Ashley’s Extra Workout

Title: Ashley’s Extra Workout


Codes: MF,cons,oral,spank,ws

Celebs: Ashley Massaro

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In no way is this a true story of any sort and is only fictional.

It was a very hot and dry day in long island new York and the super hot wwe
diva Ashley Massaro was in her local gym training, she was wearing a little
black skirt, a very tight red tank top and some black trainers, she was
with her trainer and was practicing some of her recent wrestling moves with
him, the whole entire gym was nearly empty,
just Ashley her trainer and
another guy who was working out punching a boxing bag, Ashley was very
sweaty as she had been working out nearly all day, her sweat was clearly
visible dripping down her face and onto her huge chest as she moved around
the ring still working out with her trainer, the man who was punching the
boxing bag was mike, he was a 25 year old wrestler, not that well known but
he did wrestle often and he certainly knew who Ashley Massaro was, he
couldn’t help but look at her while she was training as he tried to focus on
punching the bag, everytime she would pull of a move her skirt would rise up
and he could see her pink thong, he stopped boxing and just stared at Ashley
training, after a while he felt his cock begin to move in his shorts as he
smiled to himself still watching Ashley, Ashley stopped training for a bit
as her trainer said “ok then I think that’s enough for today, ill be going
now ill see you same time tomorrow”, Ashley nodded and slumped down into the
corner of the ring panting lightly as more and more sweat dripped of her
face, she turned around to see mike walking towards her, she smiled at him
and gave him a little wave “hey there” she says softly as he continues to
walk over to her.

Ashley got up form the corner and smiled at him, mike got to ringside and
looked up at Ashley, mike was wearing a black tank top, some white shorts
and black trainers, “hi I’m a huge fan of yours, I just wanted to say hi”,
Ashley looks down at him still smiling, “thanks I’m always happy to see fans
of mine” she says as she extends her hand down to shake his, mike also
extends his hand up and meets Ashley’s as they smile at each other, with
that he breaks the handshake and gets up onto the ring apron and steps into
the ring with Ashley, “so are you still dating matt?” mike says still
smiling at Ashley, Ashley lets out a little giggle “yea I am, why do you
ask?” she says tilting her head slightly, “I was just wondering” he says
laughing a little as he walks over to Ashley, “can I get an autograph?”,
Ashley smiles at him even more “of course you can” she says softly, “ok
cool, I don’t have a pen or paper though” he says laughing again, “that’s ok
I have a pen I can just sign your shorts”, with that Ashley reaches down to
her training bag and pulls out a pen, she then bends down to the side of him
and starts to write on his shorts, she signs them and writes a little
message, before she gets up she notices his shorts start to creep up at the
middle, she pretends to write something else watching his bulge grow bigger
smiling, after a while she gets up and looks mike in the eyes smiling,
“there you go baby all signed for you”, mike smiles at her and says
“thanks”, she then chucks her pen on the ground and looks back at mike, “oh
and by the way there’s something growing in your shorts” she says with a big
smile on her face.

Mike looks at Ashley embarrassed and says “I’m so sorry I just cant help it
your so fucking hot”, Ashley looks at him and giggles “its fine baby, it
kinda turned me on aswell”, mike looks into her eyes “then I guess you
wouldn’t mind if I don’t this”, as soon as he finishes that line he moves to
Ashley and gives her soft gentle kiss on her lips holding his tongue against
her lips begging for entrance to her mouth, Ashley slowly opens her mouth
for his tongue, mike slides his tongue into her warm mouth tasting her
saliva as he twirls his tongue all around hers, he moves his hands all
around her sweaty body as he pulls away from the kiss, “so do you wanna see
what the bulge was?” he says smiling at her, “sure why not” she says
laughing a bit, with that he reaches to is shorts and slowly pulls them down
and does the same with his boxers revealing his massive cock, Ashley gasps
as she see’s his huge 18 inch long 3 inch thick cock standing infront of
her, “wow that’s huge” she says as she just keeps looking at it, “its a bit
dirty with my sweat, wanna clean it up for me?” he says smiling at her,
Ashley lets out a little giggle as she looks at him and nods “sure why not
baby”, with that she gets down on her knee’s and slowly takes his cock in
her hand, rubbing it slowly up and down she carry’s on looking at it in
amazement of the sheer size of it, she moves her head down and slowly wraps
her lips around the huge head of his cock, mike moans straight away feeling
her tongue glide against the head of his cock, she slowly starts to suck on
the head of his cock still letting her sweaty hand glide up and down on his
huge shaft making him moan loudly.

