Around The World in 80 Babes: Chapter 43 – Showstoppers

Around The World in 80 Babes: Chapter 43 – Showstoppers

by: TRL

Celebs: Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts

Codes: FF

Disclaimer: The following is Fiction, nothing but
fiction, so help me, Jebus. None of it is meant to be
true, and should not be read by minors, bigots, or
small-minded people – unless you’re small mind exactly
like I am, in which case, you’ll love it more than
life itself.

Around the World in 80 Babes

2005 CSSA Award Winner for Best M/F Series

by: TRL

Chapter 43: Showstoppers

September 13th, 2005
“The Australian Pit,”
Sydney, Australia

“So how many levels of cool am I?”

Michael Burke looked up from his book and blinked. “You, Tom? Hardly any. You’re about as nerdy as they get.”

“But how cool is it that I can get videos of hot babes having sex?” Tom Lambert asked.

“Well, that IS cool, but if Stall wasn’t paying for it, you wouldn’t be able to do it.”

“Technicality,” Lambert replied. “Besides, this time I topped myself.”

“How?” Burke asked, honestly intrigued.

“This time I’m going to provide two of Australia’s sexiest babes getting it on with each other.”

“Oh, this ought to be good.”

“It is, it is,” Lambert said. “I’ve bugged Nicole Kidman’s house.”

“Wait a second,” Burke asked. “I thought Nicole Kidman had some of the tightest security in the country – didn’t someone try to bug her house earlier this year?”

“They did, and I’ve been working with my people here ever since to sneak my cameras in there.”

“How’d you do it?”

“The security company she hired to de-bug her house? Happens to be owned by a company that just happens to be owned by one Richard Stall.”

“You’re joking,” Burke said.

“No joke. We’ve got the cameras set up through the house, and the actual broadcast unit is on the very back end of her property, hidden up in the trees where no one but birds will ever look. And we’re finally online enough to grab her doing her thing in bed.”

“Wait a second, I thought you said you were going to have two babes.”

“I am.”

“Who’s the second?”

“None other than Nicole Kidman’s dearest friend, Naomi Watts.”

Burke’s eyes went wide. “I didn’t know they were lesbians!”

“They may not be, I don’t know,” Lambert replied. “But I made sure my people installed a supply of my more potent chemical aphrodisiac into the ventilation system. As soon as I flip the switch, those two will be humping each other in a matter of minutes.”

Burke shook his head. “You know, Lambert, you may have just managed to top yourself this time.”

“So, how cool am I?”

“Pretty damn cool,” Burke admitted. “Any idea when Naomi will show up?”

“According to security, she should be showing up for a private dinner for two tonight.”

“The boss know yet?”

“He’ll be wanting a copy as soon as I’m done editing it.”

“Make sure he gets it,” Burke said. “And call me when the show starts.”

* * *

September 13th, 2005
The Home of Nicole Kidman,
Sydney, Australia

Clad only in a pair of jeans and a tank top, Naomi Watts drove into Nicole Kidman’s driveway, having passed the security gates some thirty yards back. Nicole valued her privacy, especially on nights like this. It was rare that the two were able to get together for a simple meal. Nicole had even sent the handful of staff she kept around when she was in town home, and the kids were visiting with Tom this week. All said and done, it would just be the two girls tonight.

Naomi couldn’t wait. It had been a long time since she’d just had a girls night in. And Nicole was an old and dear friend. It’d almost be like a slumber party when they were kids again.

Parking her car out front, Naomi hopped out and walked towards the door. She didn’t even reach it when it swung open and there stood Nicole, all smiles and open arms!

“Naomi!” Nicole called out. “Thank god, you’re here.”

“Good to see you too, Nic,” Naomi said, hugging her old friend. “How long has it been?”

“Almost a year since we’ve been able to do something like this,” Nicole said. She held Naomi’s hand as she lead her friend into the house. Nicole was wearing a simple white skirt and a tan cami top that showed off her impressive stomach. “Want something to drink?”

“Sure, what do you have?” Naomi asked.

Nicole thought for a moment. “I’ve got a couple of nice Chardonnay’s up here. Some more variety downstairs, too.”

“Chardonnay sounds wonderful,” Naomi said as the two entered the kitchen. Nicole went right to the small wine rack kept upstairs and grabbed a bottle and two glasses. Naomi admired the way Nicole flexed her arms as she popped the cork and quickly poured two glasses of wine, handing one to her friend almost at once.

“To old friends,” Naomi said, smiling as she lifted her glass in toast.

“Old friends, together again,” Nicole said, taking a deep sip. “I’ve missed you, Naomi.”

