At The MTV Icon Show 2002

At The MTV Icon Show 2002

by: ZoRaX

Disclaimer: This story is solely a work of fiction. It’s not meant to suggest any knowledge of the sexual practices or preferences of anyone depicted in it! Please don’t sue. If you’re too young in your city, county, state, region, or country to read such material, please turn away now.

Shakira went directly to her dressing room after her successful live part, singing, Aerosmith’s hit “Dude (Look like a lady)”. She was both happy and tired at the same time. She opened the door to the dressing room and there stood Pink putting on her scene clothes.
– How did it go? Pink asked curiously. – It was great! Everyone loved it! Shakira answered. – I must go, its time for me to sing, “Janie’s got a gun”. Pink said rushing for the door. – Good luck! As she ran for the stage I went for Shakira’s dressing room. I knocked on the door and said that it was the masseur. Come on in then! Shakira answered. I opened the door and there she stood in her tight pants and black leather shirt. She looked very tired but she gave me a big smile. – Can you massage my back? Shakira asked. – Of course, please take of your shirt and bra and lay down on the massage desk. I said. I turned around and looked away as she undressed and laid down on the desk, placing her face in the hole in it. I smeared my hands with massage oil and started massage her back. She was a bit tensed. – That feels so good. Shakira said. We talk of her career and our interests. After a while we start to talk about sex and relationships.

– So, are you single? Shakira asked me. – Yes I am. I replied. – Then we have something in common; I have been single in about two months now, and I really need a guy! Shakira said. As we talk more about our sexual lusts I can feel my cock harden inside my pants and Shakira is noticing it directly, as her face is only some inches away from my pants. She can feel her own pussy get wet, feeling my hands all over her back and looking at my stiffening cock in front of her. – I want you to relax. Shakira said and let her hands undoing my zipper. Feeling her hands on me made my cock even stiffer. When my pants and boxers dropped to the floor she stuck out her tongue and started licking at my cock. I got closer to the massage desk and now Shakira took my cock in her mouth. I continued to massage her back as I felt the incredible feeling of her mouth around my member. Her tongue is all over my cock as she uses her hands under the desk, jerking me off. I could feel that she had done this a couple of times before because it didn’t took me long to cum. Shakira swallowed it right down her throat and licked my cock clean. As she looks up she looks straight at Pink, who had sneaked in to the dressing room and was watching us! – I want to get some massage, but I’m going to take a shower first. Pink says with a big smile and goes in to the bathroom. Shakira turns around and lies down on her back. I take off her pants and her panties, noticing a clean-shaven pussy. I climb over Shakira and lay down on her, letting my hard cock enter her slowly. Shakira moaned as she felt my cock slide into her. When I had buried my whole cock inside of her our lips met and we shared a long kiss. As I started to pump her she moaned and let her head fall back, making her breasts come up in the air. They where not as small and humble as she sings in her hit “Whenever, wherever”! They where well shaped and I had to taste them! I licked on her areolas, making her nipples hard. Shakira moaned as I pumped her as fast as I could and then she started shivering, as she had an orgasm. – So, you want to have a piece of this? Pink said. I looked up seeing Pink smiling, in front of us in a towel. As I withdrew from Shakira, Pink let the towel fall to the ground, showing her wonderful body. I went up to her and kissed her, our tongues played with each other as our hands grabbed each other’s ass. Pink turned around and grabbed my hard cock and showed it to her anus. – I’m a naughty girl and I want your big cock up my ass! She said. I pushed my cock inside of her very tight ass. Pink screamed in pain as she felt my cock enter her. I asked her if I should withdraw and lubricate, but she insisted to continue. I forced my whole cock inside of her with a deep thrust, making her scream on top of her lungs. Then she turned her head and we started kissing and I massaged her breasts with my hands. Pink broke the kiss and with a very horny voice she whispered: I want you to fuck my ass really hard! I let my hands travel down from her breasts to her hips and started pumping her hard and slow. She moaned each time I buried my cock inside of her. As I increased my pace I pulled her close each time I entered her. We both moaned and I knew that I was going to cum. I stopped and let her do the job. After awhile I cum right into her ass! I fell down on the floor exhausted and Pink laid down taking care of my cock. First she explored my balls licking and sucking at them. She did a great job! Then she deep throated my cock, she got it all the way in her mouth on the first try! Each time she got down on it, I could feel my cock going down her throat! I can tell that she was a bit more experienced then Shakira. She stopped and sat down on my rock hard cock. She was so horny, that it slid right in her soaking wet pussy! She started to ride me and then Shakira came straddling my face. When I licked at her pussy, I heard her and Pink kissing each other. They were moaning as they worked their bodies up and down on my tongue and cock. I was in heaven, having these two beautiful women using me to satisfy their sexual lusts. When Pink told us that she was close, the two women changed places with each other. It didn’t take long for Pink to cum on my tongue and all over my face. I licked it all up. Then Shakira told me that she was so close and I could tell that I was going to cum really soon too. They stood up and Shakira stood on all four and I got behind her. – I’m also a naughty girl. She said smiling back at me. I smiled and took hold of my cock and plunged it in her anus. I grabbed Shakira’s hips and forced her against me, making my cock find its way inside of her ass. As it slid all the way in, Shakira bit on her lower lip so she didn’t scream. Pink crawled under Shakira and started to eat her out and Shakira returned the favour. I slowly withdraw my cock just letting the head stay inside Shakira, and then I pushed it all the way in with a hard thrust. I continued to do this a while and every time I withdraw I could feel Pink’s tongue all over my cock! I pumped Shakira’s ass harder and harder as I could feel that I was about to cum anytime now. Shakira moaned as Pink’s tongue and my cock worked in and out of her. And then she cum, screaming in ecstasy. Her assmuscles started to milk my cock and I cum deep into her ass. Shakira turned around smiling at me as she took my cock in her hands and licked at the head, tasting her own ass. Pink’s face was covered in Shakira’s juices as she crawled next to her and helped cleaning my cock. When they were done we all lay down on the floor, kissing each other until we fell asleep.

