As I Lie Dreaming Of New Zealand

As I Lie Dreaming Of New Zealand
An R-rated narrative poem C21

By Groupie Girl

(MF, Oral, Sex)

Tim Finn
DISCLAIMER: This is ficticious, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

As I lie dreaming of New Zealand,

She is greener than your eyes.

I belong to you always and a moment

Cradled in the sloping fresh grass

Or where the moistened sand meets the ocean,

Cooler breaking waves against a heat,

I taste and drink deeply from your lips, to intoxication,

Fingers lost in the thick silver waves of your hair.

Let me cover your flesh with tender kisses

And feather-like finger tips.

With my body, I thee worship:

Kiss your inner thighs,

Slowly reaching the twin jewels of pleasure,

Cupping them in my left hand,

Light covering of hair gently teased

By long fingernails…

Tongue-bathing your precious jewels,

Making wet and slippery for fingertips

To slide and stimulate…

As my mouth and tongue begin

To sliver up the steel-like shaft,

Tracks of rich purple veins…

Teasing you still,

I let my tongue trace the sides of your burning erection,

Stopping just short of the clustered nerve-endings of the head.

I taste your sweat; gently lick the small pearl of precum from the tip.

You shudder, your cock twitches.

Starting underneath your tight ballsac,

Slivering up, drawing figures of 8

With my tongue, till I reach and kiss your sacred spot;

That exquisite pleasure ridge, where the foreskin meets the head;

I linger here long, kissing, tongue-lashing…

Your sighs, your cries like a song.

My taste buds graze your sacred spot once more,

Slowly increasing the circle of my tongue

To envelop the head of your cock

Your rush of excited precum tastes salty and sweet

Several laps and I begin –tongue caressing the sensitive underside-

To slowly suck you deep into my mouth

I feel your hips begin to buck,

Your hard cock pressing,

Sliding into my throat.

I hear your breath quicken,

Your gentle moans of deep pleasure.

I suck hard, precum seeping into my hungry mouth.

Your legs being to twitch and tremble.

I slow the intensity of my suck

And tightly grip the base of your shaft

In the ring of my thumb and forefinger.

You sigh hard, so close to the edge,

That place where orgasm feels almost inevitable

And you fight to hold on.

Inside of me,

I long and cry for you,

For your fingers to caress me and then…

Your first touch was like surrender,

Losing the fight between your conscience

And what was throbbing between your legs.

Fingers exploring my slippery, swollen flesh,

Your thumb ever so lightly and repeatedly

Touching the exposed tip of my clitoris.

I rubbed hard at your crotch,

You opened your belt.

Holding the warm circle of my mouth

Just below the head of your cock,

I move from the position of worship between your legs,

So as your skilled fingers can rediscover

The heat and wetness of my lust.

Slip a finger inside, press…

My startled cry is muffled,

As your cock feels the tight grip of my throat.

In and out.

I suck harder.

“Stop!” you gasp,

“Stop it or I’ll cum!”

I dizzily lie back,

You slide two fingers,

Awakening me inside

While your lips and tongue

Take my hardened clit.

I cry out your name,

Tangle my fingers in your hair.

Right on the brink,

You withdraw your fingers,

Probe my opening

With the tip of your tongue.

Smiling down at me,

You take your cock in your hand

And tantalizingly slide it

Along my smooth shaven vaginal lips.

“Is this what you want?” you tease,

Lightly rubbing the sopping head over my clit.

“Yes! Oh yes!”

“How much do you want it?”

“I need you, I want you inside me! I want you to fill me up!”

My body cries.

Small beads of sweat begin to form across your forehead.

You slide the head of your cock

Down to my opening,

Press gently,

Just an inch inside…

I lose control of my voice,

Such longing to be penetrated!

Two inches, slowly in…an inch at a time, teasing, stroking,

Finally giving me the full length

And delicious thickness of your hard cock.

Inside you stretch and fill me,

Stroking slowly, deeply.

Waves of orgasm

Spread from the base of my spine.

I tremble, cry out, scream….

You kiss me

And rest your head against my chest,

Holding still,

Deep inside me,

Feeling the tight, pulsating pressures

Of post-orgasmic muscle.

I stroke your hair,

Feel you,

Your sweat melting into inside of me,

Hold you inside.

You catch your breath

I grasp you inside,

Building sensation as you fuck me.

Words  I breathe in such passion,

I shall not be held responsible for.

How long would I gaze into your eyes

And see sparks of pleasure

Like fireworks

Reflected in glacier-colored waters.

With every deep and searching thrust,

You draw closer to the place you take me

When you sing.

The feelings you stir inside of me

Cause as many sparks to ignite full blaze,

Sparking again and again…

You sit up, holding me against you,

Still deep inside me,

Hard as steel.

Rocking gently,

Moving deeply,

Your words,

Taken unforgivably out of context.

A new sensation rises in me

Like a tingling hot spring,

I feel the urge to gush out all over you.

I ride you hard,

Increasing the stimulation,

The fire spreading from the base of my vagina, growing, riding…

I let it out,

Screaming, shuddering,

Scorching your body.

“The first time”, I whisper,”I have ever…”

You silence me with a kiss,

Hold me close against the heat,

Sweat and arousal fluid.

Wrapping my legs around you,

You lay me back down,

Your body covers mine

Your eyes are burning,

Pleading your need.

You thrust in me with a growing, pounding

Rhythm and intensity…

Shaking, sweating, cry for release,

Ride the edge,

Feel and ride the edge.

Your cries of ecstatic abandon grow stronger,

Their sound vibrating through me;

And then…




I am thrown once more,

By the crescent wave that is your sound,

The passion in your voice,

As you break fourth in a steady stream,

Thrusting hard, twitching violently.

I feel it all,

Scream it out…

Now we lie perfectly still,

Pulses within our bodies slowing,

Melting clocks, time unfrozen.

I love you, Tim, I so long to say,

But in this moment,

Feeling is all.

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