“I’ve missed you too, Nic,” Naomi said. “Hard to believe it’s been a year since we were last together alone. God, if we were married – ”

“We’d be a Hollywood couple,” Nicole said, smiling softly. Naomi shook her head. Nicole’s marriage to Tom had fallen apart rather quickly there at the end, and while she was back out dating rather regularly, Naomi could tell Nicole was still a little out of it a little bit.

“Come here,” Naomi said, pulling her friend to her and giving her a deep hug. “You’ll be fine,” she said softly as they embraced each other.

Suddenly, Naomi felt her nipples go hard.

‘Uh-oh,’ Naomi thought. Now was not a good time for THAT to happen.

The embrace went on for almost a full minute before they broke, the whole time Naomi hoping Nicole didn’t noticed that her nipples were erect and that it was anything but cold in the room.

Naomi had admitted to Nicole more than once that she’d been sexually active with women, though never on a serious level. She’d done it first when she was researching a role and found it an enjoyable way to pass the time – often better than the sex she’d had with men. After that, she’d found an occasional female lover for one night stands and occasional multi-night trysts. And while Nicole knew that Naomi enjoyed doing things with other women, she’d always seemed to be slightly disapproving – given a choice, Nicole thought Naomi should be with a man.

But Naomi had always thought about her friend Nicole, and wondered what it would be like to sleep with her, even just once. She’d never dared broach the subject with Nicole – she didn’t want to lose her closest friend over something like that.

But either that wine was going to her head rapid fast, or something was just starting to change, because the more Naomi looked at Nicole, the more she wanted to just bury her head between her friend’s legs and lick away.

And judging from the sudden appearance of pokies in Nicole’s shirt, her friend might be feeling differently, too.

* * *

September 13th, 2005
The Streets of Sydney,
Sydney, Australia

“The signal’s coming from within Sydney this time.”

That news set Agnes Stone up straight in her chair. She’d spent the last several hours sitting at an outdoor coffee shop, sipping at tea while hoping that the mysterious signals would start up again. They’d run into that false receiver last time, but they couldn’t give up because of one set back.

But now, for the first time since she’d arrived in Australia, the signal was originating in the same city she was in. And that meant she needed to move.

“Which do we go after?” Dan Coach asked over the phone. “The transmitter or the receiver.”

“Transmitter. They can’t confuse that,” Stone said.

“Actually,” Abigail Slider replied over the line, “They could. It wouldn’t-”

“We go after the transmitter,” Stone said, forcefully, ending the debate. “Get me a location, NOW!”

“Already getting one,” Slider responded, rattling off an address. By this point, Stone was already getting in her car. And once again, she was the closest to it. “I can be there in twenty minutes, maybe less.”

“Let’s hope it lasts that long,” Coach said.

“It bloody well better,” Stone muttered.

* * *

September 13th, 2005
The Home of Nicole Kidman,
Sydney, Australia

Nicole Kidman didn’t know what was happening to her. All of a sudden, it was like she couldn’t keep her eyes off Naomi’s nipples, now all but ripping through the fabric of the other actress’ tank top. And the longer she stared at it, the wetter Nicole’s own crotch got.

Nicole had never entertained the thought of lesbian sex before. She’d always been attracted to men, and had always enjoyed sex with them – even with Tom, who was far from a perfect lover. And while she’d known that Naomi occasionally enjoyed sleeping with women, Nicole had never so much as thought about doing such a thing herself. It had never seemed right to her.

But right now, Nicole was craving Naomi’s touch. She wanted to feel her friend’s soft hands running up and down her back, over her breasts, and down between her legs. And she wanted to kiss her friend, too. All of a sudden, the thought of passionately kissing Naomi seemed like the most important thing in the world to do.

The two had been staring at each other silently for more than a minute now. Finally, Nicole could hold back no more. She took three steps forward to stand right in front of Naomi, gently took her head in her hands, and kissed her friend with more fire than she ever had any man.

Naomi seemed surprised for all of two or three heartbeats before she returned the kiss just as heatedly.

When they finally broke for air, Naomi’s hands were already running up Nicole’s chest, playing with her erect nipples as she passed.

“I-I don’t know what’s going on,” Nicole whispered as Naomi pulled her close.

“Who cares,” Naomi said, kissing her friend again, allowing their tongues to mingle for another long moment.

“B-but, I’ve never-” Nicole started as Naomi yanked off her tank-top to reveal her perky little tits.

“Nic?” Naomi asked, standing before her friend topless now. “Shut up and let me fuck you.”

