Ashley’s Nightmare

Title: Ashley’s Nightmare

Author: TheBigLove126, jjgarces

Celebs: Ashley Tisdale

Codes: MMF, MF, cons, nc, rape, dream, oral, anal, drugs, exh

Summary: Ashley Tisdale finds herself trapped in a long, vivid nightmare after taking a sleeping pill.

Disclaimer: The following story is in no way real. Any similarities to reality or strictly coincidental

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“I’m going to head off to bed Scott.” Ashley Tisdale told her boyfriend over the phone. “Love you, goodnight.”

The beautiful blonde girl tossed her cell phone onto the desk and strolled into the bathroom. She quickly brushed her teeth, used the toilet and went into the medicine cabinet for her sleeping medication. Ashley had suffered from severe insomnia over the last few months, getting so bad that she needed to visit a doctor. It had been over two months since she had had a night of sleep last over four hours. She was on a certain sleeping pill for about a week but was not finding any success with it. She revisited the doctor earlier in the day and her gave her a much stronger medication. He warned her about the main side effect. She would experience long, vivid dreams with no ability to awake from it for several hours. Ashley dismissed that as a problem… something she wishes now she could take back.

The young woman swallowed the pill and headed back into the bedroom. She crawled into her big bed, pulled the over her body and turned the lights off. Within minutes, she was asleep and headed off to dreamland.

Ashley was now at the beginning of her long dream. She was sitting in a movie theater as a romantic comedy played on the screen. She sat and watched the movie for several minutes when she felt a chill run through her body. Glancing down, she realized that she was only wearing a long tank top the reached barely past her crotch, her panties sitting on the ground. She gasped and reached for them before looking around the room. The nervous blond quickly noticed that she was the only one in the theater. She laughed and stashed the underwear away in her bag which sat in the seat next to her.

The movie continued at a rapid pace. Once the heated romantic scene started, Ashley started feeling something familiar between her legs. Without realizing it, she was already rubbing her swollen pussy as the scene continued. Suddenly the movie cut off and the lights came on in the theater. She removed her hand from her crotch and jumped to her feet. She felt a hand rest on her shoulder but turned around to see nothing. When the confused girl turned back around, the lights went back off and the movie continued.

“What the fuck?” She said to herself.

The sex scene in the movie became more and more graphic and Ashley’s pussy was getting more and more heated. Suddenly in the film, the sheets flew off the bed and the characters, played by Anne Hathaway and Jason Bateman, were having hardcore sex in front of the camera. Ashley started laughing after a quick shock. It was here that she realized what was going on.

Over the last few years, Ashley had become very good at realizing when she was in a dream and when she was not. She was a pro at lucid dreaming and tonight was no different. One of the prime objectives to achieving a lucid dream is to recognize when something is conceivably realistic and when it is not. Seeing Jason Bateman and Anne Hathaway having a full on, passionate fuck session in the movie was the trigger for Ashley.

“This is an awesome way to start the night. Doc said it would be a long and vivid dream.” She said out loud.

“Shut up!” A voice shouted out. Ashley looked around but was still alone.

“Kiss my ass!” She shouted back while laughing.

She felt another hand touch her shoulder and she turned to her left. She jumped at first when she saw her old high school boyfriend Jake sitting next to her.

“Jake!” She hugged him.

“It’s been a long time Ashley, I’ve missed you.” He pressed his lips against hers and forced a kiss on her. Ashley pushed him away.

“I have a new man now Jake, I can’t kiss you.”

“He isn’t here, I am. I need you.” He placed his hand on her thigh while kissing her neck. “We can put on a better show than these two.” Ashley looked back at the movie in time to see Anne having an obviously fake orgasm. “What do you say Ashley? You lost your oral virginity in a movie theater. I know you aren’t a virgin where it matters but I’ve never been inside there.” His hand slipped from the thigh to her pussy, sending an extreme rush of pleasure through her body.

