Around The World In 8 School Girls – Part 3: Ireland


Nadine Coyle? yes Miss O,Meira she responded i told you if i caught you talking in class again you would be in detention tonight so you will stay for 2 hours,but Miss O,Meira i won,t do it again i promise, you,ve had your chances Nadine 2 hours tonight no questions.

The bell rang for home time and as the rest of the kids headed home Nadine told her cousin to tell her mom she,d be late home and not to worry and fought against the tide and headed for Miss O,Meiras classroom only for her to be told it was Mr Flannagan holding detention today and sent her over to the sports hall.

She entered and
Mr Flannagan told her to come in and to stay there i,ll be back shortly as i have got to lock up after the other teachers it wont be more than 15 minutes.True to his word he returned bang on time saying it looks like it just you and me Nadine what did you do and how long are you to stay for? She told him and he said oh well you can,t stand up for all that time and walked up to the bench and sat down calling her to him, she obediently walked over and he asked her what year she was in?,4th year Sir was her answer,that would make you 15 then? No i won,t be 15 till June Sir.Well Nadine get your 14 year old body over my lap,what? she said not believing her ears,get over my lap now or you,ll regret it girl he said menacingly as he gripped her wrist and pulled her over his lap.She lay there stunned as he lifted up her green skirt displaying her white knickers and blushed as his hand slapped her hard on the backside SMACK, OW she screamed, SMACK, OW please stop Sir it hurts,shut your mouth bitch he told her and continued spanking her bum,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK (she was openly weeping with the pain as he slapped her viciously)then he used his hand to lower her knickers down to her knees so he could slap her bare bottom SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK no sooner had he stopped and did she feel him push his index finger up her shithole and give it a good reaming,OOOOH,OOOOH,OOOOH,OOOH she moaned at his intrusion satisfied he pulled out his finger and sucked it clean telling her she had a shitty arse and needed to learn not to dirty his finger i want you to strip naked while i get out some exercise mats.

Within 5 minutes the mats were in place and they were both completely naked her small tits crown by pink rosebud nipples and a whisper of downy pubic hair grew on her pubic mound.His 9 inches hung out a dribble of precum weeped from the eye i bet you,ve never seen a dick as big as this before Nadine? Yes i have she responded shocking him slightly my uncles been porking me with his twice a week after work and all day on a Saturday since i turned 12.You really are a dirty bitch Nadine now get down and wrap your slutty mouth round my knob and have a good suck,as her lips closed and the tip of her tongue flicked against his cock eye his cum spurted over the roof of her mouth and she gulped it down greedily.

Mr Flanagan pulled his still erect pole from her mouth telling her to lie down on the mats pushing her legs apart piercing her snatch easily slipping his full length inside and slowly started raping her,she reacted instinctively wrapping her legs about his waist until he washed her womb with his seed.Her often abused pussy muscles drained every last drop out of him but he was,nt finished yet as his rampant slick pole was aimed at Nadines arsehole and she braced herself for the pain she knew this entailed(Mr Flanagan decided if Nadine was her uncles whore twice a week and on Saturdays then he was going to fuck her stupid the rest of the week) as his knob began to fill her anal passage.

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