Ashley’s Inner Circle Part 3

Title: Ashley’s Inner Circle Part 3

Author: MTL (

Celebs: Ashley Benson, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens

Codes: anal, FFF, oral, rim, spank, toys

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Ashley Benson, Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens or any other celebrities. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


“Hey Ashley.” Ashley Benson grinned after she opened her hotel room door to find another pretty blonde with the same name as herself standing there.

“Hey Ashley.” Ashley Tisdale sighed, stepping inside once the other Ashley moved out of the way. Then when the doors closed behind her she wondered out loud, “How is this going to work, exactly?”

“Don’t worry about it. Your girl Vanessa has it all figured out.” Ashley replied reassuringly.

Ashley smiled at Vanessa being referred to as ‘her girl’, then turned around and clarified, “I mean, with our names. Won’t it be confusing when Vanessa calls out Ashley?”

“Oh, that. That’s simple. See, tonight I’m Ashley B, or Benson, or simply Ashley Benson. Likewise your Ashley T, or Tisdale, or simply Ashley Tisdale.” Ashley B explained.

“It’s still confusing if you ask me.” Ashley T grumbled, then blushed, “But I’m sure it’ll get a lot simpler when, you know, we get going.”

“I’m sure.” Ashley B agreed with a wicked grin, moving closer, “Besides, we don’t need names to have sex.”

Ashley T stepped back and held out a hand, “Wait.”

“Why?” Ashley B frowned, before guessing, “Don’t wanna do anything without your top’s permission?”

“Well, yeah.” Ashley T blushed, loving Vanessa being referred to as ‘her top’.

“Yeah, I get that.” Ashley B grinned wickedly, “A bottom doing something she’s not supposed to can be bad. Lucky for me, I like punishments.”

Just then the door opened again to reveal Vanessa Hudgins, who hurried inside and shut the door behind her and quickly exclaimed, “Ashley! Ashley. So, how long have you been here?”

One Ashley gave the other a raised eyebrow, before turning to her girlfriend, “Just got here actually.”

“Yeah, me and your girlfriend barely got a chance to talk. I was really hoping to get to know her better.” Ashley B pouted, before teasing, “But you’re just in time Hudgens, we were just talking about disobedient bottoms and how they’re normally punished. Even if it’s the kind of punishment they like.”

“Really?” Vanessa glared, “Well, Benzo… since I know how much you loved to be spanked, let’s just get right down to business, shall we? And by that, I mean you can eat my ass, while my girl eats my pussy.”

“We could do that.” Ashley B nodded, before blackmailing her friend with a grin, “But… I’ve got a secret, I can keep it, but I want your pussy.”

There was a brief pause, then Vanessa glared, “You’re a pretty little liar. Why would anyone, especially my girlfriend, believe you?”

“Because it wouldn’t take much to prove I’m right.” Ashley B grinned.

Vanessa kept glaring at her for a few long seconds, and then she smirked, “You know what? I think I do feel like spanking you after all.”

“Then I get to eat your pussy, right?” Ashley B asked hopefully.

“Just shut up and bend over my knee.” Vanessa grumbled as she sat down on the hotel room bed.

Ashley Tisdale was confused by this exchange, and opened her mouth to ask what was going on, but stopped herself at the last moment because Vanessa didn’t seem to be in the mood for it. In fact she seemed angry for some reason, and Ashley didn’t want to be snapped at, or receive what the other Ashley was so willingly blackmailing her way into. Although she was very interested in the other Ashley stripping off her clothes and then bending over Vanessa’s knee, which did a wonderful job of emphasising her juicy little bubble butt. Which was then forgotten when Vanessa started fondling that ass, Ashley T very jealous at how her girlfriend was blatantly lusting over another woman in front of her.

For the next few minutes, and really for the rest of the night, Ashley T continued to feel that way, despite the spanking Vanessa started to give the other girl. To her surprise this caused Ashley B to cry out in mostly pleasure, especially during the beginning where there was plenty of time in between each strike while Vanessa fondled that well-rounded ass in a way which had to massage some of the pain away. Which again made her jealous, but also intrigued, especially as while she didn’t want to be in her place Vanessa looked so sexy and dominant punishing the other Ashley for her sins. It was almost enough for Ashley T to ask to have a turn, despite wincing during a few particularly hard blows.

That thought was quickly forgotten as Vanessa turned up the heat, not only by increasing the force and speed of her blows but by gradually cutting out the butt fondling until she was raining down a series of brutal strikes which had even this pretty little pain slut crying out in agony. It was almost enough to make Ashley T protest, but she had known Vanessa for a long time, and truly believed she wouldn’t do anything to someone they didn’t want, especially not a lover. Besides, it was noticeable that the other Ashley didn’t try and stop her, or offer up any form of complaint. No, the Pretty Little Liars star just have that abuse by the little pain slut she clearly was.

While spanking wasn’t really her thing Ashley T had to admit there was an appeal to seeing Ashley B’s butt cheeks jiggle with every blow, and slowly turn a bright pink under the force of the assault. Eventually the other Ashley’s ass was even kind of red, and yet she offered up no true protest, and while she could have been wrong, Ashley Tisdale could have sworn she saw a smile on the other blonde’s face. Then Vanessa abruptly stopped the spanking in favour of butt groping again, and while that made her feel jealous again Ashley T thought it was only right, as it was clearly helping soothe the pain for her fellow bottom. Besides, what came next made it up to them both.

“Get on your knees in front of me.” Vanessa very clearly ordered Ashley B, who quickly obeyed, then the brunette turned to her favourable blonde then told her, “Come here.”

Vanessa curled her finger in a come-hither motion and gave her girlfriend her best playful smile, which thankfully caused her Ashley to blush, giggle and most importantly come over to her without hesitation. It was clear that the spanking had freaked out her girl, which was why Vanessa initially intended to skip it, but the other Ashley had forced her hand. Which of course had made it more satisfying to spank her, even though they all knew what Vanessa was about to do next wouldn’t be much more of a punishment for Ashley B. More importantly though it was almost guaranteed to soothe Ashley T’s nerves and make her forget about the spanking.

