Ashley Tisdale Researches a Role

Title:  Ashley Tisdale Researches a Role

Author:  Tori


Subject:  Ashley Tisdale

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Ashley Tisdale sat on her couch and mulled over her career.  Her singing was getting her nowhere fast and the last acting job she’d had was on a TV show on the CW which was cancelled after only two seasons.  She thought if you can’t make it on the CW then she knew she was going to have problems making it anywhere.  She decided it was time to step out of her comfort zone and take her acting career in a whole new direction.  She needed to get away from the goody goody Disney persona that followed on every audition she went on.  She had grown to hate the Sharpey character and knew that the only way she was going to continue in Hollywood was if she broke away completely from that role.

She called her agent and set up a meeting.  She sat down and told him in no uncertain terms that she wanted to play adult roles, roles that had nothing in common with Sharpey.  Her agent completely understood.  He knew that if she wasn’t working, he wasn’t making any money.

A few days later, her agent called her and told her about a role that was having open auditions the following week.  It was a movie about street hookers being murdered by a serial killer in downtown Hollywood.  It wasn’t a starring role but it would definitely take her career in another direction.  She told him she wanted it and asked him to send her over the script.  The script arrived later that afternoon and she paged through the scenes and knew that this was the perfect part for her.

The character was a young twenty something girl who was down on her luck.  She had come to LA seeking fame and fortune and soon found herself out on the street turning tricks in seedy motel rooms.  Ashley went online and didn’t find much that would help her prepare for the role.  She decided that she needed to go out and see for herself what it looked like.  That night, she rented a car, since she didn’t want her own car spotted in that part of town, and headed down to Hollywood Blvd.  It was just after 11pm when she turned down the strip and found exactly what she needed.  The girls were lined up on both sides of the street and the cars were bumper to bumper.  The pretty actress pulled her hoody up over her head to hide her face and slowly cruised down the street.  Cars were pulled over and she saw the girls leaning in talking with the guys in the cars.  The girls were all different but the same in many ways.  They were of different ages and looks but the one thing they all had in common was the way they dressed.  She could tell that most of them did not want to be doing what they were doing.  Most of them had the look of defeat on their faces which broke into fake smiles when they were approached for a date.

Ashley decided to try to pick up one of the girls and talk with her to find out just how and why she had become a street hooker.  She saw a cute redhead standing on the corner and pulled over.  The girl leaned into the window and saw that the driver was also female.  She told Ashley that her name was Candy and that it would cost her $50.00 for 30 minutes and $75.00 for an hour.  Ashley told her that was fine and Candy got into the car.  She told Ashley to drive down the next block and turn into the motel.  The two girls went into one of the rooms and Candy closed the door and took off her jacket.  Ashley sat down on the bed and handed her $75.00.  Candy was starting to get undressed when Ashley stopped her.  She told her she didn’t want sex she just wanted to ask her some questions.  The girl was confused but said sure, it was her money.  Ashley explained why she was there and after a few short yes’s and no’s, she started to open up as to why she was turning tricks.  Like many girls that come to Hollywood, she soon ran out of money and was living on the street.  She had gotten beaten up and robbed and the third night she was raped by a gang of men in an alley.  A pimp found her and took her to his apartment and after getting her high on drugs, he raped her too.  She had nowhere to go and was soon working the streets and giving her pimp the money in exchange for drugs and this filthy motel room.  Ashley put her arm around the girl and told her how sorry she was that this had happened to her.  She had been lucky enough to get the breaks and the parts when she was young.  That led to her first show on Disney and the rest was history.

After dropping Candy off back at her corner, Ashley drove home and decided she needed to dig deeper into the life.  The next day she went back down to Hollywood to do some shopping.  The place looked much differently in the daytime.  The neon lights at night covered up the filth and degradation that revealed itself in the sunlight.  She found a store that had just what she needed.  When she had what she needed, she headed home to try on the outfit she had bought.  Ashley stood in front of her full length mirror and looked at the girl standing there.  She had on a pair of white, thigh high leather boots, a very short plaid skirt and a blue tube top that barely covered her breasts.  She had also purchased and black leather dog collar which she put on last.  She looked at herself and liked what she saw.  She told herself that any man would pay good money to fuck her.

She walked over and lay on her bed and started playing with herself.  She found her pussy was soaking wet and it didn’t take long for her to get herself off.  She licked her juices from her fingers and decided to take the next step and see exactly what being a street whore was like.

That evening, she put her hooker outfit in her overnight bag and headed back down to Hollywood.  She pulled into the same motel she was at the night before and got a room.  After she dropped her bag off, she went down to Candy’s room and knocked on the door.  Candy opened the door and let her in.  Ashley asked her to help her out and Candy just looked at her.  She couldn’t believe that this actress really wanted to turn tricks on Hollywood Blvd. but if that’s what she wanted then that’s what she was going to get and she agreed to help her out.  Candy told her to go get ready and meet her at 10pm.

