Around The World In 8 School Girls – Part 2: England


Why didnt i listen to my mother thought Kate to herself she,d warned me to be careful as there was a serial sex attacker about who,d already raped 4 local schoolgirls but here she was half knickers round her ankles and tits hanging out tied and gagged.

He had grabbed her at knifepoint on the way home after school telling her she was to be his fucktoy till half past 9,she gulped as he told her yes i know that on tuesday you go to your mates house till then and its only just turned 4 o,clock.Kate had been taken by the man onto a disused railway line and into a small clearing within a thicket of bushes
after being restrained he soon ripped open her blouse and popped her ample tits out of the bra cups and started sucking her brown nipples occasionally nibbling on her engorged teats.He then bent her double lifting the back of her schoolskirt using the other hand to remove her panties down to her ankles telling her to step out of them ( she kicked off the lilac panties).

He dropped his jeans and his 10 inches sprung free before making Kate spread her legs a bit more so his fleshy javelin had unrestricted access to her pussy and gripping her hips he harpooned her with one quick push.Poor Kate sweet sixteen and her body was now his to use as he wanted,she gasped into the gag as his momentum built her tits swaying till he filled her cunt shute to the brim.

By now resigned to her fate he undid the tape from her wrists and mouth and his sticky tool was inside her warm mouth the lips closed voluntarally as her tongue flicked over the head and she tasted herself on the rapist as she cleaned him up.Next she surprised herself as she took it down her own throat not releasing him until he filled her belly with his spicy offering.

Now in her element Kate told her attacker to lie down before squatting over him to lower her anus over his welcome 10 inches moaning as her anal muscles stretched to accomadate it.45 sweaty minutes later his seed erupted into her bowels and she milked every last drop from his bollocks.

Kate was now unquenchable as she became a willing sex partner with the mystery man as she made sure every orifice got its fill several times over as half past 9 arrived much too soon.She was,nt going to let that stop her though as she invited the man back to hers and snuck him in taking him up to her room.She went back down to tell her mother that she,d eaten at her friends house and she was off to bed now as she had an early start in the morning.Back in the bedroom the now completely naked man ripped the school uniform off her and Kate was quickly riding herself to orgasm after orgasm as they fucked until her mother went to bed at 1 am.Next morning they woke at 6am and fucked in the shower doggy style over the kitchen table and on the schoolgrounds as they waited for the bell to ring,Kate kissed him on the lips giving his knob a final wank arranged to meet him at 4 o,clock on the railway line next Tuesday tugging her panties up as she left.He smiled and thought to himself i,d better rape another couple of girls in order to build my strength up that all girls school will be ideal

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