That move was of course to gently pull her girlfriend into a deep and passionate kiss which initially started out slowly and eventually picked up steam, but made it very clear from the get go how much they loved each other. And of course Ashley Tisdale allowed herself to be pulled into that kiss and instantly melted into it and let Vanessa Hudgens have her way with her, just the way it should be between the two female stars of High School Musical. Just the way it always should have been, as Vanessa once again effortlessly proved, even if it was just with a kiss. And oh, with a making up for lost time now, especially as they were stripping each other naked in between the kissing.

Once they were both naked Vanessa broke the kiss and ordered, “Get down on your knees. I want you to get an up close look at another girl eating my pussy in front of you.”

Unable to hide the fact that she had mixed feelings about that Ashley T softly replied, “Yes Vanessa.”

After that Ashley Tisdale lowered her head and dropped down to her knees in front of her, the dejected look on her face breaking Vanessa’s heart. She very nearly taught her to eat her pussy regardless of what material the other Ashley had on her, or at the very least allow her girlfriend to eat her ass, but if she was going to be a real top she had to prove to certain people she could walk the walk, and she couldn’t always bend over backwards to make her Ashley feel comfortable. Also she didn’t want to annoy Ashley B to much with long drawn-out foreplay, and she wasn’t in the mood for it anyway, as just thinking about what was about to happen had her turned on all day long. Besides, at least it wouldn’t be out of place when she then was mean to Ashley Benson.

Who was only happy to give her an excuse by not immediately obeying, prompting Vanessa to glare at her, “What? You want another spanking? Get to it bitch!”

“Actually another spanking sounds fun.” Ashley B cheeked, before grinning as she crawled forwards, “But, maybe later. Right now want to taste this yummy pussy of yours. Mmmmm, it’s been way too long.”

That quip was clearly designed to annoy Vanessa by hurting Ashley T by reminding her that she wasn’t the first to taste Vanessa’s pussy. Well, it hurt them both, but Vanessa was also struggling to hide the fact she really cared about Tisdale’s feelings. Although she didn’t share all the blame here, as Vanessa had been more than willing to fuck Ashley Tisdale on the set of the first High School Musical, and they had plenty of chances after that to be each other’s first. Vanessa thought she would always regret that fact, but it was hard to when she had everything she wanted right now, including a hot blonde girl named Ashley leaning into lick her pussy.

Ashley Benson actually wasn’t trying to be mean, and even kind of felt bad about it afterwards, as she truly hadn’t meant to even say that out loud. It was true though, Vanessa had been so busy lately with her precious Ashley T that everyone else had been denied the joy of having sex with her. Although out of the female cast of Spring Breakers Ashley Benson easily had it the best, as she had a near constant access to pussy thanks to her spending most of her time filming Pretty Little Liars, a show fille to the brim with hot women. Many of whom she’d admittedly was closer to then Vanessa, and even preferred the taste of their pussies. But all that could be true and she could still miss this pussy, and she had.

Proving that point Ashley moaned happily when the flavour of Vanessa’s pussy hit her taste-buds. She hadn’t seen this former co-star in months, but just from that first initial lick it felt so much longer than that. Years, even decades, and Ashley was determined to make up for lost time by immediately following up that first long slow lick with another, and another, and another. The only difference was that first lick touched Vanessa’s clit, and even lingered on it, and if Vanessa wanted more of that action she was going to have to beg for it. Or better yet demand it, like the top she apparently now was. Oh yes, Ashley loved the idea of that.

Ever since she’d first been seduced and dominated by one of her on-screen co-stars Ashley Benson had loved being told what to do by women. Sometimes she wondered if all a fan would have to do was look her in the eye and see her for the submissive rug muncher she was an order her down onto her knees and she would do it. Even if it was in public. Thankfully she had a lot of female co-stars happy to give her what she craved, and although it had been a while since Vanessa had been one of them, and previously she hadn’t been quite this dominant, Ashley B welcomed the treatment now. Especially as Vanessa did have a yummy little cunt.

For quite a while Ashley B was completely lost in being reunited with that yummy taste, to the point where she forgot there was something she was supposed to be doing, other than licking pussy and swallowing the yummy liquid so easily available to her. Oh yes, she was supposed to be teasing the other Ashley, and she had been doing a lousy job of it so far as the other sub, and the whole world, had fallen away as soon as she started eating pussy. She then focused mainly on that, at first turning her head awkwardly so she could grin wickedly at the other bottom, before settling for brushing her hair out of the way every so often so the other Ashley could have the best possible look at what she was doing. Which from look on Ashley T’s face, was more than enough.

Ashley Tisdale had been psyching herself up all day for this. Actually, she had been psyching herself up ever since Vanessa had revealed that she wanted to invite another woman into their bed and not only have sex with them in front of her, like she was doing now, but actually wanted Ashley doing the same. For them to have threesomes, foursomes and straight up orgies filled with women who would either want to get dominated by Vanessa, or dominate Ashley, or maybe even both. Ashley T truly believed she would do anything for her girlfriend, and had promised Vanessa as much multiple times, but to actually witness someone else licking her girlfriend’s pussy was a lot different to agreeing to the abstract idea of it.

Obviously and inevitably she was jealous of the other Ashley, especially as they shared the same name and more or less the same body type. Because sure, she would be jealous regardless, but that it was another blonde girl called Ashley made her feel like she was been replaced, Ashley T constantly reminding herself the opposite was true, since Vanessa had confessed to fantasising about her before they got together. Surprisingly though something else she felt was extremely turned on from watching this display of lesbian sex, starring her best friend turned girlfriend. It also made her wonder if she looked like Ashley B when she ate pussy. If she seem that happy doing it. Which she suspected, yes.

