Around The World In 8 School Girls: South Africa


15 yr old Charlize was a perverts dream in her short pleated skirt and blouse tied up slightly revealing a flat stomach as she walked to school in the morning sunshine.I had bided my time memorising her daily routine and today was the day,i had picked my spot a derelict out building on the schoolgrounds and i was already naked hidden in the doorway.

Here she is right on time and as she strolled past the door i grabbed her round the throat and waist and pulled the stunned girl inside my erection rubbing upon her slender backside,Charlize instantly knew she was in danger of being raped and
begged to be released.I wasted no time as i ordered her to the back of the building and made her strip naked as she complied i was delighted that her body lived up to my dreams,an ample pair of milky white breasts tipped with jutting pink nipples and a golden triangle of pubic hair.My 10 inches were soon splitting her twat lips as i embedded myself to the hilt and i soon filled her love tunnel with my load.

Charlize had no respite as i made her suck my wilting rod back to life before turning her round and forcing it up her vicelike arse she screamed as my fat love torpedo tore her anal passage open until i emptied my balls into her for a second time.It was soon back in her mouth for her lick and suck it remained there until my third load became a mid morning snack for her to engulf hungrilly.

The remainder of the day i spent helping myself to Charlizes fit body as i raped every hole on her body time and time again in any positions that i fancied i must have shot 10-15 loads the final load i made her squeeze from me with her tits onto her face.I left her on her back getting dressed and leaving taking all of her schoolclothes with me as a trophy

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