke’s cock, her pale skin a stark but pleasing contrast to his dark-hued penis. They had finished making love a good half hour ago, yet she still played with him, running her hands up and down his body, seemingly reveling in his maleness. He was tempted to blame all the lesbian sex she’d been having lately – the recent trip to Japan had gotten her into three separate Chinese starlets’ pants, and judging from the videos of each encounter, Marissa had clearly enjoyed herself.

That had to be it – Marissa certainly had been getting a lot of pussy lately.

“Did I ever tell you I’m an expert masseuse?” Marissa said suddenly.

“Expert?” Burke asked, smiling down at her as she continued to grip his cock. “How do you figure that?”

“I took three classes in it in high school.”

“That explains how you got so good with your hands,” Burke joked, looking down pointedly to where she was giving him a whole new erection.

“No, that I learned later,” she giggled. “Remind me some time, and I’ll give you one of the best massages you’ve ever had. You won’t be disappointed.”

“What’s wrong with right now?” Burke asked.

“Because right now, my hands are busy,” she said as she started giving him a hand job in earnest. Burke groaned, half in pleasure and half in dismay – he was only just now recovered from their last little fuck session. But he said nothing, and soon the two were at it again.

Richard Stall was as close to a professional voyeur as anyone could get, but even he hadn’t meant to spy on his two employees during their private sex sessions. He’d seen both of them hard at work on various celebrities from around the world. Still, they were in close quarters at the moment, barely having private rooms in this suite. Stall’s security personnel were demanding a lowering of his standards in order to preserve some anonymity, and that meant something less than the presidential suite.

As such, Stall had easily stumbled in on his two employees in their post-coital state, and overheard their little conversation, which was now turning into a pre-coital state, as they were happily fucking once again. Still, what he’d heard gave him an idea – perhaps the only opening he had here in India, and he needed to take it, despite the risks it might bring.

* * *

August 16th, 2005
Saaragatha Luxury Hotel,
Calcutta, India

“We’ve been here less than a week, and you’re already risking your life with this stupid little voyeur quest of yours,” Chelsea Smythe said, clearly upset. “Have you no sense for personal safety at all?”

“What happen in Japan was a fluke,” Stall said. “We probably stayed longer than we should have, but we got out alive, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, and your little Miss Call nearly got killed. If Tchelet hadn’t been there-”

“But she was,” Stall said. “And that’s the important part. It’s what I’m paying you for – very handsomely, too, I might add.”

“I’m not concerned with our price,” Smythe said. “It’s collecting our fee from a dead man.”

“Keep me alive, and you won’t have that problem.”

“What’s that old saying about a fool and his money?”

“A fool wouldn’t have hired you.”

“No, a fool would’ve let his driver work as his bodyguard until he got stabbed in the gut.”

Stall froze at that. “That was uncalled for.”

Smythe actually looked sorry. “You’re right, it was. I apologize.”

“Good,” Stall said. “Now, let’s see how Miss Call is doing, shall we?” Stall lead Smythe into the next room of the suite where Michael Burke and Tchelet Appleberg waited around a laptop computer plugged into the TV in the room.

“How’s she doing?” Stall asked.

“Fine,” Burke said. “She’s up to her third massage already, though no one famous yet.”

“We’re at the most exclusive Spa and Hotel in Eastern India. This place is supposed to be crawling with Bollywood players. How is it that we haven’t seen one hot babe yet?”

“Poor luck would be my guess,” Tomas Lambert’s voice came over the speakers on the laptop. “Best my computers can come up with is that more than half the clientele IS Bollywood players, just on the wrong side of the camera. Kinda like Hollywood itself. For every star there’s fifteen producers, agents, assistants, and wanna-be directors.”

“And we’ve got to wade through them all in order to separate the wheat from the chaff,” Stall muttered. “Well, as long as Marissa hangs in there, we’ll keep at it. You were able to slice her fake work record into the Hotel’s computers, right?”

“Yeah, no sweat,” Lambert replied. “And the fact that she’s American is going over quite well – here in India, a blonde like her is exotic.”

“Nice to have something working in our favor,” Burke muttered.

“You know, the longer you broadcast like this, the more likely it is that your killers will find you,” Smythe pointed out.

“We’re painfully aware of that, Miss Smythe,” Stall said. “This is a one-day operation. Lambert’s already got three separate flights out of India prepared for us, should it come to that. If we need to escape, we can.”

“I hope you’re right, Mr. Stall.”

“So do I,” Stall muttered under his breath.

“Hey, we’ve got activity here, folks,” Burke said, staring at the laptop screen. “One super hot Indian babe just entered Marissa’s cube.”