Vanessa gave her girlfriend plenty of time to enjoy the show, and then called out, “Eat me Ash! Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, eat me too! Eat my ass! Mmmmm, fuck yeah, eat my little ass hole! Ohhhhhh, come on Tisdale, get your tongue on my little ass hole. Lick it good, mmmmm, while the other Ashley eats my pussy. Oooooohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, mmmmmm fuck, I want both my holes licked. Ohhhhhhh yessssss, front and back. Yeahhhhhhh, come on Ash, eat me! Mmmmmm, eat my fucking holes you beautiful blonde bitches! Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, make me feel good. But not too good. Not yet. No, I wanna enjoy this. Oh yeah, enjoy began both my holes eaen by my sexy little co-stars, oh fuck yeah!”

Having been listening out for an order like that Ashley T immediately sprang into action, quickly crawling around until she was behind her best friend turned girlfriend and then being to literally pucker up and kiss Vanessa’s ass. She then went cheek to cheek to tease the other girl for a little while, but clearly that didn’t really impress her top, so inevitably Ashley T spread those cheeks so she could lovingly slide her tongue over that forbidden hole. That caused Vanessa to give up on being coherent was from a while, other than a some swear words, series of cries, moans and whimpers, and the occasional cries of Ashley. Although who knows who she meant.

Even when Vanessa did get somewhat more coherent Ashley T barely paid attention to her as she was far too preoccupied with providing the best rim job possible. Obviously she listened out for a command of more, but other than that she was focused on pleasing her girlfriend. Even if it wasn’t through the way that she preferred to be pleasing her right now. Although there was an incredible thrill at being able to pleasure Vanessa while the brunette was being pleasured by somebody else, who was clearly licking Vanessa just as enthusiastically as she was. Only the other Ashley’s licks were far more effective. Nevertheless Ashley T gave it her all, and hope she will be rewarded for it later.

Vanessa was in heaven. This was exactly why she had risked her relationship with Ashley Tisdale. It was the most important relationship of her life, and yet Vanessa had taken the risk of losing it for this moment. It was a calculated risk, as her best friend had proven time and time again she would do anything for the privilege of being her girlfriend, but that hasn’t stopped Vanessa from being so worried, and even now she was ready to be an exclusive relationship with her Ashley, if it meant keeping her. She would try and talk her into agreeing to continuing this of course, as having her front and back holes was something truly special, especially in this case as it was two Ashleys doing this to her.

Of course it wasn’t quite the combination she had been planning, but Ashley B was still an incredible pussy licker, and Ashley T was still involved in the equation, so the experience was still pure heaven. Which was more than satisfying for a very long time, even as the urge to cum reached an uncomfortable level. It was worth it just to prolong this heaven. Of course ultimately Vanessa would have to give in, but Ashley B at least made it easy for her by keeping her licks slow and steady and mostly avoiding her clit, proving she wasn’t the only one who wanted this to last. Ashley T didn’t quite get the memo though, eating Vanessa’s ass with the enthusiasm she’d only known from someone truly in love with her, which made Vanessa’s heart flutter, even if it pushed her into begging for more.

“Mmmmmm, more, more, more!” Vanessa moaned, trying to still sound like she was giving orders but ultimately giving up, “Give me more! Yessssssss, lick my clit just like that, oooooooh fuck, just like that, ah God! Yes Ashley, mmmmm, push your face deep into my ass honey. Ohhhhhh, you know how to please me. You both do. Ooooooooh yesssssss, you both know how to please a top. But I want more. Ohhhhhhh, fuck yeah, I want it all. I want you to fuck me. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, I want both of you to fuck me, ooooooh, fuck me with your tongues, ohhhhhhh, tongue fuck me Ashley, fucking aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, please give me more, I need it! Please? Oh please, please, please, make me cum, fuck me and make me, oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss!”

As soon as she crossed the line and started begging Ashley Benson gave her what she wanted, grinning against her cunt the entire time. Probably as a coincidence the other Ashley, her Ashley, did the same, meaning there were two tongue slowly pushing their way inside her, one from the front and one from the rear. The one sliding into her pussy had an easier time of it, and got further, but her Ashley got impressively far considering it had been a while since anything other than that tongue had been back there. Although admittedly Ashley B was Vanessa’s main focus right now, especially as she took the time to tease her by slowly inserting that tongue of hers, which kept Vanessa on the edge of orgasm without letting her receive it.

That only lasted until that tongue had been fully buried inside her, and they’d had a few seconds to savour the moment of full penetration, before that tongue began thrusting in and out of Vanessa’s pussy. Soon after that she had a truly incredible orgasm, the incredibly talented blondes making sure it was followed by another, and another, and another. Which was only made sweeter with the fact that part of that equation was her Ashley hammering her back door with her tongue, and even though Vanessa wished it was easier to she could still just about look over her shoulder and watch her Ashley do this to her. Which helped her lose the ability to even think for a while as Vanessa just savoured the sensations she was feeling.

Ashley Benson meanwhile was busy doing one of her favourite things in the world, swallowing cum. Which was especially true for girl cum, Ashley B feeling totally justified in blackmailing her friend if it meant she could now have this sweet flavour sliding into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly were it belonged. Then when there was no more cum to swallow she slammed her tongue back inside Vanessa and fucked her with it until she came again, at which point she quickly pulled her tongue out and sealed her mouth around her friend’s entrance. Then of course she repeated this process, over and over again, until her former co-star was satisfied.

Sometimes Ashley B was permitted to do this until the other girl asked to return the favour, or better yet fuck her with a toy, but she suspected that this wouldn’t be one of those times, as Vanessa seemed felt she had something to prove. Sure enough Vanessa eventually grabbed both of their hands and shoved both Ashley’s deeper into her pussy and ass respectively. This made it harder to swallow cum, but Ashley B still got a decent amount by keeping her mouth open, and maybe more importantly she continued pleasing her friend by keeping her tongue out so Vanessa bashed her cunt against it. Which was most likely out of instinct rather than intention, but it still did the trick.

