Ass Worshipping Dykes: Scene 4

Title: Ass Worshipping Dykes: Scene 4

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Carey Mulligan, Saoirse Ronan

Codes: FF, oral, anal, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on a hotel room, where the door suddenly opens, and Saoirse walks in, dragging a suitcase behind her. “Oh, my God!” she says, looking around in awe. “This room, Carey!”

Carey comes in behind her, big grin on her face, also dragging a bag behind her. “You’re so cute, love.”

Saoirse then turns to Carey, as she comes up next to her. “I don’t know how I’m gonna thank your dad, but I’m already thinking of ways to thank you…” She nudges Carey gently with her elbow as she says this.

“Oh, I can’t wait!”

Saoirse then lets go of her bag, and runs off. “Lemme check something…” Carey continues to grin as she watches her go.  Moments later, we hear from another room, “Oh, fuck, this tub, Carey!  Wanna take a bath?”

Some time later, the two lay in a big tub of hot, soapy water, making out.  As they stop for a moment, Carey says, “So, you were thinking of ways to thank me?”

“Oh, yeh…”


“Tell you what…Why don’t you turn around and get on your knees?” Carey giggles as she does so, bending over the edge.

“You know…” Saoirse says, kneading and fondling Carey’s wet, soapy cheeks, “I’ve secretly always wished our apartment had a big enough tub so we could bathe together…”


“Because I’ve wanted for so long to do this…” Saoirse then leans in, and, in our first close-up, sticks her tongue in the middle of Carey’s dripping wet asshole.

“Huh!” Carey gasps vocally, face immediately distorting, then bites her lip, and cranes her neck.  Back in the close-up, Saoirse pulls open Carey’s butthole, and licks the pinkness in the middle. “Oh, God, love…” Carey whimpers, starting to knead one of her suds-dripping tits.  Again in the close-up, Saoirse has her middle finger buried deep inside Carey’s butt, while she licks around the edge, and we hear Carey groan and whine, as Saoirse’s finger pumps in and out. “Oh, fuck, I’m…” Saoirse continues finger-banging Carey’s ass, as she starts grinding her hips. “I’m…OH!” Carey suddenly cries out, digging her nails into her tit, as she cums.

“Mm…” Saoirse kisses Carey’s butt-cheek. “You like that?”

“Yes!” Carey grins, nodding and giggling. “God, now I wanna do you…”

Now, Saoirse sits on the edge, holding one leg to her body, looking down, as, in another close-up, Carey licks her pink, steamy butthole. “Oh, God, I’m loving that…” Saoirse tilts her head back, and slowly licks her top lip. “God, put your finger in there…” Back in the close-up, Carey inserts her middle finger, and slides it in and out. “Fuck…I’m so hot…” As Carey continues to eat her ass out, penetrating it with her tongue, Saoirse digs her nails into her leg. “Huh…huh…huh…” Saoirse’s face contorts, as she feels the orgasm draw nearer.  Again in the close-up, Carey has her tongue about half an inch in, while she rubs around the rim with her fingers. “Oh, God…” Saoirse groans throatily, “I’m…almost…there…” She then lets out a loud, deep grunt, before collapsing backwards, breathing hard.

Again grinning, Carey crawls out, and on top of Saoirse.  In one more close-up, the two share a breathy, lustful tongue-kiss as the scene fades out.

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