At The Chocolate Factory

At the Chocolate Factory

Omari and Davida decided to take a day off and since they were getting close and everybody was suspecting they were fucking behind close doors. But they weren’t they wer just close friend.

Well anyway the decide to tak a trip to some chocolate factory. They walked in and the first thing they saw was body painting. Omari being the freak he is suggested that they should go for it. So they got a room and Davida sat on the table/bed thing as they wait for someone to help them. Omari stood between Davida legs and smiled as he kissed her forehead. She smiled at him and kissed him. He kissed
her back as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They continued kissed until some man walked into tha room. He gives them the following: 3 tubes of chocolate, 3 tubes of strawberry chocolate, 3 bottles of whip cream, a brush, 3 things of strawberries, hell and more chocolate. The man leaves and Omari laid Davida back on tha table/bed thing.

Omari took Davida’s jean jacket off tear her wife beater and pulled off her jean skirt off. Omari got tha chocolate tube and start to put chocolate ova her body. He began at tha top, he squeezed chocolate all ova her breast and then make a trail down the center of her stomach. He stopped right at her belly button and take off her thong, making sure she didn’t mess up his trail of chocolate. He then opened her legs and squeezed chocolate on her thighs. He then took tha whip cream and over-lapped the chocolate. But with tha whip cream Omari put some on her nipple. Then put took 2 cherries and put them on her nipples. After he was done he started to take his design off. He begin to kiss her and make his way down to her breast when her reach her breast he licked around her breast 3 times before getting the chocolate off. After tha chocolate was off Davida’s breast he worked on her nipple. He licked tha whip cream from both nipples but kept a little on so that the cherries would stay on and so he could go back to them. He kept going until he reached her belly button he licked inside getting all tha chocolate out but makin her moan. He continued, making it to her thighs and began to lick her inner thigh after he was done getting all tha chocolate he then turn her horizontal.

He pulled her down a little from of tha bed and spread her legs open. He then get the whip cream and put some on tha lips of her pussy. Then began to open her lips and begin to licked and sucked the whip cream, Davida moan as he rubbed her thighs and played with her clit. She rubbed the back of his head as you continued to play with her clit. He then got back to her breast and continued what he started. He took the cherries from her nipples and place them in her mouth and then told her to not eat them. Omari sucked and licked the whip cream off her breast and begin to kiss her. He then pulled her up and took one of the cherries out of her mouth, she ate the other one even though Omari told her not too, and began to play with the cherry with his tongue. Davida then kissed Omari and took the cherry out of his mouth and threw it behind her, she then pulled him close to her and took off his clothes.

Davida take off his shirt and pants and got down from the table/bed and Omari laid down on it, he was naked, she get on top of him and place his dick inside of her. She then took the bottle of strawberry chocolate and make a trail from his chest to his lower stomach. She started from the top and lick her way to his chest. Then reached his stomach. She got off ya dick and put some strawberry chocolate on the lower part of his dick. Then took the whip cream and put some on the head of his dick. She began to lick the whip cream off tha tip off and Omari began to moan and run his fingers through her hair. She then began to suck the chocolate off his dick as he moan louder. She sucked harder and harder as Omari began pushing her head. She sucked his dick a little more and then got back on his dick and began to ride him. She picked up a strawberry and put it in her mouth. She leaned over and Omari took the other half and began to eat it. After tha strawberry was gon they fell into a kiss and Omari get on top and they fucked like that for a good minute or so then they get up and went home. Of course they brung all the chocolate and stuff with them so they could have more fun.

I hope you liked, I might add more, but I dunno. If you think I should email me

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