Of course while it was tragic she couldn’t swallow the majority of Vanessa’s cum Ashley B would still be able to collect some of it from her face. Or better yet the other Ashley could do it for her. Most importantly of all, Ashley B loved the feeling of someone cumming on her face, as it made her feel like a total slut. Maybe even their slut, depending who it was. And oh, did she love being Vanessa’s slut. Because it was always more fun when she could guarantee she was going to get ass fucked while having a face full of cum, and that would definitely be the case tonight. So while it wasn’t her favourite Ashley B was very satisfied with what they were currently doing, and was sad when it ended.

That sadness didn’t last long, as after initially pulling their faces away from her fuck holes Vanessa grinned, stepped aside and then smashed their heads together. Not literally, just to ensure their lips were pressed together so they could share the taste of Vanessa’s cum, pussy and ass juices. Which of course both blondes eagerly did for several long minutes, only breaking apart so they could lick each other’s faces. Mostly Ashley T licking Ashley B’s face, although the star of Pretty Little Liars was happy to return the favour, just to make the other Ashley giggle more than anything else. Then a gentle cough caused them to turn to find Vanessa wearing a strap-on, causing both of them to grin widely and happily.

“So, who wants to get ass fucked?” Vanessa teased.

“Oh, I do.” Ashley Tisdale replied.

“I do.” Ashley Benson replied, virtually at the same time.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, that’s what I like to hear. Too little butt sluts, desperate for me to fuck them. But how will I ever choose?” Vanessa pretended to think about it for a few seconds, before grinning wickedly, “I know… how about a competition? Yeah, you two anal whore can get into the position you belong, face down and spreading your cheeks, and then start begging to get your asses fucked. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh, then whoever convinces me she wanted more badly than the other. Sound fair? Good. And don’t worry, the runner-up gets ass fucked too, mmmmm, because I can never neglect either one of you,. We’re just seeing who I butt fuck first. Now ready, set… go!”

Which was all it took to do as they were told, Ashley Tisdale being the one to get in position first and begin the begging, “Please Vanessa, please fuck my ass! Fuck my slutty little ass like the anal whore I am! Mmmmm, butt fuck me first. Please? I wanted so bad. Mmmmm, I want your dick in my ass sooooo bad, mmmmm, please give it to me. Give me your dick. Please Vanessa, ass fuck me like only you can.”

Giving the other Ashley chance to speak as she watched Vanessa slowly strap on a cock and covering it with lube Ashley Benson gave her a knowing grin which pleaded pick me, and then obeyed, “Fuck me, fuck my slutty little ass hole, mmmmm, oh please Vanessa, fuck me! Ass fuck me like the anal whore I am, right in front of your little girlfriend. Show her what a little butt buster you really are. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, show her by butt fucking another girl in front of her for the very first time. You want that, don’t you? It’s why you’re here, so do it. Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, mmmmm, prove to your little girlfriend you weren’t lying, and you have at least one former co-star desperate for the pleasure you can give her when you fuck her ass.”

“Mmmmm, tough choice.” Vanessa admitted thoughtfully, looking back and forth between them before apologetically saying, “Sorry Ash, you’re my girl, and I love you, I really do, but the other Ashley is right. We are here so you can watch me butt fuck this Pretty Little Liar, so spread her cheeks for me so you can get the best possible view of me owning this whore butt.”

“Yes Vanessa.” Ashley T replied, although she was unable to hide her disappointment.

“Oh don’t worry, your next.” Vanessa promised.

Vanessa just listened to the little anal slut beg at first, then she grabbed onto Ashley’s butt-plug and slowly pulled it out of her ass. Then, because she just couldn’t resist teasing her friend a little more, Vanessa pushed the plug back in and then repeated the process, much to Ashley’s clear annoyance. A few times she didn’t even pull it out all the way, just to the point where the widest part of the plug was stretching Ashley’s ass hole and then pushing it back in. Of course it had been way too long since Vanessa had butt fucked this Ashley, or any Ashley for that matter, so she could only tease her for so long before the desire to really abuse that ass became overwhelming.

When it did Vanessa pressed the tip of the butt-plug which had been inside her friend’s ass all day against her girlfriend’s lips, her Ashley eagerly opening her mouth and allowing the toy to be pushed inside. Then Ashley began greedily sucking it, although Vanessa was barely aware of it as she was too busy grabbing a firm hold of her strap-on dick and ramming it into the other Ashley’s ass, that Ashley crying out loudly in pleasure as she was roughly invaded. She then continued crying out in pleasure, and shamelessly begging to be butt fucked, as Vanessa buried her full-length in that extremely frequently used fuck hole, not stopping until her thighs came to rest against those juicy cheeks, announcing every single inch of her dick was in Ashley Benson’s butt.

After a series of happy noises Ashley B moaned, “Mmmmmm yessssss, every inch. Every inch of your big dick right up my ass! Oh please, please fuck me! It feels sooooooo goooooooodddddd! So good to have my slutty little ass filled with strap-on cock, but I need more! I need you to fuck me! Please Vanessa, fuck my ass! Oooooooh yessssssss, fuck it right in front of your little girlfriend. Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yessssssss!”

For a few long seconds Vanessa ignored her friend and just savoured the moment of being buried in this beautiful butt again. Also while this Ashley was the biggest anal whore and she’d ever met was proud of the fact that she was sodomised multiple times a day by her PLL co-stars it was still nice to give her slutty ass a chance to recover from what was a hard and fast back door violation even by their standards. Besides, at worst it was a great way to tease her incredibly submissive friend. Not that it was that long before Vanessa started pumping her strap-on in and out of Ashley’s slutty little back hole, which of course caused the star of Pretty Little Liars to continue crying out in pleasure and beg for more. Although it quickly became more the former than the latter as the anal whore got what she wanted.