“Well, it’s not like Scott will find out, right?” She smiled and kissed him once again.

Ashley closed her eyes for a second and opened them back up to see that the theater was full of light once again and the movie had stopped. Jake was completely nude as he removed her top. She looked down at his crotch and saw his large erection standing in front of her.

“You’re a lot bigger than I remember.” She giggled and grabbed on to it.

Jake grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her head to his member. She opened her mouth and allowed the nine inches of meat down her throat. Normally, she would gag while deep throating a cock but since this was a dream, it fit easily and felt amazing.

“Keep sucking Ashley, this is just like I remember it being baby,” Jake said to Ashley as he continued to grab her hair and force her onto his cock,

Ashley beginning to deep-throat it as she worked her tongue over the underside of it. She could not remember the last time she had enjoyed sucking a dick as much as she was enjoying sucking on Jake’s now, but even if this was a dream, she knew she had to cut things off before they went any further. She intended to make Jake cum as fast as she could.

“Fuck,” Jake whispered as he pushed Ashley’s face onto his dick one more time.

He shoved his hips into her face and buried the head of his cock at the back of her throat as he released his cum, shooing it into her mouth and down her throat. She started drinking it down, giggling and smiling up at him as she finished him off.

After closing her eyes once again, and then quickly opening them again, Ashley once again saw another sex scene playing out on the movie screen. As her hand once again moved between her legs to her wet, tingling pussy, she felt Jake’s hand replacing hers as he slid three fingers up inside of her and started to finger her.

“Jake, I can’t,” she moans, throwing her head back as Jake rhythmically thrust his digits in and out of her.

Things were getting out of control far faster than Ashley wanted as she started to be wracked by the guilt of cheating on her man.

“You’re gonna cum for me soon, aren’t you Ash? I just might have to stick something a little bigger inside of this tight, hot little pussy in that case,” Jake whispered to her as she closed her eyes and opened them again, once again seeing herself in a theater full of light, with no movie playing as Jake fingered her to orgasm.

“Fuck yes!” she hissed, throwing her head back as she squeezed her legs around his hand, arching her back as she shot her creamy goodness all over his fingers.

“Well that was fun but I really should wake up now,” Ashley told herself as she started pulling up her panties, Jake blocking her way as she got up to leave the empty theater.

“We’re not done Ashley,” Jake told her as she closed her eyes and opened then again, startled to find a different movie now playing in the theater, and a hardcore rape scene now playing on the screen in front of her.

“Jake please, you had your fun with me but I can’t let you put THAT in there. I don’t cheat,” Ashley told him, trying to reason with him as she got up to leave again, only to be pushed back down as Jake climbed on top of her. “God! Please don’t do this Jake, this is rape! I don’t want this!”

Ashley tried to reason with him as he lined his hard cock up with her wet, tight pussy, sliding it over her lips as she closed her eyes and opened them again, horror filling her face when she saw the image of Jake sliding his dick into her pussy and starting to rape her being projected on the screen in the theater.

“Shut up and enjoy it Ashley,” Jake grunted as his cock ripped through her cunt, tearing up her walls as she hopelessly tried to get away. “You always thought you were too good for me in high school. That’s why you never let me in here when we were dating, isn’t it bitch?”

“Jake, stop! You’re hurting me!” Ashley sobbed as Jake tore up her pussy, being forced to watch her own rape on the giant movie screen as Jake slid in and out of her.

“Watch the movie Ashley, there’s gonna be a big climax soon,” Jake hissed in her ear as he drove himself in and out of her, causing her to shudder at the thought of him filling her pussy.

As Jake grabbed her hips and started powering deeper into her cunt, her walls beginning to cling to his invading dick. She threw her head back and lost control of herself.

“Cum for me so I can cum in you just like I’ve always wanted to,” Jake whispered, licking her ear and kissing her on the neck as he buried himself inside of her and blew his load into her.

