At First Sight

Disclaimer: I can’t claim that any of what follows actually happened. I just love thinking that it did.


May 2012

Ashley awoke early, early enough for the first morning sunlight to creep into her bedroom. She looked to her left and drank in the sight, the smooth naked back of the blonde still asleep beside her.

Ashley smiled to herself. She loved waking up first. Slowly she slid closer, pressing her own naked body gently against the blonde’s back. As she did, she slid her left arm carefully underneath, reaching all the way around until she could grip the big beautiful left breast. Softly she massaged it, reveling as always in its incredible luscious fullness.

Letting her chin rest on the right shoulder, she paused a  moment to inhale the sweet scent of her hair, then inched her mouth closer to the ear. “Aly,” she whispered. No response. “Aly. It’s morning. Wake up.” Still asleep.

Smiling to herself again, Ashley continued the soft massaging with her left hand, and let her right trail lightly down the blonde, caressing the flat tummy, the swell of her hip, the long perfect thighs… Finally, she reached her destination, her slim fingers slipping through the tight blonde curls until she found the softest part of her. Slowly she traced the edges of the sweet hot slit and, her body pressed tightly against her now, she could feel her breathing change, growing rapid and excited. The long legs parted and she slipped two fingers inside, eagerly rubbing the already hot wet pussy walls as her thumb found the quickly swelling clit.

The blonde gasped and threw her head back. Ashley craned her head forward and buried her face in the other’s throat. Fully awake now, the blonde growled “Mmmmm, mmmore!” Ashley gripped her breast more tightly, rubbing the excited nipple, and thrust the fingers of her right hand deeper and harder into the steamy pussy. Stretching her neck as far forward as she could, her lips found the sensitive pulse point and she sucked eagerly on it.

“Ashley!!!” uttered the blonde, the sound somewhere between a shriek and a groan. Ashley felt her buck, tremble, stiffen, and finally collapse in her arms.

It took a few minutes until the blonde could regain her breath. Ashley squirmed tighter against her, her hands soothing and caressing, still unable to get enough of the delicious flesh. Finally she swirled around and faced her. She pulled Ashley close and kissed her hungrily.

“Good morning, Miss Tisdale,” said Aly.

Ashley giggled. “Good morning, Miss Michalka. Did you like your wake-up present?”

“Mmm-hmmm! My birthday was weeks ago, but if that’s how you make up for being late, I’m all for it.”

“It’s not for your birthday. It’s an anniversary. Two years. The day I first met you.’

Aly smiled. “And the day you fell in love with me.”

“Don’t brag. It’s not a contest.”

“If it was, I would still win, ” said Aly. “After all, I fell in love with you first.”

“Lucky me,” said Ashley, and warmly kissed her. “If it wasn’t for that, none of this would have ever happened.”


Two years earlier, April 2010

“So what do you think?” came the agent’s voice over the phone.

Ashley looked again at the script in her hand. “They really want me for this Hellcats show?”

“You and only you. If you say yes, it’s on the CW schedule for the fall.”

“I don’t have to test or audition? Not even an interview?”

“Nope. They’ve already shot the pilot and liked it. Except for the actress playing the Savannah character. They want to recast her and insist that you’re the girl for it. They say they won’t do it without you.”

Ashley was stunned. An entire prime-time network show, all riding on her decision? “Someone over at the CW must really like me,” she said.

“At least. So, what do I tell them?”

She paused. It was a good script, and a good character. And she’d been dying to break out from Disney. “Send over the contracts.”

“Beautiful. I’ll give them a call.”

“Oh, Sid, one other thing…”


“I’m playing the Savannah Monroe character. But do you know who’s playing the other main character, Marti Perkins?”

“Oh, yeah, they told me. It’s Alyson Michalka. You must know her, right?”

“No, we’ve never met. Disney’s a bigger place than you’d think.”

“Anything else?”

“No. I’ll wait for the messenger with the contracts.”

She hung up. Hmm. Aly Michalka. It was strange that they’d never met. Disney actually wasn’t that big. Then she remembered someone who had. She picked her phone back up and hit 6 on the speed dial.