They both did, Vanessa thought with a wicked grin, as thanks to her beautiful girlfriend continuing to spread her friend’s butt cheeks she got a great view of her dick pumping in and out of that pretty little forbidden hole, which just made such a perfect fuck hole. Oh yes, all of a sudden it was like they were back on the set of Spring Breakers and having the time of their lives. The only problem was that while she and Ashley Benson were very much getting what they wanted her beloved Ashley Tisdale wasn’t, and that broke Vanessa’s heart. However if she wanted to be a good top then Vanessa was going to have to remain strong and not wimp out, and as long as her girlfriend didn’t freak out that was exactly what she was going to do.

Ashley Tisdale wasn’t freaking out, which honestly surprised her given that her face was inches away from where a big dildo was pumping in and out of another girl’s ass hole. It was something she could have never imagined herself doing a few months ago, especially not while sucking on a butt-plug which had been inside the other bottom’s bottom only a few moments ago. However now she was doing it she thought it was unbelievably hot, and while she was a little jealous that Vanessa was fucking someone else mostly she was jealous of the other Ashley for getting an ass full of cock. But she was confident that her ass would get some dick soon, given just how obsessed Vanessa was with her ass, and the fact that she’d been promised an ass fucking, so her biggest current concern was a lack of butt cream on the plug.

Which was taken care of when Vanessa suddenly pulled the strap-on out of one Ashley’s ass and presented it to the other, while simply ordering, “Suck it!”

Quickly spitting out the thoroughly cleaned butt-plug Ashley wrapped her lips around the head of that big cock and moaned as she tasted another girl’s ass for the first time in her life. Sure, she had tasted her own countless times, and thoroughly enjoyed rimming Vanessa, but this was the deepest part of another girl’s ass and thus was a whole new level of ass to mouth for her. Unsurprisingly she instantly loved it, further cementing her place as an ATM loving bottom, who thankfully had a total top like Vanessa Hudgins to give her what she so desperately needed. Including the things Ashley had no idea that she wanted and/or needed, like tasting a girl’s ass on another girl’s strap-on.

After savouring the moment and the perverted flavour for a few wonderfully long seconds Ashley began eagerly sucking the head of the toy clean and then began to bob her head up and down the first few inches of the shaft. Soon after that Ashley took the dick even further, pushing it into her throat and choking herself before repeating the process. She mostly kept her eyes closed to concentrate on her breathing, and just forcing herself forwards, but with every little process she made Ashley looked up into the eyes of her beautiful top, who grinned down at her lustfully the entire time, and of course provided her with a little verbal encouragement.

“Mmmmm yeah, that’s my girl. Suck my cock! Suck another girl’s ass off my cock!” Vanessa encouraged her girlfriend gleefully, “Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, mmmmm, big day for you, huh Ash? Your first threesome. First time with another girl, who isn’t me. And now, your first time tasting another girl’s ass. Oh, I know you’ve rimmed me, but this is different, isn’t it? Yesssssss, it’s tasting the deepest part of another girl’s butt on a cock! Mmmmmm, a strap-on cock, your girlfriend used to butt fuck another girl. You love it, don’t you? Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, you love tasting another girl’s ass on my strap-on cock, and watching me sodomising another girl in front of you, because you’re filthy little slut! All us Disney girls are filthy little sluts! Oh fuck yeah, suck it! Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss!”

Desperately wanting to please Vanessa, and show of how well she had been trained, Ashley forced herself on even as her eyes teared up and it became virtually impossible to breathe. It was all worth it for the sense of satisfaction she got when she stuffed the entire thing into her windpipe, and more importantly the happy little giggle that Vanessa let out and the proud look on her face. Sadly shortly after that Vanessa returned her dick to the other Ashley’s ass, although she only fucked it for a few minutes before Ashley got a freshly coated cock to suck, and then the process was repeated over, and over, over again. And then Ashley got what she really wanted.

“Okay girls, switch places.” Vanessa ordered.

“Awww Vanessa, that was just getting good!” Ashley B whined.

“Please, like you don’t love every part of this.” Vanessa pointed out, causing that Ashley to giggle in agreement, “Besides, my girl has been waiting patiently for her turn while your greedy ass has been getting all the fun. And you know you’ll be getting your ass fucked soon again. So quit your whining and do as you’re told.”

“Well, I am looking forward to tasting that ass.” Ashley B giggled in acknowledgement as she and the other Ashley did as they were told.

“And you’ll get it.” Vanessa murmured dismissively while staring at the beautiful sight in front of her, “When I’m good and ready.”

Vanessa was actually surprised there wasn’t more whining given what a greedy little anal whore Ashley Benson was. Obviously her friend was trying to be nice, because her girlfriend was still new to this. Or maybe Ashley B was just eager to taste Ashley T’s butt. Whatever the case Vanessa wasn’t about to spend a long time on it. Not when she was presented with Ashley Tisdale’s perfect ass. The perfect ass she had been obsessed with ever since discovering her love for fucking ass, and the one ass she had wanted to fuck above all others. And now it was hers. All hers. And it was being presented to her, Ashley Benson slowly spreading the cheeks of Ashley Tisdale and presenting Vanessa Hudgins with her cute little plugged back door.

For a few long seconds Vanessa just admire the sight, then she grabbed onto the little plug and slowly pulled it out. She briefly considered teasing this Ashley in the same way that she had teased the other, but after all the fun she’ just had pumping butt she can’t possibly wait another second to violate that cute little butt hole. So she didn’t, other than to push the butt-plug into her friend’s mouth of course, barely taking a second to enjoy watching that Ashley go to town on that plugged before pressing the tip of her cock against the other Ashley’s ass hole and then pushing forwards. To her credit she pushed forward slowly, although admittedly that was as much for her own enjoyment as her girlfriend’s comfort.

