Ashley Poole: My Dream Come True

Ashley Poole:My Dream Come True. Parts 1 and 2

Part 1

This was the night of my life. We’d been going out for eight months and
were so in love with each other we just new we would be together forever.
I had been waiting so long for Ashley to give in to my advances and she
finally had.

It all started an hour ago, me and Ashley just sitting in her downstairs
bedroom channel surfing, her laying on top of me facing the tv with my arms
wrapped comfortably around her waist and my chin resting on her shoulder.
When suddenly Ashley let out a little giggle.

“You Ok Ash”

“What… Oh Yeah”

sure, I thought I heard a little noise come out you’re mouth”

“Oh its nothing really, its just you keep breathing on my neck and it

tickles a little”

“I can move if you want, its not a problem”

“NO!!” she said as she grabbed my arms and placed back where they were.

“I mean, I don’t mind, I mean! I like it, I mean!”

“Waddya mean you like it” I said with a curious look in my eye

“Oh God”

Ashley got up and was standing up. After a few deep breaths she turned around
to face me. She was beautiful. She was wearing what she usually did on
nights like these, sockless, white panties and one of my plain white
t-shirts that hung down just past her knickers. Along with this came the fact
that she had a beautiful perfectly toned ass, smooth cream legs also
very well toned, perky and firm breasts, flat stomach and the prettiest
face. Just thinking about this got me hard and caused me to drool at

“I’m sorry Ash, I don’t understand”

“No! don’t go, please stay”

Just then I got up and gave her a hug just to calm her nerves, and it
was just a reason to touch her. She responded by clenching me tightly
around my waist. I then moved my head and looked deep into her eyes.
In one swift motion we both lunged forward at each other and embarked
on a long passionate kiss. She started to make sounds of excitement and
began moving her hips against my crotch.

Without warning she began to hurriedly undo my jeans, I responded by taking
off her t-shirt and ripping off her wet panties. I couldn’t believe how rough
this girl was. After taking my jeans and boxers of she grabbed my shirt and
with all her strength tore it to shreds.

There we were stark naked, extremely excited and we had done all this without
even leaving the passionate kiss. Ashley then pushed me back on the bed
and I was laying there with a raging 10 inch rod just waitng for her next

She crawled on top of me, kissing each part of my body, and scratching at
my chest. She made her way down to my cock and began to lick it up and down.
She massaged my balls with her sexy lips and then engulfed her innocent virgin
mouth with my aching hard on. The warmth of her mouth was amazing, and almost
to much for me to handle. I was able to manouvere her round so that I could
get a good view of her hairless pussy. I was amazed when I saw it, it was
perfect. An untouched slit, not a sign of any hair, just waiting to be filled
with the seed of a young man (Thank God it was me!!).

I placed my mouth around it and slipped my long tongue in between her pussy
lips. This caused Ashley’s ass to leap up into the air as she moaned with
great pleasure. She had never felt anything like this before, and she was
enjoying it so much that it was causing her to speed up her sucking action on
my cock. I did the same and in almost what seemed like an eternity we both
began to climax. I released torrents of cum down her throat which she eagerly
swallowed, while her own juices began squirting down mine.

Part 2

What could be next? I could think of one thing and one thing only, and by the
look on Ashley’s horny face she had the same idea.

She got up and walked out the door signalling with her finger for me to follow.
When I got there I realised that we were on the her tennis courts in her
backyard. I couldn’t see her at first but when I did it was the most amazing
sight ever.

She had walked over to the net and was bending over offering her pussy to me.
My cock instantly sprang back to life and I ran over as quick as I could.

“Fuck me baby, be the one who pops my cherry, fuck me as hard as you can until
all of that beautiful cum shoots inside of me”

I needed no more encouragement. I plunged my thick member deep inside of her,
going slowly at first so that she could adjust to the size of me but after
awhile I picked up the pace. I started thrusting my body as fast as I could
towards her, almost causing her to lose grip of the net she was balancing
on. With each thrust I was met with Ashley thrusting her own body towards me
causing the a huge slapping sound as both of our bodys met on impact.

This continued for good time, her embarking on eight or nine orgasms through
out, until it happened. I let loose the biggest load deep inside her virgin
snatch, so much so in fact that I could feel my own dick sloshing around
in a mixture of both our love juice.

I disengaged myself form her now swollen opening. We made our way back inside
to her room and took a cold shower warm shower together. Once we were cleaned
up we returned to watching the tv just as we were before we fucked.

“Thanks for being my first honey” she said with a happy and relaxed tone.

“Thanks for choosing me”

“I knew it would be you after all you’re the only guy I could ever love”

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