Around The World In 80 Babes – Chapter 7: Things To Do In Paris When You’re Horny

Around the World in 80 Babes

by: TRL

Chapter 7: Things to Do in Paris When You’re Horny

February 6th, 2005

Hilton Hotel,

Paris, France

Daniel Walters was about as happy as a man could get. After seven years, he’d finally, finally gotten away from his wife, Claire. Claire was an over bearing, demanding woman who’d grown more and more shrill with each passing year. She’d never been happy with anything Daniel had ever done – not the mildly lucrative sales job he had, nor their mildly pricey house on the better side of Nottingham. Hell, Claire wasn’t even particularly happy with their mildly intelligent
son, Dan Jr. But, then again, Claire had made no secret of her desire for a girl. She also made no secret that she and Dan Sr. were never going to have sex again.

Which was why Paris was such a wonderful place for Dan to be right now. Alone. The only better place he could think of would be Las Vegas, and that was because there were places just outside of Vegas where one could hire a prostitute legally.

When the chance to attend a sales conference in Paris had come up, Dan jumped at the chance to get away from the Nag his wife had become. Alone in a strange city, he had every hope of getting some young french woman into his bed for at least one of the five nights he was going to be here. Claire may not feel the need to ever have sex again, but Dan had been nursing blue balls for five years now. He was getting laid one way or another before he went home.

Placing his single bag down at the door to his room, Dan fished out the key to his rather modest accommodations. He’d heard that there were newspapers around where he could order an escort for the evening. He’d have to hunt one of those down.

For half a second, he considered finding his own date for the evening at a bar or something, but quite frankly, he doubted he could. One of the reasons he’d ended up with Claire in the first place was the fact that she was one of the few women in the world who seemed willing to talk to him in the first place.

With thoughts on how the first sex he would get in five years would feel, Dan Walters opened the door to his room. He had almost made it all the way into the room when a big fist slammed into his nose, knocking him out almost at once.

And with that, Dan Walters embarked on a night that would feature not only the first sex he’d had in five years, but also the last sex he’d have in his mildly short life.

* * *

February 6th, 2005

Rue le Passion,

Paris, France

The limo pulled up to the high-class apartment building and parked quietly. Inside, a small meeting of the minds was going on.

Richard Stall looked over at his newest partner, Marissa Call. Clad in a silky red dress that was cut on the side almost all the way up the calf and showed enough cleavage to be considered a hazard to drivers should she walk down the street, Call looked extremely sexy. Of course, that wasn’t particularly hard for Call, a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty not too many days over 19.

Looks could be deceiving, though, and Stall was determined not to be deceived by her for long.

“All right, let’s go over the equipment one more time,” Tom Lambert said from his usual spot on the TV screen in Stall’s limo.

“I think I’ve got it,” Call muttered.

“Never hurts to be prepared. Unlike the two Mr. Stall has when he bangs a celeb, you’ve got four cameras on you right now. One in your watch, one in your necklace, and one in each of those new earrings you’re wearing.”

“Good work on those, Lambert,” Stall said. “They’re small, not too ostentatious, and can go with everything.”

“They look beautiful,” Call admitted. “But will they work?”

“They’ll work, trust me,” Lambert said. “Use them like you use your watch – put it facing the area you’re expecting to have sex. If you can, try to get different angles for both the watch and the earrings. If you can’t no problem, but if you can, it’ll be great.”

“Will they pick anything up if I’m still wearing them?” Call asked.

“A little bit,” Lambert admitted, “But they aren’t exactly compelling shots.”

“Understood,” Call replied.

“Leave your necklace on – that’s where we get our best Money Shots from,” Lambert went on. “Unlike Mr. Stall’s watch, yours doesn’t have my chemical aphrodisiac in it – it works on all women, and if you were to spray it on yourself, you’d be jumping the nearest piece of flesh you’d come across.”

“Sounds like fun, actually,” Call said with a mischievous look.

“I’ll let you try mine sometime,” Stall said.

“Your watch does have another interesting feature, though,” Lambert went on. “I installed a nice little electronic skeleton key. It’s great for hotel rooms that use swipe badges and the like. Pull out the tiny strip hidden in the winding mechanism, put it into the swiper, and then hold down the face of the watch. It should trigger the door to unlock within fifteen seconds.”

“Nice,” Call said, recalling more than one occasion where it would’ve made breaking into a location easier.

“What’s the point, though?” Stall asked Lambert. “It doesn’t exactly help us.”

“Not in snagging Hot Babes – unless you want to go the rape route, that is – but it will help if Miss Call needs to hide out of sight for a few minutes in a hotel somewhere.”

“Well, I guess you don’t have to use it. It’s not like I’ve used the chemicals too often,” Stall said.

“It’s almost time for my date,” Call said. “I’ll call you at the Hilton when I’m done.”