When I got up next morning I heard the girls in the small bathroom. There I saw Pink against the glass door showing of her nice breasts as Shakira stood behind her rubbing every inch of her body. I opened the glass door and went in and the two beauties smiled at me. – Do you want to rub me with soap too? I asked. – Sure, they sad in unison. Shakira walked behind me and Pink stood close in front of me. Then they started to move up and down on me with their soap soaked bodies. Pink smiled as she could feel my stiffening cock against her naked body. She looked deep into my eyes as she reached down with one hand and rubbed it, then we kissed. – Fuck my pussy from behind, please. She said. I turned Pink around and pressed her up on the glass wall. Shakira stood next to her as I slowly let my cock enter Pink’s pussy. When it was buried into her I withdraw and placed myself behind Shakira giving her the same treatment. As I stood behind Pink again I pushed my cock inside her ass in one hard thrust and before she knew it, of the pain I did to her, I was deep inside Shakira’s lovely ass. I loved their screams. When I once more stood behind Pink she grabbed my cock in her hand and squeezed it very hard. – Don’t do that when I am not ready! She said. – Yes, I said in pain. As she let go of my cock I placed it in her pussy and slowly pumped it in and out. Then I walked over to Shakira. – Continue to fuck me in my ass, I really got horny when I felt the pain you just caused! Shakira said. I gladly obeyed and forced my cock inside of her tight ass. I fucked her hard; she screamed in pain and encouraged me to fuck her even harder, which I did. I fucked her with slow hard thrusts, which made her moan. With some deep thrusts I withdraw and cum all over her back. I turned on the shower and we washed off all the soap on us. Pink licked Shakira’s back clean and shared it with her in a passionate kiss. We got out of the shower and I lay down on the massage desk, thinking of what just had happened in the shower. Pink came up to me and asked if there wasn’t anything I had forgotten. I smiled as she let the towel fall to the ground and reminded me that I had forgot all about her in the shower. She crawled on top on me and grinded her crotch against mine. It didn’t take before she could feel my cock get hard under her and she showed it in her pussy and started riding me. I sat up and started kissing her breasts and her neck. But after awhile Pink pressed her whole body over me, making me get on my back. We squeezed our hands hard against each other’s, as she started riding me faster and faster. Then she sat up and closed her eyes as she continued riding my cock. I started to rub my hands all over her wonderful body. I squeezed her breasts in my hands and played with her areolas with my thumbs. Then I grabbed her lovely ass in my hands, lifting her up and down, making her moan. Then she said that she was going to cum any minute now. With that in my mind I started to pump her at the same time I lifted her up and down. – Oh shit I’m cumming! Pink screamed. I held her still as her body quivered in a huge orgasm. – That was amazing! Pink said and got down on the floor. – Didn’t you forget something? I said to Pink, as I stood in front of her. She looked straight at my rock hard cock and smiled. – So, how do you want me to help you? She said. I asked her if she had been breast fucked anytime before. – No, but I really want to try it someday. She replied. I told her to lie down on the floor as I placed myself on top of her. I placed my cock between her lovely breasts and she squeezed them together. I fucked her breast in a slow pace and every time I got close to her, she licked at the cock head. Then I stopped and she continued to lick at my cock, Pink looked into my eyes and saw how much I liked what she was doing. I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and spit right in her open mouth. – Use this when you take care of my cock. I said to her. I continued to breast fuck her and she continued licking on my cock. I could feel that I was about to cum and with some fast pumps between her breasts I shot cum all over her mouth, neck and breasts. I stood up as Shakira lay down on Pink, licking her body clean and their tongues met in a hot French kiss. Then I got dressed and took a picture on them lying there naked on the floor as they smiled at me with cum hanging between their mouths. I said goodbye and they promised to call me anytime they needed a good massage. Then I rushed to my next customer, Jennifer Love Hewitt. But that’s another story‚Ķ

/ The End

This is my first attempt to write a sex novel and I hoped you liked it. I’m not so good at English grammar though. If you have comments or ideas on this or forthcoming novels mail me at:

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