Thanks to the butt-plug and months of nearly non-stop ass poundings that little ring stretched fairly easily to accept the head of Vanessa’s cock inside it, and thanks to both those things and the fact that Vanessa was going slow Ashley T cried out with pure joy as she was anally violated. Well that, and Ashley Tisdale was clearly a natural anal whore with an ass made for fucking, a fact which was once again proven as Vanessa slowly but surely pushed every single inch of her dick into her girlfriend’s bowels and Ashley just kept moaning, gasping and whimpering in pure pleasure. Then when Vanessa’s thighs came to rest against those cute little butt cheeks Vanessa chose to take a few seconds to savour the moment. Which was a few seconds too long for her little anal whore.

Desperately wanting to be fucked Ashley T cried out, “Fuck me Vanessa, mmmmm, fuck me! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, I love your cock in my ass baby! I love it! I love your cock in my ass! But I want more! Ooooooo yeahhhhhhh, I wanna be fucked! Ass fuck me Vanessa, ass fuck me in front of Ashley! Mmmmm, the other Ashley. You were, mmmmmm, you were right about me. I’m a filthy little slut, ohhhhhh, who wants to be butt fucked in front of another girl, ooooooh, just like you butt fucked that girl in front of me. Please? Please Vanessa, fuck me in the butt like the filthy little Disney girl slut I am! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, fuck me, fuck me, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, fuck me!”

Chuckling with wicked delight Vanessa paused longer than she intended just to hear her bitch continue pleading and begging, and then while still grinning Vanessa finally started pumping her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to pump in and out of that slutty little shit hole. Which of course caused Ashley T to moan, gasp and whimper again with pure pleasure, her words trailing off as she became distracted by that pleasure. Not that Vanessa minded. No, she was too busy with the perfect sight in front of her, which was being perfectly displayed by Ashley B. Which was why it took so long for her to notice that her friend was looking at her expectantly.

Ashley Benson couldn’t blame Vanessa Hudgins for getting so preoccupied with Ashley Tisdale’s ass. She knew just how badly her friend had pined for the other Ashley, and now she saw them together she had to admit, they made a good couple. Even better than she thought. Because yeah, Vanessa made a great butt fucker, and Ashley T had a great butt begging to be fucked. That, and how well they gelled, made them perfect for each other. But maybe above all else Ashley couldn’t blame Vanessa because she was also finding herself captivated by the other Ashley’s ass hole stretching around that big dildo that was pumping in and out of it.

Even before she had lost her anal cherry Ashley Benson had been fascinated by butt sex. She’d watched so much porn frantically masturbated imagine it was her own back door being violated, but in the process she had also developed a love for just watching an ass being stretched like that. When it was someone she knew, and/or famous, giving and/or receiving it made the whole experience that much more enjoyable, for a few long minutes she became lost in just watching the sodomy. Although it was not long before the craving to have her own back hole violated again caused Ashley to fill nothing but jealousy while watching Vanessa butt fuck the girl her dreams, and she looked up at her friend expectantly. And when that didn’t work she got her attention.

“Can I suck your cock?” Ashley B pleaded, giving Vanessa the puppy dog eyes, “Please? I want to taste your girlfriend’s ass! Mmmmm, I want to taste your girlfriend’s ass on your big dick, mmmmm, like she tasted mine on it. Oh yes, come on Vanessa, you know we’re both shameless ass to mouth whores who desperately crave the taste of butt, so why let your girlfriend have all the fun? Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, we’re supposed to be sharing you. Sharing your big cock. So please, give it to me. Give me your big cock take a fresh from girlfriend’s ass and shoving deep down my throat. Throat fuck me if you want, I don’t care. I just want to taste Ashley Tisdale’s butt!”

“Then do it!” Vanessa grinned, pulling her dick out of her girlfriend’s butt and pressing into the other blonde’s lips, “Suck it! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, that’s it Benson, clean that cock! Clean it of my girlfriend’s butt cream! Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, that’s so hot! Oh fuck! Suck it! Suck it good! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!”

As soon as she had that permission Ashley B eagerly wrapped her lips around that cock and begin greedily sucking Ashley T’s ass from it. Unlike the other Ashley she had tasted the asses of other girls a lot before this little threesome. She could remember the first time vividly, as of course it had been Lucy Hale, the only member of the PLL cast to be as big an anal whore as she was. Ashley had immediately loved it, almost as much as the taste of her own butt, that very special night filled with her tasting Lucy’s ass over, and over, and over again. Her own too. This Ashley’s ass wasn’t quite as good as her own or Lucy’s. Then again she was admittedly biased, and it was still incredibly yummy.

Yummy enough that she was soon shoving it into her throat so she could get every drop. Okay, that was also because she was hoping for some attention to her greedy ass hole, or to just get more of it shortly after Vanessa inevitably rammed her dick back up the other Ashley’s butt. Unsurprisingly she was granted the latter first, Vanessa pulling the dildo away from her as soon as it was clean and then shoving it straight into the other blonde’s waiting back door, thankfully only giving it half a dozen thrusts before returning it to her hungry mouth. This process was repeated a few times, before finally she got what she really wanted.

“Okay girls, now I want you both face down and spreading your own cheeks for me. Oh yes Benson, mmmmm good girl. That’s exactly what I want. Two beautiful girl side by side, just waiting to be sodomised. Two asses side by side, and both greedy for my cock.”

Ashley Tisdale was disappointed by this, because not only did it mean that she was only a few seconds away from Vanessa’s beautiful cock being taken away from her greedy back hole, but she wouldn’t have the consolation of getting to tasting the other Ashley’s ass. Or even watch as it stretched for Vanessa’s strap-on, which was nowhere near as good as getting her own stretched, or tasting ass, but it was certainly better than nothing. Although nothing was an exaggeration, as she stood still just about look over her shoulder to see the beautiful sight of Vanessa behind her, or the other Ashley, looking so incredibly breath-taking as she took another woman’s bottom for her pleasure.