Jake filled Ashley’s tight cunt with gobs of his seed as he held himself within her womb, shooting strings of his cum into her for another few seconds while making out with her. He sucked on her tits while she kept her eyes closed. She opened them and find the theater suddenly packed with moviegoers who were giving her a standing ovation.

“They saw the whole thing Ashley, I just made you more famous than you’ve ever been,” Jake whispered to her as he pulled out of her, forcing one last kiss on her before she managed to run out of the theater.

Ashley was more embarrassed than she had ever been thanks to having not only been raped, but having it projected for all the moviegoers at the theater to see.

“Where am I? Oh, I remember this,” Ashley told herself as she looked around, finding herself smack dab in the middle of a mosh pit at the Coachella Music Festival, a place she knows quite well.

The blonde was wearing cut-off shorts and a white tank top that is soaked through with sweat so much that you can see her hard nipples poking through it. This only added to the attention that she was receiving from all the men at the festival with her.

“Hey! Keep your hands to yourself!” Ashley calls out to the pair of hands that grabbed her ass, sighing to herself when another pair of hands reached for her tits and grabbed them.

She just about to give in and let whatever was going to happen to her happen when she felt herself being pulled out of the pit by a pair of handsome boys whom she could not help but start flirting with.

“Hey boys, I’m glad you pulled me out of there. Things were starting to get out of hand,” she told them as she looked them up and down, asking them for their names.

“I’m Clint and that’s Danny,” Clint, the older of the boys, who was tall and blonde, said to Ashley, squinting from the light of the sun as he tried to place where he had seen the beautiful girl in front of him before.

“Aw, don’t you boys know who I am?” she teases them, lifting up her shirt just enough to show them her tits before dropping it again,

A warm, fuzzy feeling hit Ashley between the legs, her pussy being set on fire by the way she was playing around with these two handsome strangers.

“You know, you do look familiar,” Danny, the dark-haired one teased her,

Danny confessed that they knew who she was and had been thinking about approaching her before she disappeared in the mosh pit.
“Now that I know your names, why don’t we hang out for a little bit then?’ Ashley told them, closing her eyes, and opening them again to find that she was now alone with the two guys she had befriended.

Ashley heard the music going on all around her but was so focused on this particular part of her dream that she could not actually see anything.

“How about a kiss Ashley?” Clint asked her after they had been dancing to the music for a while, Ashley having gotten quite the buzz from the alcohol she had been consuming.

“I really shouldn’t but it’s just a kiss and Scott’s not here, so…” she told herself, feeling Clint push his lips into hers and then returning it as Danny came up behind her and squeezed her ass as he undressed himself.

Ashley wanted to tell the guys to stop at that point, especially since Clint’s hands were sliding two different directions, one going inside her shirt and playing with her tits while the other unbuttoned her shorts, slid into her panties, and started fondling her pussy.

“No, please I have a boyfriend guys, this stops now,” she whispered.

Ashley felt Danny behind her, kneading her ass and sliding her shorts off while his thick member pointed right at her tight ass. Clint stepped out of his clothes, held her cunt lips apart with his hands and threatened to impale her pussy with his enlarged cock.

“Where you going bitch?” Clint called out to her as she pushed him away, pulled up her shorts and ran off,

The scared girl spotted someone exiting one of the many portable toilets on the premises and raced inside of it.

“Kind of hot in here,” Ashley told herself, closing her eyes. “I hope they go find someone else to turn their attention to soon,” she thought as she opened her eyes again, gasping at the sight in front of her.

“What the?“ she cried out, seeing Clint and Danny in the toilet with her, her face pressed into the smelly, hot wall of it as Clint slid his dick inside of her.
“Now you’re all ours Tisdale,” Clint hissed, his dick already powerfully thrusting in and out of her as she struggled to no avail to get away.

“Please…let…me…go…” Ashley begged him as he ripped apart her poor pussy, barely conscious from a combination of the stench and the heat inside of the toilet.

