Ashley’s Inner Circle Part 2

Title: Ashley’s Inner Circle Part 2

Author: MTL

Celebs: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens

Codes: anal, FF, oral, rim, toys

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.




Ashley Tisdale groaned as she slowly returned to consciousness. The first thing she was really aware of was that her ass hurt. Like, a lot. Which was weird, until memories of last night came rushing back to her, her eyes opened wide with shock and a tiny squeak escaped her lips, followed by a whimper. She’d fucked Vanessa last night. Well, more like Vanessa had fucked her. God, her best friend Vanessa Hudgens had seduced her with ease, ate her pussy, popped her anal cherry and then spent the rest of the night relentlessly ramming her ass through orgasm after orgasm. Even now, hours later, Ashley could feel her butt hole hadn’t fully closed, and she wasn’t sure it ever would.


For a moment she was angry about that, and that her best friend had seduced her into such a twisted and forbidden act, and she was especially mad when she turned over to look at her, even that slight movement making the pain worse. But then she just kept remembering those incredible climaxes, and suddenly she was looking down at the sleeping body of Vanessa, and her breath was taken away. She had always known her best friend was beautiful, but somehow she had never truly known it until this moment. Not even last night could compare, because Vanessa just looked so beautiful when she was sleeping. And ironically innocent, which was almost laughable given what they had done last night.


When they had finally gone to sleep after hours of butt sex Vanessa had spooned her, Ashley remembering feeling so safe and loved in those arms. She missed that feeling now, but Vanessa rolling off her in the middle of the night gave Ashley a chance to do something she’d wanted to do last night, namely return the favour. Not fuck Vanessa’s ass. Ashley wasn’t sure she had that in her. Maybe someday, but she was pretty sure given just how hard she had cum, and how natural it all felt, that she was a pure bottom. Vanessa had said as much, and had made it very clear she wanted Ashley to be her bitch, which was now something Ashley very much wanted.


Luckily there was another, arguably more obvious, way for Ashley to return the favour, and at least try and make Vanessa feel half as good as she had made her feel last night. Which was of course to go down on her. Which was very scary, as Ashley hadn’t done it before, but at the very least she knew from receiving head how to get things started, and wake Vanessa up in the best way possible. From there, she was sure Vanessa would give her some advice on how to proceed. So after a few long minutes of just staring at the other girl’s beauty Ashley grinned mischievously and disappeared underneath the bed sheets, only pressing a few gentle kisses to the naked flesh in front of her as she descended Vanessa’s body, not wanting to wake her friend up before she found her groove.


Vanessa returned to consciousness with a groan a few minutes later. Initially she smiled as she recognised the sensation she was feeling for what it was, but then Vanessa opened her eyes and saw a pretty blonde head between her legs and automatically concluded that it was Ashley Benson waking her up for yet another round of passionate butt sex. Which actually made Vanessa threw her head back, her close her eyes again and whimper with disappointment. Immediately she regretted it, as she didn’t want to make Ashley think she wasn’t grateful, but she’d been having this wonderfully vivid dream where she finally seduced Ashley Tisdale. And not only seduced her, but took her anal virginity and then pounded her perfect ass all night long.


Hearing that sound of disappointment Ashley lifted her head and nervously asked, “Is, is everything okay?”


Opening her eyes wide and looking down between her legs to see her dreams come true Vanessa whimpered, “Ashley?”


“Because it’s my first time. So if I suck, I could-” Ashley said quickly, although she didn’t get very far before Vanessa grabbed her face and pulled her up into a deep kiss.


So as not to pull Ashley to far Vanessa sat up just before shoving her tongue down her best friend’s throat, before breaking the kiss and grinning, “I can’t believe you’re really here. Doing, that.”


Even though she blushed Ashley felt more confident now, and even sounded as she teased, “Want me to stop?”


“No!” Vanessa said quickly, before forcing herself to add, “I mean, if you want to… I guess. I mean, we can do something else. I mean-”


“I don’t want to do anything else.” Ashley confessed with a shy smile.


“Yeah?” Vanessa grinned.


“Yeah.” Ashley smiled again, before admitting, “At least not right now. I mean, I’d love you to fuck me again, but right now, this is good. It’s just… maybe you could give me some pointers? Being experienced and all.”


“I could do that.” Vanessa grinned.


There was then a slightly awkward pause before Ashley leaned forward to press her lips against Vanessa’s again, this kiss sadly brief, before the blonde lowered her head in between the brunette’s legs and started licking her pussy with the same gentle laps as before. That wonderful pleasure, and more importantly the knowledge of who was giving it to her, causing Vanessa to cry out softly in pleasure, grabbed the back of Ashley’s head and then slowly lower herself back down so she was lying on her back again. Lying on her back with Ashley Tisdale between her legs and licking her pussy like the eager little first timer she was.