Ashley slowly moves her head down onto his huge cock taking just 5 inches
in, he smiles at her “lemme help you with that” mike says as he pushes her
back into the corner ring post, Ashley pulls away and smiles at him “your
cock is so fucking huge baby, I think your gonna have to ram it down my
throat”, with that he pushes her back against the middle post as he starts
to enter her mouth once again, he manages to push 6 inches into her, as he
holds it there Ashley starts to taste his sweat were he has been working
out, he crouches down more holding onto the ropes as he pushes another 3
inches into her throat making it 9 inches all together, Ashley starts to
cough on his cock but he just carry’s on pushing into her throat, he pushes
another 4 inches into her still not removing his cock although Ashley is now
gagging and choking on it making saliva spurt out of her mouth down onto her
sweat covered tank top, mike slowly pushes more and more into Ashley’s
mouth, he manages to fit 16 inches into her throat as it starts to really
choke Ashley he slowly pulls out, as soon as his huge cock head comes out of
her mouth Ashley gasps for air, he looks at her smiling as strands of saliva
connect his cock to her mouth, he then grabs her sweaty hair and starts to
ram his cock back down her throat thrusting as hard as he can back into her
throat again making her gag on it straight away as he thrusts 16 inches back
down her throat making her choke on it, he slowly pulls back out starting to
fuck her throat as more sweat pours down her face.

Mike slides his cock back into her mouth and rams it all the way down making
her choke on it as he slides it back out and starts to thrust into her mouth
more quickly and more harder, he thrusts his huge cock into her mouth
quicker and quicker making his chicken egg sized balls slap hard against her
chin, more saliva pours out of her mouth which each outward thrust, he again
thrust hard into her mouth this time holding his huge cock there making her
gag on it for a while, sweat pours off of both of there body’s making mikes
and Ashley’s tank tops soaking wet with sweat, mike keeps his cock there for
a whole minute before pulling out and smiling at Ashley who’s gasping for
air, “wow your such a fucking dirty lil slut” mike says smiling at her, “I
know I just love cock” she says with a kinky smile on her face, she looks
down at her top and smiles “looks like I’m gonna have to take my top off,
its getting pretty soaked”, with that Ashley pulls her top of revealing her
huge tits encased in a pink bra, “wow those tits are so fucking hot” mike
says looking at Ashley’s perfect tits, “thanks baby but we’ll get to those
later, right now I want that cock of yours back down my throat”, with that
mike pulls his top of and thrusts his cock back into Ashley’s mouth, again
holding it there as sweat drips down his body onto his huge cock and into
Ashley’s mouth, she moans as she tastes his sweat, she then moves one of her
hands down to her skirt and slowly pulls it up, she then pushes her pink
thongs to the side and slowly starts to rub her clit, mike just keeps his
huge cock inside of her mouth as he hears her moans from her rubbing her
clit, he then pulls out of her mouth as she gasps for air again, he looks
down at her and smiles, “baby I’m gonna blow my load in a minute”.

