Around The World In 8 School Girls – Part 6: England


The heatwave was setting new record temperatures as it continued into late September and Lisa was glad her school had allowed the pupils to drink in class (she was now on her 6th can of diet coke and it was only 3pm).There was a drawback to the constant drinking though regularly trips to the toilet and they always were busy as everybody had the same problem.The buzzer went for the end of day and Lisa went back to her form area to put her schoolbooks away in her locker today had been good to her no homework tonight on the way out she met her mates and they all headed for the toilets but there was an
out of order sign on the door,not to worry we,ll go to the shopping centre down the road and use theirs.

The afternoon sun hit them as soon as they left the building (82c the forecasts predicted ) and the posse of 4 girls walked to the shopping centre talking avidly about boys and pop music (lifes only interesting things),they arrived soon after only to find a queue at the toilets of 40 or more bodies deciding straight away they,d survive until they got home.

As they headed home the group splintered off 1st Sally then Amy and lastly Cassie leaving Lisa half a mile from home.She had only walked another couple of hundred yards when her groin began to cramp up and she knew she had to relieve herself,looking round desperately she decided the only place was behind a bus shelter in a small heavily wooded area.

She had a good look for anybody in the vicinity and nobody in sight so she headed into the undergrowth till she was hidden from the road hitched up her scarlet pleated dress and slid her white knickers down to her shins squatted down and OOOOOOOOOO she uttered as her bladder started to empty its contents.Lisa was suddenly barged forward by a push from behind and landed on all fours still pissing but onto her knickers soaking them as a cold nose rubbed her strawberry blonde pubes and rough tongue lapped away drinking her pee WHAT THE HELL she said turning to find a german shepherd dog behind her Lisa crawled forward a touch still pissing but the dog followed SHOO GET AWAY YOU DIRTY BEAST GO ON GO she shouted but he stayed licking away until she finished.

She tried to crawl forward but the dog growled at her so she tried again with the same result so she stayed still and the dog started to lap away at her cunt his tongue entering her and making her juices run as it continued.

It stopped and she was about to move when it climbed upon her SHIT NO DEAR GOD NO she thought as the horror of losing her virginity to a dog at the age of 15 appalled her.NO NO NOOOO his slender prick pushed into her causing a small amount of pain as it tore her hymen and a rapid fucking motion started the dogs claws scratching her waist as it gleefully battered into her and then more pain kicked in as the dogs knot got inside her tieing them together and sealing its sperm within her as it ejaculated its gluey dog seed into her fertile womb.After 20 mins the dog unknotted from her leaving Lisa full of cum and stinking of piss crying in early evening sun.

Her uncontrollable sobbing did not go unnoticed as a male passerby heard and investigated the source finding Lisa distraught in her state of undress and took his shirtand tie off she thought to cover her blushes but he was,nt a good samaritan as he bound her hands with his shirt and gagged her with his tie got her to stand and with her knickers still round her ankles shuffled her further into the trees his hand on her bare bum and she just knew when he revealed his 9 inches it was going to be a long brutal fuck session for her to endure.It was well past midnight when she finally got home her pussy arse and belly all full of fresh hot jism.

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