Which was so overwhelming at first that Vanessa completely forgot about Ashley’s request to give her some pointers. Then when she did remember Vanessa chose to just stay silent for quite a while, as there was just something so endearing about the cautious and nervous licking that Ashley was giving her. Especially as all other girls she had been with before now had been experienced pussy lickers. Even Rachel had fucked girls before Spring Breakers, leaving Vanessa as the most inexperienced member of the cast when it came to girl on girl fun. Now she was the experienced one, corrupting her innocent friend and hopefully turning her into a cunt craving lesbian slut.


Of course as much as Vanessa was really enjoying what Ashley was doing to her it soon became pretty clear that her friend was becoming worried, or just annoyed at her silence. Which was pretty crazy, considering Vanessa was moaning and whimpering in pure pleasure the entire time. Okay, a lot of that was the mental pleasure of finally having her best friend Ashley Tisdale do this to her, but that didn’t mean that her sounds of enjoyment were fake, or even exaggerated, and Vanessa would have happily continued just like this much longer. But at the same time she desperately wanted Ashley to enjoy this, especially as Vanessa hope this will be the first of many times that her best friend would eat her pussy.


Ashley definitely didn’t want this to be a one time thing. No, she wanted Vanessa to mean every word she had said last night, and more. She wanted to be Vanessa’s bitch, and all those other delightfully nasty things she had said. However she needed advice. After all, she had no idea what she was doing. Well, she had some idea. The equipment certainly wasn’t unfamiliar to her, she knew what she liked, and while last night had been a blur of orgasms she did remember at least some of the things Vanessa did, and she tried to do them in return. But she didn’t remember enough, and she didn’t know what exactly Vanessa liked, and she was just so nervous, and infuriatingly it took ages for Vanessa to finally give her some advice.


“Oh Ash, mmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, that’s so wonderful.” Vanessa moaned happily, reaching down to gently stroke the long blonde hair which was between her legs, as a way to further encourage Ashley, “Ooooooooh baby, you’re making me feel so good. But not so much pressure on my clit. Mmmmmm, it feels really good, but I don’t want to cum yet. No, mmmmm, not with the amazing view of Ashley Tisdale in between my legs and licking my pussy like a good little submissive lesbian slut. Oh God yes Ash, just like that. Oh yeah, give the rest of my pussy plenty of attention. Yeahhhhhh, that’s it Ashley, you’re doing so well. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, you’ve got so much natural talent baby, but when I’m done with you you’re going to be a first class rug muncher.”


The words of encouragement were just as much appreciated as the moans, groans, whimpers, gasps and cries that Ashley had been squeezing out of Vanessa since before she was even properly awake. However shortly after she woke those sounds of enjoyment became louder, and more clear once Vanessa started talking, and Ashley was worried that her friend was exaggerating what she was feeling, which was heart-breaking. Considering the amazing pleasure that Vanessa had given her last night Ashley wanted to return the exact amount. Just trying wasn’t acceptable anymore, and really that’s just something Ashley had told herself to encourage her to do it.


Even though Ashley enjoyed the encouragement it was no longer necessary, as again she was determined to return the favour, and perhaps more importantly she was already addicted to the taste of Vanessa’s pussy. It now seemed insane to Ashley that she had been worried she wouldn’t enjoy it, but it really was like the yummiest liquid ever. Well, this and her own ass juice. Oh yes, thanks to her best friend Ashley’s new favourite flavours were Vanessa’s pussy cream and her own butt juice, which sent an incredible thrill straight to her core and unnecessarily gave her more to make Vanessa feel good and lick up some more of the heavenly liquid in front of her.


What Ashley listened to the most though were Vanessa’s instructions, which initially she was incredibly relieved to receive, and then disappointed. The disappointment quickly faded as Ashley realised this was her chance to truly repay Vanessa by worshipping the most sensitive part of her body and really make her feel good. It also meant she got more girl cream, and the chance to savour it, which was worth its weight in gold. But as much as Ashley thoroughly enjoyed that she had a growing need to make Vanessa cum, and a few times rebelliously lingered on her friend’s clit or increased the pressure and/or speed of her licks to try and encourage the other girl to give her permission to make her cum. And more importantly specific instructions on how to do so.


Vanessa knew exactly what Ashley was trying to do, and she found it rather endearing. It was something the other Ashley often did, although Vanessa was more than fine with ignoring Ashley Benson until she felt like giving the little blonde pussy slut what she wanted. She didn’t feel like she had that option with this Ashley, although Vanessa still didn’t give her what she wanted right away, partly to find the line between spoiling her and being cruel, but mostly just to make sure her eventual orgasms would be nice and hard. After all, she hadn’t exaggerated anything so far, and Vanessa didn’t want to start when it came to the end result.