“Oh god baby I want your cum in my mouth”, with that mike moves forward and
thrusts his cock back into her throat and starts to fuck it very very fast
as Ashley begins to choke on it with every thrust, he then feels his balls
tighten as his cum comes rushing out of his huge cock, mike pulls out
straight away as Ashley opens her mouth ready for his load, he feels his
warm sticky cum shoot through his shaft and spurts out onto Ashley’s tongue,
his cum keeps gushing out of his cock onto Ashley’s tongue as she slowly
starts to swallow it tasting his sweat cum in her mouth, mikes cum finally
comes to and end and Ashley closes her mouth which is still full with his
cum, she swirls all around the inside of her mouth and then swallows it
smiling at mike as she does so, “wow you taste so fucking good baby” Ashley
says slowly stroking his limp 10 inch cock, she then moves her head down to
his cock again licking it up and down lapping up all his sweat, she then
moves down further to his giant balls and starts to lick those clean of all
his dried sweat, tasting it makes Ashley moan a little as she looks up at
mike smiling, “so baby, do you wanna fuck these tits?” Ashley says as she
stand up rubbing his sweaty body all over, “your damn right it do” mike says
moving his hands to her giant tits and rubbing them through her pink bra, he
moves his hands behind her and slowly unclips her bra releasing her huge
tits, as her tits are set free from her bra mike moves his head down and
licks her nipples pinching them with his teeth, he then pulls away and
smiles at Ashley, “damn baby I’m hard again already, your driving me crazy”,
Ashley looks into his eyes and giggles “I’m glad I have that effect on you,
but I want you to fuck these baby”.

Ashley moves over to the ring ropes and steps onto the apron were she jumps
down onto the floor below, mike follows not knowing were she’s going, Ashley
walks over to a workout bench and lays down as soon as she does mike
instantly knows what she has in mind, “its gonna be much easier for you to
fuck them like this” Ashley says with a smile on her face, mike walks over
to her and stands over her one leg each side of the bench so Ashley is in
the middle of him, he then crouches down a bit and places his now fully
erect 18 inch cock in between her tits, Ashley pushes her huge baps together
and slowly slides them up and down as mike does the same with his cock
doubling his pleasure, Ashley looks down at his huge cock fucking her tits
and pouts her lips, she then spits down at his cock lubing it up mixing her
saliva with his sweat, mike carries on thrusting upwards slowly going faster
and faster, his cock starts to bash against Ashley’s chin which makes her
look down as soon as he does his massive cock head enters her mouth once
again but quickly gets withdrawn as he pulls his cock away, mike then
thrusts hard back up her tits making him moan loudly as he feels Ashley’s
tongue slide against the head of his cock, Ashley looks up at him and smiles
“does that feel good baby?” Ashley asks, mike grunts a little as he feels
himself about to cum again, “amazing” mike manages to get out as he starts
to thrust faster and harder into the middle of Ashley’s giant tits, he moves
his hands to her erect nipples and starts to rub them with his fingers
making Ashley moan slightly as she continues to take the head of his cock in
her mouth every now and then.

Mike looks down at Ashley and smiles as he see’s more and more sweat pour of
the wwe diva, he thrusts as hard as he can into Ashley’s tits and also rubs
her nipples as hard as he can, after a while mikes balls start to tighten
again as he feels loads more of his cum come pouring out of his cock, his
cum shoots out all over Ashley’s neck and onto her upper chest, mike pulls
his cock out of her chest as he carries on spurting his warm sticky cum all
over the place, he then aims for Ashley’s tits as more and more cum spurts
out of his cock onto Ashley’s tits making them both moan in pleasure, sweat
pours down both of there bodies and there faces as mike finishes spurting
his load all over Ashley’s giant tits, he moves away from Ashley and admires
his handy work as he stands beside her looking at her cum covered tits,
Ashley sits up on the workout bench and smiles at mike as she moves a finger
down to her chest whipping up some of the cum, she then moves her finger
back to her mouth and licks it of tasting his sweet cum once again, “hmmm
baby I could never get tired of that taste” Ashley says as she looks at mike
smiling, “wow your suck a dirty lil slut, I mean you have always looked
dirty but I never would of thought you were this dirty” mike says looking
down at Ashley, she lets out a little giggle “well if I’m so dirty then I
best go and take a shower, wanna join me?” Ashley says looking mike up and
down still smiling, “would I dare say no?”, with that Ashley stands up and
slowly walks over to the shower room with mike following her, as they both
walk to the shower mike stares at Ashley’s ass thinking about how he’s gonna
rip in two.