Before Nicole could say another word, Naomi had hoisted her up onto the kitchen table and reached down under Nicole’s skirt, lifting it up to find a very wet crotch there. With a devilish grin, Naomi dropped to her knees and placed her head between Nicole’s legs. Quickly pulling Nicole’s panties aside, Naomi kissed her friend’s clit once before she dove in to start feasting.

“OH MY GOD!” Nicole hollered as Naomi’s expert tongue began to probe her depths.

* * *

September 13th, 2005
The Streets of Sydney,
Sydney, Australia

“You’re certain the cops are heading towards the transmitter?”

“Absolutely,” Slide’s mechanical voice came back over the phone. “In fact, the first one ought to be arriving there in a few minutes.”

“That leaves that out,” Raven muttered. “What about the receiver?” the female assassin asked. “How far are we from that?”

“Not that far. It might be another fake, but if it’s not…”

“If it’s not, we can at least figure out where Stall is,” Crow said as he drove through the streets of Sydney. “Give us the directions.”

“Downloading now,” Slide said. “Good hunting.”

“Let’s hope we get lucky,” Raven said as she hung up the phone and pulled out her pistol.

“We won’t be lucky until Stall is dead,” Crow muttered.

* * *

September 13th, 2005
The Home of Nicole Kidman,
Sydney, Australia

With Nicole writhing above her, it was all Naomi Watts could do to keep her tongue burried between her friend’s thighs, but she continued to eat Nic out like her life depended upon it. In many ways, it felt like it did. Naomi had no idea what was bringing on this sudden burst of lust between the old friends, but she wasn’t going to deny it for anything.

Nicole cried out as she came again – which made, what, three times since Naomi slid between her legs? That was enough of that. While Naomi found she loved the taste of her friend, she needed some satisfaction of her own.

She pulled out and stood up, looking down at the very flushed, but still quite aroused Nicole Kidman.

“My turn,” was all Naomi said as she pulled down her pants. She noticed that her own wetness had soaked through not just the tiny white panties she wore, but also enough into put a noticeable wet spot on her jeans. She hadn’t been this turned on in a long time.

“I’ve never done this before,” Nicole said, sliding off the kitchen table.

“Take off your clothes,” Naomi demanded as she stood before her friend completely naked. Nicole quickly followed the order, shedding her top so fast that she popped a couple of buttons. The skirt hit the floor almost as fast, and the panties quickly followed. Now naked, Nicole spread her arms wide, as if to show herself off.

“Beautiful,” Naomi said, reaching for her friend and pulling her in for an intense kiss. As she did so, Naomi slid her fingers down Nicole’s body and started stroking the other woman’s clit between her two fingers.

“Oh yes,” Nicole hissed.

“Do that to me,” Naomi said. “Touch me, Nicole. Make me cum!”

Nicole quickly rammed her hands down and found Naomi’s engorged clit. Naomi drew in a sharp breath as Nicole’s touch sent a shockwave of pleasure through her body, but she kept touching Nicole, showing her friend what to do through example.

“Yes,” Naomi whispered as the continued to finger fuck each other. “That’s it. Just like that.”

Suddenly, Nicole’s legs went weak, and the two collapsed to the floor, sliding down the length of Nicole’s refrigerator. They both laughed as they hit the floor, kissing each other quickly before they returned to their efforts. They were in a groove now, and nothing was going to disturb them.

* * *

September 13th, 2005
Outside The Home of Nicole Kidman,
Sydney, Australia

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. But unless you have a warrant, I can not disturb Miss Kidman for anything.”

Agnes Stone was about ready to shoot the security guard at the front gates to the Kidman estate. To be honest, she wasn’t sure the signal was coming from inside – the broadcaster seemed to be somewhere BEHIND the estate. But Stall had a thing for famous women, and Nicole Kidman was pretty damn famous.

“Can you at least tell me who’s in there with her?” Stone asked.

“Miss Kidman’s guest list is not for public consumption,” the guard said. “You must understand, we have to protect against photographers.”

“Yeah, yeah. Privacy,” Stone muttered. There really wasn’t anything she could legally do. By the time she got Scotland Yard to contact the Sydney Police and inform them that she was on a legitimate investigation, the signals would have stopped and Stall would be long gone.

“Can you just tell me – is she with an English businessman? He’s the one I’m looking for,” Stone asked the guard.

“No,” The guard said, seemingly taking pity on her. “She is with an old friend whom she’s known for years and is most certainly NOT an Englishman of any kind.”

Stone sighed. Well, that was something. Stall certainly wasn’t here.

“Thank you,” She said, backing her car up and heading down the street.