Inevitably though Vanessa found herself whimpering, “More! Mmmmmm, give me more. That’s it Ash, ooooooooh, linger on my clit! Lick it nice and slow, mmmmm, now just a little harder. Harder. Harder. Ohhhhhhhh Ashley, you really were born for this. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, born to eat pussy. Yes, keep doing that. Lick my clit harder! Lick my pussy, oooooooh, lick my whole pussy harder, ooooooohhhhhhh Ashley. Ashley! God Ashley, I’ve waited for this for so long. Dreamt of it. Fucked myself too it. Oh yeah, I fingered that little dyke cunt of mine night and daydreaming of my best friend in between my legs, and now finally here you are, worshipping my pussy like your little tongue was designed to please me. Yesssssssss, you please me so good, aaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, now let’s see what that mouth can do! Oh yeah, wrap your mouth around my clit and suck it! Suck it! Fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, suck it just like that, oh Ashley, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd!”


With just a few instructions Ashley had Vanessa practically on the edge of orgasm, and it really wouldn’t take much to push her over that edge. But again Vanessa waited, this time just for her own selfish pleasure. Not just so she could enjoy the feeling of being on the edge, but so she had time to stuff a pillow underneath her back so hopefully she could continue enjoying the heavenly view in front of her when she could no longer look down. Then Ashley looked up at her with this beautiful pleading look and Vanessa just couldn’t hold back any more, both because she couldn’t continued denying Ashley, and because that look was almost enough to finish her off itself.


So Vanessa forced out through her constant moaning, “Mmmmmm fuck, that’s so good, yessssssss, lick my clit just like that! Oh Ash! Ashley! Fuck! Ashley please fuck me! Oh my God Ashley, ohhhhhhhhh, fuck me with your tongue. Shove your wonderful little tongue inside my cunt and make me cum! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, shove it in me and fuck me with it! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck, shove your dyke tongue in my lezzie cunt and make me cum! Oh God, oh God, ooooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeesssssssss, fuck me, fucking tongue fuck my cunt, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss!”


If it had been one of her Spring Breakers co-stars they may have pressed their tongues to the entrance of Vanessa’s pussy and left it there for a few wonderfully torturous moments, giving Vanessa plenty of chances to make it clear what she wanted. Of course being a first timer Ashley pretty much instantly slid her tongue down to her entrance and then shoved it as deep into her best friend as it would go, causing Vanessa to scream hysterically. She then got a moment to compose herself to say one more thing, either because Ashley was taking pity on her or because she was savouring the sensation of having her tongue inside her, then the tongue fucking began, rendering Vanessa completely incoherent.


The main reason for that was because it was all just too much for her and Vanessa came. She came in her best friend’s mouth and all over her face, and despite initially throwing her head back to scream Vanessa spend the rest of the orgasm staring at the sight of her dreams coming true, which made this experience much more intense. It also made it easier for Ashley to push her over the edge of another climax, and another, and another, and another. It might not have been so quick and efficient as particularly the other Ashley, but it was this Ashley she always wanted, and as a result Vanessa’s orgasm was way more satisfying than any she’d ever known. Well, all except at taking Ashley’s ass, something Vanessa knew she would do again soon, the thought helping to push over the edge of another orgasm.


Ashley had felt a incredible sense of achievement and making Vanessa moan, whimper and cry out just from licking her pussy, but it couldn’t compare with how she felt when she made her best friend scream hysterically for her, and seemingly forget how to speak. She had savoured the moment, and the feeling of Vanessa’s womanhood wrapped around her tongue. It even squeezed it, which was beyond words of thrilling for Ashley. Then her best friend Vanessa Hudgens came in her mouth, and Ashley thought she was going to explode from that achievement. Or maybe just because of the taste, which was somehow even better than regular pussy cream.


She had instantly loved Vanessa’s pussy juice, but her girl cum was on a whole other level, and Ashley found herself automatically pulling her tongue out of Vanessa, wrapping her mouth tightly around her best friend’s entrance and desperately trying to swallow every drop of that precious liquid. Unfortunately she couldn’t quite do it, but that just made Ashley even more determined to get the entire batch of girl cum that she was going to fuck out of her friend, Ashley slamming her tongue into Vanessa and then thrusting in and out until she got another creamy reward, and then the process was repeated over and over again.


It was like she was no longer herself any more, but a cum junkie who was so addicted she would do anything for her fix. Unfortunately, or should that be fortunately, the more she tried the harder she made Vanessa cum, which resulted in there being too much of that precious liquid to swallow. Which was definitely good for Vanessa, but frustrating for Ashley. And it only got worse, or better depending on the perspective, as Vanessa grabbed hold of her hair and started grinding her cunt into Ashley’s face, meaning she failed to swallow even more of that yummy treat. Although it did remind her she was supposed to be returning the favour, so Ashley in turn rubbed her face into Vanessa’s cunt to try and make the other girl cum harder.


