At Torrie’s House Part 1

“At Torrie’s House” Part 1

This is an original piece written by The Ultimate Heel
and I have no knowledge of anyone doing anything

I would appreciate if everyone read and gave some
feedback of some sort, even if you despise it.



By the time the divas finished their photo shoot in
the Bahamas, four divas; Torrie, Trish, Stacey, and
Lita had “Shared” their bodies with each other. Torrie
didn’t want it to stop there so she invited them over
her house to start a new. The next day on RAW, Terri
had been handled by Torrie and Lita, and because
of it
she was also invited. And last but not least on the
VIP is Stephanie McMahon, who made a big impression on
both Trish and Torrie after their office run-in!

Part 1: Stephanie’s Arrival

It was 15 minutes past 7:00, and Stephanie was running
late. She was driving her favorite car, a shiny black
Mercedes Benz convertible, not to mention the 22 inch
rims. While stuck in traffic, she had some un-lady
like words for some guy that recognized her and gave
her the famous “Slut” chant. Thus the reason she was
late. She finally pulled up to Torrie’s driveway where
she noticed a few of the divas cars, but most
importantly a pretty nice house, it wasn’t the McMahon
Estate but it was still nice.

Stephanie stepped out of her car and walked towards
the front door. Her brown hair blew from side to side
from the slight winds. But it was 70 degrees, just
perfect for a perfect night to come, and Stephanie was
dressed for the weather. She wore high black cowboy
boots, almost reaching her knees, and skin tight
leather black shorts that highlighted her thick thighs
and pretty nice ass. On top, she wore a black
cotton-like halter top showing off her shoulders and
the almighty “Billion-Dollar Tits”.

She finally arrived at the front of the house and rang
the door bell. A voice from inside said, “I’m coming”,
and Stephanie thought to herself, “I wonder how many
times I’ll hear that tonight.” The door swung open,
and the lady of the house was at the door, Torrie
Wilson, who had on a body tight red dress that ended
at her thighs, revealing her red thong anytime she sat
down without her legs crossed.

“Hey Steph, I thought you were the pizza man,” said

“That would explain that 20 dollars in your hand
then,” replied Steph, as she invited herself in the

“We called the pizza man like 20 minutes ago, and he’s
still not here,” said Torrie pointing Stephanie in the
direction of the living room.

“Yeah, well there’s a lot of traffic out there
tonight, and on my way here, there was this moron that
kept… Oh never mind that,” Steph said as they entered
the living room.

Instantaneous smiles arose on everyone’s faces as they
witnessed the last guest arrive for the party. The
divas including: Stacey, Trish, Torrie, Terri, Lita,
and Stephanie exchanged hello’s and hugs, much more
friendly than they are when they’re at work. Everyone
took a seat on the sofa, chair, or floor as Stephanie

“Torrie, where’s Billy, is he here?”

(Referring to Torrie’s boyfriend Billy Kidman)

“No,” answered Torrie, “I told him to go out with the
boys tonight, and to not come home”

“You trust him that much?” Asked Trish, joining in on
the conversation.

“I guess I do, but if he does cheat on me, I know I
could do a lot better than him, and he knows that.”

Everybody else in the room shouted out OOHS and AHHS,
and laughed at the confident remark by Torrie. Lita
continued the jokes when she said,

“Forget about the pizza, lets just eat Stacey’s legs!”
That got a rise out of everyone as they agreed with

“There would be enough for the whole damn city!” Lita
added, receiving more laughing feedback than the one

“No,” Stacey said when the girls settled down a bit,
“We should eat Stephanie’s breasts!” The focus turned
to Stephanie as they all giggled including Steph, “And
the whole damn world could have some of those!” Stacey
added, as the ladies broke out into laughter again.
After the chuckling died down a bit, Torrie stood up
and said,

“Alright you guys, I wanted to wait for the pizza, but
it’s taking too long. So why don’t we just get the
party started,” she said in a seductive party voice.
“Okay, this is what we’re going to do,” Torrie
continued, while pulling out a box.

“It’s called Truth or Dare: Sexual Exhibitions.
Basically it gives you a crazy list of things to do
and ask, but the difference with this game and the
regular game is, you have to do BOTH truth and dare,
and whoever has the craziest story, and does the
craziest thing gets to do whatever they want to, to
all the participants. We don’t always have to do
everything in the book, but we can just use it as a
guide. So, Who’s gonna be the lucky girl to go first,”
said Torrie asking for everyone’s opinion.

