Ashlee’s Angelina Adventure

You know the usual: the celebrities don’t really act like this, this is fiction, if you’re under 18, blah blah blah. Enjoy the story.

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Ashlee’s Angelina Adventure

Starring: Ashlee Simpson, Angelina Jolie

Story codes: FF, oral, toys, cons

Angelina was in her hotel room, flipping through the latest edition of People magazine when she caught the Q&A with Ashlee Simpson in the back. She chuckled when she read Ashlee wanted to be Brad Pitt and would want to be with Angelina and Jennifer Aniston. “I don’t know about Jennifer, but
I can help you with me” Angelina thought to herself as she tossed the magazine down and walked into the bathroom. Her clothes came off as she turned the shower on, stepping in and feeling the hot water run down her body. She started rubbing her pussy hard and fast as she thought of Ashlee, finally climaxing as she leaned against the shower wall with a big smile on her face.

“Yes dad, I know” Ashlee said as she flipped her phone closed, shaking her head. She wished her dad would trust her to not get into trouble and not still think of her as a little girl. Angelina was sitting in a corner of the hotel lobby, watching as the young singer checked in and made her way to the elevators. She jumped up and made her way to the elevator, scooting in just as the doors closed. Ashlee was startled a little bit as Angelina rushed into the elevator “Hey, watch it ass…” she started to say as she turned around to face Angelina.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry” she said as she apologized, realizing who was in front of her. Angelina just smiled and laughed “No need to be sorry my dear, it was my fault” she told her “I should have been more careful.” Ashlee blushed as she took out a bottle of water, sipping on it as she pushed the button for her floor and the elevator started to ride up. Angelina looked her up and down “So, I read that you want to be with me” she told her, watching the young starlet’s reaction. The younger Simpson spit out the water in her mouth, coughing as she wiped her face off. “Excuse me?” she said as Angelina reached over and hit the emergency stop button.

The elevator lurched to a halt as Angelina moved closer to Ashlee, putting her hand on her shoulder. “You heard me sweetie” Angelina said as she started rubbing her shoulder, her famously thick lips spreading into a smile. Ashlee looked down at the floor and shook her head “No no, I mean it was just…..” she said, trying to bluff her way out. Angelina just chuckled “Don’t worry honey, you aren’t the first to become gun shy around me. I seem to have that effect on people sometimes.” She leaned in close, about to kiss a surprised Ashlee when the emergency phone rang.

Ashlee reached for the phone and picked it up “Hello, this is hotel maintenance. Is there a problem?” they said as she tried to think up something. “Oh…I’m sorry about that. I think I accidentally hit the emergency stop button” she told them as they said the elevator would be running in a minute. Ashlee hung up the phone just as the elevator started moving again, looking over at a grinning Angelina. “Well well, looks like we are on the same floor” Angelina said as the elevator reached their floor. They both stepped out and Angelina made her move as she grabbed Ashlee, kissing her hard and deep. “If you are really serious honey, I’m in the room at the end of the hall. Drop by later and I’ll…well, you will just have to wait and see” Angelina said as she walked off with a big grin on her face.

The kiss left Ashlee shocked and amazed as she watched the Tomb Raider star walk down the hall and into her room. “Did she just say she wanted me?” she thought to herself, walking down to her room. Ashlee opened the door and walked into her room, locking it behind her as she flopped down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. She smiled as she fell asleep, thinking about Angelina’s offer and if she would actually go through with it. Down the hall, Angelina was in her room enjoying a glass of wine as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was grinning as she thought to herself “If she comes over, that poor girl won’t know what hit her.”

A knock at her door woke Ashlee up from her nap as she walked over, seeing the concierge holding a box outside. She opened the door, wiping at her eyes “Can I help you?” she asked. “A package for you miss” he said as Ashlee took the box, thanking him as she closed the door. She walked over to the bed and sat down, pulling the little card off the box. “Just a little something to help you make up your mind” the card read, signed with the initials AJ. Ashlee opened up the box and saw a black silk dress, smiling as she held it up. The young pop singer blushed as she looked at herself in the mirror, holding the dress up. “Well, I guess I can’t disappoint her now” she thought to herself as she started to change into the dress.

