Around The World In 8 School Girls – Part 8: England


Jennifer was in a good spirits as although it was a schoolday it was her 16th birthday and her step dad Denny had promised her a present to remember she was halfway to school when her stepdad pulled up alongside her in his car.Come on Jen get in you can skip school today your present won,t wait but not a word to your mum, ok Denny she agreed and got in her small skirt rising up to an almost indecent height as she sat and put on the safety belt and the car drove off.

The car came to a standstill on a car park in front of a warehouse building Denny said right lets go in,Jennifer got out of the
car but the back of her skirt rode up giving a brief view of her pink panties she covered herself up quickly hoping that Denny had,nt noticed as he was locking his car.He escorted her inside as her mind raced thinking what his present was,a scooter,driving lessons a hot air balloon trip as they went through swing doors into the centre of the warehouse and came face to face with a room full of digital camcorders and a mixing desk ??????? Yes of course he knew she had a good singing voice and always seemed to be hanging about when she sang in the bath or shower she was going to make a promotional song and video to try to get a musical career started.

A group of a dozen men came out from a nearby room and walked over to meet them at the equipment she looks like she,ll make a good career out of this Denny with her looks Jenny beamed a smile that would melt an iceberg and the men turned all the cameras and the mixing unit.

Get Jen to stand in the middle she needed no persuasion going to where they wanted eager to begin.Go on then Denny you and the boys get her started,he joined her in front of the cameras and grabbed both her big tits and had a good feel DENNY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING swatting his hands away.You,re here to become a porn star Jen so just do as we tell you,she made an attempt to run for the exit but a couple of the men captured her and moved her back to the cameras and Denny who unbuttoned her blouse and removed her large 36 jugs only hidden by a low cut pink bra which was soon removed by him as he told her he,d only seen them on the spy camera in the bathroom before today as her melons flopped onto his palms and he kneaded them together running his thumbs across her nipples and they hardened to his touch so he kissed and suckled on her teats.

Denny soon changed his tactics as her small bottle green schooldress was pushed up and his hand ran over the front her pink panties feeling her pubes saying he,d enjoyed watching her shape her natural blonde pussy hair in the bathroom the last two years ass he wanked into her knickers (she knew a lot of her underwear had dissappeared but always thought a pervert had took them from the washing line) and he loved the latest pattern of an arrow pointing to her cunt.

Denny squatted pulling her panties down kissing her swollen pussy lips pushing his tongue inside tasting her sex and Jenny got a new shock when a second man knelt down and reamed her anus with his tongue.

She could see men all around stripping naked and 2 sucked her tits as Denny removed his own clothes his massive 10 inches standing out like a flagpole and he approached Jennys brown eyes filled with tears and she whispered please don,t do this to me Denny i,ve only had sex once before and his cock was titchy you,re too big for me please do,nt.Her words were ignored though as each of his hands grabbed her nude bum cheeks and his fleshy staff buried itself completely in her nubile body and he poked her with a quickening tempo getting her to wrap her legs about his waist she soon regretted this action as a knob got unobstructed entry to her bottom and Jenny screamed her lungs out as he buggered her once virginal back passage and Denny pumped his seed in her cunt then pulled out.Her shouts of pain were stifled as she was bent double and a dick filled her mouth and she was told to give it a damn good sucking.

All of the men had raped her by mid morning before Denny got a new turn and this time she was on her back and he made Jenny squash her jugs around his cock his tit fuck ending with sperm being shot into her face.It was noon when the men finished with her a second time when in walked another 20 men who had answered text messages and joined in the fun with the unfortunate girl all of them triple teaming her time and again till 4 o,clock when Denny said the time was up she,s due home soon and threw Jenny a towel to dry the spunk from her body.Once dry Jenny put her school uniform back Denny ordered 20 copies of the final film to sell in the pub and whilst driving home told Jenny he was going to fuck her every chance he got in the future as well as having the regular job of shaving her pussy or else every dirty old man in the area would be allowed to join him in making a new movie this time anything goes the more digusting the better,Jenny knew she had no choice agreed to his demands and they,d start tonight at bathtime.

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