Around The World In 8 School Girls – Part 7: Australia


Dannii had wasted half of her schoolyear perhaps it was being a teenager and thinking she knew what was best for herself.When she brought home her end of year report stating this both her parents blew their tops blaming each other but once they calmed down a bit her mother had hit on a solution.Night school as well next year to make up for lost time as she had important exams to prepare for ( her mates will take the piss when they find out).

The new night school term started mid September and she was signed up for both english (Monday & Wednesday)and maths(Tuesday & Thursday) it was weird to
begin with because she was only 15 and everyone else was in their late 20,s early 30,s but her youth also made her a hit with all the men.

The year flew past and it was Tuesday January 9th ( a date she would never forget) and Dannii was on her way into the building for the 1st maths lesson of the new year when a couple of the men from her class called out for her to join them,so over she went and they were soon talking away about this and that.

After a minute she was asked if she got anything nice for Christmas and she told them about the stereo jewellry and clothes,what did you guys get?Oh the usual after shave from the kids ,clothes from the wife to mention but a few however there is a present we have for you,me? i was,nt expecting any thing from any of you,no problem Dannii its in that classroom down the corridor come on we,ll show you.She was smiling as they led the way following them into the room ( it was a music room sound proofed to eliminate every sound) there you are its in the box on the table,a light green box with a green satin bow what is it?don,t ask just open it up one said.Her curiosity took over and she pulled the bow open took off the lid thinking its a dress i wonder how they found out my size but on peeling back the tissue paper got a major shock it was black saucy underwear bra, panties,suspenders and stockings, she just gawped at it stunned.

Don,t just stand there put it on,WHAT PUT IT ON i her head suddenly cleared PUT IT ON i,ll change in the toilets and let you know if it fits.Who said anything about toilets put it on here you little prickteaser we,ve had to watch you flirting with us for months bending over hanging your tits in our faces or flashing your panties under the desk when you wear your small skirts giving us hard ons for hours on end.I,m sorry Danni said i was,nt teasing you.

Well if you won,t strip for us we,ll help you out of your clothes and instantly 2 pairs of hands got hold of her holding her arms as 2 other pairs grabbed her ample tits having a good feel HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME its no use shouting bitch you,re in a soundproof room Dannii knew she was in deep shit.

Her purple crop top was pulled over her head and tossed aside her peach bra was unclasped and threw on top and her jugs wobbled as her lilac mini dress was unzipped and removed her pubic hair was evident through the thin cotton material of peach coloured panties but only for a brief moment as they were torn off her displaying her nest of jet black pussy fur.Daniis left hand raced to cover her exposed pussy but a male hand got there quicker and she gripped his wrist to remove it but he was much stronger and his steely fingers ran along her cunt flaps and into her love chasm soon homing in on her clit,he was on his knees in no time at all tongueing her cunt the tip zeroing in on her love button shewas trying to back away but her bare backside was blocked by another of the men who,s big erection was obvious by the trouser tent prodding into her buttocks,UH UH UH OOOOOOOOOO her body shook under the influence of a major orgasm.

We only wanted you to put on our present and have an un obstructed view of your sexy body but you,re obviously a horny slut so we,ve had a change of plan she was told as all the men dropped their trousers and she was faced with 4 large hard ons.Dannii was told to lie on her back and the first man knelt between her thighs and impaled her with 7 inches easily as her snatch ran with her pussy juices another man sat on her tits and ran his 10 incher over her mouth but she refused to open her mouth he reached behind himself pinching her right nipple hard and she opened her lips to scream in pain but was gagged as he lunged his dick forward hitting the back of her mouth.MMMMM MMMMMM MMMMM MMMMM was the only sound she could make as he fucked her mouth as she found herself double teamed.One of the other 2 men waiting their turn glanced at his watch and said oh well lessons have started it,ll be a waste of time going in 10 minutes late we might as well stay here for the remainder of the 2 and a half hours and educate Dannii how to be a dirty whore to us and she soon recieved a dose of spunk in her cunt.

Having shot his load the man stood up and another took his place filling her pussy fucking her roughly a minute passed and YUCK her mouth filled up rapidly with gooey sperm and as soon as he tok his member out she turned her head and spat it out onto the floor,the final cock was put in her face and under the head base of the foreskin was loads of stale cockcheese and she was made to clean the yellowy white substance with her tongue and told not to spit it out but swallow the lot (as the taste hit her she wanted to vomit especially as it also tasted of piss).Having to obey the four men she now had her hand on his tool wanking him as she sucked upon the head and the 2 men climaxed simultaneously sending strands of hot cum into her pussy and mouth, she again spat cum out onto the floor adding to the earlier puddle.

She was next made to suck the first 2 men erect and they swopped positions from earlier filling her mouth and pussy yet again.They poked her for several minutes when the man in her cunt was asked to roll her on her side so he gripped her thighs turning her slightly and a third man lay behind her opening her ass cheeks NNNGH NNNGH NNNGH she moaned past the knob on her tongue knowing his intentions but Dannii was held firm as he forced himself into her arse the pain was the worst she had felt in her life as 9 fat inches split her bum wide open for a vicious buggering the cocks in her arse and pussy drove her over the edge and her body shook in a series of multiple orgasms and the 3 men shot wave after wave after wave of salty sperm filling her holes.They pulled out of her body and she again spat cum onto the floor as the 4th man mounted her doggy style grabbing her tits for purchase as he pumped away in her sloppy shithole as he was smaller than the other other dick it was less painful but still hurt her sore hole before shooting his seed into her bowels.

Dannii was raped again by all 4 men over the next hour and knelt in front of them as they shot a fourth load each over her face and tits before they finished.They handed her old bra and torn panties to wipe herself clean before making her dress in the sexy lingerie they had brought for her, she was told it would be no use telling anyone that they had raped her as it was her word against the 4 of them and to wear the sluttiest outfits she had to future night school classes as they,d all want to take turns with her again.

One guy walked Dannii home that night and on her frot lawn behind a bush lifted her lilac skirt pulled down her new lacy pantiesbent her double and rammed his 10 inches into her well oiled cunt and when he was about to shoot his load he took it out of her hole and told her to suck it and swallow the lot as salty sweet sperm hit the roof of her mouth she gulped the slimy substance down.Satiated he let her rearrange her clothing and go home.Danniis mother said i,ve been talking to your dad and we,ve decided that you have caught up with your friends so no more night school ( Dannii thought if she did,nt go back to the night school the men would think she,d grassed them up and they knew where she lived so knew what she had to do).No its ok mum i,ve got a lot to learn and at her next maths night she entered wearing a see through blouse and tiny rah rah skirt that barely covered the cheeks of her bum and she knew she had made the right choice as one of the men sat beside her during the lesson slipped his hand down her knickers as the other three grinned at their own pet fuck toy their erections obvious and she knew tonight she,d be late home.

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