Atomic Kitten

Atomic Kitten

Tash`s adventure (Natasha Hamilton)

Don`t read this if you`re not 18. This story is not true.

Tash, one of the three girls of the british pop band Atomic Kitten, sat in her dressing room after a concert in Germany. The crowd went wild when the three girls sang their newest song “You Are”. She loved it to be a celebrity. Even when she was not such a huge celebrity as Madonna or Britney Spears. The young actress was covered in sweat, so she decided to take a shower. She got out of her tank-top, pants and underwear. Before she went into the shower she looked at herself into the mirror.
“Damn, I`m looking fine.”, she said to herself and went into the shower. Tash closed her eyes and enjoyed the hot water washing the day off of her. She started rubbing her hard nipples. Acting infront of a huge crowd made her always hot. One hand went down to her pussy and she pushed one finger into her waiting slit. “Ohhh yesss”, she moanded. She thougt to herself how many fans would love to see this “after-show”. This thougt made her even more hot as she was already. She pushed 2 more fingers in her pussy. After about 5 minutes of masturbating she started to come. “Oh hell yeah !!! That`s it…uuhhhhh…YESSSSSSS OH YESSSSSSS”. When she was finished she washed herself clean and went out of the shower. Tash got herself a towel and went out of the small bathroom. Right at that moment she heard the door getting closed. She was in shock…was there anybody in her dressing room ? Did he hear something ? She found a small card at the table. It read “Come in 10 minutes to the hotel near the hall. I`ll wait for ya at the bar.If you`re not coming, the press will get some very nice pictures of you”. “Fuck” she thought to herself. “This fuckin bastard made pictures of me under she shower.” She got dressed and went to the hotel. When she arrived at the bar nobody was there. She ordered a drink and took a seat. After 5 or 6 minutes a person standing behind her said to Tash “So, here you are, lil british girl” Tash knew that voice. But she couldn `t remember who`s it was. “Don`t turn around Tash. Close your eyes, take my hand and come with me”. Tash closed her eyes and took the hand of the person. She could say now that it was a woman. The woman and Tash went upstairs and went into a room. “Don`t open your eyes Tash. Before I will give you the pictures I`m going to have some fun with you. So get down on your knees and lick my heels.” “Why should I do that ? I didn`t even know if you really have got any pictures of me.” “Oh you wanna see one ? Here you go” The woman gave Tash a picture. Tash opened her eyes and looked at it. There she was with one hand in her pussy and one on her breast. “So, do you believe me now ?” “Yes” Tash tryed to look up to see who it was, blackmailing her, but she was slapped right across the face. “What are you doing there ! I didn`t gave you the permission to look at me. So after you saw one of the pictures, will you now lick my heels ?” Tash nodded. “Good girl” Tash started to lick the heels of the woman. It wasn`t bad at all. She began to like the thought of being threated like a slave…or a dog. “Yeah, you`re a good, little slut, Tash. Now strip for me. But don`t open your eyes.” “As you wish, mistress” Tash said. “Mistress ? Ha, you ARE a slut.” Tash smiled. “Yes, I think so, mistress”. She pulled her top over her head and opened her bra. Her hands played with her nipples for a short time. Then she took off her jeans so that her mistress could see how wet Tash was already. “What`s that ? Your panties are all wet, Tash. What a bad girl you are.You know what bad girls deserve ?” “No” “A bad girl deserves it to be spanked till she`s crying like a little girl. So come on over here and band over, bad girl!” Tash walked over to her mistress and bend over. “What a nice ass you have, Tash.” Her mistress ripped off Tash`s panties and began to spank her. “One” *SMACK* “Aiiii !!” “Two” *SMACK* “Aiiiii !!!!” *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* “Ouch … please stop it…please..ple..ase…” Tears ran down Tash`s cheeks as her mistress stopped. She looked down at the young actress. Naked. Beaten. And most of all wet. “After all, you`re still wet ? Damn…what a bitch are you ?” Tash`s mistress went over to the small table and took two dildos from it. Both about 9 inches. She went back to Tash and pulled her up. Tash was now on her hands and knees. The doggy position. “Do you want a dildo deep down your pussy, slave ?” “Tash nodded “Yessss…please !” “But you have to pay for it. 5 minutes with this 9 inch dildo down your pussy cost 10 minutes with this other 9 inch dildo up your ass. Are you willing to pay this price, Tash ?” “Y…Yes. But please, be gentle. I`m still a virgin when it comes to anal sex.” “Oh, that`s your problem, Tash”. The dildo was pushed deep into Tash`s ass with only one hard thrust.

“Ahhhh…damnnn…THAT HURTS!” “Ohhh…poor lil princess. Maybe this will help you.” Her mistress pushed the second dildo deep into Tash`s mouth. Tash gasped as the dildo slid deep down her throat. But when the shock went by she began to suck on it with passion while her mistress pushed the other dildo even deeper in her ass. After some time Tash was asked by her mistress if she liked the buttfuck. Her answer was one long moan, because she couldn`t talk with the dildo that was still deep down her throat. “Too bad for you, because the ten minutes are over” The dildo was pulled outta Tash`s ass. “Oh no…can`t I have got both holes filled ? Please” “No, not this time. Maybe next time, if you want to be my slave forever.” “Yess ! I would love to be your slave forever”, Tash answered. She couldn`t believe what she had just said there. She wanted to be this woman`s slave. “OK slave. Now you`re allowed to fuck yourself with the dildo for 5 minutes. Oh and by the way, lick this one clean while you`re fucking yourself.” Tash was given the dildo out of her ass. “But…this one was in my butt…” “I said : Lick it clean!” Slowly Tash took the dildo in her mouth while she pushed the other one deep down her dripping wet pussy. Tash came 2 times in the 5 minutes. “Good girl. Now you can see my face, Tash. You`ll be suprised”, her mistress said. Tash looked up and gasped “Oh my god…LIZ !”

To continue

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