At A Campsite

Fic Title:At A Campsite

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Pairing:Sharon Lawrence/Erika Eleniak/m


Summary:While his buddy is gathering some more wood for their fire,one of the campers suddenly finds himself having a truly close encounter with a pair of alien beauties.

Warnings:Male/female sex,female/female sex,strong language


If I’m mistaken,if anybody dares tell somebody else about something that only happens to a person on Jack Webb’s very own 1978 TV series PROJECT U.F.O. and that one person has suddenly been called a crazed crackpot,then that little piece
of evidence should be able to convince the rest of us that the USAF’s own Project Bluebook is really still in operation and investigating possible U.F.O. sightings within the entire United States.

The story that you’re about to read is a case in point about one of those encounter experiences that had happened at a campsite inside a Montana national park to a good friend of mine named Dennis Schroader on the evening of June 29th,which was after the both of us had finished eating our supper,looked at the campfire and discovered that we might need some more wood for it.

And of course,after Dennis had told me that he was tired and went into his tent to turn in early,I had volunteered myself to go into the woods and find some loose branches and stuff for us to keep the fire going.

But then,after I had left the campsite and started collecting enough wood that we need for the fire,a strange humming noise had caused me to turn around and spot a large green glow coming from the campsite.

Now,to tell each and every one of you the truth,I was so awestruck by both the glow and the humming sound that I was unable to tell you exactly how long I was standing right where I was and staring at that thing.

But after the glow has suddenly disappeared and the humming sound has been replaced by the sound of something zooming itself away from the scene,I had dropped what I was doing,ran back to the campsite and checked to see if Dennis was alright.

Then,after I had discovered that Dennis was still in his tent and no harm had came to him,I had also noticed the look of shock on his face,which had caused me to ask Dennis what had happened to him.

What you’re now about to read is the fantastic story about what had happened to him in exactly the same words that he had used to tell me.


After we had finished eating our supper and noticed that we might need some more wood for our campfire,I had suddenly felt sleepy and decided to turn in early,causing you to volunteer to go into the woods and get some more wood for the fire.

Anyway,after you had left camp to go get the wood,I had gone into my tent,got into my sleeping bag,closed my eyes and went to sleep,only to suddenly be woken-up by a strange humming-sound and discovering that the entire campsite was being bathed in a strange green glow.

Of course,I was about to get out of my sleeping bag,step out of my tent and go looking for you,but some bizzare and unseen force has prevented me to do so,while the doorway of my tent had unzipped itself and allowed two humanoid beings to step into the tent.

And then,after I had discovered that one of them had looked exactly like Sharon Lawrence–one of the babes on NYPD BLUE–and the second one was the exact duplicant of a BAYWATCH babe named Erika Eleniak,the first thought that had popped into my head was to crack a smile,for two of Hollywood’s hottest babes were standing over me.

But then suddenly,after I had spotted one of female humanoids raise up her hand and used a small glowing orb to unzip my sleeping bag,I had suddenly realized that they were not exactly what I had figured them to be.

Then,after they had removed their strange-looking spacesuits and laid their nude bodies next to mine,the first space-babe had placed her hand on my head and told me not to panic,for I had been selected to help them do an experiment in human sexuality.

That was just before they had removed each and every bit of my clothing from my bare-ass naked bod and noticed how stiff my cock had suddenly gotten,causing the second space-babe to start sucking on it,while the first space-babe had placed herself on top of me and allowed me to start licking on her hot,wet pussy.

And then,after the first space-babe had started running her hands all over the second space-babe’s bare back,I had suddenly realized that I was experiencing something that I had never experienced with two women from outer space before,for I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after the second space-babe has allowed me to start licking on her hot,moist snatch and place my stone hard dick inside her partner’s cunt,she had started sucking on the first space-babe’s tits,causing her partner to place one of her hands on the second space-babe’s bare back and the other hand on my bare shoulder and started begging me to make them wanna cum.

And then,after we had started moving ourselves harder and faster and our lovemaking has reached its final voyage to the stars,the three of us had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

Then suddenly,after I was finally able to catch my breath,I had suddenly noticed that my two newfound bi-sexual lovers had gotten their spacesuits back on,stepped out of the tent and disappeared along with the humming sound and the green glow.


Well,folks.There you have it.So,what do you think?Was it an actual encounter with an extraterestrial intellegence or just some dumb-ass prick’s out-of-this-world sex fantasy?You decide.


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