“I think it should be Steph,” Terri replied, “Only
because she arrived late.” Everyone seemed to agree
with Terri’s logical reasoning. So Torrie said,

“Well Steph, it looks like you’re lucky number…”
Torrie was interrupted mid-sentence by a door bell.
“That must be the pizza,” Torrie said, walking towards
the hallway to get to the door.

“Wait Torrie,” Stacey screamed, stopping Torrie in her

“I think I have an idea for Steph’s dare… I think it
would be really funny if Stephanie stripped all the
way down, and walked to the front door nude while
getting the pizza from the guy.”

Stephanie along with the others had shocked looks on
their faces from Stacey’s last second elaborate plan,
as if she had been thinking about this the whole time.

“Well how ‘bout it?” Torrie asked by the hallway.

Stephanie didn’t answer, she just unzipped her boots
and shorts, pulling them from her hips, and out from
around her ankles. Torrie shouted out, “One second,”
as the others gawked at Stephanie taking her top off.
They couldn’t believe she was going to do it, and
neither did Steph, but she figured “You only live
once”. She continued stripping, pulling her white
panties off of her legs, and undoing her bra revealing
her huge tits and nice shaven clit. She got that
arrogant “Bitch” look on her face that we all love and
walked towards the hall, and her breasts were bouncing
with every step of the way. Torrie attempted to hand
Steph the money, but Steph said egotistically,

“Do you think I’m gonna need cash with this ass?” She
said continuing to strut down the hall approaching the

The ladies all rushed to the doorway leading to the
front-hall to see the bomb explode. Steph arrived at
the door and opened it with no problem or
embarrassment, like she had anything to be embarrassed
about. The guy was no more than 19, and was about to
leave, unaware of what stood inside the door. He
finally looked up and words can’t describe the
expression on his face. Just note that his pants got a
little wider almost immediately after this great

“It’s about time you got here.. We’ve been waiting all
night,” said Steph breaking the silence.

No answer came out of his mouth. He just stood there
with his eyes planted on Stephanie’s “Big One’s”, and
his mouth wide open, as Steph smiled taking the pizza
away from the guy.

“Hey.. pizza-boy..” Steph said trying to get his

“Huh.. oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Oh don’t worry about it, it happens all the time,”
she said getting ready to shut the door.

“Wait, That’ll be $17.99.”

“I’ll tell you what, if I let you touch my tits would
that be enough,” replied Steph.

“Hell yeah, I mean I guess so.”

He reached out his hands really slowly, as Steph
rolled her eyes at this hypnotized pizza-man getting
ready to touch her breasts. Upon contact the guy got a
sudden ejaculation and leaned over putting his face on
her tits. She didn’t stop him as he began to lick her
right nipple getting it almost hard, until she finally

“Alright that’s enough.” While pushing him out the
door and shutting it back.

You couldn’t surgically remove the pizza-boy’s smile
if you tried. Back in the house, Stephanie wiped off
her right breast in almost disgust, as she proceeded
to walk back, getting an applause from all the divas
who were now in the hall. Stephanie bowed as she got
closer, and soon they were back in the living room
talking about what just happened, while Steph put her
clothes back on and they and the others eating that
pizza. They devoured that pizza leaving no signs of
leftovers. Torrie grabbed the Truth or Dare box off of
the table and opened it, pulling out a book. She
opened it to the “Truth” section, and read the first
question listed to herself. Torrie got everybody’s
attention by standing up once again.

“Now that you’ve completed your dare Steph, you have
to tell us a true sexual experience. So I’m gonna ask
you a question, and if you’ve never done it before I
can ask you another one. Now when you do have a story,
your job is to tell it the best that you can, to get
the rest of us really horny. Again, whoever tells the
most detailed story, and does a crazy dare will get to
have all of us at her finger tips. So I guess I’ll ask
you the first question Steph.. Have you ever had two
guys at one time, if so tell us all.” Steph thought
about it and said,

“Yeah I have.. But actually there was another girl
too, does that count?” Torrie replied yes. “Okay then
it was actually a couple of weeks back, and Shawn
Michaels was, and is thinking about making his return.
So one night when Hunter and I dropped by Shawn’s
house for a business meeting, things started to get a
little crazy, and Rebecca (Former Nitro girl), Shawn’s
wife was the other girl in this that I mentioned.
Anyway, it all started when…

* The following is a flashback, and is what happened
that night rather than having Stephanie explain *

Steph, HHH, Shawn, and Rebecca were all sitting in the
living room discussing Shawn’s possible come back, and
some occasional jokes as well.

