Assistant To The Stars Ch. 2 – Jo O’Meara

Assistant to the Stars Ch. 3

Jo O’Meara(S Club 7)

Please send comments or request to This story is completely fictional and is in no way reflective to the true actions of Jo O’Meara or anyone else metioned. Unless you are 18 years of age, I recomend you not to continue. This story contains MF, cons, oral.

by JizzWhiz

My name is Alexander Foxx, I’m 21 and I am an assistant to many of today stars. I have been in the buisness for over 10 years in where I have obtained many qualifications and have help many stars during their road to stardom. Here is a story where I was
called in to assist S Club 7.

“I get to go first!” Hannah said.

“Why do you get to go first?” asked Jo. “If anyone is going first it’s me!”

“No way! Neither of you two are going first because I’m going first!” Rachel replied.

As Rachel, Jo and Hannah were arguing, Tina placed herself.

“Ready to go, Alex.” she said. The other 3 girls got mad as Tina snuck by and got first.

“Relax girls, you all get your turn!” I replied. “No one is leaving here without having the best hair for your photo shoot.”

As I worked my magic with Tina’s hair Rachel, Jo and Hannah played cards. When I finished, they all applauded my work and Tina left the trailer. Next Hannah moved onto the chair, she didn’t have much hair to work with but I did my best and gave her the “Just Got Out of Bed” look. She actually pulled it off, she looked amazing. She thanked me with a kiss in the cheek and headed out of the trailer. Next up was Rachel, she always wanted something wild and different, so I got all my tools and got to work. While I worked I asked them how things was going, they said things haven’t been going to smoothly, Rachel and Bradley were having trouble arguing on who should be the lead vocals for ‘Don’t Stop Movin”, Hannah and Jon sided with Bradley, while Paul and Tina sided with Rachel. Jo was the only one who hasn’t decided.

“If you and Brad would stop trying to buy my vote, I would choose.” Jo told Rachel.

“Well, it’s been over two and a half months since you said you’ll decide, how much longer do you need?” Rachel scolded. Jo couldn’t come up with an answer, she just lowered her head. “Rachel it’s a hard decision to make, she just can’t pick in a split second, she wants the song to be perfect.” I said. Rachel sighed. I finished her hair and she left. Now Jo was up, she didn’t want anything to special just a little fix up, I agreed.

“Why do you let Rachel get you like that?” I asked.

She shrugs. “I don’t know, she acts like she the boss of the group, but I believe were all equal. That’s the main reason she thinks she should get the lead vocals.”

“So who do you think should get the vocals?” I questionned.

“Bradley should get them, if you take a look at the words of the song, Brad’s a perfect fit!” She replied.

“I don’t know the words of the song. Do you have them on you?” I said.

She shook her head. “Not on me, but I do have them at my place, how about you come over and listen to it. I’ll call you when you can come over.” I nodded, she wrote her address on a piece of paper and she handed me the piece just as I finished her hair.

The girls continued their photo shoot as I cleaned up my area and went home. I had a quick supper and waited for Jo to call. It was about 8:45pm when she called.

I picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Alex, it’s Jo you can come over now!” she replied.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” I hung up the phone and got into my car and drove off ot the address she gave me.

I arrive at Jo’s apartment and ring the bell. Jo answered the door. “You’re just in time, supper is just about ready, have you had your supper yet?” she asked.

“No, not yet!” I lied. We sat down and had supper as Jo and I talked about her groups new CD ‘Sunshine’ which is in production. It had songs like ‘Had You Ever’ and soon to be released ‘Don’t Stop Movin”, once they decide a lead vocalist. We finished supper “There’s a tape in the boombox that have both Bradley and Rachel singing the song. You listen to it, while I take a shower!” She told me.

I nodded and headed into the living room and started the tape and listened to Brad’s version as I begin to hear the water run. I tried to keep my attention on the song as Jo took her shower, after I lstened to Brad’s version, I heard something coming from the bathroom. I stopped the tape and listened. The noise I was hearing is Jo singing the song ‘Two In A Million”, she had an amazing voice. I walk closer to the bathroom and listen. The closer I got the better it sounded. I decided to try my luck, I just had to hear it better. I grab the knob of the bathroom and to my surprise, it wasn’t locked. I quietly snuck into the bathroom and listened to Jo sing. I could see the shadow of her figure on the shower curtain, her breast were bigger than I expected, her slim waist really moves my attention to her firm ass, not too big, not too small, just the right size. As Jo is about to finish the song, I begin to quietly leave the bathroom.

“Don’t think about leaving yet, Alex.” a voice said. I froze with my hand on the doorknob. The shower curtains swung open and there stood Jo completely naked. I couldn’t say a word, I just looked at her from top to bottom, stopping at her nipples which stood out just waiting to have some fun. I move down to her cunt, which was completely shaved and perfect.

“Well, are you just gonna stand there and stare or are you gonna join me?” she asked. Those words shocked me for a second, but I soon stripped down and hopped in.

“As soon as I stepped in, Jo dropped to her knees and too my member in her hand, stroking it to its full hardness. Once hard, she dove in and inhaled my cock. She began by licking the tip and sliding half my cock in, then moving back to the tip. After about a minute of this, she finally took my whole cock in, bobbing up and down. After a few minutes of that, I could feel that I was about to explode, I told her and yet she didn’t stop. I shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could, soon some began to dribble down her chin. She wiped it off and said “Let’s go finish this in the bedroom.” I nodded and ran to the bedroom and Jo followed right behind me. I hopped onto the bed and Jo locked the door then hopped on after me, we both began to kiss each other passionately, it seemed like it lasted forever. Then Jo positioned herself atop me and slid down onto my cock and begin riding me as if I were a mechanical bull at a rodeo. She was wild and I couldn’t believe my luck, this girl from S Club 7 isn’t only the hottest, but the wildest girl and loudest as she screamed “OH YEAH ALEX! FILL ME UP! FILL ME! FUCK! FUCK ME! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” That was it for me as I shot into her.

We both fell asleep with her atop me and my cock still in her. An hour later we both woke up.

“So Alex?” Jo said as we both got dressed. “Who do you think is better for the song? Brad or Rachel?”

“I never got to hear Rachel’s version yet!” I replied. “How about I come back tomorrow and listen to it then.”

She grinned. “That would be a great idea. Just make sure to be ‘Ready’ for it!”

I laughed. “I’ll be ‘Ready’!” I left the apartment and drove home. Once I got home, I hopped into the shower and my mind wandered off to was has just passed and what will happen tomorrow.

The End.

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