Ashley walks into the huge open shower room with mike slowly behind her, she
moves her hands down to her sweat covered skirt and thongs and quickly pull
them off, she then walks over to one of the showers and slowly turns it on,
warm water sprays out of the shower head down onto Ashley’s naked body as
mike comes over and joins her, Ashley grabs a cloth and starts to rub of
mikes cum massaging her tits as she does so, mike moves closer to her and
kisses her on the lips sliding his tongue into her mouth feeling around her
mouth to meet her tongue, Ashley also moves her tongue to meet his and
finally both there tongues clash against each other, they both twirl there
tongues around each others as the warm water drips onto there naked body’s,
mike slowly pulls away from the kiss smiling at Ashley, “damn your a good
kisser” mike says smiling at her, Ashley looks at him and smiles back “your
not to bad your self” she says with a little giggle, mike moves back a few
steps and watches Ashley shower, “man this is gonna sound so embarrassing”
mike says as he blushes a bit, Ashley looks over at him and smiles “what
is?” she says curios to know what he’s talking about, mike looks up at
Ashley and says, “I need to take a piss” he says laughing a little, Ashley
smiles at him and says “ok then piss all over me”, looking shocked mike says
“ar…….are you sure?”, Ashley turns the shower tap of and smiles at him
again, “of course I am, I wouldn’t of said it other wise”, with that Ashley
sits her self down on the floor as mike walks over to her ready to give her
a golden shower.

Mike positions himself over Ashley’s face and smiles as he holds his cock in
place ready to piss all over her, Ashley opens her mouth ready for his piss,
mike moans a little as his golden piss starts to drip from his huge cock
head, his golden piss starts to drip onto Ashley’s tits, but as his piss
comes out harder it moves up to Ashley’s face and he then starts to coat her
face with his piss spraying his golden water all over face, Ashley moans as
she opens her mouth and lets a mouthful of piss enter it she then moves her
head all around in it covering her whole sweat hair in it as she looks up at
mike and swallows his piss, mikes golden shower continues to pour from his
huge cock as it seems to never end, Ashley moves her head about all in the
golden shower as he whole entire face is now covered with his piss as she
leans back and lets it run down her body moaning a little as it does so,
mikes piss runs all the way down her body, all over her tits all over her
belly button and all over her pussy, mike moans a little bit as his golden
shower starts to some to and end, as his piss stops running from his cock
Ashley kneels up and slowly pushes her piss covered lips against his huge
cock head making mike moan straight away, Ashley starts to suck the rest of
his piss from his cock swallowing every last drop, she then pulls away and
smiles at mike, “did you enjoy that baby?” Ashley asks as she stands up
infront of him, “hell yea I did” mike says admiring Ashley’s piss covered
face, she then turns around and turns the shower back on soaking her body in
the warm water again washing off all of mikes piss from her hair and body,
she looks at mike and smiles as the water pours onto her body, “so do I get
to cover you with my piss?” she says smiling at him.

Mike lays down on the shower floor as Ashley turns the shower of once again,
she crouches down infront of mikes face as spreads apart her pussy lips,
then her golden piss starts to flow from her pussy as it starts to cover his
upper chest first again moving upwards, Ashley manages to guide her piss
into mikes open mouth as he starts to taste her wonderful piss, more and
more piss pours into mikes mouth and after a while he closes his mouth and
slowly swallows her lovely golden nectar, Ashley carries on pissing all over
mikes face as she moans a little looking at mikes piss covered face, mike
moans feeling and tasting her golden piss all over his face and all on his
hair, after a while Ashley’s piss starts to come to and end as she falls
down onto the ground next to mike laughing a little, mike sits up and looks
at Ashley “wow your piss tastes so fucking good baby”, Ashley looks at him
and smiles “I’m glad you liked it, lets see if I do”, with that Ashley gets
on her knees next to mikes head and starts to lick of her own piss, Ashley
moans as she tastes her own golden nectar, mike smiles as he feels her
tongue wonder all over his face, Ashley finishes licking his face and looks
into his eyes smiling, mike looks at her aswell as he moves in for a kiss,
there lips meet each others aswell as there tongues as they both taste
Ashley’s piss, both of them are still dripping with sweat as they carry on
kissing moving there hands all over each others bodies, Ashley moans into
the kiss pulling away slowly sucking on mikes tongue, Ashley lets his tongue
go and smiles at him “so baby do you wanna fuck my pussy right here on the
shower room floor?”, mike looks into her eyes and smiles, “I think you know
what the answer is”.