Clint used a hand to pin her to the wall, placing it right at the base of her skull as his cock rocked her pussy.

“Slut…” he taunted her when he felt her pussy clamping down on his dick,

Clint grabbed a hold of her hips and starting to thrust even harder into her as she threw her head back and came for him,

“Look at you, whore. Cumming for the man who’s raping you in a Port-a-Potty like common trash,” he grunted.

“Please!” she begged when she felt her cum leak out onto Clint’s dick,

“Here it comes bitch, going to nut inside you,” he sneered as he smashed her into the wall of the toilet and erupted inside of her.

Rivers of his potent sperm shot deep into Ashley’s violated pussy as she held her nose from the stench inside, not even noticing when Clint pulled out of her and Danny slid into her, beginning to rape her himself.

Were this anything more than a dream, Ashley would be starting to worry herself over a possible pregnancy. As Danny thrust his way in and out of her, she closed her eyes, thinking maybe she could fast forward her way out of this situation, or maybe even wake herself up and miss it all together.

“Dammit Ashley, wake up!” she desperately told herself, opening her eyes to find Danny still assaulting her pussy; his strokes into her shortening as he neared climax.

“Fuck! Not again!” she moaned when she felt herself starting to cum once more, painting Danny’s rapist cock with a fresh coat of her succulent juices as, at the same time, he grabbed her hips and blew his own load deep inside of her, grunting in her ear with each shot inside of her.

“I’m gonna make sure that you get pregnant tonight, you little Hollywood whore,” he hissed in her ear as he dumped the last of his load into her, pulling out and forcing her face inside the rim of the toilet bowl while Clint slid into her ass.

“I can’t get pregnant if I only get raped in a dream…right??” she kept asking herself as Clint raped her ass.

Ashley’s face was dangerously close to the contents of the almost full way toilet bowl as Danny forced her closer and closer to it. She gagged as Clint continued in her ass.

“Maybe you need something to suck on so you won’t be gagging all the time slut,” Danny told her as he sat down on the toilet and forced his dick down Ashley’s throat.

The heat and stench was causing her to come close to blacking out. Danny started to roughly fuck her face, continuing even after Clint loudly grunted behind her and shot his load deep up her anal cavity, filling her bowels with his sticky seed. Danny grabbed two handfuls of her hair and forced her onto his tool, drool beginning to run down Ashley’s face as he came down her throat.

Ashley moaned as the men switched places. She was breathing heavily and on the verge of heat stroke from the tight quarters she was confined to. Danny started sawing in and out of her ass and Clint forced his dick down her throat, her eyes closing and opening a succession of times, still finding herself being anally raped. Danny grabbed her hips, smacked her ass and drew closer to another orgasm.

“Fuck! Someone wake me up! Anyone? Someone help!” Ashley moaned, just about to lose consciousness when she felt Danny blowing his load deep in her ass.

“We’re not done with you yet slut,” Clint warned her as he grabbed the back of her head and came down her throat, nearly choking her with his seed

Clint held the head of his cock at the back of her throat and finished unloading his cum, backing his dick away from her mouth and letting her face sink into the bowl of the portable toilet. Ashley closed her eyes and opened them again.

“I think it’s time you took a shower Ashley,” Clint told her as they positioned themselves in front of her and started urinating on her, stinging her eyes and burning her nose as the piss rained down on her face.

“See ya slut, thanks for the pussy and ass,” Danny sneered as they left her there in the portable toilet, raped and abused.

Ashley finally collecting herself after a few minutes before she ran outside to the nearest police kiosk for help.

“Weird, my dreams aren’t usually this vivid,” Ashley told herself as the scene was shifting. The girl let out a sigh of relief to herself when she found herself in her doctor’s office, certain her nightmare was over, “or this violent.”

“The doctor will see you now Miss Tisdale,” his nurse tells Ashley as she peeks her head through the door.

