At The Party

(This is a work of fiction. It did not take place, nor shall it ever take place no matter how much the author would enjoy viewing it. I repeat This is a work of FICTION.)

At The Party

Kate Beckinsale was bored out of her mind. Stephen Sommers threw magnificent parties but none of the Van Helsing cast had been able to make it leaving her with no one to talk to. “You look bored.” The voice startled Kate out of her stupor. Turning she found her self looking into the beautiful eyes Rachel Weisz.

“No… Well yes.” Rachel chuckled. “It’s just that I don’t know any one here except Stephen and
well…” She waved in Sommers direction. He was talking animatedly with a group of men.

“No need to explain to me, I’m not exactly enjoying my self either.” A man came by with champagne and both women took some, sipping it they told stories of working on a Sommers movie. As they talked Kate found her gaze constantly drifting to Rachel’s chest. Her dress was cut very low and revealed what Kate would normally have considered to much, but for what ever reason she was finding the view of Wiesz’s breasts quite appealing. She was shocked when she realized she was hoping for a glimpse of her nipples. She quickly tore her eyes away and nearly gasped when she noticed Rachel’s eyes on her breasts.

“You want to go some where?” She tried to sound seductive. Rachel looked into her eyes a smile spreading across her soft lips.

“That depends on where we’re going.” Their was no mistaking the lust in her voice.

“I’ve got a room in the hotel not far from here.” They left the party as quietly as possible. Practically running down the hall they began pressing furiously at the buttons to call an elevator. Almost immediately one opened and they hurried in. Rachel pressed her self against her kissing her passionately. It was the greatest kiss Kate had ever had. Rachel’s lips tasted wonderful and her tongue danced splendidly on her own lips only teasing her tongue. Kate tried to force her tongue into Rachel’s mouth only to have the other woman nip at it and pull back a look on her face seeming to say not yet.

The doors opened again and they rushed out of the building. As her hotel was only a couple of blocks away Kate had walked. Rachel took her hand her hurried her to the parking lot. Quickly climbing into the car Rachel speed to Kate’s hotel and they rushed to the elevators. They weren’t as lucky to have on to them selves this time and had to contain their lust until they reached Kate’s floor. Running down the hall they nearly broke the door down getting into the room.

They stumbled their way to the bed kissing furiously. Rachel’s fingers felt around her back hunting for the zipper to Kate’s dress. Pulling away Rachel nearly tore the dress from Kate’s body. Her eyes appraised her body hungrily taking in the black panties Kate had on to her naked breasts. She licked her lips then leaned in kissing Kate’s breasts. Already horny the feel of Rachel’s soft lips on her erect nipples made her pussy drip. A slight moan of pleasure slipped past her lips as Rachel teased her breasts moving up her neck bringing her luscious lips to her mouth her tongue again teasing Kate’s mouth.

Suddenly she pushed the other girl onto the bed and her lips turned up in a lust filled smile. Reaching behind her she unzipped her own dress letting it slide slowly to her ankles, her body now revealed in all it’s naked splendor. Her nipples were hard and just was beautiful as the breasts they adorned. Looking lower Kate saw the perfectly trimmed hair of Rachel’s bush. She wished Rachel would straddle her face giving her a view of her pussy. “It’s time to loose those panties love. I want to see it.”

“I want to see yours.” Kate retorted. Rachel laughed at her.

“Horny little one aren’t you? That’s not the way this works though.” Climbing on to the bed she began kissing Kate’s stomach softly moving down she began to pull Kate’s panties down. As she passed she blew softly on Kate’s pussy causing her lower lip to tremble. Continuing down she kissed at Kate’s thighs driving the her wild with desire. “I think I’m going to keep these.” Rachel said with a grin tossing the panties off to the side.

“Do what ever you want, just eat me out please.” Kate put as much seductive begging into her voice as she could. Rachel raised an eyebrow and smiling leaned in kissing the inside of Kate’s thigh and the edges of her pussy. Kate let out a whimper of longing and Rachel flicked her tongue at her pussy. Kate let out a moan of pleasure, this seemed to inspire Rachel as she began to lick furiously at her pussy. Her tongue massaging Kate’s pussy and clit. Her chest heaved as she moaned in her ecstasy her hips thrashing wildly in her delight. “OH GOD! I’M CUMMING!” She cried as Rachel brought her over the peak bringing her to orgasm her hands flying down pulling Rachel’s head into her pussy as she lapped up the effects of her work.

Lying there enjoying the after effects of her orgasm she looked up into Rachel’s smiling face, her chin covered in Kate’s pussy juice. “You still want to see my pussy?” Kate’s lust came rushing back at the tone of Rachel’s pussy and she sat up kissing her the her beautiful breasts. Shifting her around she pushed Rachel onto the bed gazing hungrily at her pussy. She couldn’t remember desiring something more in her life. Leaning in closer she could smell Rachel’s pussy, to her surprise it enticed her greatly. She took in every detail with her eyes noticing how Rachel’s bush glistened with her lust. “Don’t tell me you just want to look? I need some pleasure to you know.” Rachel said with an indignant pout.

Kate slipped her tongue out like she was testing the heat of a pool quickly pulling it back. It tasted wonderful. She dove into the sweet juices with wonton abandon licking every thing her tongue could reach. Tracing circles around the Rachel’s clit she began sucking gently on it flicking it with the tip of her tongue. Rachel moaned in delight spurring Kate on. She began to do every thing she had ever wanted a man to do to her. Rachel’s body thrashed on the bed moans running rampant from her. Looking up Kate took in the sight of Rachel’s breasts heaving as the woman moaned. The sight of them made Kate’s pussy ache with desire and she began licking furiously.

Rachel’s hands moved down pulling Kate’s head into her pussy. “Oh fuck, this is so good.” Kate would have agreed if her mouth had been available for it. Suddenly with a scream of ecstasy Rachel began to orgasm, the juices flooding from her pussy over Kate’s face and she practically fixed her lips to Rachel’s pussy trying desperately to drink them in. Pulling away she wiped the excess juice from her face and licked at her fingers smiling at the dazed look on Rachel’s face. Looking down at the woman’s beautifully heaving breasts she began to rub her own pussy.

“Ready for seconds?” She asked. Rachel licked her lips greedily. It was going to be a long night.

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