Given she felt like she was being drowned with cum Ashley thought it was safe to say, or think as the case may be, that she had succeeded. Better yet, she could collect at least the majority of that cum and eat it later. Or better yet make Vanessa lick it off her face, and then kiss her. And best of all, Ashley felt like she was being marked. Or should that be baptised? Either way it was just a further sign of Vanessa making Ashley hers, a thought which made Ashley’s heart flutter. Almost as much as when Vanessa pulled her up into a heated kiss, and then sure enough licked some of her own cum off of Ashley’s face and then fed it to her.


After several minutes of frantic making out Vanessa broke the kiss and growled in her best friend’s ear, “I need to fuck your ass!”


“Vanessa…” Ashley whimpered, and then blushed at the words, then even more as she responded, “I can’t. My… my ass is so sore.”


“No Ashley, I don’t want to fuck your ass, I NEED to fuck your ass!” Vanessa insisted, pulling back to look in Ashley’s eyes, “Please baby? I need it so bad. I swear, I’ll make you feel so good. Just give me that ass! And I’ll totally stretch you first. God yes, I’ll stretch you out real good, Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, gonna stretch you out so good you’ll be begging me to take that ass!”


“You don’t have too.” Ashley admitted, blushing even more than before.


“I want too.” Vanessa insisted.


“No… I mean, you don’t have too.” Ashley insisted, blushing red as a stop sign.


Vanessa frowned in confusion for a few long moments, then realisation hit her and she smiled as delight crossed her face. She then moved back, grabbed Ashley and flipped her over onto her front with ease given to her by her lust, and sure enough she saw why she didn’t need to stretch Ashley. That she was already stretched. That Ashley Tisdale’s ass hole, which had been a tiny virgin rosebud last night, was now a gaping crater. It wasn’t that surprising, given her previous experience and just how rigorously and frequently Vanessa had anally pounded Ashley last night, but to see it now made her even more desperate to butt fuck her best friend.


“Oh God Ash, you have to let me fuck this ass now!” Vanessa exclaimed excitedly, spreading open Ashley’s cheeks to get the best possible look of her gaping butt hole, “It’s all open and ready for me! Mmmmmmm, it’s practically begging for me. Yeahhhhhhh, begging for my dick. I can practically hear it! It’s saying, please, please feed me your dick Vanessa. I need dick inside me.”


“Vanessa…” Ashley whimpered in distress.


Realising she was pushing Ashley to far too soon Vanessa chose to turn things down a little bit, letting go of Ashley’s cheeks and gently lying partly on top of her, brushing her hair out of her ear, and then whispering in it while stroking the prize she’d claimed last night, “I’m sorry Ash, this is just what your sexy butt does to me. And I want it to be mine. I want you to be mine.”


Cautiously lifting her head and looking over her shoulder at her friend Ashley asked, “The, the things you said last night? You meant them?”


“Every word.” Vanessa confessed, before pointing out, “You need to understand Ashley, I wanted you and your amazing ass before Spring Breakers, but after all those months of intense lesbian anal sex I’m addicted to fucking hot girls up the ass, and you have the hottest ass of anyone I know. And it’s more than that. Selena owns Demi’s ass. Literally! They weren’t just girlfriends, it was so much more than that. It IS so much more than that. Selena takes care of Demi. Makes all her decisions for her. Demi is her willing slave, and I want you to be mine. I don’t want to scare you Ash, but the truth is I’ve wanted you for so very long. I want to be more than friends. More than girlfriends. I, I want you to be mine completely!”


There was a long silence and then Ashley admitted, “I want that too.”


Vanessa beamed, “You know what that means, right?”


Ashley blushed, “My ass is yours?”


“Damn right it is, and I’m going to fuck it whenever I want, no matter how sore you are.” Vanessa growled, before quickly adding, “But even when you’re beautifully gaped like this, there are still things I can do to make it easier for you. And I’ll do them. Always. You just might have to beg me for it next time.”


With that Vanessa started crawling her way down Ashley’s body, pressing gentle kisses to her back, but mostly concentrating on her spine as she was eager to get to her destination. Soon she reached that cute little bubble butt, at which point Vanessa slowed her role and started gently kissing all over those still slightly bruised cheeks before spreading them wide again so she could stare deep into Ashley’s rectum. Then with a sadistic smile on her face Vanessa stuck her tongue into that gaping crater and started eagerly licking the battered flesh, making Ashley whimper and cry with a mixture of lust and embarrassment, and probably making her blush adorably again too.