“Eh Hunter,” said Shawn, “I got that new ring out

“No shit,” replied Hunter.

“No shit, it’s in the garage, ya wanna check it out?”

“Hell yeah.. Do you take bumps on it?”

“Yeah, it’s got good give,” Shawn said as they headed
to the garage. “We’ll be back, you two just have sex
or something.”

“Shawn spends way too much time in that ring. Every
time I see him in there, I’m scared he’s gonna get
hurt.” Rebecca told Steph.

“He’ll be fine,” Stephanie said encouraging Rebecca,
“I know if Hunter can come back from his leg injury,
then Shawn can come back if he puts his mind to it.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Rebecca said, “But ya know,
speaking of Hunter’s injury, I couldn’t help but
notice that when Hunter was out, something about you
got a little bigger,” she said sitting next to Steph
while feasting her eyes on Steph’s chest.

“So I see these my breasts have another fan,” Steph
said looking at her breasts and smiling, “I guess it
was money well spent.”

“If you don’t mind, I would like to feel them,”
Rebecca said, heating the conversation up more.

“Go right ahead,” replied Stephanie, not too shocked
that she wanted to touch them due to the fact that
Steph has heard some freaky stories about her.

Rebecca reached over and rubbed her right hand across
Stephanie’s left tit that was hidden inside of her
T-shirt. She was touching it softly at first, but then
squeezed it a couple of times for good measure.

“They’re really soft. They feel much softer than mine,
you wanna feel them?” Rebecca asked lifting up her
shirt, revealing her perfectly rounded big breasts
because she didn’t have a bra on.

Steph was hesitant at first, but then went right for
it, taking both hands getting a firm grip on both of
them, as Rebecca stared at her in the most seductive
and sexy way possible.

“Take off your shirt,” Rebecca said with a firm tone.


“Take off your shirt so I can get a taste of your

Stephanie was a little stunned in how fast this
occurred, but there was something about Rebecca, that
kinda hypnotized her. Stephanie began to pull her
shirt over her head, but before it was all the way
over Rebecca ripped Stephanie’s bra off, and planted
her lips around Stephanie’s erect nipple. Rebecca
planted her tongue on Steph’s nipple and started to
suck the life out of it.

“OOOH MY GOOODDD!” Stephanie screamed with a mix of
pain and pure pleasure.

Stephanie leaned her head back, as Rebecca managed to
get on Stephanie’s lap still sucking her breasts.
Rebecca began to work her way up, kissing Stephanie on
the top of her tit all the way up her neck until they
broke out into a passionate kiss, controlled by the
physical Rebecca, who did as she pleased.

“Now it’s your turn Steph. I want you to suck the hell
out of my breast,” Rebecca said leaning her head back,
waiting for Steph.

Steph did as she was told and first licked up, down,
and around her right breast as if it were a
tootsie-pop. She finally got a grasp of her nipple,
and proceeded to copy what Rebecca did earlier.

“OOOH YEESSS… There you go Bitch.. Suck ‘em Hard..
Bite It Steph.. Bite It!”

Steph didn’t need anymore words of encouragement, as
she planted her teeth right on her nipple, leaving
teeth marks and saliva dripping everywhere. Rebecca
had enough, and pushed Stephanie’s head back.

“Alright, now I wanna see how the billion-dollar pussy
tastes, so slide off those nice pants,” Rebecca
demanded as she stood up beside Steph.

Stephanie obeyed orders unzipping her pants and
sliding them down while Rebecca took off Steph’s
shoes. As usual, Stephanie didn’t have on panties, so
Rebecca wasted no time fooling around and dove right
inside Steph’s pussy with her tongue. She spread out
Stephanie’s legs to get deeper inside of her. She tore
Stephanie’s clit apart with her 3 inch fully extended
tongue, making circles in Steph’s pussy, going in and
out, fucking Steph with her tongue, and just plainly
bouncing up and down in Steph’s juicy, wet, hot clit.

More.. Eat me some more.. YEESSSS!” Stephanie shouted,

“I’m gonna CUUMMM!”

As soon as Rebecca heard these words she stopped
abruptly, not letting Steph cum.

“What the hell.” Steph said somewhat angrily.

“It’s my turn now.. Don’t be a snotty little Steph,
what goes around comes around.”

