Assistant To The Stars: Chapter 1 – Larisa Oleynik

Assistant to the Stars Ch. 1

Larisa Oleynik

This is my first story, so please bear with me. This story is completely fictional and is in no way reflective to the true actions of Larisa Oleynikor anyone else metioned. Unless you are 18 years of age, I recomend you not to continue. This story contains MF, cons, oral.

by JizzWhiz

My name is Alexander Foxx, I’m 21 and I am an assistant to many of today stars. I have been in the buisness for over 10 years in where I have obtained many qualifications and have help many stars during their road to stardom. Here is a story where I was called in to
assist Larisa Oleynik.

“Right there! Yes! That’s the spot!” Larisa called out.

“You’re so tense! Just relax and it will feel much better.” I replied

“Right there! Harder! Harder!” She told me. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” After about 3 more minutes I finished, then she lets out a small sigh and says. “Oh my god! You’re are the best.”

“Why thank you Miss Oleynik. I do my best! It took me years to perfect that” I said.

“Please call me Larisa and you are by god the best massuer I’ve had.” She replied. She got off the table, wrapping the towel just above her chest and looks back at me. “Just wait here while I go and take a bath, then I’ll pay you for your services.”

I nod and sat down, then heard the water turn on. I thought to myself, this little girl will go far, she just finishing filming “10 things I hate About You” earlier in the day. She and the rest of the cast & crew were staying at a 5 star hotel before heading home the next day. After waiting for over 30 minutes I look towards the bathroom and I notice a light shining through the door. I walk closer and I find out that Larisa didn’t fully close the door, it was slightly ajar. My curiosity got the best of me and I give myself a peek and what I sight I saw. Larisa just finish drying herself and was now posing in front of the mirror, admiring her body. She ran her hands all over her body starting just below her throat and goes towards her full breats, stoping a bit to play with her nipple. The 18 year old knew what she was doing as the other hand passed her stomach and made it’s way to her cunt. She began to play with herself as I watched on. As she is about to reach her peak, she begins to let out soft moans. At that point I decided to move away from the area before I get noticed. I sit back down on the couch. Suddenly I hear a soft moan, then a minute later I head the bathroom door creak open. I grabbed a nearby book and made it look as if I was reading. Larisa walks into the room and walks over to me.

“How’s the book?” She asked

“Huh?” I replied

“The book. I never knew you liked reading romance novels!” She giggled as I looked at the cover. As she said it was a romance novel. I didn’t say anything, I had no clue what to say. I stood up and ask for my pay. She payed and gave me a 200$ tip. “I have your beeper number and I might call you again tonight to get another massage.”

“Well, I’ll be downstairs at the buffet ’till 11 tonight. So I’ll be free until then, so if you need to just give me a buzz.” I nodded as I headed towards the door. As I head towards the elevator I bump into none other than Julia Stiles, another co-star from the movie.

“Excuse me. Oh, Alex, is Larisa in her room?” She asked.

I nodded and she headed towards the Larisa’s room I look back and see Julia litterally get pulled into Larisa’s room. I had the urge to go and check it out, but my stomach was calling me. So I thought nothing of it and headed downstairs to the buffet. At the buffet I got to meet Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Heath Ledger and Andrew Keegan, we all sat together and talked as we stuffed ourselves. After supper, they all left and went to their hotel rooms. It was already 10 o’clock, so I decides to head to my room as well. On my way I heard this couple talking about all the noise coming from Room 21C. As I heard that I remembered that being the number of Larisa’s room. I decided to go check out to see if anything’s wrong. I head for the elevator and head to Larisa’s floor. While in the elevator Larisa pages me a 911. I Hurry to Larisa’s room just as Julia Stiles walk out with her face burning red and completely exausted and out of breath.

“Julia, what wrong?” I asked.

“That girl is unbelivable!” She reliped, as she left but just before she turned the corner she blurted out “Alex, go right on in, she’s waiting for you.”

I nodded and walked in slowly. “Larisa? Where are you?” I called out.

“I’m over here, in the bedroom.” She answered.

I head towards the bedroom and as I open the door, there she is, naked, laying on the bed with a dlido up her ass. She walks over to me, kissed me and said “Ever since you watched me play with myself, I can’t control myself. I need you.” She kissed me again and I responded as our tongues met in the most pasionate kiss I’ve ever felt. Then she quickly unzipped my pants and pulled them down with my boxer, and she inhaled my erect dick instantly. I looked down and I couldn’t believe this was happening, one of the most beautiful girl in thw world sucking on my cock. In less the minute, I was getting ready to cum. I told her and instead of stopping, she picked up speed. Once I came she swallowed as much as she could but some began to dribbled down her chin. She let go of my cock, which was still hard somehow, licked the wiped the cum from her chin and hoped onto the bed and stood on her hands and knees. “Well what are you waiting for?” She asked. “Come and get it!” I didn’t have to be asked twice as I tore off whatever clothing I had left, hopped on the bed behind her and was about to slip in until she said “Please take it slow, I’m still a virgin.” What luck, not only was I gonna do it with a hot celeb, I was about to do it with a virgin. I slowly pushed into her cunt until smoething stopped me, I hit her cherry. I looked at her and waited for her approval, she nodded and I thrusted in and broke her cherry. She cried in pain, but quickly stopped as I began to pump in and out of her cunt. Her cires began to turn in moans as I carresed her firm breast as I continued to fuck her. Soon, Larisa was shouting “OH ALEX! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I’M ABOUT TO CUM. I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She was cumming in floods. Then I also was about to cum and shot my load into her wet cunt. I pulled out and we both lay there exausted and we both fell asleep. When I awoke, she was atop me and was riding me.

“It’s about time. I’ve cum already 3 more times and you didn’t even wake up once.” She said as she giggled. As soon as I moved, she came once more, and that was it for me as I shot my load once more into her. She got off and layed beside me.

“You were amazing” She proclaimed.

“Well, being with you was amazing.” I replied. We both stood up and got dressed. I had to borrow one of her nightshirts once I found my shirt torn in the coner of the room. As I walked out of the bedroom. She called out “What about your pay?”

“It’s on the house and don’t be afraid to call me if you need help!” I answered.

“Trust me, if you’re always this good. I’ll be calling you all the time” She replied. I laughed as I left and headed to my hotel room. As I walked into my room. I flopped onto my bed and fell asleep, reminicing of what happened earlier.

The End.

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