“Oh God Vanessa, that feels so good.” Ashley moaned softly, “Mmmmm, eat my ass! Get it nice and ready for your big dick! Oooooooh yeah, get me ready to take your girl cock up my ass! Get it ready for you, ohhhhhhh Vanessa, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuck!”


Only half listening to Ashley’s encouraging words Vanessa pressed her face as deep as it would go into her best friend’s butt and then started sliding her tongue around the battered walls of Ashley’s back passage. Then she started pushing forwards, literally tongue fucking her friend’s amazing ass. Of course both of these things made Ashley moan even more, and to Vanessa’s delight it also got her more encouraging words. Although she barely acknowledged them, partly because she was so focused on giving her bestie a thorough rim job, but mostly because Vanessa wanted to ass fuck Ashley so bad she could barely think. She had wanted it for so long, and now that ass was hers there was only so long Vanessa could wait.


Finally deciding she had done enough Vanessa pulled her face out of Ashley’s ass, making her friend let out a whimper of disappointment. Vanessa was disappointed it was over too, but as much as she loved eating sexy girl ass fucking them was way more fun, and there was a spring in her step as she retrieved her strap-on and a bottle of lube. The lube almost certainly wasn’t necessary for a loosened whore hole like Ashley’s ass, but Vanessa was feeling generous, and she wanted to make this as easy on her friend as possible. Besides, there was something erotic about rubbing it into a cock, especially when it was strapped around her waist and she was doing it in front of a girl she was about to butt fuck, Vanessa moving directly in front of Ashley so she could put on a show.


While preparing herself Vanessa considered how she wanted to take that ass this time, ultimately deciding, “Flip over. Mmmmm yeah, I wanna be able to see your pretty face as I fuck your sexy little ass.”


Ashley quickly did as she was told, rolling onto her back and pulling her legs up to her chest, while holding them far enough apart so Vanessa could still see her boobs. Just like Vanessa had trained her to do last night when she took her ass in every possible position, including a few Ashley hadn’t known before. Those vivid memories filled her with lust, although not as much as being able to look at Vanessa’s beautiful face as she kneeled down in front of her, pressed the tip of her cock against her still gaping butt hole and then smiled down at her. God, Vanessa always had a beautiful smile, but to see such a wicked version of it was indescribable.


That smile only got wider as Vanessa slowly pushed her strap-on into Ashley’s overused back hole and deep into her bottom, making Ashley cry out with a mix of pain and pleasure as her forbidden hole was once again violated. It was one thing when she had her face buried in the bed sheets, but to actually look up to see her best friend doing this to her. That it was her precious Vanessa sodomising her. God, it was so hot. And made Ashley truly feel like what she was now, Vanessa’s bitch. Oh yes, she was Vanessa’s anal loving bitch, and it’s suddenly became really important to Ashley to let her best friend know she realised that.


“Oh my God, fuck me Vanessa! Fuck my ass!” Ashley pleaded, “Fuck my slutty little bitch hole! Fuck the hole you own! Ah fuck, it’s yours Vanessa! My ass is yours! You wanted it? You earned it! It’s yours now! My slutty little dyke ass is all yours, mmmmmm, and I’m your bitch! I’m your bitch! You made me your bitch, now I’m taking it in the ass for you like the little bitch I am, oh God, fuck me! Fuck your bitch! Oh Vanessa! Oh fuck! Ooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd!”


With a delighted giggle Vanessa rewarded Ashley for her words by pushing more of the dildo into the blonde’s battered bowels, resulting in Ashley whimpering and crying in pain and pleasure as the sore walls of her rectum were first rubbed and then later stretched as she was invaded deeper and deeper. Then in what felt like no time at all Vanessa’s thighs came to rest against her ass cheeks, announcing that every inch of that strap-on cock was buried deep within her butt. Vanessa then gave them both a few long seconds to enjoy that fact before she began sodomising her bitch, and to both her shame and delight Ashley’s slutty little ass quickly relaxed and accepted it was Vanessa’s fuck hole, meaning every ounce of pain was replaced by pure pleasure.


After a few minutes of that Vanessa softly ordered, “Wrap your legs around me baby. I wanna feel my girl wrapped around me as I make love to her sexy little ass.”


As she spoke Vanessa began leaning down, Ashley immediately letting go of her legs so the other girl could rest on top of her. Then she quickly wrapped her legs around Vanessa’s waist, and began stroking her hands up and down her back, while Vanessa’s hands were either side of her, meaning their faces were inches apart, making the whole thing feel that much more intimate. Vanessa allowed them both to savour that fact for a moment, then with a soft smile she restarted the butt fucking, making Ashley cry out loudly with pure joy. Then Vanessa kissed her, and Ashley was only too happy to kiss back, massaging the invading tongue in her mouth with her own as her ass willingly took every inch of Vanessa’s dick.


