Around The World In 8 School Girls – Part 5: England


It was to be the worst day of 16 year old Keiras life but it started off the same as any other as her mum dropped her off at the school on the way to work.She was halted at the door by the deputy head who told her due to an emergency teachers lessons will start this afternoon and to return at 1pm.

She could,nt go home as no one was in and she had no key so decided to go to the public library half a mile away and set off down the path that ran led through the park.On the way a middle aged man called out to her asking if she had seen a dalmatian as his had run off ,she told him she had,nt and he asked
her if she could spare 5 minutes to help him,as the park was busy and it was a sunny spring day she agreed sensing he was harmless and he told her the dog was called Thomas and he sent her to look by the bowling green as he set off in the opposite direction.The bowling green was set a bit deeper in the park behind an overgrown privet hedge and she reached it in 2 minutes calling out for Thomas in the area after walking on another 100 metres calling the dogs name she heard a dog yelping inside the cricket pavillion and headed towards it.

On reaching it she found the door unlocked and entered the wooden building calling out for Thomas and a barking came from a room to the left so she opened the door going inside and saw a dalmatian tied to a hook on the wall.She was caught by surprise as the door slammed shut and the middle aged man asked her what took so long,please let me go said Keira as the man walked up to her and his hands groped her tits through the blouse and school jumper,let me go please i won,t tell anyone please she begged as her nipples stiffened between his unwanted thumbs and fingers and he pinched the tender buds.

He stopped to remove her grey jumper and red and black striped tie before unbuttoning her white blouse savouring the sight of her 32 inch jugs nestling within the cups of a lacy pale blue bra.He told her to take it off and she reached behind her back to unclasp it causing her ample tits to tumble onto his waiting palms as his mouth sought out her brown teats that he pulled and chewed as the helpless Keira begged him again to stop.

The man then switched his attention and lifted her skirt revealing a matching pair of lacy pale blue panties and one hand rubbed back and forth over her pubic mound and to her shame a small damp patch started to grow as her body reacted to his touch he ordered he to pull her knickers down to her ankles which she did and he unzipped his fly to pull out a massive foot long boner,upon seeing it Keira implored him not to rape her as it was too big and too thick and in return she,d suck him off.You were always gonna be sucking this honey i,ve cornered you in order to poke your snatch as every woman has chickened out of having this up inside of them and he once again ran his fingers through her pussy hair along her puffy swollen cunt lips easing them into her sticky channel and finger fucked her till her twat was saturated and her sexual nectar dribbled down her thighs.He removed his hand and ran the head of his rod along her crack to dampen it and Keira sobbed as she made a last plea to him not to make her put his monsterous man spear in her young body but to no avail as the mushroomed head of his cock splayed her pussy walls and the wetness of her allowed him easy access as he stretched her walls to the maximum with his thickness.His length lifted her off the ground and gravity caused her body to slide down the last few inches as her pubic hairs tangled with his.OOOH OOOH OOOH OOOH she groaned as he lifted and dropped her upon his tool and the friction of his thick veins tickled her clit and her climax built steadily OOOH OOOH OOOH OOOH OOOH AAAAAAAAAH Keira had a mammoth orgasm and he continued burying it in her cunt and she orgasmed again and again before he filled her full of hot spunk his balls pumped for a minute or so as he finally got the chance to unload himself in a female and made the most of it.

After Keira was allowed to dismount his fuckpole she found it in her mouth and automatically started sucking it and tasted the tangy flavour of their cum mixture and she blushed with shame of enjoying the spicy sweet compound.He removed himself from her mouth and pushed her back onto her shoulders lifting her bottom into the air and held her by one ankle straddling her as he aimed his trouser truncheon at the rose of her anus jamming the tip into her.AIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE Keira squealed in agony AIIIIIEEEEE NO IT HURTS IT HURTS STOP STOP NO MORE TAKE IT OUT YOU,RE RIPPING ME APART all her protestations did was to egg him on and stab deeper and deeper UUUUUH UUUUUH UUUUUH UUUUUH UUUUUH she grunted as he rammed a touch deeper with each thrust.At last a pair of hairy balls ground upon her butt cheeks,UUUUUH UUUUUH UUUUUH UUUUUH grunts changed to MUH MUH MUH MUH MUH MUH MUH sounds then OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OOOH OOOOH OOOOOH AAAAAAAAAAAAAHYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH as a massive multiple orgasm flooded her senses as the thickness of his love muscle excited her aching clit once more.Keira orgasmed again as he plundered her bowels and heavy sperm laden balls slapped audibly against teenage buttocks, he shagged her in this position for the best part of an hour finally she felt his hot semen pumping in her back passage. He withdrew his still shooting cock and sperm hit her face and tits as his balls pumped a few more times before wiping his cock clean on her blouse and taking her bra and panties for souvenirs kissed her on the lips untied his dog leaving behind the semi naked abused schoolgirl in a heap on the floor dripping with his spunk

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