Ashlee checked herself in the mirror one last time, making sure she was all set. She walked out of her hotel room and down the hall, her heart beating a mile a minute as she stopped in front of Angelina’s door. “Calm down girl, you’ll be alright” she said to herself, taking a few deep breaths as she knocked on the door. Angelina was sitting on the couch, flipping through the channels when she heard the knocking. The temptress jumped up, rubbing her hands together devilishly as she straightened her dress out. She looked out at Ashlee through the peephole, watching the pop star squirming before Angelina opened the door.

“My my, I’m glad I guessed right on the size. You look great Ashlee” Angelina said as she welcomed her in. Ashlee walked into her room “Thanks a lot Angelina, I don’t know what else to say” she said as she looked around. Angelina closed the door, walking into the room and watching Ashlee’s ass move in the dress. “Would you like some wine Ashlee?” she asked, walking over to the mini bar in her room. Ashlee nodded yes as she sat down on the couch, flipping through the channels. Angelina poured 2 glasses of wine and walked over to the couch, handing one to Ashlee as she sat down. “Here you go sweetie” she said as she sipped hers “Thank you Angelina” Ashlee said.

Angelina smiled, looking Ashlee up and down as they enjoyed the wine. “So, how are things going for you?” she asked as Ashlee set her glass down on the table. Ashlee sighed “They’re going great for me, but I feel for my sister. She has to put up with all of those divorce rumors all the time” she said. She asked Angelina “How about you? I would guess you aren’t doing much better with the rumors.” Angelina just laughed “Honey, even if I wasn’t in the situation I am now, I’d probably still be in the tabloids because of who my dad is. But, my kids keep me grounded and I’ve grown a thick skin over the years, so I’m doing fine.”

They talked for what seemed like hours, laughing and joking about Hollywood and their lives. Finally, Angelina put her hand on Ashlee’s arm, slowly rubbing it as she looked into her eyes. “So, about that little Q&A in People” she started to say before Ashlee interrupted her. “Look Angelina, I don’t know, I mean I have to admit that I’m totally nervous right now, so…” she said, with a half hearted smile on her face. Angelina was leaning against the couch, moving her hand up to Ashlee’s shoulder, rubbing it slowly. “Sweetie, you think you’re the first nervous girl I’ve been with?” she said, smiling as she moved closer to her. Angelina leaned in close, moving her other hand up and turning Ashlee’s face towards her.

Angelina kissed Ashlee softly on the lips, slowly sucking on her young friend’s lips as she stroked her face. “Mmmmmmmm…” Ashlee moaned, feeling Angelina’s thick lips pressed against her mouth. The older temptress leaned back, waiting for Ashlee’s reaction as she stroked her face. “See, that wasn’t so bad now, was it?” Angelina asked as Ashlee broke out in a big smile, her face blushing. Ashlee looked at Angelina “Wow….it was…it was great” she said “Can we do it again?” Angelina just smiled and leaned in as they started kissing again, her hands moving down Ashlee’s body. Ashlee reached over and put her hands on Angelina, starting on her legs and moving up her body.

The 2 ladies kissed for a little while longer, their mouths open and tongues going into each other. Ashlee was moaning a little bit from Angelina’s mouth and hands, feeling them rubbing on her breasts. She was squeezing and massaging them through the dress as Ashlee’s nipples hardened. Angelina pulled away from Ashlee, a small trail of spit hanging from her mouth as she leaned back. “Why don’t you take those clothes off sweetie? I’m dying to see what’s underneath” she said as Ashlee stood up. She was still a little nervous undressing in front of Angelina, but she reached behind and unzipped the dress a little and slipped out of it.

As the dress hit the floor and Ashlee stepped out of it, Angelina let out a whistle “You look beautiful darling” she said. Ashlee smiled “Thank you, you are so beautiful too Angelina” she said as she unhooked her bra and dropped it on the floor. Angelina just smiled and licked her luscious lips as Ashlee pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. She stood there, crossing her legs as she looked at Angelina “Well, I’m not going to be the only one naked am I?” she asked as Angelina stood up. “Oh no honey, I wouldn’t want to make you any more uncomfortable that you probably are” Angelina said as she wriggled out of her dress and let it drop, exposing her fully nude body.

