Ass Quake

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This story is fictional and the characters contained within are fucking

‘Sexy fucking bitch’ I thought to myself as I watched Shakira perform live
on TRL. ‘My music comes from the soul – it is my way of communicating with
the world.’ Your music? I dont think anyone even knows the name of three of
your songs let alone the album. Well maybe that was a bit harsh, but come
on, she shakes that big fucking ass of hers around all day and then talks
about how she wants the world to feel her columbian passion. She shakes and
girates to make money – no better or
worse than a two dollar whore just
considerably sexier. She makes a nice change from Britney and all those
other starlets who want the world to think butter wouldn’t melt in their
mouths. Shakira is different because she seems to be proud of her sexuality.
She shakes her ass and shows off her little titties and always looks horny
as hell in those videos of hers. What I wouldn’t give to see if she was as
horny as she looked.

I got a few magazines which had her featured but it was all the usual tease
shit. Loads of shots of her bending over displaying her big ass. She knew
exactly what would make suckers like us buy those magazines. I guess it
works – maybe she is smarter than her MTV appearances suggest. Wanking off
looking at her pictures was good. I shot my load all over one picture where
she was bending right down in a little miniskirt. It wasn’t enough though. I
had to touch her. Feel her little titties and stick my cock up that big
asshole of hers. I made arrangements to get a weekend off work so I could go
see her show in Cleveland. I was only an hour and a half drive away so when
Saturday night rolled around I headed north to check out the show. All the
way up, the local radio stations talked about her and played her records and
some even had a few soundbites from her. ‘I don’t have much time for men in
my life. It wouldn’t be fair as music gets the best of me anyway’ Fuck’s
sake, what a load of bull. The little slut must be a horny fucker.

I checked into my motel – a real dive with no working toilet. Great, this
little bitch better be worth it. I decided I had better head to the venue
because it had been some time since I had seen a concert here and I didn’t
want to be late. I guessed the show wouldn’t start til eight and it was
three now so I had some time to play around and see what the city was like.
Cleveland was as boring as I remember. Some alright looking girls around the
place but they were all covered up on account of the weather. I found my way
to the venue pretty easily, loads of posters with the sexy South American
pouting and displaying her tight little body. The venue hadn’t changed in
years. Still the same drab old facade. Outside a few hungover looking guys
strung up bunting and put up railings – no doubt to stop Shakira’s minions
of fans from spilling all over the place. No one seemed to interested in my
presence so I went round to the trade entrance. Popcorn vendors were setting
up for the gig and a few random people seemed to be floating around doing
this and that.

I walked in and under the huge raised seating area and through to the
backstage area. I guess I must have looked official or something because two
security guys barely looked twice at me as I marched past them. I ended up
in the green room which was kind of the restaurant area. A few kitchen staff
milled about, in and out of the door, a rush of steam accompanying them each
time they passed. I sat down in one of the faux-leather cocuches. The guy
sat opposite me was a roadie by the looks of him. He snored loudly in a
crash position on the other couch. I guess being Shakira’s little whipping
boy was tiring work. I sank down into my chair. ‘What the hell was I doing
here? How did I get backstage? How was I going to get my hands on that
little bitch?’ I was going to leave and just cut my losses right there and
then when I heard a bit of a commotion coming from the wall against which I
was laying my head. I might as well check it out before I resigned myself
back to that motel room. Even the thought of it made me wanna leave this
shithole city.