Ashley went to her room and started to get ready.  She got undressed and played with herself for little while to get in the mood.  Her pussy was dripping wet as she got dressed in her hooker outfit.  She tied her blonde hair into two pigtails and applied her makeup.  The last thing she put on was the dog collar.  Ashley took a deep breathe and went down to meet Candy.  Candy looked at her and told her she looked hot.  She said that if she’d pay good money to fuck her.  Ashley smiled and gave her a kiss and the two headed out down the street to Candy’s corner.  Candy explained that all the girls had their own spots and it was not a good idea to take someone else’s spot.  The other girls looked at Ashley and Candy told them she was new in town and that her pimp wanted her to show the new girls the ropes.  That seemed to satisfy the other girls and Ashley and Candy took their places on the sidewalk.

The traffic was already pretty heavy and car after car cruised past them with the guys checking them out.  It didn’t take long before a car pulled over and stopped in front of the two girls.  Candy told Ashley not to say anything and just watch how she handles the guy.  Candy leaned in and started talking with the man behind the wheel.  She asked if he was a cop and then had him take out his cock because cops weren’t allowed to do that.  After she was satisfied, she asked if he wanted a date.  The guy looked at Ashley and then asked Candy how much for the both of them.  Candy told him it would cost $100.00 and the guy agreed.  The two girls got in the car and Candy told him to go down to the motel.

They went into Candy’s room and Ashley sat down on the chair.  Candy told the guy to pay up first.  He handed her the money and Candy looked over at Ashley and told her play with herself while she sucked this guy’s cock.  She dropped to her knees and pulled the guys pants down and took him into her mouth and began to suck him.  Ashley was completely turned on and started playing with her pussy.  She was so wet and excited watching the girl give head.  After a few minutes, Candy told Ashley to join her.  Ashley got on her knees and took the guys cock into her mouth while Candy sucked his balls.  The two girls took turns sucking and licking the guy’s cock.  Candy pulled her top off and then pulled Ashley’s up over head exposing her cute little tits.  After several minutes of sucking, Candy stood up and climbed on the bed.  The guy took off the rest of his clothes and got on top of her and started fucking her pussy.  Ashley took off her skirt and joined them.  She got of top of Candy and lowered her pussy to her mouth and let the girl lick her.  Candy eagerly licked and sucked on Ashley as she was getting her pussy fucked.  The man leaned over and began to suck on Ashley nipples while he fucked Candy.  Ashley started to cum in Candy’s mouth and her whole body shook from the massive orgasm.

The guy pulled out of Candy and stood up and put his cock into Ashley’s mouth.  She sucked him, tasting Candy’s pussy juices.  He grabbed onto her pigtails and started to fuck her mouth.  He was ramming his cock deep into her throat making her gag.  She started to get into it and opened her mouth wide to accept his cock.  Candy continued to lick Ashley’s pussy and made her cum a second time.

Ashley looked up at the john and told him to fuck her.  She got on her hands and knees and he slid his hard cock into her dripping wet cunt.  He slammed his member in and out of the pretty actress.  The guy grabbed her pigtails once again and pulled her head back as he plowed her pussy.  Candy got behind him and licked his asshole as he power fucked Ashley.  Ashley was screaming for him to fuck her harder.  She told him that she was just a fucking whore.  She came a third time when the man shoved his thumb into her ass.  She dropped her face onto the bed and reached around and spread her cheeks apart and begged for him to fuck her ass.  He pulled out of her pussy and Candy sucked his cock and got it good and wet with her saliva.  She guided him into Ashley’s asshole and he drove it home with one hard thrust.  Ashley screamed out in both pain and ecstasy as the cock filled her asshole.  Candy got down underneath her and began to lick her pussy again while she got slammed up the ass.

Ashley yelled for more and more and then started to cum again and again.  Her body was covered in sweat and she had a cock buried deep in her ass.  She was grunting and moaning like an animal, begging to get fucked like the dirty whore that she had become.  The john couldn’t take it any longer and shot his hot load deep into Ashley’s rectum.  He pushed his cock balls deep into the pretty blonde and filled her with cum.  When he pulled out, Candy opened her mouth and let the nasty scum drip into her waiting mouth.  She pulled Ashley to her and kissed her, letting her taste her ass and his cum.  They both swallowed their share and kissed again.  The guy lay back on the bed, exhausted.  Ashley leaned down and licked his cock and balls clean.  After several minutes, the guy got dressed and left.  He gave Ashley an extra $50.00 and told her she the best fuck he’d ever had.

Ashley and Candy snuggled together on the bed.  Candy told her she was a natural.  Ashley thanked her for all the help she had given her.  She gave Candy the $50.00 she had gotten as well as an extra $500.00.  She called it a consulting fee.  Candy gave her a big hug and a kiss and told her that she needed to get back to work.  Ashley got dressed and went down to her room and changed into her regular clothes and went home.

Ashley took a shower and masturbated again reliving the events in her head.  She couldn’t believe how she had gotten into being a whore.  She dried off and went to bed and fell asleep immediately and slept like a baby the entire night.

She dressed in the same outfit for the audition and nailed the part.  The casting people couldn’t believe that this was the same girl that starred in all those nauseating Disney musicals.  She was so good that they expanded her role and after the movie was released, her reviews were spectacular.  That January, Ashley Tisdale was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.  She won the award and during her acceptance speech, she made sure to thank Candy for all her help and inspiration in creating the role of a lifetime.

A man across town was watching the awards show on TV and recognized the girl giving the speech.  His cock got hard while he watched the $100.00 anal whore get her Oscar.  He knew that no one would ever believe him but he also knew that she was indeed, the best fuck he’d ever had.

The End.

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