Assistant To The Stars Ch. 4 – Britney Spears

Assistant to the Stars Ch. 4

Britney Spears

Please send comments or request to This story is completely fictional and is in no way reflective to the true actions of Britney Spears or anyone else mentioned. Unless you are 18 years of age, I recommend you not to continue. This story contains MF, cons, oral.

by JizzWhiz

My name is Alexander Foxx, I’m 21 and I am an assistant to many of today stars. I have been in the business for over 10 years in where I have obtained many qualifications and have help many stars during their road to stardom. Here is a story where I was
called in to assist Britney Spears.

“It can’t go any further” Britney cried.

“Of course it can, just try to relax. See it’s going already!” I replied.

“Owwwwww. It’s hurts” she exclaimed.

“I know it hurts. But how are you going to perform tonight. Just a little bit more, were almost there, just hold it for a minutes and then I push again.” I said.

She nodded. After a minutes I gave a little push and finally her leg snapped back into place.

“Thanks Alex. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to go back out on stage tonight.” She smiled. “Just one question, how did you get here so fast.”

“Lucky for you that a friend of yours truly won two tickets and asked me to come along.” I replied.

“Really, well how about after the concert, you bring him backstage so I can meet the one who saved me tonight.” She told me as she handed me two backstage passes.

I put the passes in my pocket as a there was a knock on the door. “Ms. Spears you’re back on in 5 minutes.”

“Well, I better get ready and you better get back to your friend.” she said. I left the room and headed back to my seat. My friend was sitting there. “Where have you been?” He asked.

“I just had a little something to do. But look what I got?” I said as I pulled out the backstage passes.

“How… How did you get them?” He asked.

“I just helped someone out and they gave them to me. Can you believe that?” I exclaimed.

“No. But then again I’ve been wrong before.” He replied. We both laughed a bit.

The intermission was over and Britney got back on stage. I thought that she was going to limp a bit on her way out but there was no sign that she pulled her leg. She came out running and jumping around. I was looking at what she was wearing. I yellow top and baggy pants just like in her video ‘…Baby One More Time’, my friends eyes lighted up at the sight of her. She made her way to our side of the stage and saw me and winked. “Did you see that, Alex. Britney winked at me! She winked at me.” my friend kept saying to me. Britney preformed ‘…Baby One More Time’, ‘Sometimes’, Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman’ and finally ended with my personal favorite ‘I Love Rock & Roll’. After the show we started to head towards backstage as I pulled my friend back.

“Let’s wait until the crowd dies down before we go!” I told him. “I found out that Britney is staying here until 2 in the morning. She likes to just relax after signing autographs and greeting fans.” He nodded and we went to the lobby and got our selves something to eat. Soon, the crowd died down we decided to head backstage. The bouncer stopped us and check out passes and let us pass. We headed straight to her dressing room and knock on the door. “Britney?”

Britney recognizes my voice. “Alex is that you?” Britney walks out of her dressing room. She looks at me. “Britney, this is my friend.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you…” she said.

“The name is Bill.” he replied. He had on a smiles that seemed like it was painted on. He hands me a camera. “Alex take a picture of me and Britney together.” I took the picture. Suddenly one of the bouncers yells. “Look out!!” We look at the them and see 3 big guys trying to get pass them. Bill began to back away as one guy managed to get through and pulled a knife out. “Britney, You’re mine.” He swung the knife I pulled Britney behind me and instead he got cut me right in the arm.

I as held my arm he said. “Move out of the way asshole.” Then suddenly I see Bill charging at the guy and ‘speared’ him right into the wall. The bouncers got rid of the 3 guys.

“I look at Bill, that was amazing. Really amazing. You weren’t kidding when you wanted to become a bouncer!”

“Thank you both Alex and Bill.” I was still holding my arm. “That looks bad.” she said.

“Don’t worry I’ll be fine. I’ve had worse.” As I say that my pager goes off. I look at it. “I’d hate to do this but I hate to get going now. Bill, make sure to get an autograph for me.” I said I left out the back door.

“You saved my life. How can I ever thank you?” she told Bill.

“It was nothing really.” He replied.

“Are you kidding you nearly broke the wall when you smashed him into it.” She looks at him and sexily says. “I know a way I can thank you.”

Bill looks at her with his eyes wide open. Then suddenly Britney pulls him into her dressing room.

“Sit down, I’ll be right back.” She replied as she heads into her private bathroom.

Bill sits down on the couch in the change room. Britney walks out of the bathroom wearing jeans and a sweater.

“I thought we were going to…” Bill said. “Oh were going to alright, but would you rather do it in a hotel suite or here where anyone can come in?” Britney asked. He replied “I’ll do it on top of a Water Tower singing ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ if I have to.”

Britney smiled and nodded. “If that’s what you want!” She walked over to the door and locked it. Britney removed her sweater and shows Bill a pair of breast covered by a black lace bra. Bill smile grew to twice his size along with something else. Britney notices it and says. “We better not leave him trapped, now should we.” Bill could only smile. She unzip his pants and pulls down his pants and she slowly began to lick his member. Before Bill could even get a word out, she was sucking his cock like a pro, bobbing up and down. Bill had to close his eyes to control himself, but the second he looked at Britney, a moan escaped his lips and he felt he was going to blow. He told Britney and she stopped. “Not Yet! I have something much better for you.” She took of her jeans as well as her bra and matching panties. “Lie down on the couch!” She told him. Bill quickly hopped onto the couch and lied there. Britney climbs over Bill standing and begins grinding her pussy over his face. Bill dove right in and began to eat her out. Britney moaned and turned around into a 69. As Bill ate her cunt, she began to suck his cock again. Just as Bill was about to blow, he double his actions and Brought Britney over the edge at the same time as him.

Bill was still laying on the couch and Britney looked at his cock, still rock hard. “I guess we need empty this guy’s reserve tank too. She positioned herself over his cock and slide her way down, Bill felt something preventing him from going all the way in. “You surprised that I’m still a virgin?” She asked but again before Bill could answer Britney pushed herself down onto him popping her cherry. She screamed so loudly that people down the block could’ve heard, lucking the dressing room was sound proof. Her tears on pain began to subsides as her cries of pleasure ‘Hit the High Note’ “OHHHHHHH YES, DON’T STOP. HARDER. HARDER. FASTER. I’M CUMMING. I’M CUUUUUUUUUUUMIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGG. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” As Britney’s cried filled the room, Bill got that feeling again and shot his load inside Britney. An hour later, Britney was still atop Bill, both still exhausted.

Then there was a knock on the door. “Hey Bill, I’m back and it’s time to go.” I said. Britney and Bill both woke up and quickly got dressed. Before Bill left the room, Britney handed him two tickets. “What are these?” He asked. She said. “those are two lifetimes passes to any concert I perform, oh and remember this password. ‘Soda Pop’, that password will let you pass and security I have with me. Tonight I’ll be at the Plaza Hotel, Room 481.”

Bill opened the door and knocked me off balance. “Bill what were you doing in there?”

“Nothing really, just relaxing. Oh yeah, here!” he hands me the other ticket. “Britney gave me these.”

Then why are you giving me one?” I asked.

“Because, without you, this night would’ve never happened.

Later that night. Bill heads over to the Plaza hotel. The clerk looks at him. ‘May I help you.”

He replied. “Yes you may. Room 481, please.”

“I’m sorry sir but that room is already-”

Bill cuts him off and says “Soda Pop!”

“Right this way sir!”

The End.

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