Ashlee’s Day With The Band

Ashlee’s Day With The Band

by killer666

Ashlee Simpson

oral m+f anal spank

don’t ready if under 18

The day was ending and Ashlee Simpson was on her way
home after working on some tracks for her new cd.

She was thinking about how she could do to get the
bands spirit up after having to push back the
release date.

During the long drive home she also realized that
her boyfriend has been out of town for a while and
she needed to get laid.

So Ashlee thought to herself she could solve both
by letting her band gang bang her.
Although she had never done that before she thought
her bands were cute and was willing to give it a

Pulling into her drive way Ashlee looked at her
clock and realized it was better late and she need
to get some sleep.

The next mooring she woke up early and headed to
the studio. When she got there she noticed
Timberland there mixing some of the songs they did

She asked Timberland what he was doing there so
early. He replied we will all have to work hard to
get the cd out.

Ashlee nodded her head in agreement and said “yeah
the band has been very down since the cd was pushed
back.” Timberland said “i noticed that as well.”
Ashlee then asked “if they could forgot about work
for the day?” Timberland shook his head and said
“if you want to get this out we really need to work
on it”.

Ashlee then told him what she had planned for the
band. Timberland said “that will get the bands
spirit up but what about me?” She went walked
over to him and reached down between his legs. Then
she started unzip Timberland’s pants and said “I
never had a cock this big before.”

She then began to stork the 12 inch cock. Ashlee
then went down to her knees so Timberland could to
put his cock into her waiting mouth. “Yes this will
get every ones spirit up.” said Timberland as he
slowly moved more of his cock into the mouth.
“MMM” moaned Ashlee as the huge cock went deeper
and deeper down her throat.

“Oh yes suck that cock.” Timberland said as he
shovel it all the way down Ashlee’s throat. Ashlee
then took the cock out of her mouth and said “I want
you to cum for me.” Timberland then grabbed her by
the hair and fucked her throat until he came and all
his jizz went down her throat.

Ashlee then got up and asked “if that was good
enough,” and Timberland replied “for now but we will
finish this later.”

Timberland then left so Ashlee could be alone with
the band.

The band showed up a few minutes later and were
informed by Ashlee they have something else planned
for the day.

Braxton Olita “then asked what was planned?”
Ashlee then explained that since she noticed the
band was down because the cd released date and her
boyfriend has been out of town for a while she was
going to solve both of the problems by letting them
gang bang her.

Braxton was shocked that she would do this but
remembered how could of a fuck she was. The other
band members Ray Brady, Joey Kaimana, Chris Fox, and
Chris August were also shocked but they all wanted
to fuck Ashlee since the band stated.

Ashlee then started to take off her clothes and the
band all were taking theirs off as well. She then
went over to Braxton and started kissing him and
stroking his cock. Ray and Joey went over to Ashlee
and started playing with her ample breast. Chris
Fox went over and started kissing Ashlee’s back of
the neck and the other Chris went over and put his
cock in her hand. Ashlee then began stroking his

Ashlee began moaning and saying “you guys are
getting we so fucking wet.” Ashlee then dropped to
her knees and started sucking Braxton’s 8 inch cock.
While Ray and Joey were sucking on her tits and she
began stroking Chris August’s 7 inch cock and Chris
Fox’s 10 inch cock.

Braxton was saying “oh yea baby you suck it so
good.” Ashlee was letting out a loud “MMM” was she
loved having her whole band.

Braxton then pulled his cock out of Ashlee’s mouth
but his cock was quickly replaced by Chris Fox’s.
Braxton repositioned Ashlee so he could have easy
access to her wet pussy. He began slowing fucking
her. Ashlee moans got louder but were somewhat
muffled by the cock in her mouth.

Ray stopped sucking an Ashlee’s tits and let her
jerk him. Chris Fox was saying “oh fuck yea baby!”
Braxton then was fucking her harder and harder and
smacking her ass. Ray said “oh yea i wanted this
since i started in the band.”

Joey saw that Fox was pulling his cock out of
Ashlee’s mouth and quickly put his in.

Fox always wanted to try anal sex and he thought
Ashlee had a great ass. Fox then slowly started
putting his cock Ashlee’s ass. The more he put in
the louder Ashlee got and the more he liked it.

Chris August began sucking on Ashlee’s tits.
Braxton and Fox then switched holes. “Fuck me like
the dirty slut I am!” Ashlee screamed as Joey’s cock
briefly came out of her mouth.

Chris August stopped working on Ashlee’s tits so she
could suck on him. Ashlee then was talking turns
sucking Joey’s and August’s cock. The brief time in
between cocks Ashlee would moan and say “Fuck me
harder!” as Braxton and Fox worked on her pussy and

Ray went over so he could be sucked off and Joey
went to get some ass. Braxton got jerked off.

Ashlee then would say make me cum to her band.

Chris Fox went to suck on Ashlee’s tits. Chris
August then went to the open hole. As the time went
on the members were all getting closer to busting
there loads.

“I’m so fucking close!” Ashlee yelled.

Joey and Chris August switched holes. Braxton then
starting sucking on Ashlee’s tits.

Joey shouted “I’m cummming!” as he released his load
into Ashlee”s pussy. He then laid still more a
minute before pulling out. Ray then work his way to
the pussy put his cock in.

Chris August came in Ashlee’s ass. Ashlee let out a
hug moan as she came. Braxton then let his load out
in Ashlee’s mouth. Ashlee loved the taste of cum so
she made sure she got every drop and

Ray finished pounding Ashlee’s pussy and worked her
ass for a while then came on her stomach. While
Chris Fox came on her tits.

Ashlee said “I hope the mood is better now and hope
you can do this again.”

The band all said “of course we can” do this again.

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