“Good luck, Miss Call. Get this tape tonight, and I’ll send you wherever you want to go.”

“That’s the whole reason I’m doing this,” Call said as the door to the limo opened up and she stepped out.

“Hey, Marissa,” Michael Burke, Stall’s driver, said as she started up towards the apartment building.

“Yes?” She asked, looking back at the tall black man.

“Be careful, alright?” Burke said. He seemed to honestly mean it.

“I will. Thanks,” Call replied, not knowing what else to say. She headed into the building.

Back in the Limo, Stall watched her go, wondering once more what it was about this girl that made her want out of France so badly.

“Take us back to the Hilton, Burke,” Stall said to his driver. “Let’s hope everything goes well tonight.”

* * *

February 6th, 2005

Apartment of Laetitia Casta,

Paris, France

Marissa Call was honestly surprised to be in Laetitia Casta’s apartment on this night. Oh, she’d been there before – several times, actually. She’d been Laetitia’s little secret, a lesbian lover who came and went as the model asked, sharing her body when Laetitia’s boyfriend was away. Having participated in prostitution for a number of years now, Marissa was used to coming and going in the night, sharing her body with lustful clients, both male and female.

What was surprising this time was how eager Laetitia was to see Marissa. Knowing that the model was due to fly to Italy in the next day or two, Marissa had to act fast if she was going to get the video Stall wanted. Instead of waiting for Laetitia to call her, as she usually did, Marissa made a bold call to her lover, letting her know she was in town for a few days.

Shockingly, Laetitia instantly asked if Marissa was available for sex. No preamble, no hiding the conversation from her boyfriend or ex-husband, not even the playful flirting the French beauty usually liked to participate in.

“Can you come over tonight and have sex?” were the first words out of Laetitia’s mouth when she heard Marissa’s voice.

“Of course,” Marissa had responded.

“I’ll pay you double,” Laetitia added. Marissa knew what that meant – Laetitia wanted to get a little freaky. Last time she’d paid her double, Laetitia had tied Marissa to a post and stuck vibrators into both her ass and pussy. Laetitia had then coated Marissa with honey and licked every inch of her body dry while allowing the vibrators to send Marissa to heaven at least three times.

Marissa had to admit, it had been a rather good evening.

Knocking on the door to Laetitia’s top-floor apartment, Call adjusted the necklace around her neck containing one of the hidden cameras. If Laetitia was as kinky as she usually was when paying double, then Stall and his bunch were in for a good show tonight.

The door opened, and Laetitia Casta’s smiling face greeted Marissa. The model was wearing a silky white dress that could’ve passed for a slip, were it not so elegantly designed. The top clung to her perfect tits like glue, her erect nipples seemingly straining at the fabric to burst free. The bottom ended literally just below her ass, so close that were she to bend over, anyone behind her could instantly tell how much and what kind of underwear she was wearing. Judging from the state of her nipples, Marissa was willing to bet that Laetitia was “going commando.”

“Marissa, love,” Laetitia said, pulling her in and giving her a passionate kiss.

“Hello, Laetitia,” Marissa replied, squeezing one of the model’s breasts with her hand as their hug broke.

“No no, my love,” Laetitia said, swatting away Marissa’s hand. “Tonight, I have something special planned.”

“Something that doesn’t let me touch you?” Marissa asked as she pulled Laetitia to her by grabbing her ass.

“Not now, anyway,” Laetitia replied.

Marissa smiled. “So, where do you want to tie me up this time?”

“I don’t want to tie you up,” Laetitia said.

“Ooh, then is it my turn to tie you up?” Marissa asked.

“No. I want you to make love to a woman for me. Simple, plain old sex between women.”

“I don’t understand,” Marissa said, a hint of worry hitting her. Stall wouldn’t be happy if she just had sex with some nobody while Laetitia watched.

“I have a friend coming over in a bit. She’s always wanted to have a call girl. When you called saying you were in town, I knew she’d love you. Just let her have sex with you, then the two of use can do whatever we want to her – and each other.”

Call thought fast. A lesbian threesome with Laetitia Casta would more than make Stall happy. His pants would probably explode off of him.

“Okay. Where do you need me?”

“Can you wait in the bedroom for us. She should be here soon.”

“No problem,” Marissa said, walking towards the bedroom, purposely shaking her ass as she went. Laetitia loved Marissa’s ass. If things went well, Stall would get one fantastic tape tonight.

* * *

February 6th, 2005

Hilton Hotel,

Paris, France

“We really need to get a better way to watch these videos as they’re being made,” Michael Burke muttered as he sat back in the rear of Stall’s limo.

“I’m actually working on a laptop you’ll be able to use,” Lambert’s voice came through the earpieces Stall and Burke were wearing.