“Got an ID yet?” Stall asked.

“Working on it,” Lambert replied.

“She’s beautiful,” Tchelet said. Stall blinked at that. Appleberg hadn’t said a word since he’d entered the room. He’d almost forgotten she was there.

“Jackpot!” Lambert cried out. “We just nailed the Queen of Bollywood, boss.”

“We did?” Stall asked.

“Marissa,” Burke said into the tiny microphone in his watch. “You’re a go. That’s Aishwarya Rai right there. Good luck, babe.”

* * *

“Good luck, babe,” Burke voice echoed inside Marissa Call’s ear as the beautiful Indian woman laid down on the massage table before her.

“You’re American, yes?” Aishwarya Rai asked.

“Y-yes,” Marissa replied, surprised at how flawlessly the other woman spoke English.

“The hair gave you away,” Rai replied, settling in. “May I ask why you’re working here?”

“Getting in a little extra work while I’m in college,” Marissa lied. It was the cover story Stall and Lambert had worked up to explain why she was there. “I’m part of an overseas learning program and wanted a little extra spending money.”

“That’s wonderful,” Rai replied. “Not everyone gets the chance to travel in college. Have you been to any other countries?”

“Several,” Call replied, not lying this time.

“I’d love to hear about your travels,” Rai replied.

“How long are you scheduled for?” Marissa asked.

“A full hour,” Rai said. “When I indulge myself in a massage, I like to go all the way.”

“Then let’s go all the way and we can talk while I work you up,” Marissa replied. She undid the towel around Aishwarya’s back and opened it up to reveal her naked backside. Gently, she patted Aishwarya’s back, making sure her hands were coated in Lambert’s chemical aphrodisiac. As soon as she felt the gorgeous India actress had a large enough dose, Marissa smiled oiled up her hands and got to work kneading the hot flesh before her.

* * *

August 15th, 2005
Scotland Yard,
London, England


Inspector Agnes Stone looked up from the financial records she was studying to see Daniel Coach standing in her doorway, a goofy grin on his face.

“Australia?” She asked, not sure she’d heard him correctly.

“Sydney, to be precise.”

“What about Sydney?”

“That’s where the signals are being broadcast to.”

Stone’s face lit up. She’d spent the last three weeks trying to track down Richard Stall, attempting to decipher if he’d burned his own mansion down or been caught up in something more substantial than that. The attack she’d seen him survive in Miami made her think it was indeed something more. But before she could find out, first she had to find Richard Stall.

However, the thing that had brought Stall to her attention in the first place, way back in February, was his appearance at the broadcast locale of a series of unusual signals that had originated in London, then moved internationally. The signals were heavily encoded, and even after months of effort, no one in Scotland Yard had managed to crack the codes. But they could trace the signals. The first attempt had brought Stone to Miami in time to stop Stall from being killed in a home invasion. When the broadcasts returned to England a month later, around the same time Stall had, she’d become convinced he was involved with them.

And now those same signals had surfaced again. But on two separate continents. Going from Japan to Australia made things unclear – was Stall in Tokyo or Sydney? Or had Stall gotten smart and sent others to do his mystery broadcasts while he hid from those out to kill him? There was really only one way to find out for sure. Again, all the answers lay with Richard Stall.

“You’re sure they’re being broadcast to Sydney?” Stone asked.

“Absolutely. There’s a signal going out right now between Calcutta, India, and Sydney. Been a long one, too. Most of the morning.”

“So you think Stall’s in Sydney?”

“He’s either there or in Calcutta. But one way or another, the signals are being sent to Sydney. A pint says that if we find the receiving end of these broadcasts, we find at least a clue to where Richard Stall is.”

“Sounds good. Get us a flight to Sydney. The sooner we get any kind of lead on Stall, the better.”

* * *

August 16th, 2005
Saaragatha Luxury Hotel,
Calcutta, India

Marissa’s hands ran over the firm, oiled flesh of Aishwarya Rai’s ass, her fingers leaving trails in the copious amounts of lotion she’d spread over those perfect buns. For the last twenty minutes, Marissa had fought to give Aishwarya – or Ash, as the actress was insisting Marissa call her – just a simple massage. But even if Lambert’s chemical hadn’t affected her as well, Marissa’s lesbian cravings would’ve been driving her just about insane right now.

And she wasn’t alone in her feelings. There was a small pool of liquid forming on the sheet right between Aishwarya’s legs.

Marissa could hold back no longer. She ran a finger down the middle of Ash’s ass crack, eliciting a coo from the other woman.

“That was nice,” Ash whispered.