I walked past the kitchen again, a nervous looking kitchen staffer almost
drowning me in a vat of soup. I went to the door to the room from which the
commotion was coming. I listened again and made out alot of grunting and
groaning. Unmistakeable noises – noises of passion I guess you would say.
Down to the keyhole I went, first checking up and down the hall for anyone
looking at me. I looked in to see a mass of flesh and writhing bodies. I
stared in through the thin keyhole. There was a blonde girl at the centre of
about 6 or 7 guys and she was bucking up and down on this one guy’s cock.
Her right hand massaged a guy’s balls as her left wanked another one off.
‘Fucking hell’ I thought to myself ‘I gotta get me a job as a roadie on this
tour’ Fucking little Shakira groupies all day sounds like my kinda thing.
Just as I thought that, I realised – that little bitch was Shakira. I put my
face right up against the keyhole. It was her all right. Those big ass
cheeks rippled as the guy’s cock disappeared into her tight little pussy.
The guys not currently in the slut were wanking off and it looked as though
they had been there already, all of them covered in sweat. Just then, the
guy riding her pretty little face screamed and blew his load all over her.
She swallowed what he had shot in her mouth and grabbed out for another
cock. One of the sideline guys obliged and now his cock disappeared between
Shakira’s pouty wet lips. The guy in her pussy shot his load deep into her
and pulled out, dribbling cum from her cunt to the floor. “More”” she
screamed. Fucking hell – she was unbelievable. Guys fucking her face,
another she was wanking off and she still wanted more cock in her pussy.
Just as I was thinking about what a little slut she was, a male body filled
the keyhole. I turned around on my heels and started to pick up a fire
extinguisher which was the closest thing at hand. The door opened and a man
in a just a towel poked his head out. “You…” he said pointing at me. I
turned to him, feeling for sure that I was rumbled “…you work on this
tour, don’t you?” “Uh, yeah I’m only new” I felt for sure he saw through my
badly mumbled excuse. “Do you know about Shakira’s…uh…special needs?”
“Yeah, I was told about that by one of the lighting guys” this time I
sounded a little more convincing. “Right, then” he grabbed my arm and
dragged me into the room into which I had been spying moments before. “You
better take her face, I’m just about finished for the day – you know the
rule, don’t you?” Yeah, no problem” What rule, I thought to myself? and got
my kit off ready to fuck my little bitch.

The other guys didn’t bat an eyelid at my appearance, I got the feeling
that many young men had been here at this stage before. I approached her
head and tried to make eye contact with her for some sort of indication of
what she wanted. Suddenly and certainly without warning, she reached out,
grabbed me by the cock and pulled me into her face. My now very erect cock
disappeared into the sexy singer’s mouth and I felt her tongue flick around
my head. She bobbed up and down the length of my shaft ferociously. None of
the usual foreplay and licking. Just a hoover like suck as her sexy blonde
hair fell down around her face. The guy who was fucking her pussy pulled out
with a pop and shot his juices all over Shakira’s back. She didn’t seem to
mind too much but stopped sucking my cock to turn around and motion for
someone else to take over on her little shaved cunt. Another guy duly
obliged and as soon as he penetrated her, she began to suck even harder on
my cock, now massaging my balls with her nimble little fingers. It didn’t
take long for me to climax and I didn’t bother trying to prolong the
feeling, I just shot my juices into her mouth. I pulled away from her face
as she coughed up a little spunk which now dribbled from her chin to her
smallish but perfectly formed breasts.

I moved off to one side and watched as another guy moved around to
Shakira’s face and she began to suck him off too. For these guys, it seemed
only a matter of course. I guess they had been fucking this little bitch for
a couple of months. For me, it was exciting as hell! I soon found myself
erect again just staring at this hot little slut writhing around on the
floor, cocks in every orifice. I guess an erect cock was the sign to tag
back in to this orgy so I went to behind Shakira where a guy was just about
finished on her sweet little pussy. Now her pussy was practically flowing
with cum and appealing and all as that was, it looked like her asshole was
untouched. As I got down on my knees to straddle her, she pushed her hips
back and my cock slid straight up her well lubricated cunt. I pumped in and
out of her hole over and over, beginning to work up a rhythm. Shakira just
bucked and pushed back with her wide hips, forcing me deeper into her. I
could feel the cum welling up inside me so I decided to make my fuck a
little more memorable for the little slut. I rubbed two of my fingers in the
cum dribbling down onto the ground from the from of her pussy and rammed
them home into Shakira’s famous asshole. She let out an almighty scream as I
plunged them deep into her anus. She lurched forward, my cock audibly
popping out of her and turned to face me. I just looked at her, her face a
mixture of disgust and well, cum I guess. Then, she slapped me. Full force.
In the face. What the fuck?