Ashlee just stared at the beautiful woman before her “Wow….you look amazing Angelina” she said. Angelina bit her lips and smiled devilishly “You aren’t so bad yourself sweetie. I have to say your breasts look fantastic, you seem to hide them well” she said as she walked over and put her hands on her hips. She kissed Ashlee again, softly and tenderly as she held onto her, their bodies pressed against each other. “So, shall we take this to the bedroom?” Angelina asked as she looked into Ashlee’s eyes. Ashlee shook her head yes as Angelina took her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom.

Angelina jumped onto the bed and pulled Ashlee on with her, letting the young girl fall onto her. She looked up at her and smiled as Angelina turned Ashlee onto her back, lying next to her. Angelina trailed her fingers up Ashlee’s stomach to her breasts, gently squeezing them as she leaned down and started to lick them. “Ohhhhh…” Ashlee moaned, feeling Angelina’s hot mouth on her breasts as the star took her nipples into her mouth. Angelina flicked her tongue over Ashlee’s hard nipples, sucking and gently nibbling on them as her newest conquest squirmed beneath her. She kept her mouth on Ashlee’s breasts, moving her hand down her body towards her pussy.

Ashlee arched her back slightly as she felt Angelina’s hand moving to her pussy, the fingers slowly moving over her patch of hair. Angelina rubbed her fingers up and down on her slit slowly, pushing and pulling her lips as Ashlee moaned and squirmed. She watched as the young girl had her eyes closed, biting her lip as Angelina slowly pushed a finger inside her. “Ugghhmmm….” Ashlee moaned out as the finger started sliding in and out of her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw Angelina looking at her, licking her lips and smiling. Angelina leaned in and kissed her hard, pushing her tongue into Ashlee’s mouth as she finger fucked her.

Angelina pulled her finger out after a couple of minutes, watching it glisten with Ashlee’s pussy juice. She pulled it up to her mouth and licked it, tasting the juice as she offered it to Ashlee. Ashlee just looked up at her as Angelina rubbed her finger on Ashlee’s lips, slowly pushing it into her mouth. She took Angelina’s finger in, slowly sucking and licking it like a cock as she tasted her own pussy juice. “Tastes good, doesn’t it sweetie?” Angelina asked as she rubbed Ashlee’s stomach. “Yea, kind of weird tasting myself, but I guess it’s cool” she said as Angelina moved down the bed between her legs.

Ashlee watched as the sultry star spread her legs and slowly licked down them, giving her goose bumps. Angelina made her way down to Ashlee’s wet pussy, teasing her as she licked around it. “Yesss….lick it please….” She said, looking down as Angelina moved in on her pussy. Angelina put a hand on her pussy, gently rubbing up and down as she started flicking her tongue over Ashlee’s clit. The young starlet groaned and moved her hips, watching Angelina work her over. Angelina slipped a finger into Ashlee’s pussy as she sucked and licked on her clit and lips, going back and forth as she finger fucked her.

“Ohhhh yessss….lick my pussyyy…” she moaned as Angelina licked, sucked and fingered her wet pussy. Angelina added another finger and kept pumping, feeling Ashlee start to tense up as her orgasm built. Ashlee reached down and held onto Angelina as she squeezed her thighs against her head, her orgasm coming. “Imm gonnna cummmmm….uhhmmmm fuckkk….” She groaned as she started to cum, her juices flowing freely. Angelina sucked and slurped, tasting the torrent of pussy juice as Ashlee climaxed in her mouth. “OHHHMMM FUCKKK….IMMM CUMMMINNGGG….UGGHMMMMMMM” Ashlee yelled out as she blasted Angelina with a flood of juice.

Angelina pulled herself out from between Ashlee’s legs and crawled on top of her. Their breasts smashed against each other as Angelina kissed Ashlee, letting her taste even more of her pussy juice. They licked and sucked each others mouths for awhile before Angelina got up off the bed. “Hey, where are you going?” Ashlee asked as she walked back into the front room. Angelina just smiled as she looked back at her “Don’t worry sweetie, I’m just going to get my little bag of tricks” she said as she walked out. Ashlee just layed there feeling flushed as she stared at the ceiling, wondering what Angelina had in store for her next.

