Assistant To The Stars Ch. 7 – Dominique Swain

Assistant to the Stars Ch. 7

Dominique Swain

Please send comments or request to This story is completely fictional and is in no way reflective to the true actions of Dominique Swain or anyone else mentioned. Unless you are 18 years of age, I recommend you not to continue. This story contains MF, cons, oral.

by JizzWhiz

My name is Alexander Foxx, I’m 21 and I am an assistant to many of today stars. I have been in the business for over 10 years in where I have obtained many qualifications and have help many stars during their road to stardom. Here is a story where I was
called in to assist Dominique Swain.

“Where did you want me to put it again?” I asked.

“In the box, like where most things go.” Dominique said as she laid onto the bed.

“Are you sure, it seems like it too big for the box!” I replied.

“Trust me, I have stuffed bigger things in there before!” She told me.

“I can get it in. I won’t fit!” I said.

“Just open it wider, then it’ll get it!” She replied.

“I can’t open it!” I cried out.

Dominique sighed and got up off the bed and went over to me. “There’s a latch you need to unhook to open it.” She unhooked the latch and she opened the box with relative ease. “See!” I nodded my head and put the doll away. She goes and lays back down on the bed.

“I never knew I would be helping out Dominique Swain move. But it is in my job description. So I guess I got to do it!” I said with a laugh.

She replied. “Please call me Domi, the full name thing is so formal.”

“Okay Domi is there anything else to move.” She nodded and followed me out to my truck. We drove to her old house and went inside. She pointed up to the “guest room”, mostly filled with junk.

“Just got to load all this and we’ll be done.” She said. I looked at the room, there were two 5 foot dressers, three standing clock, and plenty of boxes of clothing and fragile stuff. I sighed as I grabs two of the standing clocks, one under each arm and carried them to my truck. I set them down, and grabbed the third one and laid it down with the other two. Next came the dressers. I hauled one onto my back, they were pretty light since the dressers were empty, so I got both dressers down in about 20 minutes, being careful not to tip or drop anything. Next were the boxes, Domi was already loading some of the boxes into my truck, after loading half the boxes, we took a break to cool off since the sun has been out and scorching all day.

“So Domi, what new in your life?” I asked her, breaking the ice.

“Well, the other day, I went in for an audition for this movie called Pumpkin.” She replied. “I think I did pretty good. The talked to each other a lot longer than usual!”

“I believe you got the part. I was once an assistant for Kirsten Dunst, when she had an audition for Crazy/Beautiful. They talked for about 10 minutes amongst each other before they called the next in.” I told her.

“10 minutes!” She said. He eyes opened wide. “Mine was only 2 minutes!” She sighs “But for the others, it took each of them less than a minute.”

We finished loading the rest of the boxes. We hopped back into my truck and headed to her new place, which was half way across town. As we drove I looked at Dominique, she was wearing a pair of sunglasses and a small tank top and a pair of cut-off overalls that seemed to big for her. Then I noticed I could see down the opening of her shorts, I quietly moved over and glanced. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties and I could she her shaven pussy just slightly. I move my eyes up and I see her looking at me and smiling. Does she know what I was looking at. I decided to keep my eyes on the road, the rest of the way. Once we arrived at her new place, I quickly staring unpacking thing and was done in less than a half hour. After it was all over, I relaxed out on the back porch.

“How about a swim?” I heard a voice behind me say. I turned around and my jaw dropped to the floor the minute I notice Dominique in a very beautiful two piece bathing suit.

“But I don’t have any swimming trunks.” I replied.

“That’s fine. I have a pair for you. I bought them today as a thank you for helping me out.” She smiled. I smiled back and went to change, they were a little small but she was generous to buy them, so I can bear with it. I head back to the pool that came with the house. I dive right in and swim over to Dominique. As I pop my head out of the water, I’m hit with a wave of water. Dominique playfully splashes another wave at me again. We begin splashing each other all over the pool for the next 5 minutes. Suddenly the phone rings. Dominique hops out of the pool and goes to answer it.

“Hello… Really… No kidding… Tomorrow… First thing 7 o’clock… Yessir!” I overheard her as she talked on the phone. A minutes later she hung up and ran out onto the porch yelling “Great News!” She dives in and comes up to me. “I got the part, I got the part.”

“Congratulations, Dominique, I knew you–” Before I could finish my sentence, she planted a kiss on my lips. Out of shock I pulled back.

“What? You didn’t like it? I saw you looking down my short on the drive back. Wouldn’t you like the live show?” She said as she unsnapped the back of her bar and letting it fall off her shoulders. Suddenly the trunks weren’t concealing much, she noticed it and smiled. “Looks like someone wants to come out and play!” She laughed and dove underwater and pulled my trunks off. I was still in shock from the kiss, until I felt a warmness surrounding my cock. I look down under the water surface and see Dominique with her mouth on my cock slowly swaying, she would slowly let herself slip away, then she would lightly kick her feet and swallow it all again. I was in eternal bliss as she bobbed back and forth on my cock. Then a minute later she releases my cock and comes up for air. She starts pushing me towards the wall, I understand her idea and I prop myself up onto the deck, then she goes back to work on my dick. She started by sucking on it like as if it were a lollipop and then swallow the thing and sucking in ways that would make a vacuum seem like a leaf-blower. It didn’t take long for me to feel the pressure coming. I gave warning to her and she back off and began jerking me with her hand while her mouth stood open at the tip. Within second I was shooting stream after stream of cum, yet she caught every drop and swallow it happily. She got out of the pool and stood over top of me, I could see the lips of her pussy through her bikini bottoms.

“Well, what are you waiting for, this is you time to get a taste of what you had on your mind all day!” she grinned. I nodded and pulled her bottoms off, I took in the smell and dove in. (no pun intended) I worked a few fingers in as I lapped away at her clit, she was shaking and moaning loudly. She cried out that she wanted my cock in her. I slowly slid her down onto my dick and she moaned every time more slid in, soon I was fully in her. She cried out in ecstasy every time I bounce her up and down on my cock. She cries out “YES YES YES, FUCK ME, HARDER, HARDER, FASTER, FASTER, YES YES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She is in bliss as she cums and I speed up to cum along with her. I shoot my cum into her and we both fall asleep exhausted and spent.

I wake up naked in a empty bed. I see a figure walk in naked with a breakfast tray.

“Good morning. Eat up quick, I got to go in fifteen minutes.” She replied.

I ate up and we both got dressed. Then something popped into my head. “What about all the boxes. When are you going to have time to unpack it all.”

“I have to call someone to help me.” She said as she winked to me. “Maybe we can take a little swim after were done, too!”

“Next time I’ll bring my own trunks!” I replied.

She waved a finger in front of me and shook her head. “NO, from now on that pool is a clothing free zone. So you better have your strength back by then, because there’s no deadline for me to meet next time!”

The End.

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