Stephanie was still upset, but then got down on her
knees where Rebecca was, as Rebecca pulled down her
skirt and her thong down unveiling a shaven pussy, and
then she sat down where Steph was previously sitting.
Stephanie slowly moved her head in towards Rebecca’s
clit, but Rebecca’s impatience caused her to grab the
back of Steph’s head and force it in her pussy. Steph
managed to open her mouth and stick her tongue in her
pussy. Rebecca continued to hold the back of her head
until Steph picked up the pace that she wanted, which
was hardcore.

“Fuck me with your tongue bitch.. OOOO YEESSS.. Fuck
me Harder.. HARDER!” Rebecca screamed at the top of
her lungs, getting Steph to do so.

Just outside the kitchen door was Shawn and Hunter
coming back after running the ropes and taking some
bumps. The kitchen was right next to the living room,
and when Shawn and Hunter opened the door, they could
hear the women screaming so they ran in to the living
room, making enough noise to get the attention of the

“Oh my gosh,” Stephanie said taking her tongue out of
Rebecca’s pussy, “I can explain.”

“No need to explain,” replied Hunter with a smirk on
his face, “I’m just sorry I interrupted.”

“I’m glad you guys are here. Now we can really party.”

Shawn and Hunter looked at each other, and then
proceeded to take off their clothes.

“Great, now we can switch partners,” said a very
slutty Rebecca as she got off of the couch and
directed Hunter towards her, pulling his underwear
down when he got there revealing a 8 inch dick. She
pulled him down to the carpeted floor and told him to
fuck her brains out. Shawn, knowing his wife real
well, wasn’t jealous at all, he just walked over to
Steph and did the same thing. He pulled down his
underwear and exposed his 7 ½ inch cock that wasn’t
the biggest but got the job done. Stephanie was
already on the ground right beside Hunter and Rebecca,
and besides she had always wanted a piece of the
“Heart Break Kid”. Shawn laid down on top of her and
guided his cock in Steph’s pussy with his hand and
with the first stroke he was at a fast pace, fucking
Stephanie hard making her tits bounce every time.

“UGGHHH… OOHHH YEESSSS… Fuck My Pussy Shawn!” Said
Steph, reduced to tears from the pounding she

Hunter on the other hand took it slower, wanting to
savor this moment. It caused the same outcome as far
as the pleasure was concerned. But Rebecca always has
liked it rough so she grabbed on to Hunter’s ass and
made him go faster and harder in her pussy. And at
about the same time both Shawn and Hunter were about
cum, but instead of putting their load inside of the
girls, both of them decided to squirt it out on their
chest. Rebecca noticed Shawn’s load on Stephanie’s
tits, so she got Hunter to get off for a second, and
then she crawled over onto Steph, and licked every bit
of Shawn’s cum off of her chest. After she was done
Stephanie did the same thing for Rebecca.

Rebecca, who was now sitting on Stephanie’s stomach,
leaned her ass forward so she was sitting on her face.
Shawn went over by Rebecca’s head and spread his legs
so Rebecca could blow him. Hunter decided to do the
old-fashioned position on Stephanie, as they were in
full motion. Everybody moaned and groaned as four
friends became sex partners together. Stephanie came 3
times while getting fucked by Hunter, who this time
didn’t get out of Stephanie when he came. Instead he
just let his sperm flow freely in Stephanie’s pussy.
Stephanie’s tongue did it’s job for Rebecca, as she
came 2 times in that position, splashing her cum all
over a thirsty Steph, as she took it in what she could
in her mouth. Like his wife, Shawn came all over
Rebecca’s face and mouth leaving him with his eyes in
the back of his head.

After a couple of minutes, Rebecca rolled off of
Stephanie’s face and laid down for rest. But no such
rest would Stephanie get, because Shawn and Hunter had
it in their minds to make a sandwich of her. Hunter
got on the front side of Steph as Shawn rode the

HARDER Shawn, HARDER.. C’mon Hunter, Fuck me!” Cried
Steph as she played with her huge tits while getting
it hard from both angles.

Rebecca sat up and put 2 fingers up her shaven pussy
from the sight of her husband and good friend fuck the
shit out of Stephanie, who was beside herself in
pleasure. Shawn and Hunter continued on until they
came a couple more times. After they were finished,
they all got dressed and later Stephanie and Hunter
left for home.

Part 2 of “At Torrie’s House” is coming soon!!!
I spent a great deal of time on this so I would
appreciate feedback!!!

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