“I suppose that’ll work,” Stall muttered.

“What’s she doing just lying there on the bed?” Burke asked.

“Waiting, obviously,” Stall said. “She’s already met Casta. The question is, why aren’t they doing it?”

“Maybe Laetitia’s got something else up her sleeve,” Burke said. “Maybe a special outfit, or some kind of lotion or something.”

“We really should’ve equipped her with a microphone,” Stall said.

“The next pair of earrings I make for her will have them,” Lambert promised.

“Hang on, here comes Laetitia,” Burke said, pointing towards the screen. The image was coming from the necklace around Call’s neck, and showed the still white clad Laetitia as she sauntered into the room. That was no surprise. What was a surprise was who followed her in.

“Oh my god,” Stall said.

“She’s cute,” Burke said. “Who is she?”

“You don’t know who that is?” Lambert asked.

“Should I?” Burke asked.

“Not a fan of French Cinema, are you?” Stall said, smiling as Laetitia introduced Call to her new guest.


“That’s Virginie Ledoyen,” Stall said. “She’s incredibly famous here in France. I didn’t know she and Laetitia knew each other.”

“I didn’t know they were lovers,” Lambert replied. On the screen, Laetitia was kissing Virginie as she slowly undid the black, spaghetti strapped dress the French Actress was wearing. Allowing the dress to fall to the floor, Laetitia exposed Virginie’s perfect body to both Call, and the cameras she’d hidden throughout the room.

“My god, those are beautiful,” Burke said, ogling her breasts.

“She’s completely beautiful,” Lambert said. “Looks like we’re about to get two babes for the price of one.”

“Call didn’t mention anything about this,” Stall said as Laetitia lead Virginie over to the bed. There Marissa reached up and kissed Virginie passionately. “I wonder why?”

“Maybe she didn’t know,” Burke offered.

“Or maybe she’s keeping something from us,” Lambert said. “Are you sure it’s wise to let her go once she’s done?”

“A deal’s a deal,” Stall said, watching as Virginie reluctantly started touching Marissa’s breasts. The young blonde seemed so much more eager than the brunette actress, but with Laetitia’s gentle hands massaging Virginie’s shoulders and caressing her breasts from behind, Virginie was rapidly getting into it.

“I don’t trust her,” Lambert said again.

“Does it matter?” Stall said. “After tonight, she’ll be out of our lives forever.”

“Yeah, Lambert, just sit back and enjoy the show, would you?” Burke said. “This isn’t something you see every day.

* * *

February 6th, 2005

Apartment of Laetitia Casta,

Paris, France

Marissa gently kissed Virginie’s lips as the older actress ran her hands over her new lover’s breasts. As the French actress leaned over and started sucking on her nipples, Marissa wondered if Stall and the boys were even alive anymore. Lord knew she had almost had a heart attack when Laetitia had led the famous Virginie Ledoyen into the bedroom.

Marissa had admired Virginie for a while now. The French actress seemed to have no problem whatsoever getting naked on film, and her body was so perfect that to not showcase it to the world was a crime. That she was secretly sleeping with Laetitia Casta was no surprise – celebrities with secret homosexual partners was nothing new, especially to Marissa who was not only Laetitia’s secret lover, but also Penelope Cruz’s. But the fact that Virginie, the oh so perfect pixie of French Cinema, was into nasty lesbian sex with the ever-so-kinky Laetitia was a true shock.

“Touch her pussy,” Laetitia said lustfully as she leaned over Virginie and whispered in her ear.

“May I?” Virginie asked Marissa.

“Please, do,” Marissa said, panting a bit. This was hot. Hotter than anything she’d done in a long time. She’d had threesomes before, but they’d always been with at least one man. This was her first ever all girl threesome, and it was fantastic.

Virginie slid a finger into Marissa’s sopping wet cunt, and quickly found her G-Spot. Marissa felt her eyes go wide, and her body spasmed. Unable to hold back, she allowed herself to climax, thrashing her body slightly under Virginie’s tender ministrations.

Marissa’s orgasm seemed to be a signal to the others, and before the young blonde could calm down, Laetitia had pulled Virginie off her and thrust her tongue deep into her fellow Frenchwoman’s throat. As Marissa lay there panting, Laetitia managed to get Virginie on her back right next to Marissa. Virginie didn’t struggle as Laetitia quickly worked three fingers into her cunt and started thrusting away. Marissa propped herself up on one elbow to watch, giving Stall and crew the perfect shot of the action from the camera located on the necklace still around her neck.

“Oh, god, yes!” Virginie moaned aloud, breaking the silence that had permeated the room in the last few minutes.