Of course Vanessa was always breath-takingly beautiful, but there was something extra special about watching her while she was taking an ass. She just looked so confident, powerful, and happy, all of which warned Ashley’s heart. And the fact that her tits were bouncing back and forth certainly didn’t hurt. Occasionally Vanessa would even notice her watching, and give her a little smile or chuckle of delight, which again warmed Ashley’s heart, and another part of her. Although this time she turned her head so it didn’t intensify the pleasure she was feeling. No, sometimes it made her even more jealous that the other Ashley was receiving what she constantly craved.

As turning her head like that hurt she couldn’t keep it up for long, but she didn’t have too as she got something else. Namely Ashley B, who it turned out was facing her as soon as she pressed her own face against the bed sheets, Ashley T turning her head to find this was the case. The other Ashley then playfully stuck out her tongue and giggled, before concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving, because unfortunately she had barely got into position when Vanessa pulled her cock out of one butt and pushed it into another. Although equally it was not long before Vanessa returned her cock to her ass hole as the process was repeated over and over again.

Along the way Vanessa ordered, “Kiss! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, I want to see you two hot bitches kissing while I fuck you. Oh fuck yeah, just like that! Mmmmm, kiss bitches! Fucking kiss! Ooooooooh fuck, mmmmm shit!”

Simultaneously the two bottoms lent forward as best they could and press their lips together, both obviously wanting to impress the top. They both probably wanted too. Ashley T certainly did, and she couldn’t think of any reason Ashley B wouldn’t, especially considering how eagerly she was kissing her. And especially considering what encouragement this got from Vanessa, not just in the form of verbal encouragement but actually beginning sodomising them a little harder and faster. This in turn made them moaning into each other’s mouths, making this very special occasion even more special. After all, Ashley loved kissing girls, tonight had proven that, it was even better when there was a strap-on up her ass while was happening. Then again everything was better with a strap-on up her ass.

Ashley Benson would definitely agree with that especially when both the strap-on fucking her ass was attached to such a beautiful woman who knew exactly what she was doing like Vanessa Hudgins, and the woman kissing her was the gorgeous Ashley Tisdale. It was an addition to the fun which on its own might have made her, and definitely the other Ashley, want to beg for more, but with the added stimulation of Vanessa beginning to sodomise her harder made it increasingly difficult for Ashley to hold back from begging. Luckily she had years of experience at this point, and could just about manage it. But also she could tell the other Ashley wouldn’t be so lucky, and she decided since the other two were a couple she’d let the other girl to ‘out do’ her when it came to holding back.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Ashley B finally cried out, “Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, pound my ass hole! No, mmmmm, don’t just pound it… fucking destroy it! Destroy my ass hole! Gape it wide open to prove to your little girlfriend what an amazing ass wrecker you are! Mmmmm, that you’re completely and totally a top. That all your female co-stars lay awake at night thinking of you fucking their asses. Oh please Vanessa, show us both what you can do. Ooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddddd, I remember you been good. mmmmmm, but not this good. Yessssssss, you got so much better! But I want to see how much better. I want to see you destroy my butt hole, ooooooh, and so does your little girlfriend. Look at her Vanessa! She wants to be butt fucked as hard as I do, ohhhhhhh, so we can both cum for you. Please Vanessa, make me cum, ohhhhhhhh, make me cum by destroying my little bitch hole! Oh fuck! Ah God! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooodddddddd!”

It was pretty clear that Vanessa saw right through this, and no doubt continued sodomising them both for longer because of it, which was more than fine by both of them. But when she next switched back to her Vanessa pushed her hand away from her cheeks and began rapidly increasing the pace until Ashley B found herself on the edge of climax. Vanessa then kept her there for a few long seconds, before giving her what she so desperately wanted at that point. Which of course was not just one climax, but multiple climaxes, one after the other for a few long moments, making it impossible for Ashley to think coherently.

The next thing she was really aware of was whimpering pathetically as Vanessa pulled her cock out of her ass, shoved it into the other Ashley’s butt and repeated the process, albeit by maybe giving that Ashley a more brutal rectum wrecking. Then again it was hard for Ashley to tell just how hard a top fucked her ass when she was cumming, as the pleasure was just a little too overwhelming for her to properly analyse it. Or anything really. But she kind of hoped that this wasn’t just Vanessa giving her girlfriend what she so desperately wanted, and she too had received this exact same treatment moment ago from her friend.

Seriously, the sound of flesh smacking off flesh and Ashley Tisdale’s squeals of ecstasy was one of the most intoxicating things she’d ever seen. Except maybe when Vanessa had been in that position. Oh yes, Ashley’s exhausted mind suddenly remembered their other Spring Breakers co-star Selena Gomez ‘putting Vanessa in her place’ with a rectum wrecking easily this devastating. Maybe even more so, although it was definitely close. Both girls had similar expressions of blissful submission and enraptured dominance on their faces and cum was squirting out of the submissive one’s cunt just as forcefully, although admittedly Ashley Tisdale’s booty might have looked a little better jiggling against Vanessa’s thighs than Vanessa’s butt had looked jiggling against Selena’s thighs. But not by much.

Vanessa was also briefly reminded of her admittedly very enjoyable submission to Selena while sodomising her girlfriend. It was something which was always on the back of her mind, as she was determined to be the top a total bottom like Ashley Tisdale deserved, something which was used too during a nice hard butt fucking. Oh yes, at times like this when she had a beautiful girl on all fours and bouncing her cute little booty back against her while using every ounce of her strength to slam the other girl’s butt hole Vanessa forgot all about any previous submission and became the total top she so desperately wanted to be. The total butt buster. The total butt busting top which both these beautiful blondes needed right now.