“Brenda, it’s Ashley.”

“Hi, sweetie,” said Brenda Song. “How’ve you been?”

“Big news. I’ve got a series. Prime time on the CW.”

“Congratulations! Wanna go out and celebrate?”

“Maybe later. I wanted to ask you about something. You worked with Alyson Michalka, right?”

“Aly? Sure, for a year on Phil Of The Future. Why?”

“She’s going to be my co-star. What’s she like?”

“Aly’s terrific!”

“”No ego trips or diva crap?”

“Aly? She’s a sweetheart! Believe me, you’re gonna love her!”


One week later, May 2010

“Miss Tisdale? …. Miss Tisdale, are you okay?”

Ashley looked dazedly over at the overly solicitous assistant the network had assigned to her. Until a few seconds ago it had been a normal press junket, typical of all the others she’d had to endure: nervous network functionaries running around massaging the press, the random questions, mini-interviews, and photo ops. All the usual chaos.

And then She had walked in.

Ashley had a vague idea of what Aly Michalka looked like. From the few times she had seen her on television, she had an image of a pretty blonde teenager with big blue eyes. There came a brief commotion, a burst of cameras clicking, and she looked over to see this … goddess, standing at the other side of the room!

For a few seconds all she could do was stare. Poured into a purple and blue striped dress that flattered every astounding curve and short enough to show off her sensational legs, Aly was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. She smiled for the cameras, and Ashley could feel her heart pound, the rushing blood making her whole body vibrate, as if she had been hit by lightning.

“Um … what?” she managed to say to the assistant.

“Are you okay?” he repeated. “You looked like you were about to faint.”

“Uh … maybe I could use some water,” she said, and he dashed off to get some. She looked across the room again at Aly.

Ashley had been around enough beautiful girls to think about them sexually. But it had never gone beyond idle speculation. And she had never had a feeling about anyone, male or female, like what was flooding through her now. It was like some crazy fever: She wanted to grab Aly, tear her clothes off, cover her with kisses, feel every inch of her naked body against her own…

Suddenly Ashley realized that Aly had glanced over and was now smiling at her. Oh God, she thought, she’s coming over here! As she crossed the room toward her, Ashley felt a crazy combination of terror and bliss. What could she possibly say to this impossible blonde vision?

“Ashley Tisdale! Finally!” exclaimed Aly as she finally reached her. “I’ve wanted to meet you for so long,” she said, taking both of Ashley’s hands in hers. Ashley felt her heart pound faster. Up close, Aly was even more rapturously beautiful. She looked into her eyes and realized they weren’t blue, but an incredible deep green, the color of the ocean after a storm. She tried to get her breath, but it didn’t help: She inhaled and Aly even smelled wonderful.

“You okay?” asked the blonde. “Fine, “Ashley managed to say. “Just a little frazzled. You know, all these people.”

The assistant returned with the water and Ashley gratefully grabbed the bottle and took a few swallows.

“A little bird told me you were asking about me, ” said Aly. “A little Song-bird,” she added with a teasing smile.

Ashley smiled back. “Brenda talks way too much,” she answered.

“According to her, we’re going to be great together. Shall we prove it to them?” She slipped her arm around Ashley’s shoulders and turned them both toward the waiting photographers. As they snapped away, Ashley wondered if the next day’s pictures would just show two actresses posing for the press, or one woman suddenly crazy about another.


Six weeks later, June 2010

“Cut.” The director looked … displeased. “You okay, Ashley?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

Ashley sighed. The first day of shooting and three straight ruined takes? This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

The last month and a half had been a whirlwind of activity, all the craziness attached to selling a new series to the media: interviews, meet-and-greets, photo sessions.

And at every one, there was Aly.