Vanessa continued kissing Ashley for quite some time, breaking away from her lips only to kiss her beautiful face and neck, nibble on her earlobe and stare lovingly into her eyes. But mostly she kissed her, especially as Ashley’s whimpers of need became more noticeable, Vanessa hoping to silence her lover so she could continue ass fucking her this way for a little longer. Of course as the top in the relationship it should be up to Vanessa to decide when she made Ashley cum, but she was so hopelessly in love with her best friend she knew all that Ashley had to do was ask and Vanessa would most likely give her what she wanted.


That was put to the test as after a few minutes Ashley broke the kiss and whimpered, “Harder! Mmmmm, fuck my ass harder!”


There was then a pause in a few more words like that, then a pause, and so on, each pause filled with pleasure from the little butt slut. Despite her initial fear Vanessa was able to ignore them at first, but then Ashley started giving her this puppy dog eyes, and Vanessa just couldn’t resist speeding up a little. Of course it wasn’t enough, and at that point Vanessa might as well just give Ashley what she wanted. After all, she wanted Ashley to be hers, and while Ashley had promised to be it would be a lot easier holding her to these promises if Vanessa gave her BFF what she wanted when she asked for it. Then again, maybe there was an alternative? Yes, Vanessa thought with an evil smile. She could think of an alternative which would mean they both got what they wanted.


“You wanna get fucked hard?” Vanessa grinned wickedly before suddenly flipping them over, “You do it! Yeahhhhhh, bounce that pretty little dyke ass on my big dick. Just like last night. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, don’t pretend you don’t remember how to ride dick Ash, because I remember you riding my cock with your pretty little ass hole like a good little anal whore. Yesssssss, that’s it, ride me! Ride my dick! Woo hoo, ride it cowgirl! Mmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, ride it with your slutty little butt hole! Oh God, you’re so sexy. My sexy little anal loving bitch. Ooooooh fuck yeah, this is what I always wanted. You as my bitch and taking it up the ass! Oh fuck Ash, that’s it! That’s so hot.”


The sudden switching positions clearly took Ashley by surprise. She barely had the presence of mind to unlock her legs from around Vanessa’s waist and place them either side of her. Then she just stayed there, sitting in Vanessa’s lap with the full length of the dildo resting inside her perfect ass. Which Vanessa certainly didn’t mind. She even found the bewildered expression on Ashley’s face cute. But what was even more delightful was the happy look which crossed Ashley’s face when she realised that Vanessa was giving her what she wanted. Or at least that’s what Vanessa allowed her to think, Vanessa thought with an evil smile. That, and Selena would be proud of her for her wickedness.


Surprisingly Ashley didn’t drastically increase the pace immediately. In fact she took longer than necessary re-establishing it, making a real show of bouncing herself up and down erotically for Vanessa’s enjoyment, her perky little titties jiggling so invitingly in the process. But inevitably she started hammering her little ass hole up and down on that thick shaft, sodomising herself closer and closer to orgasm. Vanessa was very tempted to just let her have it, especially given the look on her face and the sweet sounds of her cries. But she just couldn’t. She wasn’t ready for this to end so soon. So Vanessa suddenly started smacking Ashley’s ass, causing the other girl to yelp in pain, stop her bouncing and look at her with betrayal.


“Vanessa!” Ashley whined.


“What?” Vanessa quickly butted in, “Did I give you permission to cum?”


Looking a little embarrassed Ashley cautiously admitted, “No… sorry…”


“It’s okay, you’re new to this whole sub thing.” Vanessa said knowingly, a little smile breaking out as she added, “You’ve just got to get used to asking my permission.”


“Oh…” Ashley blushed, “So, can I cum?”


“I’ll think about it.” Vanessa grinned, “For now, turnaround. I want to see that cute little bottom of yours bouncing up and down as you ride my big dick with your slutty little ass hole.”


Ashley quickly spun herself around on top of Vanessa’s lap, making sure that the dildo didn’t fall out of her butt in the process. Inevitably some of it did, but it was no big deal as Ashley soon established a nice steady rhythm again, in the process leaning forward and sticking out her ass to give Vanessa the best possible look at it. She even started twerking, grinding the cock around inside her rectum in the process, which felt far better than it had any right too. Although at least part of that was the happy look on Vanessa’s face which in turn made Ashley’s submissive heart flutter, and wiggle her ass even more of course.


That was the most important thing to her now. Pleasing Vanessa, and Ashley was willing to do anything to do it, even if that meant denying herself an orgasm over and over again. After all, she was Vanessa’s bitch. And as her bitch it was Ashley’s job to please Vanessa in any way she wanted. No matter how perverse. And God help her, Ashley loved it up the ass. In a way she also liked the relentless teasing. Mostly because she knew she was pleasing Vanessa, but there was something to be said for the torturous pleasure that Ashley was now receiving, and being so close to an orgasm without actually going over the edge. Of course inevitably she begged for more.