Ashley made her way down the hall and closed her eyes, opening them to find herself looking into the bright light of a medical lamp and wearing nothing but a hospital gown as her doctor leaned over the table at her.

“What? Where am I? What happened?” Ashley stammered, panicking and growing more and more confused with every scene that played out in front of her.

“Ashley, Ashley, relax. We are running tests on you to figure out why you’re dreams have been so violent lately,” her doctor, a mild-mannered man in his late fifties told her,

He explained that while it is not all that unusual to have vivid dreams while under the influence of the pill he had given her, Ashley’s unusually violent descriptions of how she was always raped in her dreams had given him a cause for concern.

“Sometimes our dreams are nothing but a portal to the alternate reality that we wish to live in,” he explained to her as he looked at her tight body in the barely-there gown, starting to think that he might want to get a piece of his most famous patient’s pussy himself, “could it be, Miss Tisdale, that you actually ENJOY being raped and that’s why you let it keep happening to you?”

“Are you out of your mind, Doc? What woman walking the face of this earth could possibly get enjoyment out of being violated in the most humiliating ways possible?!?” she yelled, bolting straight up in her hospital bed.

She forgot that her gown barely covered up anything, which gave her doctor a nice view of her chest and a side view of her ass.

“If this is still a dream, now would be a good time to wake up!” she pleaded with herself, closing her eyes and opening them again, and shrieking out when she felt the tip of her doctor’s cock nuzzling towards the entrance to her pussy.

“Shh, no need for that Ashley,” he told her as he put a gloved hand over her mouth to cover up her screams as he started plunging his dick in and out of her.

Ashley again began to close and open her eyes in a desperate attempt to get out of this nightmare.

“Settle down little one,” her doctor derisively told her as he mashed his lips into hers and forced his tongue down her throat, his cock knifing through her abused snatch. “You came to me with a problem, and I solved it. Those pills I gave you weren’t sleeping pills. They were psychotropic drugs designed to alter your reality.”

“What!? Let me go you quack!” she shouted.

The doctor slapped her across the face a few times as he drove himself in and out of her at a violent pace. Ashley’s overworked cunt muscles started to clamp down on his invading dick.

“The drugs were mine but the alternate reality you fell into is your own Ashley,” he told he as he sucked on her breasts and buried his cock deeper inside her cunt, her back arching and signifying that she was going to cum again, whether she wanted to or not.

“Oh God no! The flirting with the Coachella guys and the leading my high school boyfriend on?” she whispered, starting to put two and two together as his dick nudged into her womb, hoping this “alternate reality” business was really still just a part of the dream she was having.

“All a part of the reality you have created for yourself in which you enjoy, and in fact, can’t get enough of…being raped,” he told her, feeling her cunt walls squirt out a healthy load of her cum mix with the shots of his own that were rocketing inside of her.

Ashley turned her head away as she felt the cum of her doctor, a man she thought she could trust, filling up her fertile womb, no longer sure what was real and what was just a dream.

“If you think this a dream, you may close your eyes and open them again if you wish,” he told her, watching as she furiously batted her eyes, desperate to get out of the hell she had been thrust into.

“You might think this all just a dream Ashley, but this alternate reality you created for yourself is really just an nightmare you’re going to have to live with for the rest of your life,” he told her,

Ashley closed her eyes and opened them one last time, hearing her doctor’s voice start fading away as she suddenly woke up in her own bed, in her own house and stuck to the bed sheets by the great volume of sweat that coated her body.
“Oh thank God, it was all just a dream,” she told herself as she got up, wincing in pain when she felt soreness between her legs and in her ass.

“Don’t be silly Ashley, you’re probably just sore down there because you had some great sex with Scott last night,” she told herself when she started thinking for a brief moment that she HAD been raped repeatedly,

Ashley looked at the bottle of pills on the bedside table and thought to herself that she really needed to pull herself together, because there was no way any of that could’ve actually been real…or was there?

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