* * *

September 13th, 2005
The Home of Nicole Kidman,
Sydney, Australia

Nicole wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but sure enough, the two actresses had broken into the refrigerator and started licking stuff off each other now. Naomi was playing with some whipped cream, spreading it over her breasts and crotch and encouraging Nicole to lick it off. Meanwhile, Nicole was placing cherries and olives in suggestive places on her own body, and telling her friend to eat them out of her. The olive in the bellybutton was nothing compared to the cherry in her crotch – an irony both of them laughed histerically at.

And there was the wine. They’d both all but bathed in the wine now, licking it off of each other and generally making a mess of the floor. Not that either one cared. All that mattered was getting off and getting the other one off. Sex, sex, sex, sex. Gone were any inhibitions Nicole might have had about lesbian sex – as far as she was concerned right this second, she was a rampaging lesbo that never wanted to see a penis again, so long as she got to taste Naomi’s crotch.

“We should’ve done this years ago,” Naomi said, licking the sticky remains of some wine off of Nicole’s nipple.

“Mmmm, Yes,” Nicole said. “I love you, Naomi.”

“I love you too, Nicole,” Naomi said, pressing her friend down to the ground. With a deft smile, Naomi swung around into a sixty-nine position and started eating away again at Nicole. Nicole quickly followed suit, reaching up to lick some of the remaining whipped cream off of Naomi’s clit.

* * *

September 13th, 2005
The Streets of Sydney,
Sydney, Australia

“This must be a dead end,” Raven muttered as she and Crow walked down the abandoned alley between two buildings in the heart of Sydney’s financial district. “You sure the signal’s not going into one of these buildings?”

“Not according to what Slide sent us. It’s going somewhere into this alley. Must be a decoy receiver again.”

“Fuck,” Raven muttered, putting her pistol away. “Guess we’re out of luck.”

“Son of a bitch,” Crow muttered, kicking a garbage bin hard enough to send the lid crashing down loudly.

“Wanna make some more noise?” Raven snapped.

“Come on,” Crow said. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

“Fine by me,” Raven muttered, turning and leaving.

Neither of them saw the security camera watching them go.

* * *

September 13th, 2005
The Home of Nicole Kidman,
Sydney, Australia

As Naomi and Nicole enjoyed their last 69, both of the two women were wearing out. They’d been at this for several hours now, seemingly unsatiable in their lust. But now pure exhaustion was taking over, and both knew it.

Still, they ate on, doing their best to get each other off one last time.

And this time, when Nicole came, Naomi was only seconds in following her. They both spasmed and climaxed, flooding each other’s mouth with girl cum one final time before collapsing to the floor.

“I love you,” Nicole said before she passed out for the night.

“I love you, too,” Naomi whispered before, she, too, drifted off to dream land.

They wouldn’t wake up for several hours, and when they did, both would know what they did was a mistake. A happy mistake, but a mistake none-the-less. And while they might try it again in the future, they both knew that they’d never be more than friends.

And neither would ever realize that they’d been breathing in a chemical aphrodisiac all night long, making them as horny as they had been. Nor would they ever realize they’d been taped having all their fun.

* * *

September 13th, 2005
“The Australian Pit,”
Sydney, Australia

“So what did you need me to see?” Michael Burke asked as he wheeled himself into Tom Lambert’s computer lab. “I already saw the Nicole Kidman/Naomi Watts sex, you know.”

“I know,” Lambert said, pushing away from the computer where he was editing the footage. By pure luck, he’d had a camera over the refrigerator in the Kidman estate, and managed to get some amazing shots of the two women exploring each other’s bodies.

“Then what’s up?”

“While we were working on this little tape, our signal was tracked again,” Lambert said, pulling up some security camera footage.

“The cop again?” Burke asked.

“No,” Lambert said. “Worse.”

Burke turned towards the camera and saw two people he’d recognize for the rest of his life. Though he didn’t know their names, he’d been nearly killed by them both more than once. That tended to freeze someone in your memory rather quickly.

The woman was lithe, sexy, and deadly. The man was a towering giant who looked like he could snap a man in half with his bare hands. He was also fond of raping men, a fact Burke knew from very painful first-hand experience. He still had the knife wound scar in his stomach to prove it.

“They’re back,” was all Burke could say.

“We need to tell the boss,” Lambert said. “We may want to consider getting out of here faster.”

“He won’t want to. He’ll want at least one more tape,” Burke said.

“Then Smythe’s going to have a fit,” Lambert said. “I know this, I’m glad we’ve got four more misdirection towers out there – because I sure as hell don’t want them finding me here without Smythe and Appleberg between me and the door.”

“I hear that,” Burke said, suddenly feeling very cold.

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