“Please Vanessa, please can I cum?” Ashley whimpered, “Please? Oh please, ohhhhhhhhh, make me cum! I need to cum! I need ooooooooh Goooooooodddddddd!”


“Is that the best you got?”  Vanessa giggled.


Desperately trying to think what Vanessa wanted to hear Ashley started shamelessly begging, “Let me cum! Let your bitch cum! Oh Vanessa, I’m your bitch! Oooooohhhhhhh, you made me your bitch, mmmmmm, made me your bitch by fucking me up the ass, aaaaaaahhhhhh fuck, now do it again! Bust that fucking butt! Come on Vanessa, bust that little butt hole of mine. Oh yeah, gape me wide-open! Mmmmmm, wider than I already am. Fucking ruin my ass hole to prove, once again, that I’m nothing but an anal loving bottom, and you’re a butt busting top. My butt busting top! Oooooooohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, wreck my bitch hole and put me in my place! Please? Please Vanessa, oh God, make me yours again! Prove I’m yours by fucking me up the ass and making me cum! Yesssssss, remind me who owns that ass! Oooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yessssssss, fuck me, please fuck me harder, mmmmmmm fuck!”


“I suppose that will do. But only because I love you.” Vanessa quipped, before finally telling her girl, “You may cum. Mmmmm, but only if you work for it. Oh yeah, work for it Ash! Work that ass up and down my big dick and make yourself cum! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I wanna see my bitch cum with a dick up her ass! My dick! Oh fuck yeah, that’s sooooooo hot! Oh fuck!”


Without needing to be told twice Ashley started rapidly bouncing up and down Vanessa’s big dick. Which wasn’t even painful. Maybe it should have been. Maybe nice normal girls would have whimpered in pain from the rapid change in pace, thus proving once and for all Ashley was a total anal whore, as she felt nothing but overwhelming pleasure from finally being allowed to violently abuse her own butt on that big cock. Then she finally received the climax she had been so desperate for, and Ashley went berserk using every ounce of her energy to bounce herself up and down, pushing herself to orgasm after orgasm in the process.


It wasn’t long after that she ran out of steam, but then Vanessa took over, ensuring Ashley’s mind melted from the force of the ecstasy she was feeling, leaving her a mindlessly happy little fuck toy. Her last coherent thought was for a while was of course how much she loved Vanessa, and how amazing her best friend was, and hopefully how they would be so much more than just friends now. More than even girlfriends. Oh yes, Ashley wanted to be Vanessa’s BBF, Best Bitch Forever. More than anything else in the world Ashley Tisdale wanted to be owned by Vanessa Hudgens, and she was willing to do whatever it took to prove herself worthy of that.


Vanessa had never been this happy before. She now truly believed that Ashley was hers, and more importantly this perfect ass was her property, which made her heart feel like it was going to explode. Or maybe another part of her. In fact, definitely another part of her, as while she had been trained to resist the urge to cum while sodomising another woman hearing Ashley begging for her like a little slut, and then start to rapidly hammer herself up and down was just too much. On the bright side they came together, which was kind of romantic. And then Ashley made her cum over and over again as she continued to anally ride her.


The feeling was so addictive that the second that Ashley ran out of steam Vanessa completely took over. Luckily Vanessa already had a gentle hold of Ashley’s waist so she could occasionally thrust up into it to make her girl cum extra hard, so all she had to do was tighten her grip and start really going to work on Ashley’s butt, thrusting up into it with every ounce of her strength. As she had just had a nice break from the action she had a lot of strength saved up, so Vanessa was even able to keep Ashley in the air for a little bit, before lowering her down into the spooning position, and then rolling over so Ashley was lying on her front and Vanessa was lying on top of her.


What was wonderful about that position was that Vanessa was not only able to pound as deep into Ashley’s butt hole as possible and feel those cheeks jiggling against her thighs even more than before, but she was able to start digging her teeth into Ashley’s neck and shoulders, marking her best friend as hers. Hers forever. Oh yes, no matter what it took, Ashley was going to be hers forever. Which was the last coherent thought Vanessa had for quite a while as she became completely lost in this intense anal sex, her mind melting away until she was just an animal frantically pounding into her submissive mate.


Like a good submissive mate Ashley only whimpered and moaned softly, offering up no protest whatsoever as her back hole was used for it’s true purpose, pleasing Vanessa. In fact that’s all Ashley Tisdale now was, Vanessa Hudgins’s favourite fuck hole. Nothing but an orifice for her pleasure. Something which Vanessa made very clear for the next few glorious minutes of butt pounding. Of course there was a limit to everyone’s stamina, and while Vanessa easily out did herself she did eventually collapsed down on top of her equally exhausted lover and then the two girls just lay there gasping for breath for a few long minutes.