I looked around at my fellow gang-bangers and they kinda looked stunned
which I must admit I was a little myself. “You don’t touch my ass. You never
touch my fucking ass” she belted out in her broken English. “Fuck you, you
little slut. You just got fucked by about ten guys and now you’re getting
touchy. What the fuck is wrong with you?” I replied. “No-one is allowed in
my ass” with that she slapped me again and lunged at me. I’d never seen a
girl this angry before. I mean sure, some don’t like it in the ass but some
do – you gotta try them out to see which they are, right? I held both
Shakira’s arms as she tried to flail them around. She shook her head and
body in a rage making her titties wobble and bounce. She was pretty helpless
– none of the guys rushed to aide her, they just kind of stood or sat there
watching and waiting to see what was gonna happen. I didn’t realise it until
it caught the corner of my eye but I had a massive hard-on. I mean, I’d
never seen my dick this big before. Shakira noticed it too and looked down
then looked back at me and tried to break free again. I pinned her to the
ground this time. “Let me go you fuck.” Not a chance.

I slid my cock into her tight little cunt much slower than I had only
minutes ago. She tensed up, again struggling to get away. “What’s the
matter?” I asked her “A minute ago you want it, now you don’t. What are you
a little tease? You have your fun and fuck the rest of us.” By now I guessed
that the rest of the guys weren’t going to help the little starlet so I went
ahead and slid in and out of her a couple of times. Then I stopped and hung
my dick just outside the entrance to her pussy. “Not that easy you little
prick teasing slut”.

With that, I turned Shakira around, her face down on the floor. “Fuck you
and your little no ass fuck rule. Little sluts like you deserve to be fucked
wherever and whenever I feel like it.” She tensed up again, trying to get
away. This time some of the other guys came over but they grabbed her
shoulders, pushing her face into the floor. She pulled her strong well
tanned legs in together only for two other guys to pull them apart. The four
men pushed and pulled at the little Colombian bitch’s body until her
shoulders and face were pinned down to the floor, her legs as wide apart as
they would go and her big beautiful ass pointing up in the air, her asshole
spread open in front of me. I reached in to her hole with my fingers,
exploring it and widening it. Shakira really didn’t like it and the guys
holding her down had to work to keep her face down and hole open. I
continued to run my fingers along the entrance to her hole, every now and
then forcing a finger or two deep inside her. She screamed each time I
fingered her ass but it wasn’t so loud as the guys were forcing her pretty
little face into the floor.

Enough foreplay. I lined my cock up with her asshole. Shakira sensed it –
she felt it coming. She screamed louder and tried to free herself but to no
avail. For a girl who makes her living shaking her fat ass around a stage,
she sure was over protective of it. I touched the head of my cock to her
asshole. It had grown so erect now that it bulged, longing for the sweet
release of orgasm. I pulled my hips back, my cock now about 15 inches from
the bitch’s hole, then I rammed it into her with all the force I could
muster. Her body lurched forward and she screamed in absolute agony. I
ferociously puped in and out of her tight little asshole grabbing onto those
famous hips to force my cock deeper into her ass. I banged in and out of her
with such force that her scream was so loud it must have been heard far
outside this venue, let alone this room. I pumped and rammed until I could
feel the cum welling up again. I pulled on her hips, pushing my cock as deep
and as far into Shakira’s fat ass as any cock had ever been. The walls of
her anus closed around the shaft of my dick and with a final push, I shot
wave after wave of cum so deep into her body that she bucked and shook as
the hot juices washed around in her virginal ass. I pulled out and fell
backwards onto the floor in relief as much as exhaustion. Cum started to
shoot out her asshole and the guys weren’t quick to begin licking it out of
her and eating her little asshole. By now, Shakira lay still on the floor.
One guy grabbed her head by the hair and lifted it up before shooting off
all over her pretty features. When he let go of her hair, her face fell to
the ground. She was passive now. Off somewhere deep in her mind, she could
feel the guys defiling her and having their way with the most intimate parts
of her body but she no longer cared.

I got dressed and left. I never saw her or any of those other guys again.
The concert that night was cancelled and I got my money back alongside all
the sexy little underage girls who were so disappointed that their little
idol had taken ill. It wasn’t till a few days later that I heard her whole
tour had been cancelled due to illness. She should have just let me finger
her ass I guess.

Sorry it took so long to get this story written. I hope you enjoyed it. If
you have any comments whatsoever, please do mail me at Seriously, this is alot more fun if I know people
other than me are reading these stories. Check out my other stories on this
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