Brenda was right. Aly was a doll, so sweet, warm, and funny that Ashley would sometimes forget her lust and just enjoy being around her. Soon she realized it wasn’t just desire; she was losing her heart, too. Which somehow made things worse. Aly never gave a sign that she was interested in her as anything more than a friend, or if she was even into girls. And the interviews and photo ops became a nightmare for Ashley when she realized that she couldn’t hide her feelings from the cameras. When she saw the pictures posted and the pieces on the infotainment shows she would cringe, sure that everyone could see the lovesick expression on her face every time she looked at her co-star. Every day she expected some blind item on the gossip blogs: “Has the House of Disney become the House of Lesbos? What now-grown-up Disney beauty has fallen hopelessly for her sexy female co-star, also a Mouse House graduate?”

But this morning had been the worst of all. Ashley prided herself on being a professional. She had been performing since she was a child. She didn’t mess up scenes or forget lines. But just looking at Aly destroyed her concentration. On the last take she had looked into those ocean eyes, stared at the shell-pink lips, and suddenly had an image of the shore, with Aly emerging from the waves like Venus, naked, walking toward her … Oh, God, where was she?!

She looked around at the waiting crew, embarassed. “Sorry. Sorry, everybody.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright,” said the director. “First day, we’re all a little nervous.” He didn’t sound very convincing to Ashley. They’d already gotten rid of one Savannah. If she couldn’t do the job, who’s to say they wouldn’t …

“Would you like to take a break?” he asked

“I don’t think…”

“I have an idea,” piped up Aly. They turned to look at her. “Why don’t we play it like in a romantic comedy?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know how in a romantic comedy, when the couple first meets they fight, but you can see that they’re really incredibly attracted to each other? Marti and Savannah are fighting now, but we know they’re going to become best friends, right? So why don’t we play the mutual attraction?”

The director nodded slightly, then turned to Ashley. Do a scene  where she was incredibly attracted to the other girl and couldn’t hide it, no matter what? She could play that, she thought. Oh boy, could she play that!

“Let’s try it,’ she said.

They started the scene again and suddenly everything was perfect. She looked passionately at Aly and forgot to be nervous. Shot, reverse shot, close-ups; in twenty minutes it was all done. After she snapped off her last line and the director yelled “Cut,” the crew burst out in spontaneous applause. She smiled over at Aly, who grinned back.

“That’s more like it!” shouted the director, who was applauding, too. “I didn’t know whether you were going to punch each other out or rip each other’s clothes off. That’s lunch. Take a long one. You earned it.”

Ashley felt almost giddy as she walked off the set. She heard footsteps patter up behind her, slowed her pace and turned to look.

It was Aly. “That was terrific,” she said, smiling hugely.

Ashley felt her heart begin pounding again, but it didn’t make her nervous this time. “It was, wasn’t it?” she said. “That was a great suggestion.”

“Thanks. Listen, can we talk? Privately?”

Ashley stopped. Her heart pounded harder. “Um, okay. About what?”

“There’s something I have to ask you.” She grabbed Ashley’s hand. “Here.” They reached an open doorway. “In my dressing room.” She pulled her into the room and quickly closed the door behind them. Ashley turned and looked up expectantly at the blonde. She suddenly looked … nervous.

“What is it?” This was strange. Aly was always so forthright and confident. She stared at the floor. “I … um …”


“I … ,” She raised her eyes to Ashley’s. “I … Oh, hell!” She stepped forward, took Ashley’s face firmly into her hands, and an instant later her lips were on hers in a full passionate kiss.

For a half-second Ashley was too astonished to think. Then she stopped trying to. She parted her lips and surrendered to Aly’s luscious mouth. She felt the other girl’s tongue enter and ecstatically rubbed hers against it.

Her arms were now wrapped around Aly as she pulled their bodies tighter together. Her legs parted and she pressed her now-burning crotch against Aly’s smooth thigh and, unable to control herself, rubbed eagerly against it.

The kiss grew hotter, hungrier. Aly’s arms were now folded tightly around the back of her neck. Her tongue plunged deeper, harder, and Ashley sucked on it, savoring the sweetness. The hardened nipples of her breasts rubbed against Aly’s and she could feel the answering hardness through the cloth. The heat , the need, between her legs was growing intolerable. Aly’s mouth, the feel of her body, were too delicious for her to hold back much longer.