Ashlee looked up to see Angelina walking back in with a small duffel bag, grinning as she jumped up on the bed with her. “So, you want to guess what’s in here cutie?” Angelina asked as she straddled Ashlee. Her new lover just smiled “I’m guessing that it’s not gym clothes in there” Ashlee said as Angelina reached in and pulled out a double headed dildo. She smiled wickedly as she started to lick up and down on it, her thick lips pressed against it as her mouth opened. Angelina took the dildo in and started sucking on it, her mouth sliding up and down as her lips wrapped around it. Ashlee stared in amazement at the dildo started disappearing into Angelina’s mouth.

The older vixen continued sucking until she had half of it in her mouth, then pulled it out and licked the tip. Angelina brought the dildo down to Ashlee’s mouth, rubbing the tip across her lips as the younger girls mouth opened up. Ashlee just stared up as the dildo slid into her mouth, feeling the tip rub on her tongue as Angelina started pushing and pulling on it. She sucked and slurped on the dildo for awhile before Angelina pulled it out and slid down the bed. “Spread your legs for me sweetie” she said as Ashlee sat up and spread her legs.

Angelina sat up on the bed, holding the double headed dildo between them as she rubbed the tip on Ashlee’s pussy. Ashlee looked down as the dildo started to get pushed inside her “Mmmmmm…yesssss…” she moaned out as Angelina pumped it in and out a little bit. “Seems like somebody has caught on pretty quick” Angelina said as she rubbed the dildo on her wet pussy, slowly pushing her end inside of her. She held onto the middle of the dildo and loved being filled up as she watched her new lover. Ashlee looked at Angelina, admiring the older woman’s beautiful body as they were joined together.

They sat there for a second, admiring each other “Alright honey, now just start to push back onto it a little bit” Angelina said as she held onto the toy. “I won’t have a problem with that” Ashlee said as she pressed her hands down on the bed and started to pump her hips. Angelina licked her lips as she watched the young Simpson’s pussy sliding back and forth on the dildo, her pussy stretching around it. “Uhmmmm….feels good….yessssss” she moaned out as she threw her head back, breathing a little harder as the toy filled her up. Angelina held onto it as she started to pump her hips too, the 2 women fucking back and forth on it.

“Ohhhhh Ashleee….mmmmmmmm” Angelina groaned, watching the dildo sliding in and out of their pussies. She reached over and pulled Ashlee closer to her, thrusting her tits up into Ashlee’s face. Ashlee opened her mouth and took one of Angelina’s large breasts in, sucking and licking on her nipple. “Yessss…suck my tits honey…” Angelina moaned as she fucked the dildo and felt Ashlee’s hot mouth on her breasts. Ashlee switched to the other breast, flicking her tongue over Angelina’s hard nipple before taking it in her mouth. She sucked hard on her breast, feeling the dildo slamming back and forth between them.

Angelina leaned back and pulled away from Ashlee as she started to tense up, her orgasm building. “Im gonna cumm sweetie…ohhh yesssss…” she moaned out to Ashlee as she reached down and rubbed her clit hard. They were both sweating and breathing hard as Angelina pulled the dildo out and yelled out as she rubbed her pussy. “Here it comes…UGGHMMM FFUCCKKKK…OHHH YEAAAAAAA” Angelina yelled out as her pussy juice squirted out, soaking the bed and getting Ashlee wet. Angelina was breathing hard, leaning back as she looked down at the bed. “Whooo….I seem to have made a big mess here” she said as Ashlee just stared.

“Wow…I didn’t know you could do that” Ashlee said, watching Angelina pump the dildo in and out. She looked into her eyes “Well…I only do that if I’m really worked up” Angelina said as she pulled the dildo out. Ashlee could feel air rush into her pussy as the dildo was pulled out, watching Angelina stroke it slowly. “Mmmmmmm…that felt good” she said as Angelina reached into the bag and pulled out a strap-on dildo. Angelina just laughed as she stood up on the bed and pulled on the strap-on, tightening the straps and stroking the 10 inch dildo attached to it. “Oh…that’s not all I have for you young Ashlee” Angelina said as she looked down at Ashlee.

Ashlee looked up at Angelina “Wow….that thing’s huge….I haven’t even seen a real one that big before” she said. Angelina layed down on the bed next to Ashlee, stroking the cock as she rubbed a hand on her breasts. “Suck my cock Ashlee” Angelina said as she held the cock up and waved it at her. “Yes ma’am” Ashlee said playfully, scooting down the bed and grabbing the cock. She slowly stroked it and licked the tip, feeling Angelina’s hand on her head as she opened her mouth and took it in. Ashlee sucked and slurped on the head as Angelina moaned “Mmmm yesss…suck it like a good little bitch.”