With that Ashley lays down on the floor while mike quickly washes of her
piss form his body, he then turns the shower of and kneels down infront of
Ashley’s soaking wet pussy, mike slowly guides his cock to Ashley’s pussy
smiling as he does so thinking of how great this is gonna feel, his cock
reaches Ashley’s pussy and he slowly pry’s her pussy lips open with his
cock, he enters his giant head all the way into her cock and leaves it there
for a while looking at Ashley’s face, “tell me if I go to hard baby”, Ashley
looks up at him and giggles, “oh no baby you go as fast and as hard as you
like”, with that mike thrusts hard into her pussy entering 12 inches
straight into her making her moan loudly, mike pulls Ashley’s thighs up and
grips them tightly as he pulls his huge cock out of her pussy, he then takes
another hard thrust deep into her entering 16 inches this time making Ashley
scream out in pleasure from the sheer size of his cock, once again mike
pulls out of her pussy smiling as he does so loving the noise that’s coming
from Ashley, he then grips tighter onto her thighs and thrusts as hard as he
can making all of his 18 inches ram straight into Ashley’s pussy, as
Ashley’s feels all of his cock inside her she screams loudly loving the size
of his cock, mike pulls out and thrusts straight back in starting to slowly
fuck Ashley’s pussy, Ashley’s screams get louder as mike thrusts his huge
cock in and out of her pussy making her more and more wet with every thrust,
Ashley slowly moves one of her hands down to her pussy and starts to slowly
rub her clit making her scream more and more as mike’s cock continues to pry
her pussy open.

Ashley’s screams get louder and more frequent as mike starts to thrust in
and out of her pussy harder and harder, more sweat pours of both there
bodies as mike’s cock slides in and out of Ashley’s pussy faster and faster,
Ashley’s screams stop for a while as mike leaves his cock inside her pussy
balls deep for about 1 minute, he then pulls out and slaps his cock against
Ashley’s pussy teasing her making her beg for his cock, “stick that fucking
thing back in me baby, please stick it in my pussy”, he smiles as she says
both of these things, he carry’s on teasing her slapping harder and harder
against her clit making her moan a little bit, after a while Ashley reaches
her hand down and sticks his cock back into her pussy her self which makes
her scream straight away as she starts to bounce back against his cock
giving her more and more pleasure as mike starts to moan aswell, as there
moans fill the shower room mike reaches his hand down to her ass hole
playing with it a little teasing her a bit more, after a while he takes his
hand up to Ashley’s mouth and says “suck on it baby, make it all wet for
your ass”, with that Ashley takes his 4 fingers in her mouth and starts suck
on them coating them with her warm wet saliva, mike pulls his fingers away
and moves them back down to her asshole as he continues to pound away at her
pussy which is still making Ashley moan, mike slowly pushes a finger into
Ashley’s very tight asshole making her scream loudly, he thrusts his finger
deep into her ass straight away pounding it in and out of her ass following
the rhyme of his cock pounding her pussy.

Mike moans as he feels Ashley’s ass tighten around his wet saliva covered
finger, his thrust get a little bit harder as he starts to jolt Ashley
forward on the tiled flooring of the shower room, after a while he adds a
second finger into her ass which makes Ashley moan a little louder as she
moves her sweat covered head around on the floor, “yea that’s it baby fuck
me good, fuck me so fucking hard”, mike smiles as he hears what Ashley is
saying still not believing that he’s fucking Ashley Massaro, his fingers
pace continues to go faster and faster and deeper and deeper which makes
Ashley scream louder and louder, mike slows down his pace inside her pussy
and looks up at Ashley, “I’m gonna cum baby want it in your pussy?”, Ashley
lifts her head up and smiles, “your damn right I do baby”, with that mike
smiles back at her taking his fingers out of her ass hole and grips onto her
thighs again as he begins to thrust into her pussy again making her moans
continue, mike feels his giant balls tighten again as he feels his huge warm
load shoot through his shaft and out into Ashley’s pussy, mike moans loudly
as more and more of his cum comes rushing out of his cock and shoots out
into Ashley Massaro’s pussy which also makes Ashley moan loudly, Ashley’s
moans die down as she feels his warm sticky cum deep inside her pussy, mike
falls down on the shower floor next to Ashley and starts to pant hard, sweat
drips of both of them as Ashley leans up and looks down at mike, “so baby,
do you think your ready to fuck my ass?”, mike’s eyes widen loving what
Ashley just said, “damn straight I am baby”.