“Marissa, eat me out,” Laetitia commanded. Marissa blinked, thinking she’d been forgotten until that moment, and then hurried to obey. She shuffled down the bed and got underneath Laetitia and between her legs. Just above her head was Virginie’s own pussy, her legs spread wide to allow Marissa to reach Laetitia’s most private areas. Looking up, Marissa could see the completely shaved pussy Laetitia kept at all times. Smiling, Marissa went to work, running her tongue directly across Laetitia’s clit. The French model moaned, but didn’t stop running her fingers deep into Virginie’s pussy.

Marissa licked and sucked at Laetitia for what seemed like hours, enjoying the cascade of girl-cum that came from not one, but two different orgasm’s Laetitia had. Virginie, from the sounds of it, had at least that many before the girls finally gave in.

Marissa spent the night in bed, sandwiched between the two beauties, and slept the most pleasant sleep she ever had. She imagined that, considering the video they got last night, Stall and his boys probably slept pretty well, too.

* * *

February 6th, 2005

Hilton Hotel,

Paris, France

“Well, Miss Call, you completed your part of the bargain,” Stall said over a late breakfast in his hotel room.

“Thanks, I guess,” Marissa said.

“I assume you’ll be wanting a trip home now. Mr. Lambert is working on some nice fake Ids for you that’ll get you out of France without a problem. I hope you won’t mind waiting an extra day or two from them to arrive.”

“No problem,” Marissa said.

“Shall I book you a flight to the states, then?” Stall asked as he buttered an English Muffin.

“Actually, I was wondering something,” Marissa said.

“What’s that?” Stall asked.

Call took a deep breath before she continued. “I was wondering, how are you going to get other celebs for this little bet of yours?”

“However we can,” Stall said, honestly. “Thanks to you, my count’s now up to ten. Seventy in just under eleven months isn’t too hard.

“No, but you could still use some help, couldn’t you?”

Stall looked at her. “What are you saying, Miss Call?”

“Before last night, the only celebs I’d ever fucked were Laetitia and Penelope. But last night, while Virginie was getting me off, I realized that there are so many beautiful women in the world, and you’re going after eighty of the most beautiful of them.”

“I can’t argue that,” Stall said.

“Anyone working with you will have the chance to at least watch these women doing the most beautiful and sensual things imaginable. It’s the chance of a lifetime.”

“And it beats being a hooker or a thief?” Stall asked.

“Yes, yes it does,” Call said honestly. “Mr. Stall, I want in. I want to help you get these videos, and I want to fuck as many celebs as I can.”

Stall looked at her for a long moment before replying. “I had a feeling you might change your mind. Tell you what, Miss Call. If you agree to allow any encounters you have with hot celebrity women be taped by my people, I’ll pay your way through Europe and the rest of the world. And, when we’re done, if you’re still here, I’ll make sure you can go home no problem, as per the terms of our original agreement. Is that satisfactory for you?”

“Yes,” Marissa said, smiling. “Yes it is.”

“Well, then,” Stall said, turning back towards his breakfast. “I suggest you pack. Next stop for us is Germany. You don’t happen to have any contacts there, do you?”

“Not yet,” Marissa said. “But I’ll make some.”

“Good,” Stall said. “Welcome to the team, Miss Call. Welcome to the team.”

* * *

February 7th, 2005

Scotland Yard

London, England

“Hey, boss, where you going?” Daniel Coach asked as he poked his head into Agnes Stone’s office.

“Paris, believe it or not,” Stone replied. “A British Citizen got himself killed last night, and I’m the lucky one who gets to check it out.”

“How’d he die?” Coach asked.

“Raped and murdered,” Stone said.

“Ouch. Who was she?” Coach asked.

“You were right the first time, Dan – HIS name was Daniel Walters, of Nottingham. He was in Paris for a conference or something like that. Went up to his hotel room and the maid found him the next morning nothing but blood and broken bones. The French Police want one of us in on the case, and my name got pulled out of the hat.”

“So a man gets raped and murdered. Not too surprising in some places. There are still some gay men who want to remain in the closet no matter what,” Coach replied.

“Somehow, I think this will be something more than that,” Stone said, thinking for a moment.

“Hey, speaking of Paris,” Coach said, snapping his fingers suddenly. “What hotel was it at?”

“The Hilton,” Stone said. “Why?”

“You remember those radio carrier waves I mentioned to you last month?”

“The ones you think were related to the Harrods security breach?”

“Same ones. They were active all over London for a week or two after that, but then they disappeared.”


“So, they showed up again in the past five or six days, only this time in France. A couple of hits emanating from the Cannes area, and then a good solid signal coming from Paris last night.”

Stone looked at him for a long second. “Go on.”

“I pinpointed the originating location with a little help from one of my buddies in Amsterdam. And they were almost certainly coming from the Hilton Hotel in Paris.”

Stone looked at him for a very long moment. “You know, maybe this trip will turn out to be more interesting than I thought,” she said at last.

To Be Continued…

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