Finally Aly pulled her mouth away, gasping for air. Ashley looked up into her eyes. They blazed like green fire. “Oh, Ashley,” she panted. “Oh God, I’ve been wanting to do that since … since …”

“The first day?” said Ashley.

The green eyes grew wider. “You, too?”

“Omigod yes!” exhaled Ashley. ‘From the second I saw you at the network upfront. You?”

Aly smiled wryly. “From before that.”

“What? How? We never met before that.”

Aly looked sheepish, almost shy. “I’ve had the biggest crush on you for so long. All the time we were at Disney.”

“Did Brenda know? If she knew and didn’t tell me, I swear I’ll …”

“No, no. I didn’t have the nerve to tell anyone, or even talk to you. But when the role of Savannah came open, I told everyone here you were perfect for it: the director, the writers, the producers, the network brass …”

“You were the one who recommended me?”

“I practically begged them. I was hoping that maybe, if I spent some time with you, you might …,” She gazed adoringly down at Ashley. “And you do!”

Ashley felt as if her heart were going to explode. “Oh, yes!” she breathed, and pulled Aly’s mouth blissfully back to hers.


Present day again, May 2012

Gently, but without releasing her hold on Ashley’s body, Aly rolled her onto her back. She let herself settle on top, their bodies pressed against each other from toes to shoulders. She gazed hungrily down into the soft brown eyes and smiled at the eager look she got in return. She dropped her lips onto Ashley’s, softly at first, then harder, deeper. She could never seem to get enough of that delicious mouth. “Sweet, delicious” was all she could think as she kissed her again, then again. As she did, she slowly rocked up and down, rubbing their bodies against each other, breasts to breasts, belly to belly … She could hear Ashley groan beneath her at the wonderful friction, and feel her part her legs, letting Aly’s hot slick pussy lips and excited clit slide more tightly against her own.

Reluctantly, Aly pulled her head back to catch her breath. “You taste so good,” she murmured.

“All of me does,” returned Ashley with a meaningful look. Aly grinned back. She knew what that meant.

Aly slowly let her body slide down Ashley’s, planting eager kisses as she went: her delicate chin, her neck, the hollow of her throat. She paused at the luscious breasts. She couldn’t resist the juicy flesh, licking and sucking each one, gently biting the adorable pink nipples until Ashley squealed, then covering each with more kisses, the full soft lips both soothing and exciting her.

She placed one last kiss between the breasts, lingering a few more seconds to savor the feeling of flesh around her, then resumed kissing her way down the smooth flat belly. As she did she slid her hands down Ashley’s back until she reached her ass. God, how she loved that ass! There were times she would walk behind her and could barely restrain herself from grabbing it. So ripe, so perfect! She dug her fingers into the beautiful cheeks now, glorying in the firm skin. She could have happily played with it for hours, but now she had something even more delicious in front of her.

Ashley’s legs were spread wide open now. Aly could see the pink lips already glistening. Unable to hold back, she plunged her face against it, burying her nose inside the sweet slit, inhaling the musky scent until she felt almost drunk on it. She sank her tongue deep inside, rubbing it against the hot inner walls, ecstatically licking up the sweet juices. She could feel Ashley begin to quiver, hear her letting out soft gasps. Aly licked harder, rubbing, kissing, sucking. She found the hardened nub of her clit and sealed her lips around it, sucking hard until she felt it spasm against her lips and hear Ashley’s happy cry. More sweet juice gushed and Aly greedily lapped it up, plunging her tongue inside again and again, rubbing the hot wet flesh until she could feel another spasm against her and hear another joyful shriek.

Gasping for air, Aly slid back up, again letting her body settle onto Ashley’s. Ashley looked up adoringly at her and Aly gently slipped her tongue between her parted lips, letting her share the wonderful pussy juice.

“Mmm, I do taste good,” she said.

Aly kissed her again, warmly, deeply. She began to rock her body against hers again and felt Ashley wrap her legs around her.

It was going to be a long, wonderful morning.

The End

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