Then Vanessa started gently pressing kisses to Ashley’s neck and shoulders, ending with her purring in the other girl’s ear, “What are you?”


“Yours.” Ashley moaned in a croaky voice, “I’m your bitch.”


“Prove it!” Vanessa pushed, rolling off her bestie, and ordering, “Show me that ass!”


Ashley cried out as she felt the dildo slide out of her ass hole as Vanessa rolled over, leaving her ass feeling horribly empty and unloved, and yet wonderfully stretched and slutty. It was still a very much new sensation that Ashley was getting used too. More accurately she hoped to get use to it, and given what had just happened that was all but guaranteed. Just in case Ashley rushed to obey Vanessa, somehow finding the strength to get onto her hands and knees, turnaround so her butt was facing her friend, and then Ashley reached back to spread her cheeks and give Vanessa the best possible look at her gaping butt hole. Which earned her instant gratification in the form of Vanessa’s clear delight.


“Oh fuck yeah, spread those cheeks! Mmmmm fuck Ash, you’re already such a well-trained bottom!” Vanessa giggled in delight, “Mmmmm yeahhhh, I got you well-trained. I trained you to be the perfect bitch, and now I’m getting to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Mmmmmm fuck yeah, I’m getting to see just how widely gaped your ass hole is, proving what a great top I am.”


“You’re an amazing top.” Ashley chimed in, shamelessly sucking up to her new top, “Mmmmm, the best!”


“The best, huh?” Vanessa giggled.


“Uh-huh.” Ashley insisted, “You’re such an awesome top Vanessa. You effortlessly seduced me, and totally made me your bitch. Just look at my ass hole! Last night it was virgin, and now it’s a gaping crater because you took it and made my ass yours. You made me yours. You’re a total top, and I’m just a little bottom who takes it in her bottom. God Vanessa, do whatever you want to me!”


“Well, you do know what I want now, don’t you?” Vanessa grinned.


Simply moaning her agreement Ashley turned around, crawled in between Vanessa’s legs and while looking the other girl in the eyes Ashley eagerly wrapped her lips around the head of Vanessa’s strap-on cock. The cock which had just been deep inside her butt, which would have disgusted Ashley less than 24 hours ago, and yet now her mouth watered just at the thought of doing this. Hell, she’d even thought of it while being fucked. Then when she finally took the head of that cock into her mouth and started sucking on it Ashley moaned loudly and happily like the little ATM whore that she had become. Or more accurately, that her best friend Vanessa Hudgins had turned her into.


Eager to show just how happy she was about that Ashley continued staring up lovingly at Vanessa as she greedily sucked the tip of the dildo clean, and then started gently bobbing her head up and down the more dominant girl’s dick. With every bob of her head Ashley took an additional inch of strap-on into her mouth, until it started tickling the entrance to her throat. Then after a brief pause she started pushing herself down further, taking as much of the ass flavoured cock down her wind-pipe as she could manage before coming up for air and then trying again. It took a lot of choking and gagging, but eventually using this technique Ashley was able to take every last inch of that big dick down her throat and eagerly clean off all of her own ass cream from it.


Of course the entire time Vanessa was encouraging her, “Oh yeah, that’s it Ash, suck that cock! Suck my big fucking cock! Yesssss, suck it, suck all your slutty ass juices off of it! Oh that’s it, that’s so hot! You’re such a good cock sucker Ash. Way better than Demi. Maybe even the other Ashley. Yeahhhhhh you are, mmmmmm, I can’t wait to show Selena. She is going to be so jealous. Oh yeah, gonna show you off to all my friends, ooooooh, let them see what a great little piece of ass you really are, mmmmmm, and that I own you. Then, maybe if you’re really good, I’ll share you with them. Oh yeah, you’d like that, huh? Me sharing you with my friends? Letting you lick their pussies? And their ass holes? And let them fuck your bitch hole? Huh? Well, not before I’m done having more fun with you. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, I’m not done with you yet Ash, and I’m going to enjoy having you all to myself before I even tell those bitches I finally made you what you were always meant to be, mine!”


Those words pushed Ashley to give an even more passionate blow job, even though all the butt cream was gone, just because she wanted to please Vanessa. In turn this got her even more encouragement in the form of the brunette reaching down to stroke her long blonde locks, Vanessa eventually tightening her grip to guide Ashley up and down and even to stay in place, even if it meant choking and gagging even more on that strap-on. Which was tough, but Ashley happily did it, and was even more encouraged to suck cock, because she meant her earlier words, and hoped that Vanessa did too. Especially about Vanessa sharing her with her friends. Oh yes, Ashley very much liked the sound of that.

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