Ironically just before Ashley Benson had started begging Vanessa was vividly recalling an extremely similar night, except she had been the one kissing her Spring Breakers co-star, while another one went back and forth between their butt hole. And another time she had been in that position, except instead of having to wait her turn Miley Cyrus was there as well, making sure both she and the Pretty Little Liar were sodomised at the same time. Then there was a pretty hot one night with the main cast of Pretty Little Liars, but before she could remembered to vividly Ashley Benson started begging, and she just went berserk. And then after she had given her friend what she wanted her girlfriend started pleading for her turn.

“Me too!” Ashley T loudly pleaded over the sound of the other blonde cumming, “Butt fuck me too Vanessa! Wreck my ass in front of your little friend. Oh God, I wanna cum just like this. Cum with your big cock in my ass like a bitch. Mmmmmm, an anal loving little bitch. Your anal loving little bitch! Oh Vanessa, prove I’m nothing but your anal loving little bitch. Prove it to your little friend, at least, by butt fucking me hard and deep in front of her and making me cum just like she is now. Please, please, please, give it to me. Oh please Vanessa, surely it’s my turn now? Oh yes, mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my slutty little ass! Oh fuck, mmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk, ooooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooodddddddd yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss!”

Honestly it was hard not to immediately switch holes as soon as hr precious girlfriend started begging, but Vanessa felt she owed it to her friend to properly finish the job. So she gave her one more hard climax, or maybe two, and then she abruptly switched to Ashley Tisdale’s ass hole to give her the same treatment she had been giving Ashley Benson. Thankfully after the intense sodomising she had just been given her, and the nearly non-stop butt fuckings her girlfriend had been joyfully taking, every inch of that dildo was slammed up Ashley’s ass with the greatest of ease, and of course she cried out loudly because of it. Although not as much as when Vanessa begun sodomising her, and certainly not to the point she had built up to giving her precious girlfriend everything she had left.

She didn’t have nearly as much in the tank as she would have liked, given that the sheer joy of so totally dominating two women at once and the constant bashing against her clit caused Vanessa to cum over, and over, and over again. The first time was shortly after she made Ashley Benson cum for the first time that night with a cock up her ass, and honestly it didn’t feel like it really stopped after that. It only got more intense when she switched to her girlfriend’s most private hole. Honestly the next thing Vanessa knew was that she was collapsing down on equally exhausted Ashley, the two of them then lying together in a sweaty heap as they tried to regain a scrap of energy.

Then once she had recovered enough Vanessa pressed a few kisses over her girlfriend’s shoulders, neck and cheeks and whispered, “God Ash, I love you so much.”

Which of course caused Ashley T to grin dreamily in response and moan, “I love you too Vanessa.”

“Awww, you guys are so cute.” Ashley B beamed, before quickly following it up with, “Now get up and let me clean that cock one more time.”

“One more time?” Vanessa grinned, “You think I’m done with you?”

“Well, I hope not.” Ashley B grinned, before pointing out, “But you’re gonna need a break, right? So the point stands.”

“I guess.” Vanessa shrugged, before grinning again, “But you two sluts know what I want to see first.”

Ashley T cried out with disappointment as Vanessa started pulling her cock out of her ass, but she quickly whimpered obediently, “Yes Vanessa.”

The only response Ashley Benson gave was to grin wickedly and immediately turn around, which was more than enough to expose her gaping ass hole. But then she slowly bent over and spread her cheeks, emphasising Vanessa’s handiwork, and despite her best efforts Vanessa just couldn’t resist looking at it for a few long seconds. Although Vanessa stopped moving her cock, so that when her gaze returned to the other Ashley’s butt hole she could enjoy watching inch after inch of her cock sliding out of it, her girlfriend even being a good bitch and remembering to reach back to spread her cheeks so she would get the best possible view of it. And after that, Ashley Tisdale’s gaping ass hole.

Again being a good bitch Ashley T stayed where she was so Vanessa could take a few long seconds to enjoy that view, before she positioned herself next to the other Ashley, bending over beside her and also exposing her thoroughly gaped forbidden hole. With practised ease Vanessa grabbed her phone without having to look away from that twisted sight, and then she started taking some photos, mementos of this special occasion. The two blondes even well-trained enough to look behind them for a couple of shots, the difference being that her girlfriend was adorably bashful about it, while her friend was shameless. Then Vanessa gave Ashley B what she wanted. Sort of.

“Good girls. Now, suck my cock…” Vanessa ordered, deliberately keeping her command vague for a few long seconds, before quickly clarifying as her friend made a move, “Both of you! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, I want both Ashley Benson and Ashley Tisdale to suck my cock at the same time. Oh yes, share those butt juices like the well-behaved ATM sluts you are!”

“Awww, no fair.” Ashley B pouted, slowly turning around.

“Why?” Ashley T questioned, struggling to do the same, “It sounds fun to me.”

“I guess, but I hate sharing.” Ashley B grumbled, before correcting herself, “Oh who am I kidding? I love sharing! Mmmmm, I just love being greedy more.”

Because of that, and the fact that she had more time to recover, Benson dived forward and wrapped her mouth around the head of Vanessa’s ass flavoured dick. This prompted Tisdale to exclaimed an annoyed, ‘hey’, but it was barely audible over the sound of Benson moaning happily at tasting the other Ashley’s ass, and her own. Although to her credit she did this slowly and gently, and then pulled her mouth away from it, allowing the other Ashley to do the same and finished cleaning the head so they both got a decent amount of butt cream. Then Tisdale bobbed her head up and down the dick a little, before moving back and allowing Benson to take over.

This pattern was then repeated a few times while one Ashley began licking the lower half of the dildo, meaning there was very little ass cream by the time she started deep throating the toy cock. Not that it stopped them of course. No, these were two twisted and well-trained bottoms eager to please their top, and Vanessa was very pleased. Especially as she continued taking souvenir photos throughout the ATM fun. Then after a little rest she made good on her words to fuck them again, the threesome lasting most of the night until Ashley Benson had to leave, leaving Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens to snuggle up like the lovebirds they were. All in all it was a very successful night.

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