“I know,” Marissa said, doing it again, slower this time. It was all she could do not to shove a finger or two into Ash’s happy cunt. The Indian beauty shifted and stretched under Marissa’s hands, clearly enjoying herself. Marissa reached over and poured more lotion onto Ash’s back, making sure to dribble some down that fantastic ass crack. This time the actress cooed and groaned quietly.

Marissa couldn’t take much more, and decided it was time to move things along. She undid the buttons on her shirt and quickly threw it over her head, her blonde hair bobbing out in the loose ponytail she’d put it up in. She’d forgone a bra, as usual, and as soon as the tiny skirt she wore joined her shirt on the floor, she was left clad in only a tiny, sheer-black thong that had a sizeable wet spot in the front.

As her hands returned to Aishwarya’s glistening back, the actress moaned in delight. Marissa could see a small pool of liquid forming on the sheet at the base of Ash’s crotch. There was no denying that the gorgeous Indian woman was in desperate need of sex.

Marissa returned to massaging Ash’s back, but this time, she leaned in closer, allowing her nipples to graze Ash’s back. The actress stiffened for a moment, then moaned aloud.

“That is so nice,” Ash whispered.

Marissa said nothing, and instead pressed her fingers deep into Ash’s ass flesh and slowly started pressing her hands up the actress’ back. As soon as she could, she pressed her nipples into Aishwarya’s rear end as well, trailing behind her fingers as closely as she could as she worked up her bare back. Ash writhed underneath Marissa, who all but mounted the other woman’s back in her effort to run both her fingers and her hard nipples up Ash’s body. Moments before Marissa’s entire weight would’ve shifted on to her massage patient, she pulled back, eliciting a disappointed gasp from Ash, who clearly wanted her to keep going in the other direction. As her fingers trailed off Ash’s rear end, Marissa leaned down next to the actress and whispered in her ear.

“Roll over.”

“W-what?” Marissa asked, confused.

“Your back is done,” Marissa whispered in her huskiest voice possible. “Now it’s time for your front.”

Ash’s eyes went wide, but the juices flowing through her crotch overcame any sense of shame or even shock overrode her brain and Ash found herself following instructions before she even knew what she was doing.

Marissa smiled seductively as she pulled back, openly admiring the gorgeously naked caramel skin of Aishwarya Rai. The woman was absolutely beautiful, and the glistening liquid lightly coating the tiny tuft of pubic hair above her crotch merely added to the lust Marissa felt for Ash.

“I’ve never done this before,” Ash whispered as Marissa slowly approached her. “Not with a woman, anyway.”

“You’ve never had a frontal massage?” Marissa said seductively as she picked up the bottle of lotion and stood over Ash’s naked body. Before the actress could respond, Marissa slowly started to pour the liquid over Aishwarya’s amazingly perfect breasts. Ash gasped as the lotion cascaded over her nipples, down her glorious mounds, and began to pool between her breasts. As soon as both tits were covered, Marissa reached down and began kneading the succulent flesh.

As Marissa leaned in closer, Ash broke out of her shock and reach up, running her hands

slowly up Marissa’s side until she reached the tender breast flesh hanging above her. Ash could barely breathe as Marissa’s hands continued to fondle and caress her body. The moment she laid her hands on the young American’s nipples, Ash was hooked. She needed to kiss them, lick them, taste them.

As if reading Ash’s mind, Marissa leaned down and offered one of her breasts to the actress. Ash glanced up at the blonde’s eyes and saw permission there. Tentatively, Ash lifted her head off the table and opened her mouth. She could feel the heat of Marissa’s skin on her face as the impressive breast hovered in front of her eyes. Taking a deep breath, Ash stuck out her tongue and gently licked the nipple.

“Oh, yeah,” Marissa moaned, clearly enjoying herself. “Keep going,” Marissa whispered as Ash slowly started kissing the nipple, feeling it stiffen between her lips. With each successive kiss, Ash grew bolder, kissing and licking more of Marissa’s tit while running her hands up and down the American’s bare back. Ash had always dreamed of making love to another woman, but now that she really was, she found her lust growing increasingly more powerful. Every spec of flesh that Marissa touched seemed to burn. And Ash loved it.

Suddenly, Marissa’s fingers slipped down Ash’s body and brushed tiny tuft of hair above her clit. Ash gasped, her mouth leaving Marissa’s tit. Marissa took advantage, shoving the Indian actress down on the massage table. Without saying a word, Marissa shifted down Ash’s perfect body and shoved two fingers deep into the other woman’s cunt.