Mike stands up and turns on the shower, “it might make it easier for me to
fuck your ass with the water on”, Ashley looks at him and giggles, “turn the
shower of baby, I want you to fuck my ass raw”, mikes eyes once again widen
“ummmm ok if your sure though?”, Ashley nods her head in agreement and turns
over so she’s in the doggy position sticking her ass up in the air for mike,
mike slowly leans back down and rubs Ashley’s raw ass, he slowly guides his
huge cock head to her Ashley’s ass, his cock head reaches her ass and slowly
enters it ripping into the walls of her ass, Ashley screams out in pain and
pleasure as she feels his giant cock enter her ass, mike slowly eases 5
inches into Ashley’s ass which makes her scream even louder, Ashley turns
around and looks into mike’s eyes “just thrust it in baby, I’m sure I can
handle it” Ashley says quite cocky, mike smiles at her as she turns back
around and then after awhile he takes one giant thrust and rams his cock all
the way into her ass making him balls deep, Ashley screams out as loud as
she can in pain and pleasure but mostly in pain as some tears come to her
eyes, “ah damn baby your ass is so fucking tight” mike says as he leaves his
cock balls deep inside Ashley’s ass, “damn, start fucking my ass damn it”
Ashley says, with that mike starts to pull out of her ass stretching her
skin as he does so, Ashley screams some more as she feels mike’s huge cock
leave her ass but its not to long that she feels it right back in there,
mike takes another huge thrust pushing his cock all the way back into
Ashley’s ass making her scream once again, mike slowly pulls out again and
then thrusts back in starting to slowly fuck Ashley’s ass.

Ashley screams louder and louder with each thrust inwards mike makes as her
ass receives a hell of a pounding, mikes cock starts to go faster and faster
in and out of her ass stretching Ashley’s ass wide open with his giant
sized cock, Ashley’s ass starts to get used to mikes huge cock as he pounds
at her ass harder and harder still making Ashley scream in pleasure, mike
moves one of his hands to her ass cheek and rubs it a little bit smiling as
he does so, he then lifts his hand up and pounds it back down onto her ass
cheek making Ashley jump forward and scream a little bit more, Ashley looks
back at mike again smiling with lust in her eyes “hmmm baby slap my ass as
hard as you can”, mike just smiles at her as he pounds his hand down again
on her ass cheeks making Ashley scream a little bit louder, mike rams as
hard as he can into Ashley’s ass making her scream and moan in pleasure, he
looks down at Ashley’s ass cheeks as he gives it another whopping slap, he
see’s the huge red mark he has left on her ass cheek and smiles, mike once
again feels his balls tighten and some more cum comes rushing out of his
cock, mike moans loudly as his come shoots out of his giant dick into
Ashley’s ass, Ashley’s eyes widen as she feels yet again mike warm sticky
cum inside her but this time inside her ass, mike moans louder as his cum
just keeps rushing out of his cock into Ashley’s ass, Ashley looks back
behind and smiles, “you just keep filling me up with your cum baby”, mike
smiles at her as more and more of his cum leaks out into Ashley’s ass,
mike’s cum finally stops and he pulls out of Ashley’s ass and lays down on
the floor next to her smiling.

Mike pants heavily as he looks Ashley in the eyes, “I think its time I got
going now, I’ve got a house show later tonight” Ashley says as she stands up
and picks up her skirt and thongs putting them both on, mike watches as
Ashley walks over to the shower room door limping a little, Ashley turns
back to look at mike and says, “you coming aswell?”, mike looks at Ashley
and smiles “nope I’m gonna stay here for a bit and shower down, and thanks
for the amazing fuck baby”, Ashley looks at him and giggles, “no problem
baby, it sure was fun, anyway ill see you later, bye” Ashley says as she
walks of into the workout area, mike lays there for a minute before getting
up and turning on the shower.


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