Angelina started to pump her hips, pushing the cock into Ashlee’s mouth as the girl started to gag a little. “Ugghmffmm mmmmffmmmm…” she said as she pulled the cock out, catching her breath as Angelina looked on. “Awww….poor little Ashlee can’t take it, can she?” Angelina teased her as she pushed Ashlee’s head back down. The cock pushed its way back into her mouth, she could feel the head poking into her throat. “Mmmmmm yeaaa…take it deep Ashlee…suck that big dick” Angelina purred as she held Ashlee’s head down, feeling her gag on it before she pulled her off. Angelina kissed Ashlee deep, shoving her tongue into her mouth and sucking hard as she pushed her back on the bed.

“Mpphhhffmmmm” Ashlee groaned “Mmmm…you gonna fuck me Angelina?” she asked as the star spread her legs. She just grinned as she rubbed the tip of her dildo on Ashlee’s pussy. “Is that what you want Sweetie? You want me to fuck you with this big cock of mine?” she asked, watching the young starlet sweating and breathing. Ashlee smiled and looked up at her “Yes….I want you to fuck me hard with your big dick” she said as she rubbed her pussy. “Well, I’m not one to resists a girl asking for a hard fucking” Angelina said as she started to push the tip into Ashlee’s pussy. Ashlee moaned as her pussy spread open for the large dildo, feeling it slide deep inside of her.

“Ohhhhmmmm….yesssss….mmmmmmmm” she groaned as Angelina started to pump her hips, the dick sliding in and out of Ashlee’s pussy. Ashlee watched Angelina pumping back and forth, her large breasts bouncing around as she fucked her. “Mmmmm…sweet Ashlee…you want it little bitch…ugghmmm… take it…” Angelina moaned, looking at Ashlee moan and squirm underneath her. The cock was sliding in and out, Ashlee’s pussy lips stretched around it as Angelina started pumping harder and faster. “Ugghhmmmm….take that cock little girl….mmmmmm…..fuckk….” she yelled out, pumping her hips harder and faster as Ashlee moaned and groaned.

“Fuckkk meee…..ohhh yesss…mmmm….fuckk mee harderrr…” Ashlee groaned as Angelina grabbed her legs and pulled them up onto her shoulders. She held onto Ashlee’s legs, rubbing and kissing them as she pump her 10 inch dildo hard and faster into her pussy. Angelina loved hearing the sound of the dildo as it slid in and out, skin and rubber slick with pussy juice as they squished together. Ashlee reached down and rubbed her clit hard, throwing her head back as Angelina pumped her full of cock. “Ohhh fuckkk meee Angelinaaa….uuggghhmmmmm…pleasseee….mmmmmmm” she yelled out as she felt her orgasm rising.

Angelina held Ashlee’s legs up by her ankles, slamming her hard and fast as she felt the girl tensing up. “Yessss…mmmmmm…cum for me baby…mmmmmm” she moaned, watching Ashlee squirm as she grabbed onto the bed. Ashlee arched her back and yelled out as she started to cum “OHHHMM FUUCKKKK…CUMMINNGGG…MMMMM YESSSSSSSSS.” Her pussy leaked out a ton of pussy juice as Angelina slowly pulled the dildo out of Ashlee. “Mmmmmmm….whoooo…ughhmmmm…” Ashlee purred as she layed back on the bed, her pussy leaking as Angelina fell down next to her.

“Mmmmmm….you were great sweetie” Angelina said as she threw a leg over Ashlee’s body, holding her close to her. Ashlee caught her breath, feeling exhausted from her adventure with Angelina as she looked over at her. “Oh my god….that was…uhhh…amazing, thank you” Ashlee said as she leaned over and kissed Angelina softly, savoring her thick lips as they lay on the bed. Angelina smiled and kissed her back “No, thank you honey. You were a great first timer” she said as she held Ashlee close. Ashlee smiled as she closed her eyes “Do you think there will be another time?” she asked as they started to drift off to sleep. Angelina just giggled like a school girl “I would most definitely count on it Ashlee” she said as they fell asleep in each others arms.

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