Ash all but screamed aloud, so shocked was she at Marissa’s boldness. But the sensations blasting out of her crotch as Marissa pounded away were too powerful to ignore. In mere seconds, every repressed urge Ash had ever had bubbled up to the surface, and one of the most powerful orgasms she’d ever have in her life shattered through her brain, nearly knocking her unconscious.

As Aishwarya fought to regain control of her brain, Marissa shifted around and lowered herself even further down the gorgeous actress’ body. Just as Ash was able to open her eyes again, Marissa started to gently lap the other woman’s clit.

“Oh, my,” Ash moaned as more pleasant sensations started to reverberate up her spine. No one – no man, no woman, no one – had ever performed oral sex on her before. The wet yet rough sensation of Marissa’s tongue running up and down Ash’s already over-sensitive clit was like throwing fuel on the fire – as far as Ash was concerned, she would only make love to women from now on. It was amazing. Fantastic. Impossibly erotic.

And then she came again, this one less intensive, but no-less pleasing. Ash felt her head roll free on the back of the massage table as bliss seeped through her nerves. Perfection. That’s what this had to be. A perfect state of being, all her lusts sated, her body feeling better than it had ever felt before.

Ash sighed happily as her second orgasm faded into warm, happy memory. Opening her eyes she found Marissa’s face hovering above hers.

“Hi there,” Marissa said, giving Ash a quick kiss on the lips.

“That was amazing,” Ash whispered.

“We’re not done yet,” Marissa said, gently squeezing Ash’s left breast.

“We aren’t?” Ash asked happily.

“Now it’s my turn,” Marissa said. She reached up and took Ash’s hand in hers, guiding it down to her shaved pussy. Instantly, Ash could feel the heat radiating out of Marissa’s crotch, a lusty furnace that seemed to blaze hotter than anything Ash had ever felt before.

“I’ve never-” Ash started to say, but Marissa lifted a finger to the actress’ lips, silencing her.

“Just do what you would want done to you,” Marissa said gently, pressing Ash’s hand directly against her sopping wet cunt.

Hesitantly, Ash probed Marissa’s slit with her finger, causing the blonde to breathe heavier with each timid press.

“Harder,” Marissa whispered in Ash’s ear. Ash pressed harder, making Marissa gasp. Suddenly, one of Marissa’s hands was one Aishwarya’s breast again, kneading the flesh hungrily. Ash pressed harder again, making Marissa coo happily.

“Faster,” Marissa whispered this time. Ash sped up her pace, trying to keep up the same level of pressure. The effect was instantly visible, as Marissa began to shake. The young American leaned down to kiss Ash passionately as the actress found the tiny nub marking Marissa’s clit with her thumb.

Orgasm blasted through Marissa’s body, her nubile form trembling enough to shake Aishwarya’s body with it. Marissa collapsed in a panting fit atop of Ash, sweat coating both their skins.

“Thank you,” Marissa whispered in Ash’s ear.

“Thank YOU,” Ash replied, hugging Marissa to her blissfully.

* * *

August 16th, 2005
Saaragatha Luxury Hotel,
Calcutta, India

Marissa was still sweaty as she entered the suite Stall was using as a base while in India.

“Nice work,” Stall told her.

“Thanks,” Marissa said, peeling her shirt up over her head. As she dropped it to the floor, she caught both Smythe staring at her in mild shock. “What?” Marissa asked. “I need a shower.”

“Sorry,” Smythe said, turning away.

“So where to next, Boss?” Burke asked, rolling into the room as Marissa headed towards the shower.

“I’m thinking we need to get out of India,” Stall said. “We got lucky with Aishwarya – not too many Bollywood babes are going to be accessible like that.”

“Or as hot,” Burke muttered.

“We should probably head to Australia next,” Stall continued, ignoring Burke.

“Lots of hot babes in Australia,” Burke agreed.

“And at least the authorities respect British citizens if we run into trouble,” Smythe added.

“You sound like you know that from personal experience,” Stall said, smiling.

“Let’s just say the last time I had to guard someone in India, I had to protect her more from the Indian police than I did the men gunning for her.”

“Now I really want to leave the place,” Burke muttered.

“Have Lambert book a flight to Australia then,” Stall said. “We’ll get moving packing up here.

“I’ll send Tchelet to the airport to scout for us,” Smythe said. “Wouldn’t want to arrive at the airport just as the people hunting you get off their plane.”

“That would suck,” Burke agreed. “I hate being pushed through crowds at a run.”

“Do it,” Stall said to Smythe. “Burke, as soon as Marissa gets out of the shower, get her moving. I want to be gone as soon as possible.”

“Got it, boss.” He turned his chair towards the room he shared with Marissa. “Never been to Australia before.”

“Let’s hope we survive the trip,” Stall muttered.

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