Assistant To The Stars 2: Jessica Alba

Assistant to the Stars Ch. 2

Jessica Alba

Please send comments to This story is completely fictional and is in no way reflective to the true actions of Jessica Alba or anyone else metioned. Unless you are 18 years of age, I recomend you not to continue. This story contains MF, cons, oral.

by JizzWhiz

My name is Alexander Foxx, I’m 21 and I am an assistant to many of today stars. I have been in the buisness for over 10 years in where I have obtained many qualifications and have help many stars during their road to stardom. Here is a story where I was called in to assist
Jessica Alba.

“This is getting annoying, Alex! How many times to we have to go through it!” Jessica called out.

“Trust me Ms. Alba, they said that you have to get the pattern down if you want to continue being the star of Dark Angel, now do you remember how it goes?” I asked.

“It’s in, out, in, out, in, out, shoot.” Jessica replied.

“That’s correct, When I move in you you pull back, when I back out, you relax, then we repeat 2 more times, as I back out, shoot. Got it?” I asked.

She nodded in a greement, I put boxing gloves and got in position. I gave a swing in and she back out, I pulled back out for another swing, and she relaxed, I repeated the In, Out pattern 2 more times, and finally as I backed out, she quickly pulled her gun and aimed it at me.

“That was great, you finally got it down. It make have took 2 hours but you got it.” I said.

“Well, with a Sparring Partner like you, how can I not! You’re the best!” Jessica repiled. She looked at me and smiled, “How would you like to go have supper, now?”

I look at my watch, it was past 7:30pm “I guess it wouldn’t matter, as long as I get to pay, just let me go take a shower.” I nodded and looked at her “It looks like you need one too.”

“I’ll use the one upstairs, you can use the one downstairs” She replied as she headed upstairs. I get my extra clothing and headed towards the bathroom downstairs. I undress and I turn on the shower, as I clean up, I imagine how Jessica would look right now, lathering herself. After 5 minutes I finish, got dressed and head back upstairs. Suddenly I heard singing coming from the upstairs bathroom. I carefully look around the corner and up the stairs and what a sight I see. There’s Jessica walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head. Her breasts sway back and forth and she sends a small shiver. Then as she turns away to her room, I watch her small tight butt, wave to me, then she turns and walks into her room. I sit back down on the couch. I turn on the TV and surf though the shower and to my surprise there was a special presentation of ‘Dark Angel’ on. So I decided to watch it as I waited. After about 10 minutes she walks dowstairs wearing the hottest looking shirt and jeans I’ve seen her wear. The jeans were so tight I thought they would burst at the seams and the wore a sleveless tank top, which really show all her curves.

“Please, could you turn that off, I don’t like watching myself.” Jess called out as she seen that I was watching ‘Dark Angel’

I didn’t say a word as I continue to eye her up and down. She smiles back and grabs the remote out of my hand, turns off the TV and pulls me up. I snap out of my daze and grab my keys. “We can take my car!” I finally said.

She nodded and we headed out to my Corvette, I turn on the engine and head out of her driveway. “Where to?” I asked.

She looked at me and smiled, “Anywhere, it doesn’t matter!” I check my wallet and find only $20. “How’s fast food take out sound?” She nodded.

We head to a McDonald’s and order our meal take out and we head back to her place. We sat down and watched ‘Idle Hands’, Alba protsted that she didn’t want to watch herself but finally caved and agreed. After the movie, Jessica got up and said to wait there, she’ll get my pay. I was having so much fun, I completely forgot about my pay.

“It’s $100/hour, and we trained for about 4 hours, so $400!” I told.

“Can you help me with one last thing, Alex! I’ll need some help in the bedroom!” Jessica replied.

We both headed to the bedroom, I walked in first and she followed.

“So what is it you needed help with?” I asked, she didn’t reply, she just grinned and turned around and lock the door. Before I could react I am shoved onto the bed, as she crawls atop of me.

“Ever since you got here, I’ve been wanting to fuck you. During our training, I was so wet, I had to take a shower to get off. Now it’s your turn!” She unzipped my jeans and pulled them down with my boxers and out popped my member, she smiled and dove in and took my whole cock in her mouth, she swirled her tongue, bobbed up and down. She was very experienced. After about 5 minutes of her sucking on my cock, I could feel it boiling up, I told her and she didn’t stop. I shot my load down her throat, stream after stream, She began to swallow as much as she could, but some began to dribble down her chin. She taes her top of showing she wasn’t wearing any bra, I played with her breasts, taking one in my mouth as I rubbed the nipple of the other. She got up and took off her pants and panties, tossed them aside and mounted my still hard cock. She bounced up and down screaming “FUCK ME! OHH YEAH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME ALEX! OHH GOD! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNG!” That last shout brought me over the edge and I exploded inside her. She fell atop me completely out of breath, she wasn’t the only one. We just lay there for over an hour before I got up and got dressed.

“Wait! You forgot your pay.” She called out still out of breath.

“I’ll come and get it tomorrow, you should get some sleep. I know I need my rest!” I replied.

“If you come back tomorrow, you’ll need all the rest you can get!” She answered.

I head out to my car and sit in it for over an hour, just reminicing the event that just took place, before I head home to dream about what will happen tomorrow.

The End.

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