Around The World In 8 School Girls – Part 4: America


Yo bitch you,d better not scream said one of the three black men to Natalie as the blade was put under her chin and the 13 year old was bundled into a car outside the schoolgates that quickly drove off as a black cock poked her in the cheek and a hand tore her panties off.Start sucking girlie theres plenty more were that came from grabbing her by the ponytails he rammed it into her mouth the end bulging Natalies cheek as 3 fingers entered her bald quim up to the knuckles,shit man the bitch is a virgin but we,ll soon fix that forcing his fingers through her hymen making Natalie squirm upon his
unwelcome intrusion.Splosh, splurge,splurge ,splurge the dick in her mouth covered her tonsils with a slimy substance what the man told her to drink down not liking the taste she gagged wanting to spit it out but her head was still locked upon him as more of the evil liquid oozed onto her tongue and she swallowed mouthful after mouthful till he stopped cumming.

The car pulled up in an alleyway and the 3 men dragged her into a building via the side door and into a room throwing her down onto a mattress where both men ripped every piece of clothing from her in front of 4 other men who urged them on saying what they would do to her slender body.

In no time at all she found 2 more black dicks entering her mouth simultaniously and 8 inches of black flesh driven into her tight cunt channel shafting her powerfully and as one they all soon shot wads of cum into her only for more coloured tools to take over raping her in turn for the rest of the hour.

The man who Natalie had sucked off in the car rolled her onto her stomach and another trouser snake entered her mouth as his penis bulb nuzzled between her pert bumcheeks suddenly her shithole was on fire as his 12 inches slammed home,she opened her mouth wider to cry in pain but instead found herself stifled as cock slipped down her throat until balls jiggled on her chin and the two cocks fucked ther respective openings and Natalie collected more helpings of babyjuice.

The gang of 7 men gang banged her continually till the early hours before dumping her sore naked cum covered body from a van outside her schoolgates where they all peed on her as she cowered each of them making sure Natalies mouth was awash with hot piss before driving off.

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